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  2. That straight trash D literally outscored Teddy and the offense on Sunday.
  3. You guys take this stuff wayyyy too seriously. It’s. A. Game. Live life more.
  4. Outside of Luke and Cam, I haven’t liked our extensions in recent years. Even CMCs contract may bite us if he can’t get healthy again. We always seem to overpay the wrong guys. (Short too) We make up for it by not really drafting well either.
  5. He is getting a ton out of rookies--many undrafted. Rivera might have started 2 at any given time. Franklin, S; Roy DT; Brown, DT; Chinn, S; Pride CB; Thomas-Oliver, CB; Gross-Matos DE; Smith RB; Walker QB; etc. Never have we had 25% in dead cap money--the Panthers were at a huge disadvantage without a pre-season--new staff, new players, etc. Rhule is doing great. If anyone trashes him right now, you do not know football.
  6. The whole thing with shaq isn't that he's a bad player. He's highly average. Wont win ya games won't lose you games....except where he was suppose to be a difference maker and thats the pass game. I think the idea then was were getting some uber athletic stud who would do somewhat what Chinn is doing now. Shaq has been nothing close to Chinn, but he has become a legit linebacker... thats about shaq in a nutshell. Hated the pick then.. I mean do I hate him now?? Hard to hate a guy who you really can't blame for much except being over paid. He's been around so long he's just a panther.. can't hate that after all these years.
  7. I kind of feel Tepper and Rhule have a plan in place to reduce our wins once it was apparent we were not gonna make the playoffs. We are aiming for Wilson in the draft I think. No other way to explain some of these coaching decisions the past how ever many so weeks.
  8. You give THAT dude a key to Spectrum Center.
  9. If Marty can pull off a Parsons, Trask draft I'll shut up and be happy.
  10. But when he is the best TE to come out in a decade you pull the trigger and you still get a promising QB in the 2nd in trask
  11. more like there was probably no logical amount of production other than dragging this corpse of a team to more wins than it deserves that some folks around here would respect and appreciate as league average or slightly above. a lot of this board would rather be pessimistic and interpret themselves as correct than to take an even handed evaluation of the results. teddy has done a good job. he hasn't been the problem. whether he can be the solution remains a bit cloudy because he's not working with a full squad and they're installing a system that nobody had time to learn. factor in the injury to CMC and you have a recipe for a redshirt year for basically all parties. i don't see a lot of people hanging these losses heavy on matt rhule because they understand that his job is a process but they're not giving teddy the same respect even though his measurable production says there's things there worth salvaging moving forward. anyone's level of satisfaction with something hinges directly on their expectations, and if anybody had the expectation of a pro bowl season for teddy they were destined to be let down. that isn't why we signed him. for the reasons we signed him, he has done a fairly effective job and our coaches are largely happy with how he has worked out here. so despite the overwhelming feeling to the contrary here on this specific board, NFL evaluators are being very even about what he has done here and need to see more. few are calling this signing a dud and they shouldn't be. most expected this team to be a 5-7 win team and that's right where we are. incremental improvement will be the expectation.
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  13. PJ Walker is not going to be our long term answer at the position. On top of that, Tua only sat because he’s hurt.
  14. If he can move into the bottom of the first Kyle Trask needs to get a serious look. You can't teach 6'5" 240lbs. That's an NFL body out the gate. Everything else you can refine. 2,810yrds 34TDs 3ints 93.4 qbr Heisman candidate
  15. Micah Parsons is your pick if Fields is gone. This is Marty Hurney and rather than reach he'll pick a linebacker.
  16. Can we please call Hayward Lieutenant Dan
  17. Yeah, you do a good job with this kind of thing most of the time, but since you got slack, I jumped it.... Good points here. Seriously--this week's matchups are interesting. The teams we need to win have tough matchups. Thanks for this----helps a lot.
  18. There was nothing there. It could've been Lawrence out there or Mahomes or Rodgers. It would've looked the same. Their DL >>> UNC's OL and their DC >>>> UNC's OC.
  19. Damn, actions speak louder than words don't they. I think he was preoccupied with putting his "stamp" on the team, whatever that is.
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