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The M3OW family is looking to Move to Charlotte (Area)

12 August 2014 - 12:24 PM

So, me and the Misses have been talking a lot about relocating as there is absolutely nothing going for us in the small town we are currently in.

We would like to move into the Charlotte Area (or somewhere 30 mins away) as I use to live there and miss it so.

Well here is where we need the Huddle's help... Do any of you own, work at, or have connection to a company in the area who is hiring or will be in the next 6 months or so?

I'm not going to be very picky about what I do. As most of you know, my talent and heart is in graphic design. So a job in this field would be preferred. But really the only must haves of the job would be: 1) Full Time, First Shift and 2) Pays well enough to support my family in the city.

If anyone can help a fellow Huddler it would be greatly appreciated.

BOOM! Huddle iPhone app.

The Huddle... In Print?

01 August 2014 - 06:44 PM

After Zod made the thread this morning about having Huddlers contribute to the site, a lot of you revealed you have writing experience. Well, imagine this... Zod's photo skills and connections, writing from Huddlers, my design skills, and everything that IS The Huddle all rolled into a 50 page Monthly magazine!!!


Me and Mrs. M3OW have been brainstorming all day, and I even threw together a sample cover and table of contents. Take a look...







Here is a break down of some of the sections we came up with:


Meet The Huddle - Would have a introduction to a Huddler/Fan, a section for opinions, and a Q&A.


Kitten of the Month - A two page spread with a new Kitten each month. Pictures, profile, and more.


Under the Helmet - This is where Zod will have to pull some strings and try to get a player interview. 


On The Field - This is the section where we would have detailed analysis about the team (X's & O's) and whatnot.


The Growl - Panthers news for the month, including roster changes, scores, ect.


The Buzz - Section for all things Charlotte Hornets


Tailgate Tails - Section for recipes, tips and tricks, stories, and maybe even beer reviews for tailgating.


The Lounge - Pretty much a section for the off-topic topics. Anything could got here.


Get Your Paws On - A section for cool stuff, their reviews, where to buy them, and so forth.



It would take some time, effort, and dedication for the people involved. But this could take off. I'm working for a magazine in NC right now and know the ins-and-outs of what it takes to get this off the ground and get it going. And (If memory serves me well) we even have a few salesmen in the Huddle if we ever got to the point we could sale advertisements. 


Just a thought. What do you guys think?

Huddle Framily?

24 June 2014 - 12:24 PM

Me and Mrs. M3OW are about to switch our Sprint over to a Framily Plan to save some money on the phone bill. Usually deals like these have a catch and so I'm always doing some research. With this plan, I see no real flaws. So, we are starting one up. 


I believe we will be starting with 3 lines already so it's already going to be $45 per line (Plus the $20 for my Unlimited Data), but if we can get 4 more to join it would drop to $25 for everyone. 


So, who is interested? Wanna start a Huddle Framily?

What the Huddle WANTS this Offseason (Photoshop Edition)

13 January 2014 - 12:31 PM

As you all may have noticed, there are a LOT of opinions about what the team should do this offseason. Well, I'm here to bring those "dreams to life" with the power of photo shop... Enjoy!


First off, this idea has been strongly supported by our fearless leader Zod. I give you our new OC:





Next we have a image for what the Huddle has been screaming for the entire season. So without further ado.... I call this one "Pay The Man!":





Next in our gallery, we have a wonderful piece inspired by the cry of the Huddle toward our Draft this year. It's called "Weapons of mass Offense":





Here was have a period piece. Notice the noir style to truly capture the desperation of the subjects. Title- "I'm Not Even Suppose To Be Here This Season":





I will continue to work on this gallery as more popular opinions pop up. Until then, I will gladly take ideas on this thread into consideration for future pieces. 


Also.... Enjoy the new Sig, boys!

The M3OW Family's Panthers Room

13 January 2014 - 10:11 AM

I got a lot of questions about the room our selfies were taken in from the Huddle, Twitter, and the tailgate. I couldn't find the original thread, so I'm making this to share the story and pictures.


Back in August 2012, we were expecting our new born daughter. We had to move around rooms in our home to make her nursery. So we moved our son into our old room. We asked him what kind of room he wanted (thinking we would get Ninja Turtles or Sponge Bob or whatever the kids are watching these days). He looked me dead in the eyes and said, "I want a Panthers Room!" 


Of course after hearing this, my heart exploded and I felt my parenting had finally paid of. So I went to the drawing board. I did not want this to be your typical kids bed room with Blue walls with a little Black trim. No, this had to be the Panther Room to beat all Panther Rooms. At this stage in our lives, my son had only been in BoA Stadium once for fan fest. He was amazed by its size and kept commenting on how great it was to be "where the Panthers lived." So, I had the idea to make his room look like it was on the field in BoA Stadium. We sent him off to his grandparents for the weekend and went to work. By Sunday we were scrambling to finish things up, and when he got home he walked in his new room to see this:

















Since then, this room has filled up with even more Panthers Swag. We got him the Panthers bed set, a new Kuechly jersey, Panthers action figures, piggy banks, and a lot more. I also took the liberty to print off and frame a few of my favorite Panthers Photoshop works most of you have seen on this site. He's also gotten into football card collecting and has a collection to rival his old mans. Not to mention all the autographs he's scored over the years at training camp and Fan Fests. 


We don't have room for Daddy M3OW to have a man cave... But this is enough to make any Panthers Fan proud.


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