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  2. Every one remember Hillary Clinton murdered multiple people, the outrage of this is fake, black people are cool cause I fug them, everyone is scared to fly with Muslims or even hang with them and pies to the racist troll. Btw no one is oppressed like the poor white man. He has no money and no racist programs to turn to. He is truly the forgotten poo upon man.
  3. Maul Claw, shut the fug up you're literally wrong about anything
  4. Of course the fascist Trump troll gets pie from the islamophobe who isn't racist because he likes black girls and really doesn't wanna call racism racism Lol
  5. “I think we can all agree” is the TBoxes version of “Many people are saying”
  6. "heh, you guys are so mad and wasting your time" *logs onto fake antifa account to have a meltdown everybody ignores for the next 2 hours*
  7. Hey fellas. I think we can all agree that this is probably the most pathetic thread in the history of this message board. This outrage mob is on page 44 because orange cheeto man said bad words. What kind of pathetic existence must you have to dedicate this much time and effort into nothing more than an echo chamber? Keep doing what you're doing fellas. You only have five more years of your life to dedicate to being mad...
  8. Joe Biden is attacking Medicare for All with lies straight out of the playbook of Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell and the health insurance industry. Can you guess who said it? https://berniesanders.com/who-said-it/
  9. lovely reception. one of the most beloved congresspeople we're lucky enough to have.
  10. No way, in Chesapeake too! Where do you watch games? My dad and I have had PSLs since '95 and I try to make most games...but Dad goes to all of them still!
  11. Low key the shell on south blvd has some of the best fried chicken ive ever had. I cant be the only one....
  12. Look forward to discussing the show with you all!
  13. I relocated to Florence KY (near Cincinnati) 6 months ago...and the closest Bojangles to me in KY is an hour away in Lexington. It sucks.
  14. Asheville can be done in 24 hours. The Biltmore estate is worth checking out. Ashville’s weather is great and views are too and the beer selection is top notch as well. The orange peel may host a good band time to time. Other than that (and great outdoor camping sites) there is little to do. It’s a very small liberal/touristy City that appeals to younger crowds but overrated and extremely overpriced in my opinion, but to each their own.
  15. I was at that game. Couldn’t believe it. Good welcome to the NFL moment for him though.
  16. Would have been better if it was a canary about to die
  17. What's your favorite music? I'll see if your song/band can be played while you're there. No joke!
  18. Today
  19. stay in asheville instead and just drive in for the game and spend the night in charlotte
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