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  2. A major 180 from the previous owner. Tepper really seems to want a winner in Charlotte, wants the team to have every advantage(legal) possible. JR seemed to be ok with being average.
  3. Thank God. Getting a little tired of watching games @ 10:30 at night...even though it is fun to hit the bars on a late Saturday night & watch the NBA Finals
  4. So, you really aren't very intelligent at all and are completely unaware of what's happening around you. It took you 6 lines to show your complete idiocy, it took me one line to tell you why.
  5. The polarization is intentional. If people are busy squabbling amongst themselves about menial things(see: HB2/Bathroom Bill) they won't pay attention to the truly nefarious things that are really going on(removing legislative power from municipalities). TV, social media, internet, etc drive this. I travel extensively for work and engage people all over the country of varying beliefs and viewpoints. The one thing I notice more than anything else is that people are much, much more reasonable when they are talking to another person, even if they don't agree on politics/religion/etc rather than beholden to these semi-anonymous platforms(like we are using now). The fact is, most people are more than capable of having reasonable discussions and even engaging in reasonable compromises when they don't have these external influences inflaming them. This is the era of unchecked propaganda and lies being spewed from Fox News and MSNBC specifically catered to their audiences and deliberately packaged to inflame the public. The social media platforms use their algorithms to spray polarizing content across your accounts in a sick attempt to make you upset enough to stick around. But, we also as citizens allow ourselves to be duped by this nonsense. We don't use critical thinking, healthy skepticism and we lean towards being intellectually lazy. The powerful use this tendency, largely just a product of human nature, to distract and divide us while they largely obtain what they want in the shadows. Far left and far right, it's almost like a circle, they all end up at the same place. If you are an extremist on either side, your messages sound so similar it's scary. If you just change a word or two and it's the same message and it rarely changes, throughout history. And yet we continue to make the same mistakes, over and over and over.
  6. I actually think the exact opposite. We aren’t maturing in the age of the internet...on this current path.
  7. "His tenacity, broad experience and deep understanding of geopolitics make him an excellent choice for Secretary of State," Trump said in the statement. Tuesday, December 13, 2016.
  8. Centrism - Racist based populism, anti choice agenda, tax cuts for the wealthy and now under trump a complete disregard to the system and process along with continued financial ties to foreign powers (including todays news on Manafort) Is just as bad as - A push for universal health care, transgender rights, equity in policy, belief in science based facts (climate change) That dang far right pushing the Left into policies America universally are behind.
  9. So you're saying we can't trust our legislators to do what they say they'll do? But this time it will be different? Come on!
  10. Literally no one on the far left wants that. Take that nonsense to the Tinderbox.
  11. As the Republicans dive further right it's pushing the Democrats further left in response. Right now, we're in the midst of a full on political dumb-off. As society matures in the internet age, I expect things will moderate in the long run but I don't know how long it'll take us to get there.
  12. At this point I rather tepper be involved in the football decisions over the people currently responsible for football decisions.
  13. i’m rly not impressed by the argument that just bc he has a job means that everybody can just take unlimited shots every time the giants announce a draft pick or trade or free agent signing or <insert personnel transaction here> and don’t pretend that it’s justified just bc it’s a football discussion board bc it p much does nothing but foster a lower level of dialogue, and all you see is the same banal comments about “gettleman’s ego” and cheapness, and comeuppance. we don’t need to discuss every thing the giants do and how it’s going to be terrible just to make ourselves feel better while the offseason slowly melts away like a glacier before the 1900s. i thought of it as an inkling but now i’m rly starting to see the clarity that it very likely is just a matter of a bunch of insecure posters periodically affirming that it was a good idea that we went back to the guy whose mess gettleman spent years cleaning up. don’t want any thought dispute going on up there in the old brain case i guess.
  14. Far left policy and far right policy is equally damaging. Take abortion for example. One side wants to kill babies up till birth while the other wants to put mothers who are raped in jail. Balance is key and negotiations between usually result in good things.
  15. Slightly off topic but think this will be a conversation at a later date on the Huddle. Charlotte Pipe and Foundry seems to be leaving the area and good chance Tepper scoops up this desired land possibly for a new stadium or other endeavors (MLS?). Got a feeling he has helped make this move happen. https://www.wsoctv.com/news/local/charlotte-pipe-is-leaving-its-longtime-home-near-uptown/951107816 Charlotte Pipe & Foundry is close to a $325 million deal to move its metal pipe manufacturing operation near uptown Charlotte to an undeveloped site in the Oakboro area of Stanly County, sources have told the Charlotte Business Journal. An announcement on an estimated $125 million in incentives that were signed into law Thursday could be made as soon as this week, according to one source.
  16. With Tepper focusing on the Panthers full time it is likely he will be more involved not less involved in daily activities. Now whether that means getting more involved in football decisions or leaving it to the "football people" remains to be seen. But to expect someone to.pay 2.2 billion for a business and then not be involved in ever aspect of the business seems pretty unrealistic. And as a previous minority owner he has lots of experience being associated with football guys and decisions.
  17. As long as he lets his football people deal with football operations that's great. We don't want to get into a Jerry Jones situation though.
  18. Today
  19. Yeah the problem with our "education" lottery is that the state decided to use the lottery revenues not as additional funds but as a replacement for tax dollars previously earmarked for education. The lottery would have been a great boost to the education system in NC, however the legislators did exactly what they said they would not do, and used it as a replacement instead. Actually the strip is arguably more depressing than the rest of Vegas. It's an urban area, so there are obviously some downtrodden places, especially since they were one of the hardest hit areas after the housing crisis. But there are DEFINITIVELY a lot of very nice areas outside the strip. Go to North Vegas or old downtown. It's like any other city, plenty of great food and lots of things to do. And, yes, I have been there. The negatives about gambling are the same negatives that will exist regardless of the legality. The fact is that some people will go broke and get addicted to gambling, whether legal or not. Just because some people lack self control should not condemn some pretty harmless entertainment. As I said earlier, make sure there are ample safety nets in place to assist gambling addicts and you deal with that issue in that manner. There would be plenty of revenue to fund that. Heck, make it a requirement that each institution has to give a percentage to such services. I would be fine with that, as well.
  20. Icege

    Pro Life

    If cellular generation is the beginning of life, is cellular degeneration the end of it? Does that mean Gam-Gam has got to go?
  21. I'm a moderate who thinks the electoral college is bunk. I think majority of the country probably thinks the popular vote is the way to go. And any time the majority leans one way it is because the middle does IMO.
  22. Icege

    Pro Life

    https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/forbrn.pdf Where did you come up with those false figures?
  23. At the same time the NBA is talking about having west coast games start early so people on the east cost can watch
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