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Carolina Panthers Draft Amini Silatolu

Apr 27 2012 05:34 PM Zod Carolina Panthers
Silatolu has generated a buzz in the scouting community and is one of the highest-ranked small-school prospects. He had a nice showing at the Combine to help his stock. Silatolu was beaten by Wayne State's Joe Long (younger brother of Jake Long) as the Gene Upshaw Division II Lineman of the Year. In the NFL, Silatolu should be a guard or right tackle. There were some thoughts that he could be a left tackle, but sources have stated that Silatolu should be at guard or right tackle. Some rank Silatolu as a potential first-rounder, but the consensus ranking has him in the second round.





:: before

oh gosh...
I told ya'll it would be Silatolu!!

This guy is an absolute BEAST.
The only thing that made me happy was the giant ass the second poster put.... Other than that... Da fug....
I don't mind picking Guard but small school players really scare me.
just fuggin kill me now.
LOL wtf are they doing to this team
This guy is a fuging road grader.
A big nasty project.
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just fuggin kill me now.

Better than our QB getting killed everyweek
With a Guard/OT in the 2nd, I see a trade in our future.
MIDWESTERN STATE??????!!!!!!!!!!
This guy was rated in the top 20 by a lot of scouts, we got him at 40. I'd say that's a great deal.

Will he compete to start?

Will he compete to start?

Trumaine Johnson on the board, and we go Silatolu? The Hurney 2nd round curse strikes again!
Hahahaha I love hearing all of these post draft comments and then hearing you root for the same guys the next 5 years as one of your favorite players.

This guy is a day one starter and will protect our superstar's pretty face.

Better than our QB getting killed everyweek

Won't matter we won't be able to get to the opposing quarterback or be able to stop their passes...
Needed more o-line help, but I would've thought you take Glen if you want a guard. Puzzling
well... not what i was hoping for the panthers to take this round... but i guess they know more than me/us

protecting our quarterback means nothing if we cant keep people from scoring 30+ pts a game
hey Hurney... FUG U!

LOL wtf are they doing to this team

Making the offense better.