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  2. I wish I could give you more pie, well done. That’s bs we lead the league, why do we always get pooped on?
  3. The season is never a success to anyone who doesn't win the superbowl. Only 1 team has a successful season per year. It should be the only goal each and every year....Period
  4. Big props for this knowledge. I knew we had a bunch, typical NFL fugging over the Panthers. Trying to be subtle with it too but we still see it.
  5. I see Pete the Cheat is still the fastest gum chewer west of the Mississippi.
  6. No it's poo that we actually let anyone like you comment. I'm just really tired of seeing y'all on here it's really annoying.
  7. Yes. Here is how many times each team plays a game against an opponent coming off extra rest of ten days Panthers with 4 eagles and giants-3 jets, Chiefs, Ravens,Seahawks, Bucs, Broncos and Jaguars-2 raiders, falcons, Niners, chargers, lions, Vikings, rams, redskins-1 saints, titans, colts, Texans, pats, bills, dolphins, Steelers, browns, bengals, cowboys, cardinals, packers and bears with zero.
  8. Up and down game, its been pretty good so far
  9. Damn Rodgers is an incredible thrower of the fooball
  10. Pandora's Box

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

    Avenatti who screamed Trump and Kavanaugh on news networks were "guilty" with no proof, now demands "innocent until proven guilty" in his case..lol..you cant make this poo up!!
  11. Burnout189

    Thursday Night Packers vs Seahawks

    Seattle isn't going away quietly.
  12. kungfoodude

    CarolinaHuddle Pick'em - Week 11

    GB @ SEA: Missed the deadline(would have taken SEA, FWIW)DAL @ ATL: ATLCIN @ BAL: BALCAR @ DET: CARTEN @ IND: INDTB @ NYG: TBHOU @ WAS: HOUPIT @ JAX: PITOAK @ AZ: OAKDEN @ LAC: LACPHI @ NO: NOMIN @ CHI: CHIKC @ LAR: LAR, Total Points: 58
  13. I've noticed I haven't seen that false start count at home lately. Did they give up?
  14. Also many of his actual touches are in open space, its not the typical run the RB into the ground type of thing
  15. Darkseid

    Caping for nazis - a thread about NC Proud Boys

    No threats, an invitation.
  16. Pandora's Box

    Michael Avenatti Arrested for Felony Domestic Violence

    Source? Nope!! Try again
  17. He's on the field for 98% or whatever, not being used for 98%. It's not the big deal everyone is making it out to be. Much of the time he's a decoy.
  18. Most annoying bandwagon ever
  19. Yes, can’t stand them. Check their scores every week to see if they lost. The fans just suck. They were worse than cowboy fans for a while. Now they seem to be fading away. The Die hard fans I knew don’t talk about them anymore.
  20. GRWatcher

    If anyone needs a job

    Carolina Beverage Group, Mooresville is hiring. Machine Operators, Fork Lift Driver, Lab Technician, Blending Technician Apply on their website only. https://carolinabeveragegroup.com/career-opportunities/
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