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  2. Tua, Okudah, Brown, or Simmons in that order. Tua and Okudah will be gone so Brown will be the choice
  3. They so embarassed to be in the unis, they wont show their faces
  4. I definitely agree .. Marty was forced to give up Cam.. That was mainly a Tepper directive..
  5. Didn't mean to ignore this, just missed it. My interior ranks look like: 1. Cesar Ruiz (1-2) 2. Cushenberry (1-2) 3. Hunt (2-3) 4. Biadasz (2-3) 5. Simpson (3)
  6. Today
  7. Taking Gronk over Olsen is understandable, but Travis Kelce? Meh
  8. I honestly don't care. The referring of games is such a joke, that it truly doesn't matter.
  9. That is a pretty stupid thing to reverse honestly. Especially if it is a end of game moment or something to the Saints magnitude.
  10. Luckily for us, Matt Rhule is mostly in charge of this draft.
  11. Hurney is a terrible talent evaluator, probably the worst GM in the NFL. I am still in shock that they had Will Grier over Daniel Jones and Kyler Murray. This is some really simple poo.
  12. Our uniforms are consistently highly ranked. The falcons look like crap.
  13. Come on,.. that’s legal! in 1932 ha maybe we should still play that way. Best man to the ball wins
  14. i'm not trying to be objective, I'm an advocate for Teddy Bridgewater. I've watched virtually every game of his NFL career live, and i'm tellinya u can't judge him by his surface stats. his performances even in those formative years were built around pressure performance. increased QBR on 3rd downs, 4th quarter, clutch play that translates into wins. Even shaking the rust off over the course of a month in New Orleans he still wins like he did his whole career. This kid as a Pro Bowl sophomore stared down the Seahawks Super Bowl defense and lead a game winning drive in -25' degree weather, that was only nullified because the Vikings kicker missed a 27 yd FG. Stats don't tell that story, other than the stat that he is the #1 QB in the history of the NFL as an underdog. His entire career is built on being underestimated. I appreciate your intent to examine him, but stats (yds/TD) do not tell the story on Teddy. And I know that once he starts playing and winning this year, you will be on board!
  15. He's going to give her several short easy insults, but never go for a big one.
  16. that cup o' coffee was why Robby Anderson was so happy to come to Carolina! Teddy killed it that preseason.
  17. Yeah, maybe. There was a time I could name the roster plus practice squad and the staff without hesitation. Slowly I’ve stopped enjoying it. You guys have fun. This team just isn’t mine anymore.
  18. Lamb we have a top 10 pick get a play maker it paid off nicely drafting mccaffrey when some of y’all wanted Jonathan Allen
  19. To be fair, literally everyone wanted the bucs to get new jerseys. I hated playing the bucs twice a year in part because I had to look at them.
  20. his documentary either has a third act twist where he's actually working for union busters or his documentary was for a corrupt ass union that gives as much of a poo about labor as he does
  21. Dont know if I missed this being mentioned here, but apparently Trump went after 3m for selling N95 masks to Canada. Wonder if anyone has told him yet why that's a bad idea?
  22. why everyone getting new unis but us, Bucs just got new unis and they're getting them again.
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