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  2. Steven Taranto · 7m I believed Ron also left a press conference a few years ago when peppered about Luke Kuechly injury questions. Ron's very patient with the media but injury matters are a quick way to really get on his nerves.
  3. Cam not practicing ?? Just cashing them check$$$! #hurney (Am I doing this rite?)
  4. I do not think police care about sending people to prison so that the private prisons can profit if that's what you're getting at. And the vast majority of cops that I know (save for a few who like to think they're super cops) have straight out told me they've not arrested when they could have because they found a better way to help somebody than costing them money (what an arrest ultimately does). Most cops are out there doing an honest days work, trying to help people, arresting who they have to and helping all they can. Which you would know if you knew some cops, or went on some ride alongs, or looked into being a cop. I don't always say "go be a cop" just to shut people down. I legitimately want people to go do it. People like you with your ideas and thoughts on how policing should be done, you could do some good. Go do it. If you won't, why? It's something I'm curious about because the loudest "police are all corrupt" types are always the ones who then say "I would never do it because it's too dangerous, not worth the risk, I like my current job too much, etc". I think we all can agree that law enforcement is a very important job in society and needs to be done by good people who are willing and capable. So, why are there no willing takers for the job with all this idealism?
  5. Wait... All these years this place has been screaming about the reporters asking lay up like questions and get mad when the reporters don’t press. Now they press and people side with Ron...? Can’t make this stuff up. Pick a damn side and stay on it people
  6. Too bad he doesn't walk out for good. Things get more testy when you're crutch is no longer there for you.
  7. I thought Ron should've been fired and I think he's holding this organization back at this point, but I can't blame him for this. How many times are you going to field a different version of the same question before you say fug this and walk off?
  8. Ask me about arizona BUT CAM AT 100 PERCENT Stupid Ass Media
  9. I can’t say I really blame him...these fugs are pressing him for a clickbait quote to stir up more poo.
  10. What’s the matter Ron couldn’t think of someone else to blame?
  11. Scott Fowler‏Verified account @scott_fowler 54s55 seconds ago More Ron Rivera just (nicely) stormed out of his press conference, upset that there were too many questions asked about Cam Newton after he asked for those to stop and to be asked about Arizona. It wasn't "Cam Newton at the Super Bowl," but it was as close as Rivera will ever come.
  12. He says he's still not ready to name a starter, but will have more clarity on Friday. When the questions about Newton continued, he noped out.
  13. I mean...he said he will cut it short if there is one more Cam question after Cam question after Cam question. He kept his promise.
  14. Sorry let me correct it then. rashan gaulden cashing them check$$$ #hurney
  15. I think Cam cares about winning more than the playcalling. But obviously the playcalling hasn’t equaled winning in a long time so there maybe some truth to this. i do think Cam’s foot and mental state isn’t right because of all the injuries. He’s basically been dealing with Andrew luck-esque stuff since 2014. It’s why I really want him to take the year off, get 100% healthy and if that means not being with the panthers then so be it. He’s a human being first and foremost and going through the grueling rehabbing process takes a major toll on your health. It’s why luck retired.
  16. It would appear so.. if you goto the Panthers Official website.. they have an article stating Washington's Defense preparing for Arizona Offense..
  17. Current polls aren't looking good for Bernie. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/latest_polls/democratic_nomination_polls/
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