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    The 2014 OTA's kicked off with an unlikely cut up, none other than Luke Kuechly who switched jersey's with Chase Blackburn to throw the local media a curveball. Cam Newton was escorted out of the tunnels on a cart, which at first caused me concern. When Cam saw his picture being taken, he hid behind his jersey in a clowning manner. Although he did walk with a hobble, Cam was able to participate partially by throwing the ball. A great sign for Panthers fans. During warmups, Cam was visibly excited about the wingspan of Kelvin Benjamin and the possibilities it presents. Kelvin looked good in drills but was frustrated by the cornerbacks. At one point he got into a scuffle with Dockery. Nothing major, no punches thrown, but it was apparent Kelvin does not take to kindly to being covered tightly. Something he will need to work on. It was broken up quickly. I was actually happy to see the rookie stand up to a vet. Obligatory Tiquan Underwood hair shot.... Underwood had a solid day. He caught several nice passes. On one play he was able to get behind Russell and Byndom, two undrafted rookies, for a 30 yard gain. Underwood also looked impressive over the middle. As expected, Kugbilla spent the day on the bike and on the sidelines working on his conditioning. He did not have the day off by any means, but was not active on the playing field. This new group of receivers seem to already have a nice chemistry going. Which is important. General Observations of the day, in no particular order ... - Bell and Chandler both had equal time at both left and right tackle throughout the day. We won't know who goes where until August. - At one point Trai Turner was put in at first string right guard next to Nate Chandler. I must admit the prospect of Chandler and Turner blocking next to each other in the run game was exciting to see. - Philly Brown was a winner today and had the best play of the day, a nice over the top TD where he beat Josh Thomas. - Ben Jacobs had a nice INT on a terribly thrown Derek Anderson pass. - Cotchery had a really nice sideline grab tight between two defenders. - Kenjon Barner had a rough day. He was stifled most of the time at the line and ended practice in a shoulder sling. - AJ Klein earned high praise from the coaching staff during practice. "Great Call AJ!" was heard. Klein is making a name for himself as a student of the game. - Roman Harper was SS and Thomas DeCoud was FS for the starting unit. - Denicos Allen had a really nice tip that would have been a completion. He plays bigger than his size. - Joe Webb looked very rusty and did not throw well. Click here to view the article
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    Kug looks like he's lost his best friend riding the bike with an empty one next to him. Gotta be thinking to himself, where's Jonathan?
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    That's why I don't run either... it kills my knees. I've been getting up with the wife at 6AM everyday lately and walking two miles... then hitting the gym in the evenings after work to lift and do some HIT cardio. Or you could move to Wilmington and hit the weights with me and Joscott. We'll have veins popping out in no time.
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    <<<< My new avatar!
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    in soviet russia, clam lick you
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    The curveball worked...Chase is wearing Klein's jersey.
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    The folks that have been claiming we can simply cut Deangelo Williams and put Barner in can definitely pump the brakes.
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    My girlfriend and I just did a 4-day, 140-mil mountain biking trip up the C&O Canal Trail this past long weekend. Up til now, I had hit the gym occasionally, and I usually do the exercise bike every morning before work. But my workout routine is hardly "warrior" level. We've resolved to keep up the activity-level since our trip. I took yesterday off to recover, but I'm trying to find a routine to settle into now. Any recommendations? And keep in mind, the goal is weight loss and definition, not max weight and bulk.
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    Sweet mother. You are too good to us. Thank you Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
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    For Lola and Boo...(and a few of you fellas too)
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    That is a valid thesis, but.... boobs.
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    Very tough time for DWill...likely the worst time of his life. He will not be at his best in the near future. However, my guess is that he will dedicate the season to his mother and when the games count he will have a purpose. Pain never goes away. 30+ years for me. Just like yesterday.
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    I've been saying that since last year.
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    I wonder if Gettleman knew what he had in Chandler prior to the draft and kept quiet to smokescreen for the WR selection. A few weeks ago I went back and looked at tape when Chandler was lined up at OT and he wasn't bad, great footwork and decent blocking. Now that he's had a year to acclimate to playing offensive line and getting his body right, watch out for him to step in at LT and do well.
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    He looks bigger this year than last year to me. But yeah, definitely looks the part of the OT role. I predict he will start at LT. Sent from the Carolina Huddle App
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    i'm curious about stewart and williams too. news is stewart looks good, but i'm concerned about williams dealing with the passing of his mother. that's not something everyone can bounce back from and get refocused so soon.
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    Well I'm not much of a head hunter for jobs, but if you move down here, you're welcome to workout with us.
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    Reaves looked really slow today with the 4th string. Not sure he is going to make it.
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    Philly Brown is kneeling
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    Toney Clemmons #18, Marvin McNutt #15, De'Andre Presley #10, Marcus Lucas #83 Kneeling down is Philly Brown #16 (thanks Zod)
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    Ummmm Zod....are you sure it's KB's wingspan Cam is checking out in that pic? Awkward photo is awkward.
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    Most will tell you that T25/P90X/Insanity is the way to go. I know you say weight loss and definition is your goal, but that might change. I am on the T25 program and got down below 153. I'm a fairly athletic 6' and that is way to small. Had to start eating more. If I kept going and stayed with the program, I would be toned and ripped, but also weight like 140lbs. So, the program might satisfy your expectations as they stand now, but they are general plans that you can tailor to fit your needs. But for now, if cutting weight is your goal, then any of those options will work. The key: control your diet.
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    Yes, and it doesn't make life easier for me.
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    That pic of Underwood is awesome.
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    Jase needs this pronto!
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    Hey, I might take you up on that. Might have to wait til the little woman is a mama first. Not sure she's ready to leave the big city.
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    Ya know, I might just be able to do that. I'll dust off the old Cardio DVD and see if there is sufficient room down there. I guess I got spoiled in Arlington being able to do it in my apartment living room.
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    Could you take a laptop to your apartment gym?
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    Never heard of T25. Will have to look into it. I would love to get back into P90X. I used to do it 6 days a week. The only issue now is a DC-Sized 1bd 1ba apartment I'm definitely working on the diet though. Eating very low-carb. Running I'm avoiding. I used to run daily, and did a couple halfs, but being 6'3" I'm worried what it's doing to my knees and back, especially in the long term. I think a regular bike routine is my best bet. Anyone have a good biking program they can recommend? Thanks for the feedback, as always Biscuit!
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    Work on your diet and either get one of those programs like T25 or P90X or get into running/biking regularly.
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    i'd think if you'd torn something your knee would be the size of a softball and you'd have issues walking. but i'm not a doctor, i just play one on the internet. do you take creatine?
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    As someone with knee problems, I know what you mean. I used to stretch for an hour a day (20x3). Did that for about 3 months. Now I'm stretched out to the point where I can move functionally with no pain. Running still aggravates my knees, so that's why I like the T25/Insanity stuff. My only piece of insight is to stretch, stretch, stretch, and then stretch some more. Leg presses to build muscle around the knees should help support and alleviate. Just my thoughts.
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    I think that's probably very geographically specific. To wit: South Beach - That's shooting fish in a barrel. Virginia Beach - That sheet would have maybe 1 or 2 checks on it from tourists. Venice Beach - Do fake knockers count? Could be zero, or about 358 Nice, France - You don't even need a t-shirt to fill that sheet 20 times over Haulover Beach - 1 check, and the blood spatter from where the guy gouged his eyes out
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    Dear PhillyB, please try this and take pics. ty
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    Not sure. It feels like a minor stress headache. Mobility doesn't cause pain except when I look up as far as I can and that's just mild discomfort.
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    that's how you know its a selfie
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    Started Gamma T25 a week ahead of schedule. I have 5 more weeks and then I will be switching it up to Insanity or something. My diet has been a little out of bounds, but I'm trying to bulk up and I had hit a wall anyway. Hoping to see some good results over the next 5 weeks.
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