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Cam Newton - On Learning Carolina's Offense

Mar 25 2012 11:49 PM jtnc Carolina Panthers
Came across this, found it interesting.



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Thanks for posting this! It just shows me he is going to be even better after having that whole year under his belt. Really can't wait for the season to start again!!
Well Cam, I think now you can see why Jemarcus Russel and VY failed in the NFL. It takes hard work and dedication, and is as much of a mental game as it is physical. They couldn't handle it, you could.
Do Cam got a fro? lol cap looking a lil big
It's all about him...isn't it? Posted Image

It's all about him...isn't it? Posted Image

More Cambell? /shitty quip

Interesting to see what he went through behind the scenes.
Someone tell him to take his shoulder pads off..... oh wait.

Dude is a beast!
Yeah, he's gonna be a good one.

Yeah, he's gonna be a good one.

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nice to see Rivera was hard on him. I don't think Fox ever was like that. I hope Rivera never cuts training camp early.
"just give me a wristband"

"you dont need a wristband"

coaches are pushing him to separate himself from the rest.
Rep to the person who posts a recap.
i love that he's down in florida working with weinke again. combine that with a full season of mini-camps, OTAs and training camp and he should come into the season looking phenomenal.
Love dat dude!!
To much Homo in this thread for me.......Haha
Props to the coaching staff for taking the training wheels off the bike.
The main takeaway I get from this is that Cam is extremely hard on himself, and takes failure in any form as a personal affront, but is grateful for the opportunity regardless. The fact that he can openly talk about how difficult he found training camp and the coaches' workload, yet can still thank them and hold them in high regard says a lot about his character and work ethic. He doesn't blame the coaches for making him look bad by allowing him to attempt things he wasn't prepared to do, and understands it was a necessary part of his enormous NFL learning curve. That is an incredibly good sign: the abilty to be enormously self-motivated and yet retain a willingness to learn.
Its scary for others and exciting for us to know that his rookie season was natural ability imagine a year 3 Killa Cam :))

Cam reminds me of Durant doesn't really get that much hype compared to a Lebron (The Golden Calf of Bristol) but many people feel like he really is the best young player in the NBA. And see's him being the face of the league very soon.
Cam looks like he put on a few pounds of muscle this offseason.
I thought he was tough enough to tackle, good luck now.
for those that want a recap...

cam basically said the whole verbage of calling plays was the first big hurdle he had to get through.....at auburn a play could be "3, 36" whereas he is calling out "sentences/paragraphs in the huddle" now.

also said that the coaches pushed him to not rely on a wristband and trusted him to make the adjustments he needed to make without being lazy or cutting corners.

Talked about his temper tantrums to the coaches i believe out of frustration in all of this and they were able to reign him in and get him focused, and ultimately more motivated.

at the end, just touched on how many more things he has to be aware of now in the NFL compared to college (what is that safety doing, is he showing blitz, why is that CB lined up against that guy? , etc)

all being said, i was a true skeptic when we drafted him but I love the poo out of him now.
The rest of the NFL should be scared.....he has the physical tools, the mentality of it, and doesnt let his emotins get the best of him......

And we have the coaching staff that is going to push him to be the GOAT
Time to get the defense up to his level