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  2. Low key the shell on south blvd has some of the best fried chicken ive ever had. I cant be the only one....
  3. Look forward to discussing the show with you all!
  4. I relocated to Florence KY (near Cincinnati) 6 months ago...and the closest Bojangles to me in KY is an hour away in Lexington. It sucks.
  5. Asheville can be done in 24 hours. The Biltmore estate is worth checking out. Ashville’s weather is great and views are too and the beer selection is top notch as well. The orange peel may host a good band time to time. Other than that (and great outdoor camping sites) there is little to do. It’s a very small liberal/touristy City that appeals to younger crowds but overrated and extremely overpriced in my opinion, but to each their own.
  6. I was at that game. Couldn’t believe it. Good welcome to the NFL moment for him though.
  7. Would have been better if it was a canary about to die
  8. What's your favorite music? I'll see if your song/band can be played while you're there. No joke!
  9. stay in asheville instead and just drive in for the game and spend the night in charlotte
  10. Not much has changed in 16 years in Charlotte besides more traffic, more construction and more condos and business buildings. As someone who used to work closely with health inspectors and had a behind the scenes look at many bojangles, I’d highly recommend NOT going there. It’s a miracle they’re still in operation. It’s a business city so it terms of entertainment and things to do it’s severely lacking compared to other cities but compared to Kentucky there may be a lot more to do (besides bourbon tours and horses), I lived in Lexington for a while myself. I’d suggest Romare Bearden Park which is near the knights stadium, which is nice as well to catch a game. There is a Mellow Mushroom right by that area that is cheap and very good. White water center is really fun as well and definitely worth checking out if you like outdoors stuff (hiking, rafting, kayak, canoe) or just walk around in an outdoor park and enjoy beer and free live shows at night and is very affordable. Cherokee Casino is pretty much on your way here and is worth stopping at if you leave early. Crowders mountain is a nice hike for incredible views. Lake Norman is good for boating and the lake. Epi center is good for movies, bowling and a little night life in one. If you like nightlife I’d suggest Thomas street, south end near all American and Slate, and all along 5th street downtown is where the nightlife is. Capital Grille is my favorite restaurant downtown but it’s very expensive. I do love the sushi in Charlotte. Pieces sushi is my favorite but Ru Sans and Seoul are good as well. Down in south Charlotte there is a Teds Montana grill, I think they’re only in NC and GA and they have an excellent menu. Their bison prime rib is hands down the best prime rib you’ll ever have. Not much else in that area though. If I were you and want to impress I’d go to Fahrenheit. It’s a restaurant on top of a hotel right downtown and has amazing views of Charlotte you won’t forget to enjoy while you eat. It’s also pretty expensive. It’s walking distance from Epi center. The best pool hall in my experience in the Charlotte area is Rack em in Matthews. Tons of full size tables and huge bar. Not much else to do in the area though. Not a fan of golf, but Top Golf down south Tryon southwest of the city is very fun. There is always Carowinds which I must say has gotten much better in the last 15 years, and the newer Fury rollercoaster is a must (coming from someone who’s been to all major theme parks in America). For shopping, I suggest South Park mall, which is a little higher end, but has good places to eat nearby like the Cowfish. Otherwise I’d go to concord mills mall, very large, great movie theatre and a very large Dave and busters that has food, games, bowling, pool, something for everyone. There may be a concert or show PNC pavilion usually has something going on, though it’s not near anything else. The Fillmore, comedy club and Charlotte metro credit union are downtown and might have a show going on. They’re near nightlife as well like Label. Also near VBGB, a nice garden bar with volleyball. All are walking distance to one another. That area is north downtown but very close to center city. I’d call in advance for reservations as a lot of these places are busy and some require reservations. Hope I have you some ideas.
  11. if it’s fried chicken one is after then there is nothing that compares to the shell station at east and south blvd. Absolutely magical.
  12. The chant was a little over the top. I deciphered his tweet and the chant as different things.
  13. People mentioning Bojangles don't know Charlotte. Prices Chicken Coop, you'll thank me later The following day go to Landmark Diner
  14. Today
  15. Everyone who supports the guy literally makes a clown of themselves to do so, then he backs off and throws them under the bus or fires them for not sabotaging an investigation. These people are useless to anyone except white supremacy
  16. But wink wink wink. It was quite a chant. I get get it both ways!
  17. And you all thought he was owning the libs
  18. how does it feel trump supporters, that he just threw you all under the bus in a major way? "it's not me who is racist, it's my disgusting supporters who are racist. i disavow them."
  19. Thanks for the numbers. Looking at that comparison, I would say that the results are more valid for DJ given he was targeted 30 times in the slot and 50 on the outside. Meanwhile Samuel has a good number of targets outside at 48 but he was only targeted 16 times in the slot. It is interesting that the QB rating between the two based on throws to the outside, resulted in a big difference between Samuel at 125 to DJ at 70 yet the on target completion percentages for Samuel was 78% and DJ was 74%. That is different from the unadjusted completion rate which was 65% for Samuel and 56% for DJ. Curtis had twice as many drops at DJ and DJ had more yards per reception and twice as many yards after the catch on 3 fewer catches. What I get from that is this was more about Cam struggling to find Moore on the outside than it was Moore not doing a good job. If as someone said earlier, DJ didn't get separation on the outside then Cam could have been throwing into tighter windows which could impact his accuracy especially with a noodle arm. Throwing outside means the ball travels much further on a five yard pass to the edges than it does in the middle of the field. So once again with less accuracy and less velocity, which gives DBs more time to adjust to the ball, it could have been an issue with Cam and his arm as well as with DJ. How do you see it?
  20. Oh come on questie. Stop projecting. From this alt or one of your others? This alt or one of your others? You think conservatives are always civil? Yet you keep making alts to return. True Yep, & most of them aren't from Cali. Towns & cities started busing their homeless out a while back. Cali was one of the most popular destinations. Unfortunately cities in Cali have started doing it too. How do you know they aren't helping them? How many of them honored him? How many rejected that decision? Grabbing 'em by the pussy gets a pass. Conservatives get a pass for name calling from you though. Should be happy about that right wing terrorist that got locked up then.
  21. Raiding a secret military base sounds like just a marvelous plan. What could possibly go wrong?
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