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#2984512 Are we going to completely ignore that Kuechly hasn't been playing well?

Posted by Avacashay on 28 September 2014 - 03:13 PM

Yes. Of course the Huddle is going to ignore the fact that it's golden boy has been playing subpar football this season.

#2788948 2015 Madden Cover Vote

Posted by Avacashay on 15 May 2014 - 06:32 PM

Where can I watch this piece?

Is there a way to beat the one day vote thing? Anyone?!

We need to put in some fuggin work


Clear your cookies, then refresh the page after each vote.

#2065220 Media, Fans and Newton

Posted by Avacashay on 28 December 2012 - 08:50 PM

Let me start this off with a question...
What kind of a guy is Matt Cassel? Good guy? Jerk? What?
Don't know? How about Sam Bradford? How are his leadership skills? Is he respected by his teammates?
Still nothing? What about Brandon Weeden? Got anything on him?
No? Ryan Fitzpatrick maybe?
Now why is it that people on this board don't seem to know as much about some of these other quarterbacks as they do about ours?
The reason is pretty simple actually. You don't care.
They're not important to your fanhood, so you don't think much about them. And why should you? It's not worth the effort to you really, is it?
Now if, on the other hand, you lived in the Kansas City area, or Buffalo, or Cleveland, or Saint Louis, you'd likely hear plenty about these guys. In fact, they'd be the primary topic of conversation among the fanbase because quarterbacks generally are. And if they were slighted by the national media, you'd probably get in a huff about how they disrespected the quarterback of your team so unfairly.
But of course, since you live here and you're a Panthers fan, you don't worry about those guys. And if you heard some random comment about them from the media, minus a frame of reference, you'd likely be inclined to believe it.

So knowing that, lemme ask you this...

Other than in our team rivals' cities, how much thought do you really think the rest of the country gives Cam Newton?

I'd wager the answer is probably about as much thought as you give Matt Flynn.

This is pure is BS

A Panther fan has no more reason to care about Sam Bradford or Blaine Gabbert than a Ram or Jaguar fans has to care about Cam, but look at the comment section in any Cam article and It would be filled with Rams fans, Jaguar fans and any other NFL team fan. Write a story about Matt Flynn and watch the tumbleweeds blow through. Why is that?

Any Cam story will generate high clicks and high comments. But somehow that equates to people not really caring? Writers don't make a living writing about things nobody cares about and the Panthers fan-base is not big enough for a national writer to cater too. So clearly these story aren't be written just for Panther fans.

You must be living in a bubble if you believe what you just posted.

#2063348 Cam lost his monkey....

Posted by Avacashay on 27 December 2012 - 12:39 AM

Ok so the decision to bark at the referee and near get ejected is an example of stellar mental fortitude. Got it. Look, I'm a Cam fan just as much as any of you, but it was plain to see he was rattled and wasn't the cool and collected QB we saw over the last 5 int-free games. If the league's darling Brady did the same I'd say his mental state crumbled as well. Stop being so damned Cam sensitive

Posted Image

Are you more concerned with his manners or him leading you to the game icing field goal?

WTF does that INT have to do with the REF situation anyway?

#2063058 here's a couple of cool cam newton stats for you going into the final mat...

Posted by Avacashay on 26 December 2012 - 07:56 PM

that actually shocks me.

how bout if you look at overall touchdowns? does that make cam the all-time TD leader over two combined seasons?

Marino had 70.
22 total 1st year
48 second year

Then there is Rodgers who had 67 total his first two years starting, but obviously he sat for a few years before he started.

Cam is at 62 currently. If he can get up to 65-66. I think that would put him right behind those two guys. Not 100% sure of that though.

#2062940 Cam lost his monkey....

Posted by Avacashay on 26 December 2012 - 06:20 PM

Cam's mental state still crumbled after his INT. Fortunately for us the D held together and we were also playing the Raiders.

He went 2-3 for 29 yards plus 27 rush yards and led you to the game icing fg after the INT. Yep, he really "crumbled".

#2029813 colin cowherd trashing cam on twitter

Posted by Avacashay on 03 December 2012 - 05:42 PM

That's not possible. Every team plays 6 divisional games, so there is no way the first one could come in week 13.

When he says "a divisional opponent" I think he specifically means the Texans, I don't think he means any divisional opponent at all.

#2027813 colin cowherd trashing cam on twitter

Posted by Avacashay on 02 December 2012 - 06:31 PM

Colin obviously didn't see LaFell drop that pass or Jamaal Charles running free.

I'm pretty sure he didn't see any of it. I would bet money he watched no part of the game.

#2023148 Cam Newton sucks.....

Posted by Avacashay on 29 November 2012 - 10:26 PM

I'm pretty sure he's being sarcastic.

#2019162 UPDATE! Rick Reilly is a lying dingleberry clinging to his hatred of Cam...

Posted by Avacashay on 27 November 2012 - 01:17 PM

Someone needs to tell Rick Riley his own reputation is not exactly sparkling.

#2008946 Anyone here concerned with Cam's future (next year)?

Posted by Avacashay on 19 November 2012 - 09:10 PM

LOL @ anyone who believes madhatter's story.

#2006130 This is the first time Cam has had zero TOs and we still lost. He's NOT t...

Posted by Avacashay on 18 November 2012 - 05:28 PM

Even more mind bogglingly, Cam was 12/14 for 139 yds (9.9 YPA) and 1 TD in the 2nd half. 131.8 rating. Ron cost us this game.

Poor Kid. Virtually flawless in the second half and still comes up with an L whats worse, plenty in his own fan-base will still blame him for it.

#2004712 Official Panthers vs Bucs Game Thread

Posted by Avacashay on 18 November 2012 - 02:53 PM

Throw it away over the middle of the field btw the safeties? Right

He threw it there to stop the clock and get another play. Had he thrown it to Olsen he would have been tackled, the clock would have run out, and you still wouldn't even have been in FG range.
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#2001684 Any of You So Called Fans,

Posted by Avacashay on 16 November 2012 - 05:14 AM

You know, I kinda agree with that statement, no more bitching period!!! Let it play out, but "fire this guy". "Fire this guy". Getting tired of really.......

If everyone just shut up and "let it play out", what would be the point of a message board?
When things are going good there is praise and when things are going bad there is bitching. That's sort of the point.

#1998995 Cam donates 150k to three Charlotte schools(such a bad person)

Posted by Avacashay on 14 November 2012 - 12:38 AM

Great article.

Panthers QB Cam Newton puts on a show worthy of kids’ respect
By Tom Sorensen
tsorensen@charlotteo bserver.com
Posted: Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2012
Tom Sorensen

The lights go low, smoke pours, drums play and out of the giant Carolina Panther head runs quarterback Cam Newton.

A disclaimer: If you want to read about turnovers, towels, sacks, scrambles or a perceived absence of leadership, this is not the column for you.

Newton on Tuesday is different than I’ve seen him, and I’ve seen him in games, in locker rooms, behind lecterns, at practice, in a golf cart, at training camp, at Auburn and, when his clothing line was introduced, at Belk’s.

The reason for Tuesday’s festivities is a $150,000 gift from the Cam Newton Foundation to three Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools. Bradley Middle School in Huntersville, Thomasboro Academy and Randolph Middle School in Charlotte each received $50,000.

The money is theirs to apply. Newton says he wants to develop a relationship with the schools and see how the kids are doing.

The principals know the money is coming. Almost nobody else in the gym does.

About 450 middle-school students from the three schools cram into the bleachers in the Randolph Middle School gym. When students see Newton they yell and scream. A few no longer can sit and they run to Newton, who is only a few yards away. Then a few more do. Then he’s engulfed.

As PR representatives wince, Newton moves not away from the kids but into the crowd.

“It’s not something I was forced to do,” Newton, 23, tells me later. “I wanted to do that.”

The Panthers prepared a script. Newton will talk for five to 10 minutes, some of it answering questions from radio play-by-play man Mick Mixon.

Newton has his own script, although he consults it only when he calls out an award-winning student by name. He talks about 30 minutes, the microphone in his right hand an extension of his arm.

Casual Cam in jeans, a sweat-suit jacket and sneakers, Newton works the room like a comedian. He shakes his head, looks up and looks down, strides and circles.

He talks to the football teams at Bradley and Randolph, inviting the quarterback of each to join him on the floor.

He also praises the National Junior Honor Society. And when he deems the response insufficient, he demands more applause. In a just world, honor societies would receive more applause.

He’s not morose, he’s not forlorn and he says “each and every” only once. This is not the guy we see in the locker room.

“It’s just life, man,” Newton says later as he sits atop a student’s desk in the school’s health education science lab, the walls of which feature slogans such as Be a Team Player, Be Able to Ignore Unkind Words and Get the Facts about Media Influence.

“You come to grips with what’s important … I want to continually let my impact grow on this community,” Newton says.

Newton paces the gym floor, the six baskets and backboards folded up on the ceiling, superintendent of schools Heath Morrison in a chair at courtside. Newton calls academic, science and Special Olympic award winners down from the bleachers, asks questions, tells jokes, and when he finishes tells them to “sit on down, sit, sit, sit.”

He asks what they want to be when they grow up.

A vet, one student says. A doctor, says another. A football coach, says a third.

Wonderful, says Newton. But you can’t be any of these things if you don’t stay in school. He says that when he was in middle school (outside Atlanta) his favorite subject was math.

Newton invokes Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, Rhianna, Steve Smith, Justin Bieber (a few boos), President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama. What do they have in common? They worked to attain what they have.

Ignore education and your opportunities are limited, Newton says. Get an education and they’re limitless.

Still moving, still pacing and still covering ground, Newton seemingly makes eye contact with every student in the bleachers.

“I know there’s a lot of talent going unnoticed,” Newton says later from the science lab. “Whether it’s singing or playing a particular sport or kids that might be geniuses, kids might be scared to come out of their shell.

“I want to make it cool to be smart. Make it cool to show yourself and show people who you really are.”

Read more here: Panthers QB Cam Newton puts on a show worthy of kids’ respect | CharlotteObserver.com