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"Losing Environment"

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Interesting article from the Charlotte Observer


This is about, in my mind, having to make changes to change an atmosphere that really has become a losing environment.

Hurney hit the nail on the head. The Panthers have absolutely cultured an environment that accepts losing. Of course, they never admit to it. If asked, they immediately say how much they want to win. Easy to say, more difficult to show every day in practice and on Sundays.

The example was set. Lose and everyone still gets a paycheck, sometimes a pay raise. If you had to pinpoint when this started, you may have to look at the Arizona playoff game where Delhomme threw 5 interceptions and was rewarded by a huge contract extension. The Panthers have not had a winning record since.

While Hurney was not on the field or making play calls, he was absolutely integral in creating this "losing environment" that needs to be made with his poor personnel decisions.

It took several seasons for the losing mentality to infect this team. Its something that won't go away this season, or maybe next. But players now realize the days of big paychecks for mediocre play are over. That in itself may start to turn this thing in the right direction.

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