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  2. Per say lol hey real stable genius, where are you dyneing for breakfast this morning? how many lies per say are you getting out of your mouth these days? It’s measured in Trumps per minute.
  3. you forgot 3. wasn't organized or sanctioned by the coaching staff.
  4. You see, reparations covers all our history and present day struggle, not just slavery. And, slavery wasn't that long ago. You had share cropping and convict leasing that went on well into the 1940s, which were another form of slavery. Each generation, we were made into slaves, and thus ADOS are the bottom caste of American society. There are a bunch of people who wish to see us at the bottom. Those people are of course racists. Then you have people who don't understand the predicament black Americans are in as a group. Honestly, I don't know the percentages of society that is racist and the percentages that are ignorant. You mis-characterized a lot of what Yvette talked about on her shows. She was talking to folks like you, who said she should be doing this and that. I'll get back to this post after work.
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  6. ADOS is a massive comedy. Didn't I post what Rush Limbaugh thinks about Reparations? What else do you want to hear from a dude (aka Trump) taking his policy advice from Rush? I happened to catch Yvette Carnell (YC) the other day (through an ADOS friend of mine who watches he religiously). She was complaining that most people watching her channel (ADOS enthusiasts) are asking her to do this, asking her to do that ... so she complained that people are "arm chair quarterbacks; Sitting home, doing nothing and keep demanding her to do stuff". She also complained that her subscriber count got stuck at around 60k. I just laughed ... Why? Because YC has been telling people that self bootstrapping doesn't work (She has been making fun of Boyce Watkins, who advocates this approach). She doesn't realize that self bootstrapping is actually a mindset. It is a mindset of action takers, go-getters and people who are willing to sacrifice to achieve goals. YC doesn't realize that the majority of people who follow her have an opposite mindset. Her followers will Rarely do anything on their own, because they have been conditioned to have someone else do things for them. These people are risk adverse, always blaming others (Either White Supremacy or Immigrants, and now Democrats are their new targets). And YC has been re-enforcing that belief ... now she is asking them to do support her efforts. During that same Youtube call, YC and Tone Talk lashed out at a caller, who dared suggesting that ADOS runs for office. How stupid are the leaders of ADOS? #ADOS has gone from a hashtag to becoming a comedy show. Why am I not surprised?
  7. I am hoping neither Miller or Burns start but are brought along as they develop. We have vets like Addison who will start and right now are the more complete player.
  8. And their lost. Young fans could enjoy it alot better knowing the history of the Panthers over than just the stats of past players and games
  9. The balls didnt just luckily fall for the Lakers and New Orleans. It’s all rigged. Lebron left Miami back to Cleveland and the Cavs landed the #1 pick which they traded it for Kevin Love. Now in 2019, Lakers jumped all the way up to pick 4. And, the Pelicans somehow got the 1st pick. Im so sick of this bullshit. The league will do everything in their power to give Lebron as many rings as they can. While we suck year after year with Michael running the poo show.
  10. Borrego, Batum, MKG, Zeller, Frank and Marv all got to go. Go ahead and package them with MJ and Kupchak as well for a box of krispy kreme donuts.
  11. Kemba can get a 5 year 221 million max deal from the hornets or a max of 4 year 140 million max from another team. I am not sure what the Lakers can offer him atm after acquiring AD.
  12. I know what you were referring to and I made a similar observation of you too refusing to let go of the past in another thread. And for good reason, the no-call impacted not only our team and the result of that game, but it affected the Super Bowl and subsequently all 32 franchises' bottom line in regards to the revenue generated from that Super Bowl. It was a massive flop because the League had to justify bringing two teams back to L.A. after the Raiders and Rams left the first time in 1995. Had that been any other team in our position, those fans would've reacted the same way. We "can't let it go" but I still see y'all complaining about the officiating from the 2013 Divisional playoff loss to the 49ers. Care to explain how that's different? Speaking of ***holes, "let he without sin cast the first stone"...
  13. Depending on what AD does with some bonus, they could have 27-32 million in space. Could renounce the rights to another player or two and be at 35 if it came to it. No clue what's filling their bench out at that point, though.
  14. 4 year 140 is what I understand as well but if LAL can only offer 27 per year that is only 108. They still need the cap space to offer the 35/yr, yes? Sorry, as a baseball/soccer guy, these cap things are like a foreign language to me.
  15. If I'm not mistaken, the max a team (other than the Hornets) could offer him to begin with is 140 million. Which he was willing to listen to anyway before the AD trade. Helluva pay decrease like you said, but money doesn't seem to be his driving factor. I think his heart wants to stay in Charlotte, but his head is screaming to get the hell out and play with actual NBA players for once.
  16. Of course, who knows on Space Jam 2 and crap, in 4 yr 27 mill is only 108 million. That is less than half what we could offer.
  17. From what I've seen they'll have minimum 27 million left in cap space. Fill out the team with vets willing to take minimum or mid-level exceptions. Kemba would obviously get a big chunk of that 27+ million left, to go with being the title favorite, live in LA, marketing potential, Space Jam 2 role if he wants it, and whatever else LBJ says. Hard to turn down unless he truly wants to be a Hornet forever.
  18. I've pointed out to you in your past incarnations how injustices done to my parents directly effected not only myself, but my son.
  19. Yep. Would be good problem to have b/c with McCoy, Poe, and Short, the offense can't game plan and/or double team everyone.
  20. Well, there's a difference there. One of these things is a right. Do you know which one it is? This is hilarious! I'll point out why later. Other than the places where one would get said IDs in predominantly black areas getting shut down? Who said that? Well if the majority of places where one would get IDs in predominantly black areas get shut down... Yes. When?
  21. Considering Lebron and AD, what can LAL offer Kemba?
  22. I do want to add I think Cox, Jr. can be a good rotational player. Rivera and Hurney have obviously seen enough in him for him to have a roster spot for 2 years. He can play. I just think Cox's ceiling is a backup/depth player while Obada has the potential to become a starter and potentially an impact player. Obada would be a Pro-Bowler if he could string together games like the one he had against the Bengals. That is talent beyond what I think Cox can give the team.
  23. no, I guess you didnt actually call them an uncle Tom, you just implied they were an uncle Tom type.. is there a lot of difference ? she didnt apologize for Hilter, she didnt get made a fool of, she let congress know that she didnt say what she was accused of saying…maybe you should watch it she dont bash black people per say, she disagrees with some people, some of whom are black,,, just like she agrees with some people , some of who are also black... she also disagrees with some people who are white, as well as agree with some people who are white … HOW DARE SHE I dont think she ignoring history but she dont let it run her life like a lot of people on this board does, she dont see herself as a victim again like a lot of people on this board does and blaming history for all their troubles and the reason life just a bowl of cherries... let me tell you a little secret, life isn't a bowl of cherries for anybody, EVERYBODY has problems, some just different than others, she's not living in the past like you seem to be you need to come out of your imaginary world that your mind is stuck in
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