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  2. Rosen is the better passer and has a stronger arm more accurate and decision maker. Your just blurting our what you assume to be true. Anybody in their right mind would rather have Rosen and there second rounder* than waste it on Grier who by all likely hood shouldn’t see the field.
  3. This is a more low risk/ high reward situation than using a number 2 on a less talented player who if all goes well won’t see the field anyway. If all goes according to plan Rosen or Grier would never get to show anything in actual Game situations. But if god forbid one has to play sooner than later who would you rather ride with? The vet with NFL experience or an unknown commodity? The flip side is if Cam is healthy Rosen is gone by the start of next season and his stock might recoup his lost value and could net us a first rounder. Yes he is outspoken but, it’s not like we haven’t had To deal with Smitty, Josh Norman and so on in the past. I don’t even think he’s as bad as those guys. An added value is you are also Keeping your number 2 in this scenario so there is value there in getting another starter. Easily the more desired outcome.
  4. Justin signed a 5 year deal in 2006. We drafted Ryan the next spring (2007) and cut Justin the following offseason. Im not advocating taking a luxury pick at all... or taking Burns... but Hurney is prob going to take the best player on his board that’s available in round 1... regardless if we think that spot is locked up or not.
  5. OP's interest in Rosen is completely based on where he was drafted. He just looks at old lists.
  6. well, my initial theory was that the dead pretty much "win" at Winterfell and it only is round 1. Then about half of our favorites survive and essentially retreat to King's Landing for round 2 (via the dragons). A small number of top folks. Which makes King's Landing round 2. They flip the Golden Company w/ Jorah and they flip the rest of the folks w/ Cersei being killed by her brother. So our cast of favorites basically take command of everyone at King's Landing as their warriors for round 2.
  7. I wouldnt mind trading down to 23 and grabbing a extra second. Thats good with me.
  8. So, are any of you ASoIaF readers and not watchers of GoT? I've had an easy time avoiding any spoilers the past few years, but this season seems like its gonna be a struggle... just random thought of the day
  9. Again.. your one of those stat watchers who drafts and plans based on numbers. My clear feelings for Gary should tell you you are barking up the wrong tree with that. Again, He was a first rounder and a top 10 pick. He would be the number 1 pick in this class, Grier is fighting to go behind Daniel Jones. Coaches and situations Can effect stats, more production or less production scheme and so on. That’s why you look at traits, decision making and ability above all else. Production can be used to confirm ability but it isn’t a he threw for more yards kind of thing that gets you drafted.
  10. I agree, but I think the pretenders will fall off pretty quickly compared to the Pubs. The Pubs tried so hard to beat trump until they realized they needed his demographic. Which candidate has that same demographic among the Democrats? Is it Bernie? Harris? I don't know. Hopefully the Democrats are able to actually find the best candidate, not the most popular. I know that's a pipe dream, but can't I dream for a bit?
  11. Yeah because saints wanted to win so bad and played their team like it was an exhibition. But whatever makes u feel better!
  12. It would be much more expensive to take him than to draft someone. Simple math.
  13. So college stats Rosen 59 tds and 26 int, Grier 81 tds and 23 int. That was a full 3 years for Rosen and Grier's was for only two years. He did 10 td and 3 int in just 6 games at Florida. So he threw in two years 71 tds and 20 int. So hell yeah I'm taking that all day. Grier will be a starter in the NFL maybe not for us, but I sure hope we do so I can remind u and everyone against him. Rosen was not good and Arizona got leftovers because they didn't try to move up and get Mayfield or Darnold. But keep trying to explain why we should waste a third rd pick, it's pretty hilarious!
  14. What are thoughts on if we get Sweat at 16 taking Gary in the third if he is really falling off the planet after the revelation about his shoulder?
  15. Also, can we get some love for Tormund's character being probably the best comedic relief character in a long time. His story about the giant's teat and him rolling in and asking "is the big woman still here?" were so great!
  16. Were have you been the past 9 years? Charlotte hasn't had any playoff success since they drafted Kemba. You expect me to believe that they are going to surround Kemba with talent after paying him a big deal? Cmon bruh, that's not happening. It's time to move on and rebuild the right way. Kemba is not great enough to build a playoff contender around. That's no shot at Kemba, it's just the reality of the situation. Let him go to another team and showcase his talent in the playoffs. Charlotte needs to rebuild and that can't happen with Kemba.
  17. Ha yeah...In the last 24 hours or so we’ve went from there’s no way Sweat will make it to us, to then he likely will, to now he may fall out of the 1st, we might trade up for a tackle because there’s only 3 we’d see as first rd tackles(Hurney said there’s 4-5), we’re open to taking the Clemson DTs at 16, and now a trade back scenario. I think the Panthers love it being all over the place. Why would they want to show their hand? Them going kinda quiet the last couple days about edge rushers and lots of tackle rumors could be because they don’t want teams jumping them for one , could be legit, could be trade bait. I like us being right in front of the giants...especially if they pass on a QB at 6 cause there’s a good chance some QB hungry will want to jump them
  18. The chatter that comes with it may be something the team wants to avoid, though. I also have to admit I'm a little disturbed at the prospect of a team wanting to give up one year in on a guy they drafted in the high first. New coach yes, but the same GM that drafted him is still in place, and it's not like the Cardinals don't have other needs. This could be one of those scenarios where "wow, why are they trading him" turns into "oh, now I understand".
  19. Name one thing other than he passed for more yards in college. The numbers are not in Rosens favor at all.
  20. I think because a lot of Panther fans just dislike Newton’s attitude. They never fully embraced him, The panthers Haven’t drafted a qb since Newton, And say we draft Grier in the second that high.... If Newton looks Shoddy you will have people calling for the backup regardless. But this falls in line with the logic you were saying yesterday. A coach on the hot seat can’t afford to just tank and give up on a season so he has to do the best he can to win. A Young more talented passer who had NFL experience to me gives you a better chance to when than an unknown in proven entity. Rosen has proven to be outspoken, but that’s pretty common, look at Nic Bosa’s, recent right wing tweets. A lot of people are saying the same things about him he probably still goes number 2.
  21. I've never been this excited for an episode of a tv show. So ready!
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