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Some Training Camp Notes 7/30

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Today was a rough day for the Kendrick Panther. Had trouble getting a good view, tons of people there and they love to stand in front of wherever I sit. I'll post what I can....

-Steve Smith watched today

-Thomas Davis watched and had a long sock on one leg. Dunno if it was for injury or style

View attachment: TD LEG.JPG

(Paint Skillz)

-Ron Ron said #96 Ron Edwards would sit out tonight but he was def out there at least partially participating

-Gamble looked good to go all practice

I couldn't get a good angle for number on mos of the position drills so I can't really comment. With that said...

Team Drills:

-Padded practice but still very little hitting, no big hits

-Was hard to follow "1st Team/2nd Team/Etc..." at times they really mixed things up tonight

-Captain and Gamble did get the bulk of "first team" snaps

-On three straight plays Cam completed passes against the Captain...

-I'm sure someone tweeted Jared Green's bomb TD but the play developed really slow, would have been a sack

-Armanti has looked pretty solid. If only he had another 7 years to develop...

-Greg Hardy got pancaked by #73 Bruce Cambell on one play

-#31 Reggie Smith had a sack on Cam, no contact but he got there on a Safety blitz

-Cam threw a pick, the receiver didn't do him any favors but Gamble broke up the pass and Beason scooped the deflection. Cam ran Beason down and put a lick on him. Made me groan personally

-Kuechly continues to be in the correct position on every play. I remember Dan Connor's rookie camp and he was nothing compared to this guy.

-The Offense has been expanding on formations since the first practice. Saw a trips right, tons of motion, even Greg Olsen lined up as a wide reciever

-Tolbert has been playing the "Shockey Role" more with the 1st team than Gary Barnidge

-They continue to work on the read option and Cam always makes the correct call. He froze CJPAYDAY and handed off to Stew for a big gain

-The offense caught the D in a blitz and ran the perfect screen play for a TD, Stewart the receiver.

-Cam's throwing is an afterthought. He's accurate on almost all of his throws, the receivers just need to catch those rockets. Reminds me of Favre in the 90s.

-#7 hardly gets any reps. When he does it's usually embarrassing. Not worth talking about.

-Greg Olsen made tons of catches tonight. All beautiful balls from Cam and Derek Anderson.

-I believe Brandon Hogan picked off someone tonight. Was hard to read the number with the dreads.

-At one point the D blitzed everyone, instead of throwing it into the dirt, Cam tried to escape the pocket and took a hit. Another moment that made me groan.

-Cam handed off to Pilares on a read option, he then pitched to Louis Murphy for the reverse. I don't think it would have worked in live hitting.

-Joe Adams had a very nice play where he sat down in the zone for a ~25 yard catch

-Frank Alexander was getting good pressure but hard to judge that kind of thing in camp

-I saw at least one 3-4 look tonight. Applewhite on the left and Greg Hardy on the right, had a bad angle for the 3 down lineman.

-Didn't notice Josh Norman tonight, may have just been my bad view but I never noticed him

-Darius Butler was getting 1st and 2nd team work a ton tonight

-#33 Tauren Poole dropped an easy one tonight, he heard footsteps with his back to the safeties

-Brockel got plenty of first team snaps motioning around and helping in protection

-Barnidge had a few nice catches but mostly in the 2nd team

-Several times the offense has motioned the RB out to go 5 wide. The RB then stays at the line of scrimmage for a quick screen pass, Cam never throws to them but there they are.

Line Drills:

-I didn't have a good view of these but I did see #99 Frank Kearse restrained, I think he got a little physical with Bruce Cambell but not certain.

Big Picture Observations:

-We are blitzing Safeties and Linebackers a lot more in this camp

-Motion and read option are big parts of our offense thus far

-Kuechly is light years ahead of most rookies

-The offense is winning most of the plays but contact is minimal. We all know defenses thrive on contact.

-Our running backs all look great, even the ones that won't make the team

I'll add a couple pictures of the action. If you click them, they get bigger.

View attachment: Kendrick Panther Entry 2.JPG

View attachment: Kendrick Panther Entry 3.JPG

View attachment: crowd.JPG

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