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  2. I never hated them. I only care about other teams when we play them or when their loss benefits us.
  3. lol yes this is a very efficient and expeditious idea
  4. Yes asking people on a football forum to fund millions while you remain hidden is so efficient and expeditious
  5. I agree. I've always thought #1 was stupid. Giving the offense an automatic 1st down for illegal contact no matter the down-and-distance is dumb.
  6. Porn Shop Clerk

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

  7. iamhubby1

    What Detroit Lions fans are saying

    It's so bad, one of my nephews scheduled his kids birthday party for Sunday. And no on complained. But yeah, I hate Lions week.
  8. Why would I vote for politicians to do this when citizens are much more efficient and expeditious?
  9. I'd be happy. Us long time fans follow the team because we love the team. We have learned over the years (now approaching a generation) that for the most part we have sucked. RR gets too much hate around here, as we have won more under him than any in franchise history. People used to cry about not having back to back wining seasons! Playoffs the last 4 of 5 is pretty damn good to me. We are not a high market team..and never will be. I am a fan and pretty happy we win some games and more or less are not the Browns! If you think not winning is bad now...just wait until Cams contract is up for renewal! It will be 2009 all over again! But....we are ready to win!!! Tepper is the man and everything is gonna change!!!
  10. MechaZain

    What is the next position of need???

    Nah he's a relic who hasn't evolved for the modern NBA. Like Dwight we'd have to abandon pacing and spacing for him to be effective and you can't win like that anymore. PF is the need tho for sure.
  11. blackcat

    Amazon Headquarters

    The amount of incentives Amazon received is nuts if they deliver on everything they promised.
  12. because it's a stupid shitty idea and i'm going to affect change in more effective ways. if you really wanna help vote for politicians committed to ending poverty structurally.
  13. Porn Shop Clerk

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool go fug your cousin, cletus
  14. Are you sure you aren't Jewish? Lol
  15. Meh I get it. So ok no worries
  16. Sorry but I just sent all my extra cash to a Nigerian prince.
  17. yeah, because who doesn't want to give money to gofundme's where the person maintains his secrecy is of absolute importance I mean, you kinda asking to be clowned here Saha. Which has nothing to do with politics of anyone. Remember when you use to have that line in your avatar that said, "CRA was right, he always is". This thread was not well thought out.
  18. Facts? Chucky don't need no stinkin facts. Facts just get in the way of his narrative. lol `
  19. They also turned up holding calls after Manning and the Colts got slapped around by the Patriots during the 2003 AFC title game. This was on Wikepedia: Colts players would later publicly complain that the game officials did not properly call illegal contact, pass interference, and defensive holding penalties on the Patriots' defensive backs. This, and similar complaints made by other NFL teams, would prompt the NFL during the 2004 off season to instruct all of the league's officials to strictly enforce these types of fouls. I actually remember this game. Ty Law picked Manning off 3 times. If something negatively affects/affected Brady, Manning, and now Rodgers...expect a rule change to favor the QB's. Pass Defense was more heavily scrutinized when Manning's teams can't score. They also changed the overtime rule because the Colts lost a playoff game to the Chargers in OT after they lost the coin toss. Peter King said it was shame that the MVP wasn't allowed to get the ball at all after time expired in regulation. Shortly afterwards the OT rules were changed. Brady gets hit low, and below the knee shots on QB's are banned...but in all honesty I can see the logic in this one. Rodgers get slammed to the turf and now sacks are monitored to see if too much weight falls on them. Back in the day, I remember Tony Siragusa falling all over Rich Gannon in a playoff game and he had to leave the field. But, he wasn't a glamour person at the time and no rule change occurred.
  20. 100% accurate. The NFL is about ratings and revenue. That means targeting the largest group of people possible: casual fans. The NFL already has the hard core base (though it may be diminishing) so they have turned to more dazzle dazzle product to influx casuals. A great football game is a 14-10 defensive slugfest but unfortunately it doesn't draw ratings or fans. The NFL has systematically changed its rules to help the offensive nature of football to maximize scoring. However really good defense is still very important as witnessed last night. If offense is the most important thing than Aaron Rogers should have 6 Super Bowls. Teams need to adapt to the new NFL and unfortunately old school fans do also.
  21. I cannot imagine a scenario where I would ever root for them. Hate Carroll far too much.
  22. AggieLean

    Amazon Headquarters

    Glad Atlanta wasn’t the winner in this.
  23. PanthersBigD

    Put your money (and labor) where your mouth is

    Stop trolling @Saha.
  24. Its unfortunate because it's taken a team game and turned it into a simple question of who has the best QB. Defense doesn't really matter any more so the days of winning consistently with a great defense and a so so QB are over. To a lesser degree the same can be said for traditional RBs. A guy like CJ Anderson would be a key cog in a balanced, not entirely QB focused, offense a few years ago and now he can't even get on the field. Luckily we have a great QB but that won't always be the case.
  25. what do you think that is a picture of? That ain't Arlington.
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