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  2. How Whitehead deals with a receiver when the ball is headed their way and the ref is looking.
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  4. McConnell will of course try get this done before there is a new president and new Senate. The republicans senators up for the election will vote on this before the new term. If they got voted out they have nothing to lose, if they win they got their "approval".
  5. apparently everyone's kid is super sad over this
  6. I like Tom Brady and he is the greatest qb, but we are still going to keep it close and may win this one.
  7. at this point i'm pretty sure igo is just a mouthpiece for the organization, and we know what's going in the other end
  8. Biden doesn't appoint a justice unilaterally
  9. Whitehead needs to improve a lot before he’s good enough to be a JAG
  10. I was wondering why it seemed so dead when I peeked over there to try and get a better idea of the team
  11. Tampa clearly hates us cux we fugg them up!! I remember Simms was supposed to be good !! and he was til he played us and he ruptured his spleen!! He was never the same after that!! Not wanting to do that to Brady..but hurting his carreer would be be good.. Thisn't ANC North Bitch
  12. I thought those were all right wing outside agitators causing violence?
  13. I'm not really sure this teams defense is good enough to win any games tbh.
  14. So glad we switched out of the 3-4 so we could have zero pressure and no DEs.
  15. The time to cut bait was before the season when we could have tucked his $13M salary back into our cap space. Once the season starts all vets like Short are guaranteed that money.
  16. Wait until Giselle starts off on him. That crazy Brazilian might try and stuff one of his hats down his throat.
  17. Lagunitas IPA is the best, hands down.
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