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  2. Right, It shouldn't be a mandatory thing for sure and for the most part it seems like they have managed to do it in a way that hasn't caused any problems (the prayer part at least). You don't have to if you don't want to or if you don't believe though I would also hope the same courtesy and respect be shown the other way around.
  3. The wiping out ALL student debt is the far left version of "build the wall". Largely rhetoric. Literally isn't going to happen as pitched because it makes no sense. They know what they pitch realistically won't and shouldn't happen. Another example is the college student that worked all through college to limit the debt....then lived at home after college and put everything toward getting out of debt first and foremost. VS. The student who went to a fancy private school and got a degree in History for 5 years and has essentially paid nothing on the student debt but interest. Bernie and Warren cutting that kid a check who lived at home and paid of the debt ASAP? Fug no. The ultimate middle finger to those that worked hard and sacrificed. Who essentially are significantly poorer now compared to the other example w/ the history degree. Makes no sense. Help? Yes. Those burdened with this BS debt should get help. We also need tackle the cost going forward. Some higher education should be free. Especially some of the publicly funded schools. but wiping all the debt out? Makes no sense and that is why no one gets into the details. Not Warren. Not Bernie. Not their followers.
  4. They can still seek asylum, they just have to wait in Mexico instead of being released into the United States while their case is being processed.
  5. There's probably a 10 million dollar/year difference between Mariota and Bridgewater at this point. I'm suggesting going after the affordable guy who has potential and may just need the right coach/system. No harm in trying if he's cheap.
  6. And they are justified in saying it. Didn't they know they could just plan to travel to the US 9 months into their pregnancy, or sneak in and then claim asylum.
  7. CRA

    Bezos Timeline

    I mean this alone....gets over POTUS in our nation's history impeached. Just a normal day for Trump. Flood the market with corruption and lies and then you can do no wrong. Just doing the norm.
  8. CRA

    Bezos Timeline

    I mean it is like are in a bad reality show. I mean the moment it happens Bezos knows it is SA. Says it from the jump. Who supplies the counter claim? Well, Trump's old friend....the National Enquirer. Trying to cover what Trump/MBS just did. Trump should of just taken a sharpie and wrote on a piece of computer paper the story and tweeted it out. Team Trump doesn't even bother being good. They are just bold and predictable. And sadly, that is all it takes. We spend all this money to do all these crazy things.....yet our country can't even hold up to the most simplistic crook boldly doing the obvious literally right in front of everyone. Over and over.
  9. Portnoy is an arrogant little snot who thinks he has game to play with the big boys in sports media.
  10. I've seen legal immigrants make the same case regarding illegal immigrants.
  11. So once again you've got nothing. Are your politics really that jaded?
  12. I spent nearly 14 years of my Navy career in that world, so I kind of trust my first-hand experience and knowledge over an "Arab diplomatic source telling CNN..." CNN, Arab diplomatic sources nor Trump have a clue about how the military operates and what resources they have.
  13. This is Warren and a few others albatross. This argument isn’t limited to choices/life decisions on college tuitions. Father: My daughter’s getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money, she doesn’t have any student loans. Warren: [inaudible but the tone sounds supportive] Father: Am I going to get my money back? Warren: Of course not. Father: So you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money and those of us who did the right thing get screwed? Warren: [inaudible-shaking her head no] Father: Of course we did. My buddy had fun, bought a car. He went on vacations. I saved my money. He made more than I did. I worked a double-shift, worked for extra money. [unclear but sounds like ‘Did all this work since she’s ten’ or possibly ‘Daughter’s worked since she’s ten.’] So you’re laughing. Warren: I’m not laughing. Father: Yeah, that’s exactly what you’re doing. We did the right thing and we get screwed.
  14. Panther Blue/Electric Blue Not fuggin TEAL!...jeez
  15. Watched the first one last night, and enjoyed it. Like a lot of shows though keeping that consistency is key I hope it doesn't drop off.
  16. "Iran’s choice of target is significant. If it wanted to kill lots of American soldiers in Iraq there were easier bases to strike. I’ve been to al-Asad airbase – it’s vast and it’s remote. Strikes there could find plenty of dead ground away from troop bunkers and would have little risk of civilian collateral killings. Iraqi military commanders had been warned by Iran to stay away from US bases and US officials confirm their troops, too, had adequate warning to shelter from the attack. Iran is trying to have its cake and eat it. Create the impression of a fearsome strike for domestic consumption without actually risking escalation. An Arab diplomatic source told CNN that Iraq gave advance warning to the United States on “which bases would be hit” after Iranian officials passed on the information. " https://www.cnn.com/middleeast/live-news/us-iran-soleimani-tensions-intl-01-07-20/index.html
  17. I was extremely disappointed with the first 2 episodes and won't be back. I didn't find anything about it challenging or mysterious or creepy. Matter of fact, it was pretty predictable and weak, in my opinion. I read King back in the day when he was the hottest author out there, and a lot of his early stuff was pretty good. But, over a period of time, the formula becomes fairly predictable and familiar and they all start reading alike.
  18. True this. The government also wastes a crap ton every year. The numbers I proposed I feel like are pretty base line and were just to illustrate how it COULD be done.
  19. Naaaaaaww, c'mon. They don't really do that, do they?
  20. I have not seen a single fact that backs any claim the Iranians "warned us ahead of time." Tell me what they did- pick up a phone? Send a carrier pigeon? The base, more than likely, had intel and electronic sensor data that warned them ahead of time that command & control had been passed and that missile systems were online.
  21. Tony Romo's new deal is reportedly in the $10-14M range per year. Keep in mind, Rhule is the sixth highest paid head coach in the NFL at $8.5M per. Belichick is #1 at $12M per. Romo literally might be making more to announce games than any head coach in the NFL. It's insane. I don't see the value add to be honest. Is anyone really tuning into a game because of Romo's announcing? I mean my god, we watch games called by Booger McFarland. Sure, we all bitch about it but we still watch.
  22. Today
  23. Gotta be honest here.... One of the best clogged drain remedies out there is baking soda packed into the drain opening (1/2 cup) and then slowly pour 1/2 cup of white vinegar over the top and leave it for 5 minutes. Watch the chemical reaction, but try not to inhale the stuff. I don't know that I'd mix baking soda and vinegar and put it on my dog. I know there's other stuff in the mix, but...
  24. If he's "my boss" that means he's also your boss. I didn't vote for Trump and don't intend to do so in 2020 unless the Dems put up someone I can't support. Right now the narrative is that Iran warned us ahead of time about the attack, so we made some moves and let them destroy some empty buildings so they could feel better about themselves. Noone was actually IN those attacks. With concussions being what is reported, some soldiers were closer to the blast. Yes, headaches are a symptom of a concussion. If you would like to post additional info, please do.
  25. CRA

    Bezos Timeline

    You mean, how the right wing folks attempted to make up a story for what happened? Providing cover for Trump/SA? yeah, that didn't work. Bezos has the time and money where their routine doesn't really work. You can't get on Sean Hanntiy with lies and misinformation and just be done dealing with it. Bezos timeline pretty much lays it out there. Makes total sense. the weird thing is America has the guy from a reality show with a clear cut history of corruption/lies running poo
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