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Fearless Predictions - Seahawks Edition

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Nostradamus, Rasputin, Miss Cleo... The greatest seers throughout history....

Until now.

I have looked ahead to Sunday's matchup between the Panthers and the Seahawks. In my pumpkin beer induced stuper, the following visions came to me.

Spoiler Alert.

1. Mike Shula impresses. I have had many doubts about Shula, having lived in Tampa during his stint with the Bucs as their OC. Shula eases my fears on Sunday by calling a legitimate NFL game. He gets the Panthers back to a running team and even uses an i-formation from time to time (shocking!). Handoffs to Deangelo Williams out of the shotgun for a loss of two yards are a thing of the past.

2. Russell Wilson is sacked 3 times and hurried most of the game. The Panthers defensive front four, among the best in the entire NFL, wreaks havoc in their coming out party. The national media immediately starts the 'sophomore slump' story line while giving zero credit to the Panthers.

3. A surprise hero of the game emerges. Armanti Edwards catches a 4th quarter touchdown pass from Cam Newton to seal the game. Covered by Seahawks nickle Walter Thurmond, Edwards makes a great grab and the crowd goes completely mental. Armanti has had a great camp and preseason, but after his latest injury is ready to prove himself worthy.

This Sunday the Carolina Panthers put together the most complete game they have had in years. Offense, Defense, and Special Teams all provide a good performance. Bank of America is energized carrying the momentum to the next home game.

Panthers win 24-17.

What are your fearless predictions?

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