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Official Panthers - Falcons Gameday Thread

Dec 29 2013 05:19 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Today the Carolina Panthers have the opportunity to win the NFC South and clinch a first round playoff bye. This would leave them only two games from the Superbowl. Pretty amazing!

But first, the Falcons will do their best to stop that from happening.

Where: Georgia Dome

When: 1:00


On Radio: 1110WBT

Twitter: Follow @CarolinaHuddle , I will be tweeting from the sidelines and press conferences.

Keys to a Panthers Victory

- Get started early. A few early scores and the dome will empty of Falcons fans. The fan base is demoralized and need a knockout punch.
- Show killer instinct. Do not let a last second throw from Matt Ryan win this game. Atlanta gave San Fran all they could handle, today is far from a given.
- Showcase Cam. Cam always plays great in Atlanta. Let him be the gun slinger that he is. Slowing the game down too much works against his abilities.

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:: before

This game won't be close if we can close the deal in the redzone.  It's absolutely imperative that we finish drives.   If we don't, we may still win.....but it'll be a lot closer then it needs to be. Btw....unrelated.  It pisses me off when as I'm  typing this the NFL network says "It's time to go to the Queen City for a report" then they show Cincy.

Does anyone know where to go to try and see the players I the way out after the game? I would live to get my wife keek jersey signed!!
Auto correct makes me sound ignorant.

Just checked in the Omni. Walking to the tailgate now

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I'm so jealous of your job.

So yeah, I just wanted my 1000 post.  

Kraken said it's a sea of blue in the dome.

this game could get testy.  Panthers still don't like Ryan's postgame comments last year.  Panthers would

love to rub his nose in it.  And we've beaten them twice since then.


All year long we've had teams try to test us, and we've handled it so well.  But since the Falcons don't have

anything to play for, they might go over the top today.


Dec 29 2013 10:58 AM
It'd be really nice if we just dominated

I've had this feeling for a couple days now we're going to get on top of these fuggers early and blow them out of their own house in a rout. 


37-13, Roddy White does a Dez Bryant on the sidelines.




At the CNN center. Hell of a lot of us Panther fans. I would be embarrassed atl.

It'd be really nice if we just dominated

Would love a replay of 2005
Someone wanna post a picture of this "sea of blue"?

Not that I don't believe it, I'm just dying to see it.

I saw a picture from Person, the dome is pretty much empty. It must be the tailgates.

just hung out with roaring riot and co., sitting at tacomac scarfing down bean street tacos, getting ready to head to the stadium. It's like 60/40 falcons and panthers. if we're up by 14 at any point I expect the takeover will be complete. this fan base is absolutely demoralized.

Im wearing my light blue Smitty jersey   1st time this year   I am pumped.

Been wearing my brand new Panthers shirt for 3 straight days. Hoping it pays off with a victory.

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time is crawling,



Lol the whole crowd needs to shout "GET THE fug OFF THE FIELD!"

Tailgating with RoaringRiot

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Tailgating with RoaringRiot

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Just got the news that Im getting off at Noon...whoo!. Will watch the game on my Sunday Ticket app as I head over to BDubs. Yeah!

Lets freaking get this!!!!!