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  2. Bingo. We all have been saying this since the days of Nate fuggin Chandler and Byron fugging Bell.
  3. thats all true, but the second Cam began vegan, he was not able to physically recover like he did, and he began to fall apart. maybe it can be a good life style for a skinny dude holding a camera, but not an NFL athlete taking an NFL beating.
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  5. PSLs are a scam and any owner that sells them under the guise of being an "investment" should be thrown in prison for fraud.
  6. Excerpts from "Seriously, Get The Hell Out Of Afghanistan": https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/seriously-get-the-hell-out-of-afghanistan-e93c886d35c2
  7. I fully expect someone like him to win in 2024 after Biden does nothing for 4 years.
  8. I realise it is racist slur, it would be the equivalent of calling a team the n-word, though there are some that argue it is not and seem to point towards a poll by the Washington post. Frankly I find it odd in this day and age that it hasn’t been changed by now, their NBA team changed their name from Bullets to Wizards due the violet overtones of the name “Bullet”, so if they can rebrand then their NFL team should be able to. And if they aren’t willing to do it, then the NFL should be able to enforce they change their name otherwise strip their owner of the franchise. With that said, the use of imagery can be offensive. The Blackhawks point towards them being named in the honour. Yet their logo is pretty much the same as Washington’s. It’s contentious. Some say the Chicago Blackhawks honours a history worth remembering, while others see the logo and imagery and see it being used to profit. Same can go for the other teams that use Native American names and imagery. So while their wordage might not be a racial slur, it can, and often does, use imagery that offends. Hence my point. If Washington have to rename (and they should, voluntary or forced), then arguably it shouldn’t be long until certain others follow suit. Over here in the UK there have been calls for the Exeter Chiefs to rebrand. I’ve never understood how they came to be named what they are, but I find it only right and proper that they do rebrand like Washington. Maybe the other teams follow suit if the use of Native American names and imagery is deemed improper. It’s a contentious issue in the current climate and has brought forth a long overdue conversation and hopefully action on things that are wrong with the modern world.
  9. Byron Bell, Mike Remmers, and Stone Fua whom he tried to convert to OL.
  10. Cotton is going to run in 2024.. He is the type of candidate that will be the Republican candidate from here on out.
  11. I'm a Panthers fan partly because some people can't even find NC on a map, and the Panthers represent my home state. But if I were a Canadian looking to choose a team to pull for the Panthers would be near the bottom of my list. The Panthers have made so many horrific blunders that it's a wonder how we haven't been at the bottom of the league for our entire franchise history. Running Cam Newton, the only real hope this franchise has ever had, into the ground was so stupid that it's embarrassing. Remember when Nate Chandler was protecting Cam? Remember Gettlegutts bringing in Matt Kalil for a fortune when every football fan in American knew he was terrible? This is just a stupid franchise that really belongs at the bottom on the league. Now we have a gutted roster and a coach who is going to try and learn on the fly. Welp. Here we go. The good news is that we purged out a lot of second rate decision makers, so maybe that will be enough to turn this around in the long run. Hope springs eternal.
  12. When he was with us he was painted as a "villian" because he had what it takes to dethrone the NFL golden boys. Unfortunately he came up just short. Now he gets thrust into the role of a "hero" to save the Patriots season!
  13. Now time to see how he fares WITHOUT a generational talent. I suspect it will not be pretty.
  14. I didn't even understand what he said. I don't speak Spanish.
  15. So, outside the food trucks, just a bunch of insufferable twats, for the most part?
  16. I'm honestly shocked at the full 180 some of you are doing on Jourdan in this thread. Same people telling her to speak her piece are the same that were telling her to shut up and going at her after the whole routes thing.
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