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  2. Wasn't there a game day chat on here at some point? I thought that was a cool feature. Might seriously cut down on reactionary threads on game days.
  3. Mr. Scot

    NFL, technology, and the future

    I can't speak for that t-shirt in particular, but I would say that this shirt serves as visual evidence that the integrity of t-shirts in general should sometimes be called into question.
  4. It must suck to be ignorant but believe you're enlightened
  5. ^ Bronn is more than a good swordsman There is no window in the NFL since FA. The teams that always do well consistently draft well, have good coaching, and use FA to round off the roster, and have an elite QB or one on a rookie deal. If we didn't have a poo GM after r1 and in FA, a poo HC, we'd have a hell of a lot better chance to do some poo. Actually draft well, especially in the later rounds(something this team NEVER does) and you have a shot any year. We've picked up some players due to our early picks but our FA is always trash.
  6. t96

    Hate to say this but...

    I’d be fine with that, nothing against the Rams. As long as it’s not Pats or division rivals I’m fine. Guess I’d prefer not Seahawks too. But any other team and I’m not pissed, but still wish we’d never see him in another team’s jersey.
  7. KillaCamNewton

    Hate to say this but...

    And no one should blame him if he does. If it was up to him he’d still be here
  8. -13 Amp-

    Officiating was disgusting.

  9. ncfan

    Senior Bowl prospects of note

    Like this Bradbury kid from state Probably the quickest OL out here ive seen today
  10. Make it possible to neg rep accounts less than 6 months old.
  11. Cdw

    Fantasy Series Fans

    Took a little break, but I'm starting Red Seas Under Red Skies now. From the opening chapter I feel like I'm about to read Oceans 11 set in Atlantis, should be interesting. I figured the guild of Bondsmagi were going to be a significant factor going forward. Don't think they'll appreciate the treatment the Falconer recieved.
  12. LinvilleGorge

    Hate to say this but...

    He's saying all the right things to the fans, but I'm sure he'd love to go to his home team and stick it to his old employer who in essence told him he was no longer needed. Who wouldn't?
  13. Anybodyhome

    Had a vasectomy

    Isn't that one of those tattoo jokes?
  14. LinvilleGorge

    Senior Bowl prospects of note

    I've been all in on Sweat at #16. Hate to inform people, but the 6'6", 275+ pound athletic freaks with good on field production usually go in the top 5. Sweat has everything you want minus the weight.
  15. Daddy_Uncle

    Hate to say this but...

    Seriously doubt he goes to one of our biggest rivals. He wouldn't do that to us
  16. Fair enough. I know this seems crazy to some but if the title/OP dont interest me I rarely click it.
  17. PurityControl

    Reverse sear

    You can play around with the cornstarch method, personally not a fan of it, the brown/burnt flour taste is not something I like on a good piece of meat. Salt and let the steak set on a wire rack in the fridge uncovered overnight, this will give you a dryer surface to work with which is key. And a razor hot pan & that should be all you need for more of a crust, if that's what you are looking for.
  18. Sanjay makes up things about sources and bashes cam Newton. If you check the threads he starts, you'd see why people want him gone.
  19. Manther

    Officiating was disgusting.

    Should I have just edited them into one post? Didn't know it mattered. Dude, you sited a statistic that implied Cam receives a fairer shake from the refs than Tom Brady two days after, what might be, the worst roughing the passer call of all time in a league championship game at a crucial point. You really don't realize how this pisses people off? Really?
  20. it’s rly hard to find dedicated ppl tho. a lot of ppl here, mostly the better posters have entire lives outside of this place. the worst ones are the ones that are on here like 24/7. and i think that extends to jeremy. like ppl forget that he has an entire life outside of the site and he can’t be on here poring over every 20 page thread looking for trolls to ban every day. which is why my vote might be just to simplify the site so it would be easy for him just to delete these mongers.
  21. Johnny Rockets

    London here we come

    I consider myself an equal opportunity NFL fan and I am a big fan of Zack and the Roaring Riot in general. These days, I actually blend in nicely while wearing my Panthers gear and meander around the RR tailgates mostly unnoticed and this would be no different. My GF would go also so she cancels out any surcharge that would be imposed against me for "alleged" allegiance to another organization. I read that in the small print on the RR website. Plus, someone has to fly one of the extra planes so why not me?
  22. Internet étiquette could be a remedy but would require heavy moderation(at first) which has its own set of issues. A basic set of rules. The ones commonly accepted in major forums No Spamming/No Personal Attacks/Stick to Topic. Also good thread topics could be pinned or showcased more often. Minimum characters to start thread. Gotcha titles/Click bait/Trick threads could be actionable. Shorten title character max(no special characters or icons). Reaction threads and celebratory threads would be fine if the discussion/article threads were pinned or some other form of "sticky"ing good work or insight.
  23. ncfan

    Senior Bowl prospects of note

    So far the OTs havnt impressed me here Dillard did nothing to impress, got beat a few tiles and had a big hold when a guy beat him. North team coming on now with Risner
  24. I don't think anything of value can come out having a controversial debate section on a Carolina Panthers board. It does more harm than good for our community of fans here. No offense to anyone who enjoys posting there, but I guarantee you there's places better suited for that kind of discussion. The fallout and response to JR's behavior were definitely politically motivated. That's the trouble with "stick to sports" IMO. The league itself is political and it would be delusional/naive to pretend like our political climate doesn't impact the product on the field at all. Sidebar though: If we're nominating ourselves I would happily be the board's social justice warrior mod. Pair me up with some equally fed up MAGAman and we'll clean up the political discussion real quick.
  25. Nate Dogg

    Hate to say this but...

    Surely TD is not broke enough to have to go play for a Buffalo or Atlanta. If he's not on a sure fire probably going to make the playoffs team or the Panthers then what's the point?
  26. LinvilleGorge

    Your input needed - Huddle Improvements

    As far as Cam and Reid go, it's simple. Keep the discussions football related, period. I'm as big of a Cam fan as you'll find, but there are legit football related criticisms of him just like every football player in the history of the game. None are perfect. Any conversation about them not directly related to football, off to the TB.
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