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Aaron Rodgers Discusses Cam Newton

Apr 02 2012 12:37 AM fieryprophet Carolina Panthers
This video interview was done the week after the Carolina Panthers vs. Green Bay Packers. We already knew Rodgers was impressed after that game since he was quoted as such in the recaps, but he expounded on it a bit during a radio interview for ESPN Wisconsin later that week.



:: before

"He's going to be a nightmare for defenses." That sent chills down my spine man, especially coming from a super bowl winning QB.
Yep, pretty high praise coming from Rodgers. He must've known Cam was in his league as he didn't give one of his usual sarcastic remarks.
The Special One
Apr 02 2012 01:17 AM
Thanks for posting this man, I had not heard it before.
Makes me want to respect aaron rogers more.
Classy comments by Rodgers. Thanks for posting, OP.
Herbert The Love Bug
Apr 02 2012 04:00 AM
everyone loves cam
Great find!

As an fyi, with the new forum software you can just paste the youtube link and it will do it automatically for you.
good stuff... well done OP

says a lot that someone of aaron rodger's status would go out of his way to praise cam like that.
Wow maybe i should post stuff i see more often. I saw that video about 2 months ago. Never thought of posting it..

I want some PIE!!
Cammy Cam is Cammy

i think its funny they dont even watch tape when they play last years panthers... bet that poo dont happen this year! lol