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  2. Thank you. Nobody here is grading any "tape".
  3. On a 53 man roster, yes you can. You can have too many QB's as well. Too many RB's. Too many receivers. Too many DT's. Look at Louisville's roster breakdown of class and position. They had so many more receivers than they needed and it wasn't even close. Same thing can happen on a smaller scale in the NFL.
  4. Last year showed that Without healthy Cam it was a 2-14 team, with healthy Cam it was 12-4. Just compare two halves of the season. So he nets us something like 10 wins every year. Easily top 10 material on that list
  5. Personally my favorite Panther RB 1. Stew 2. Stephen Davis 3. MeAngelo
  6. Yep! Nothing but a pure class individual. So glad he is the one retiring a Panthers and not Salty Williams
  7. Teams will wait until after the draft, his stock may go up for teams who failed to get a pass rusher. At his peak, he is great. But very rarely is he at his peak. That said, I would be very happy if we somehow landed him or Allen Bailey.
  8. You guys really gotta stop with the "tape" stuff. Nobody here as seen a damn second of All-22 or anything related to these guys. I get what you're saying, but it's inherently wrong and has been proven already. Rosen is a slightly better Jimmy Clausen.
  9. Trade up to spend a top ten pick on a QB The very next season shopping him for a 3rd...same GM
  10. "These facts in front of me are what you assume to be true. Anybody in their right mind would believe my opinion over facts"
  11. A guy who might be bad is not as risky as a guy you know is bad.
  12. While we're at it, can we all stop acting like we've watched the full game tape on every prospect in the draft? Most of the guys who claim "I've watched his tape" are just flat out lying to make themselves sound better. Others have pulled up a five minute highlight reel on YouTube and think that tells the whole story. You're not a professional scout. Just give your opinion and let people take it for what it's worth.
  13. Question is why haven't we offered this yet? I bet it will end being a lot more for him.
  14. Rosen is the better passer and has a stronger arm more accurate and decision maker. Your just blurting our what you assume to be true. Anybody in their right mind would rather have Rosen and there second rounder* than waste it on Grier who by all likely hood shouldn’t see the field.
  15. This is a more low risk/ high reward situation than using a number 2 on a less talented player who if all goes well won’t see the field anyway. If all goes according to plan Rosen or Grier would never get to show anything in actual Game situations. But if god forbid one has to play sooner than later who would you rather ride with? The vet with NFL experience or an unknown commodity? The flip side is if Cam is healthy Rosen is gone by the start of next season and his stock might recoup his lost value and could net us a first rounder. Yes he is outspoken but, it’s not like we haven’t had To deal with Smitty, Josh Norman and so on in the past. I don’t even think he’s as bad as those guys. An added value is you are also Keeping your number 2 in this scenario so there is value there in getting another starter. Easily the more desired outcome.
  16. Justin signed a 5 year deal in 2006. We drafted Ryan the next spring (2007) and cut Justin the following offseason. Im not advocating taking a luxury pick at all... or taking Burns... but Hurney is prob going to take the best player on his board that’s available in round 1... regardless if we think that spot is locked up or not.
  17. OP's interest in Rosen is completely based on where he was drafted. He just looks at old lists.
  18. well, my initial theory was that the dead pretty much "win" at Winterfell and it only is round 1. Then about half of our favorites survive and essentially retreat to King's Landing for round 2 (via the dragons). A small number of top folks. Which makes King's Landing round 2. They flip the Golden Company w/ Jorah and they flip the rest of the folks w/ Cersei being killed by her brother. So our cast of favorites basically take command of everyone at King's Landing as their warriors for round 2.
  19. I wouldnt mind trading down to 23 and grabbing a extra second. Thats good with me.
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