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  2. That comment quoted was by Bill Voth, who posted an excerpt of his latest "Grill Bill" yesterday. He was responding to a question from a reader named Zachary...
  3. Confession: I'm not a big Mike Lombardi fan. A few years back, Lombardi notoriously, repeatedly and confidently predicted Ron Rivera was being fired at season's end. Nobody else reported it, yet Lombardi all but guaranteed it. He wasn't. So why link this article by Lombardi from The Athletic? Well, because it's relevant to a lot of the current discussion. And as far as the quality or credibility of it, that's a judgment I leave to you. The big question in Carolina isn't whether Newton will be back, it's whether Rivera will be
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  5. Yeah, I get a lot of crap for that Lots of folks can't see the difference between believing something will happen and wanting it to happen. I tend to post about the former. And for real, I could post a million "I believe Newton will come back and win five more MVPs and three Super Bowls" takes and it wouldn't change a damn thing. Reality is reality. What's gonna happen is gonna happen. Maybe it'll be what we expect. Maybe it won't. Either way, nothing anybody says here can change it.
  6. It's not really a quarterback controversy. A controversy would require two viable options and direct competition between them. Neither of those two things exists here The general consensus among insiders right now is that Newton won't play without an extension and the Panthers won't give him one. Yeah, that sucks, but let's be real: If we saw another team offer an extension to a quarterback who'd been hurt for the better part of three years, we'd all probably snicker and call them morons. Allen? I still don't think Question Two is answered yet. Again granted you have to take the OL into account, but if he wants it answered positively he can't have more games like the last one. As to the trolls, I tend not to click on those threads. Or if I do, to respond appropriately.
  7. Ah well that's my point. How does medicore play, when considering what CMC has done in those wins, garner any of these qb controversy discussions? Hope all day long, I get it, I'd love to find another "delhomme-esque" late round hero. But something is really bizarre when the conversation is to trade your mvp bleh bleh injured qb, after a full year of healing, just because 18 mil sounds scary? It was silly to have them in the first place, and all it has done, around here atleast, is label people as "kyle haters" for the folks who see that. Also, I remember those "trolls and dullards" at the times he played. They havent left
  8. Yeah, I kinda was But with that said, only trolls and dullards took the notion of Derek Anderson usurping the starting spot as a serious option. My most common quote about that period was that I loved Derek Anderson the Backup. Derek Anderson the Starter? Eeehhh...
  9. Allen was literally running into sack Sunday. He has zero pocket awareness , he looked like a HS QB.
  10. Crap, I'm actually an idiot and put CJ and not derek Anderson. I welcome the ridicule that I so rightfully deserve lol I do love you're well thought out response, even though I'm sure you were confused as to what the fug I was talking about.
  11. CJ Anderson didn't really play all that much. He got a few carries early and then disappeared. As to Allen, I've said before there are three steps I follow when evaluating a player. Is he good enough to play in the NFL Yes, he is. How good is he? Still a question mark. Early returns looked promising and he has shown improvement, but he might be fading down the stretch (admittedly, sh-tty OL play makes this harder to evaluate) How long is he going to be good? Hard to really answer this one until you've answered the second one, but it's arguably the most important of the three, and easily the most difficult. RelativeIy simple to evaluate how good someone is now. Knowing how good they'll be five years from now? Unless you're Miss Cleo, not so much. The one thing I would say is that the notion of throwing Will Grier into the mix right now is misguided. I said long before the Newton decision that whatever choice the Panthers made, they needed to stick with it no matter what. That hasn't changed.
  12. I've always supported and had Cam's back, so I am not sure what you mean.
  13. Then You're blind.. Because I've seen "alot" of ppl here including you like a move when it happened and act like you were against it later... I've already said I liked the Williams and Pardis signing when it happened and won't criticize Hurney for signing them now.. It's called being fair and balanced..
  14. The fact that this is a genuine discussion should tell you everything. Trade cam, because a backup quality qb is winning. Or Trade Cam for a QB who is 30 seconds away from retiring. I cant even anymore, these takes have soared past looney toons level of laughable.
  15. Pete's got the corniest campaign I've ever seen.
  16. I've only seen one person on here try to change their historical take on something. I'm pretty sure everyone knows he's full of sh-t but I doubt he cares. As far as your last bit here, you're projecting. I've never had a problem with saying when I got something wrong. If you wanna say you don't, feel free to go ahead and admit a few things you blew it on.
  17. "Duh duh.. I knew Pardis was a bad signing" STFU!! NO you didn't... This site is full of dumbasses who do poo like this after the fact.. But it isn't that hard to show the recipe of you loving the move when it happened.. "He's the best C in FA" Remember that poo??
  18. I agree, more needs to be seen. But I'm just confused as to what people are seeing, that has made this a discussion of him being a good or bad qb, and not a good or bad backup. CJ Anderson won us a bunch of games, when the team played on the fact that it was a backup on the field. At no time were there mass cries to make him the starter. What win has Kyle had, that looks as if he played better tha CJ, and why would it be currently driving a QB "controversy" ?
  19. Change your opinion on something after it doesn't work or Come here and act like you were against it the whole time.. Which do you think you're doing?? I'm going to say this slow for you.. I won't go back and criticize a move I agreed with when it originally happened.. I don't have problem saying something didn't work.. But to trash the move when I agreed with it when it happened is Disingenuous!! You love acting like you and your opinion is impeccable .. Until ppl point it out to you.. lol
  20. Pretty bad, but he's basically a rookie. It happens. And let's be real, the O-Line was sh-t. Here's the concern: The best thing about Allen to date had been that he generally didn't get rattled, had a short memory, fought back against adversity, etc. I didn't really see that yesterday. Now, if that's an isolated thing, cool. If it's the start of him getting David Carr'd, not so much.
  21. I wish cam just had "moxy" instead of "swag" Lord knows how much better of a career he would have had Oh wait...
  22. Only Newton always gets the built in excuse of a bad offensive line.
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