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Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

Dec 08 2013 07:55 AM Zod Carolina Panthers
Fellow Huddlers,

The day has arrived. Tonight the Panthers have the chance to claim the lead in the race for the NFC South Title.

The vibe down here in New Orleans is very energetic. I talked more crap last night with the locals than any time in recent memory. Expect the home crowd to be rowdy and noisy from the first whistle.

When: 8:20pm

Where: Superdome


I will be on the field and tweeting from the sidelines. Follow @Carolinahuddle

Keys to a Panthers Victory:

- Score early. While the crowd will be noisy, they are easily deflated with an early lead.
- Hope for a Deangelo repeat performance. Deangelo usually does well in the Superdome.
- Get Physical with Jimmy Graham. His worst performances have been when physically harassed all game long. It is worth a penalty.

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Smith vs Lucas
Dec 08 2013 11:44 PM

Hope you guys enjoyed this slap in the face! Your secondary is beyond awful and your offense may be worse when the run isn't working. Good luck against the jets.

Hey go fug yourself... No way saints even get close to winning the Super Bowl. See you in a few weeks. Can't wait to taste your tears then.

I already feel bad for the jets.

We've what... 5 yards from scoring a TD.... and we continuing to throw it


Man if Cam is going to stay a POCKET PASSER, he has to have play-makers. If you spent all that money in the backfield, why aren't you running? This is what kills me 


We ran it plenty. I would say too much infact. We were down 18 yet continued to run it as if the time on the clock was not going down.

nm - trying to get to end of thread on mobile

because not every offensive coordinator is an idiot like shula


I wouldn't call Shula a genius but I wouldn't call him an idiot either. He's (Shula) has done some good things with the offense this year, not great, but good. He has seemed to have been good at adjusting to what the opposing defense is doing, just not against the Saints Sunday night.