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    We sure did put up some magical numbers against five of the worst teams in the league. This isn't suprising at all. But anybody who thinks we're better off without one of the league's best defensive players is kidding themselves
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    Our defense "came together" against garbage teams with garbage offense (excepting NO and Atlanta, who were both in a state of complete disarray by that point). I like the potential in our defense, and we still have a star in Luke and a solid DL. But our DL goes from being elite with Hardy, to being solid without him. No excuse not to bring him back unless it's just too expensive. And it doesn't appear whether he's too expensive or not is a question they're willing to look into. The Panthers' handling of this situation has been pure shameful.
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    Posted Today, 08:26 AM So a new precedent has been set, JR seems to now think being accused automatically equals being guilty. I just cannot comprehend the mindset of not brining him back on the cheap if he's found not guilty, players love him and want him back. This could have a big effect in the locker room. A beloved player in the locker room ownership has already deemed guilty before his trial. This might be one of the biggest mistakes this organization has made if found not guilty. Imagine if Baltimore let Ray Lewis walk to another team even though he was found not guilty and he was on trial for accessory to murder!! I really can't wait until we get new ownership. Look on the bright side. This now makes room to add a guy that says yes sir and no sir and contributes to the community!! Super Bowl baby!
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    Don't worry guys Elite Pass Rushers just fall out of the trees in NC.
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    8/8 100+ yards, 3 TDs. This was Russell Wilson stat line on 3rd down in playoff vs. The panthers.
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    He is a elite pass rushers no matter what you think.. Speed power can line up anywhere on the Dline can drop back and shown a ability to take over a game.. Elite!!!
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    and we moved on just fine from that, just like we'll move on just fine from this.
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    Sorry Scot but I disagree. There may be 3 players on our roster that can do what he does collectively, but no one player. Guys like Hardy are hard to find. He is good against the run, he can line up in the interior, he can defend both RB and QB on the read option, he can chase down runners, he can drop into coverage, etc. Oh, and he can single handedly dominate games with 3 or 4 sacks and get you 15 over a season. And he is only one year older than Cam Newton. Meaning, he is just entering his prime. We can still be good without him, but we are better with him. He will not be easily replaced
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    If you're okay with someone getting away with hitting or raping a woman or any other violent crime as long as they can win football games, you're not someone I have any interest in knowing. Football is not more important than people's real lives.
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    Sooo... suspend Hardy for the year and let him walk even if found not guilty. Let Alexander stay on the roster and come back after getting busted twice for substance abuse. Sometimes I wonder if JR just hates success.
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    It took him 2 years due to 1. The Everett Brown Experiment 2. Tyler Brayton being a vet and Foxy loving his vets.. 3. A motorcycle accident that took skin and his off-season. . Let's be real here the guy was a major talent and a steal that we develop for another team now.n
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    Lol to Cam fans/bandwagoners maybe...but lifelong panther fans know it doesn't even crack the top 15 maybe 20.
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    Many of you are forgetting that Hardy was a 1 year rental. He wasn't coming back regardless. There was no way we could afford to sign Hardy to a huge multi-million deal with Cam and Kuechly deals on the horizon.
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    They where not going to resign him after this year. They couldn't get him to sign for what they could afford and tagged him. He was to be a one year rental while they made plans to move on (a.k.a Kony Ealy). Why some refuse to understand this concept is baffling. Regardless of his bonehead antics, they can't drop the kind of money he wants. Uness you would rather play scrubs at key positions of need. Ask the Lions....Suh probably walking also.
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    Nothing about this is realistic though Just follow the rules like everyone else
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    I'm guessing you won't want to explain it again, but please do in short at the very least. Hypothetically The worst thing he did was place himself in the position. However if there is one thing I've learned in all my years dealing with women... Other than that the only true incident I recall him having is the obvious motorcycle situation. Anything else is reaching for a reason. If he's proven guilty fine literally Release the Krakken it is understood. If found innocent however, how can you punish a guy for something he did not do? *Or were you saying that it has to do with salary/he wouldn't have been here even if the case never happened.....in which case I typed all of the above for nothing smh
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    The Colts said the Ravens noticed it. Harbaugh says they didn't.
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    2 super bowls later and a HoF bust in the future. .... Yeah they good with their decision.. And that a moral compass was broke with Smitty right??
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    I'm pretty sure it's a "fug me once and it's your fault, fug me twice and it's my fault" issue
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    Beat me to it For those complaining, I'd say this has a lot more to do with Hardy's lack of judgment and his general attitude during his 'paid vacation' than it does his trial.
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    If the boat is in the Atlantic, you just jumped into the Pacific. Regardless of the outcome of Hardy's trial, the guy has consistently proven to be a headcase that you don't give $80 million to. I, for one, am not going to claim to know his status in the locker room, but is it not telling that not one player spoke out for Hardy during this whole mess? Baltimore should have left Ray Lewis go, I'd much rather cheer for an organization that values humanity over winning. Life is greater than football.
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    Okay, this is long and I go off on some tangents but I bring it back together in the end for any that is interested. Academic fraud happens in some way, shape, or form at all universities with major college athletics. That is not to excuse UNC, or any others, but it is just a fact. Blaming the kids for not taking advantage of their opportunity, or the school for pushing and sometimes passing the line to keep their players eligible ignores bigger problems. The fact of the matter is that many of these kids do not have the ability to take advantage of this opportunity. Many like to simply blame the kids for this, and sometimes they are to blame, but the fact is that it is largely our fault as a society. Simply put, our education system is pathetic. On the one side you have the unions, whose purpose is to serve and protect teachers. The longest tenured ones, not the best, are the ones that are the most protected. On the other side you have the administrations, where their sole concern is the bottom line. In the middle you have the politicians, many of whom have not worked with kids a day in their life telling the teachers and districts what and how to teach and treating each child like some sort of identical robot that learns the same way at the same pace. Through all of this, the one group of people that the system is designed to serve gets ignored. Preparing the kids for college and their future lives is secondary to how well they can take a test. If a child is not ready for the next grade they are often given a social promotion, because who cares if they are ready for the rest of their lives as long as they do not feel inadequate when compared to their peers, right? I taught fifth grade for three years and often had kids come to me with a first and second grade reading level. I was expected to teach them fifth grade Science, Social Studies, etc. from a book that was written on a fifth grade level. How can they be expected to learn that? This says nothing about their trying to keep up in reading. But they keep getting promoted because people refuse to accept that some learn slower that others. This brings me back to the colleges. Many of these kids have been failed by a broken education system and are not even close to the point where they can be expected to take advantage of their opportunity. Yet we tell them that if they cannot do what for many is impossible they cannot play football/basketball. They are blessed with this talent yet we tell them that they cannot take advantage of it unless they do a job that we have failed to prepare them for. There really is no other realistic option for them. The fact is that one of two things needs to happen. The first option is that we can completely revamp the NCAA for football and basketball. They should not be the big money machines that they are. Model the sports after baseball where their is a legitimate minor league system for those that are the most talented and/or those for whom college is simply not for them. On the college side of things this route should be reserved for those that actually want to be student athletes. I read an article a few months ago about the MIT football team. They are only allowed to practice from 5pm-7pm, the rest of the time is for them to be students. This should be mandated across the board. If you want to be a student first, go to college, if you want to be an athlete first, go to the minors. The other option is that we keep everything the same and we admit that some of these kids are not college material. This requires that we give up on making sure they are "academically eligible," and then blowing a gasket when they cheat because they have no other options if they want to keep pursuing their natural talents. Yes, I am a UNC fan, but I have felt this way before and I will again, regardless of the university. People make billions of dollars on these kids and they are appalled when they want a piece. The kids are set up to fail academically and society is stunned when they cheat. For many of them, athletics is the one thing they are truly successful at, and it is wrong to tell them they cannot pursue it. It is time to either give them other options to pursue and develop their talent or start properly preparing them for college and financially compensating them fairly. Until then they can take whatever "improper benefits" they want, fail whatever classes they wish, and do whatever they can to stay academically eligible. As long as they are not involved in criminal activity where there are actual victims then I do not give a crap and I want them on the field/court.
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    Winning is NOT the only thing I care about. I want to do it right. I want players I can point out to my son as role models, The Thomas Davis' of the league are what make the NFL and the game great.
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    So you are saying if we want to win Championships, we have to stretch the rules like the Pats? I guess if you can live with yourself, go for it. Me? Cheating, or stretching the rules is for folks with questionable ethics. Also, many think that it should be Panthers 1 Pats 3. That they beat us because they cheated. So the team you want to emulate, beat the team you root for, because they stretched the rules. There are more teams without a Championship than teams with one. So we are not the only team searching for that magic formula to get us that elusive win. Maybe more teams should be willing to do "Whatever" is necessary to win. But then, when everyone is cheating, what will become of the NFL? I would also like to add. Now that we have an actual "Football" guy running the show. Just maybe we can get there. Without having to stoop to the Pats level. I want to win. But, I also like to look in the mirror and not be ashamed.
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    I think the point is you would expect a journalist, particularly one that is the face of his network, to not embellish the truth, even a little... I don't watch any of the news channels mainly because it's all dramatized news... I will admit to watching GMA in the morning but only because they have interesting stories occasionally and good weather reports. Irt this situation, pretty much no way he "misremembered" what happened in Iraq, he was telling the story to make himself look better.
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    I had a coach tell me one time, "I would rather lose with kids I respect than win with those I don't" Winning is great, but if you have to sell out values and ethics to achieve it, it really means nothing in the long run. This is based on a few erroneous assumptions: 1. That Jerry Richardson does not care about winning 2. That Greg Hardy is needed for us to win. Wrong in both cases. Mr Richardson knows his age, knows his heart situation. Do you really think a former athlete would sit where he is sitting and not want to win? What is his motivation now, Money? Right. He is nearly 80. Do you think more money motivates him? He wants to be buried with a ring on his other hand--one as a player, one as an owner. Hardy had 1 dominant season where he tallied stats in bunches vs. weak opponents. He wants to be paid as an elite DE, when, quite frankly, he isn't. Ealy is already showing that the porch light is on, and many do not realize how much Horton improved. I think Gettlemen wants another DE, but not to replace Hardy--to possibly replace Johnson. We are fine on defense. If you want to talk about winning, go to the other side of the ball and special teams. That is where we can get better.
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    As would I. Quite a bit lower honestly. Great weather, no state income taxes for 8 of your games, or half of your salary, beautiful women, great boating....I could go on and on.
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    Playing it safe... right? If we ever had a player with enough talent to take a chance on, it's Hardy. I feel like we're going to let him walk for PR reasons and that kills me. Give him a one year deal with a club option 2nd year and let him prove he's learned from this.
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    Didn't most of the balls end up only missing .5 psi? If so I really don't see a problem. To me people are just mad the patriots are winning and their team isn't. I don't like the pats but still respect them because they find ways to win.
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    Harbaugh clearly said on national tv at the superbowl that he had no idea about any deflated balls. The colts theory aint that farfetched. The whole thing needs to be buried anyway.
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    If it happens it happens. We already have Johnson, Alexander,Addison, Ealy and Horton who can get the job done. Ealy will continue to get better and Horton could still improve. Alexander is a wildcard because he was the training camp MVP but missed a lot of time due to suspension. If he can stay out of trouble our defensive line may be fine. Personally I think it will be stupid to let Hardy go if he's found innocent in his trial. I also hate to watch him go and get nothing for him but it's not in my hands.
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    Yet we put up with Smith's bullshit for over a decade. JR is contradicting himself big time.
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    It never had anything to do with the outcome of the trial. I don't know how many ways I can explain that to people.
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    1: This isn't shocking, and probably would have happened with or without the arrest. 2: He is going to make bank, more than we can pay him. 3: We have drafted well enough to make up for his absence. 4: I'm not really "into" paying elite money to a guy who just missed a year of his prime, and has shown to be a headcase. Let the boy walk....(Ashley Schaeffer Voice)
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    How much cap do you think the falcons have? Lmao
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    F*ck. I thought this started today and I've been super busy this weekend. Was going all in on Hardy. Jags gunna be sick this year.
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    If he is found not guilty we absolutely should bring him back with a contract that the team can terminate with another screw up from him...it's not hard to understand ways of making it work and other great teams actually do stuff like that. If I was hardy I'd go to Atl or Tampa to stick it to the Panthers if they didn't sign me...stupid to get rid of your best pass rusher who wouldn't have even been in this mess if another stupid player hadn't punched out his GF...going back and watching the pressers after Hardy was put on the exempt list you could tell that DG and Rivera were more pissed off at the league than Hardy....this one is coming down from JR and many of us think we won't do poo until he's gone anyway just adds more to that pile IMO. We have people playing in this league who have nearly killed people...and our first time offender on a missy gets canned....Yes I know he's a head case but if that headcase would take a low salary prove it deal then the team is a head case for not pursuing that.
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    The team has moved on! They did what they could to replace an every down DE and we made the playoffs! I'm almost certain, pass rush is not 3rd on Dave's list, pretty sure it's first and it will be dealt with in FA. That's a spot he will overpay for!! Pretty sure that JPP will be courted but most likely we get the likes of a Derrick Morgan! News flash....if we max out on of our credit cards this offseason, it will be on an every down, top shelf DE. Not Cobb or Dunlap or any other position
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    Yep. I'd say the question of whether or not he can be trusted to stay out of trouble and mischief once he's got a load of money in his bank account would weigh heavily into this discussion.
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    essentially 1 superbowl he was a non-factor and actually one of the worst players on the Ravens defense during their superbowl run. That is not really the point of my original post though, if you cheer for the Panthers, you inherently bound to JR and his code of having players with a strong moral compass. If winning is all that matters to you as a fan, you should cheer for the Patriots
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    It isn't as if we've got a 10 year player in CJ either. This puts in a predicament in both the immediate and far future. Of course I didn't expect us to bring him back, but it is rather embarrassing that we as a franchise can't stand by our guy.
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    No, not all. All I couldn't be more sincere. I mean, I have been telling everyone since training camp last year that Hardy would not be back in 2015... but I never believed it.
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    Yeah, well until G-Man comes out says that they are moving on from Hardy I don't believe any bullshit anyone else tells me. I could care less what they decide to do. We could get someone for 10 million dollars cheaper and and use that money to sign more vets that are worth it. He's going to want Charles Johnson money, it's what he has wanted all along. If any of you think otherwise....you're fools.
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    That is true but don't forget to look at the level of competition we faced. I think the biggest issue I have with this is what Tantric Ninja said nothing is stopping him from signing with Atlanta and get revenge on the team that gave up on him. Our defense relies a lot on the front 4 to get pressure now that we know Hardys gone for good we desperately need to find someone to fill those shoes

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