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    Exactly... which is why I think rags like The Daily Mirror are worse than the Enquirer. They throw crap at the wall and hope some of it sticks.
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    Wenger is a moron. Horrible line-up and terrible formation. That's not gonna end well.
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    Winter window is... 1). Last chance to sale a player before player becomes a free agent in summer 2). If team is struggling, add help 3). Player complains about playing minutes and wants to move 4). Team is willing to sale at discounted price Summer transfer window is where you build a team for a season... Winter is when you patch the holes. No one does major overhaul in January.
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    My kids are too old for this one to work on the wife but I highly recommend it to some of you...
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    Kevin Love mad that the Warriors didn't pull the trigger and give up Klay Thompson. Sorry Kevin, not gonna happen.

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