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    lmao who gives a poo what john elway has to say he just said 35 year old joe flacco is entering the prime of his career
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    The Panthers ‘leaked’ the same information to get Star... ;)
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    hmmm...don't think I'd take him till around pick 16.
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    Still watching with interest, but the OL focus has been excellent to see. Adding Paradis, retaining Williams on a good contract, and the addition-by-subtraction Kalil release were all spot-on IMO.
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    We already traded down week 17
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    Watch out, Mr. Scot is going to see this and crucify you because Star was a Gettleman pick.
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    Elway and player evaluations don't mix. The guy is a classic case of someone surrounded by yes men throughout his life and now he can't make a decent decision on his own. Horse-teethed MFer was on the receiving end of that incredible comeback 'The Play" where the Cal Bears ran back a squibbed kickoff through Elway's Stanford Cardinals football team and marching band. Elway was just left standing on the sidelines looking like an idiot savant plug mule. Oh, and the record setting tackler on the California Bears team that helped with that miracle? Our own Coach Ron Rivera. Sure hope Ron makes Elway look like a dipsh!t again.
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    H2.0 has navigated this this offseason better that I thought he would. But now he has to do it in the draft as well. Jury still out but props to what he has done so far . NFC South: Carolina Panthers 7 OF 8 Jack Dempsey/Associated Press Through the first week of free agency, the NFC South as a whole hasn't signed or traded for many big names. But the Carolina Panthers made the biggest splash, inking center Matt Paradis to a three-year deal worth $27 million. Paradis was a sixth-round pick by the Denver Broncos in 2014, and he went on to start 57 games for the team. In 2015, he featured during the Broncos' run to the Super Bowl. Last year, he was one of the best interior offensive linemen in the NFL and graded out as Pro Football Focus' No. 2 center. Carolina had to upgrade its offensive line this offseason, especially after the retirement of Ryan Kalil. Signing Paradis—along with retaining tackle Daryl Williams—is a massive step in the right direction. The team also released tackle Matt Kalil, who was injured for the entire 2018 season. That will save the Panthers over $7 million in cap space and open up a starting spot for Taylor Moton. Despite only one big free-agent signing, it's been a productive offseason for the Panthers.
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    Jackson is built for the slot. He is physical and fast and a good tackler. Honestly we need a longer fast corner to compete with the receivers in this division. That is an important need to allow the DLine time to apply pressure. No line can get there if there are several receivers wide open on every play.
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    I'm thinking Matt Kalil could slide over to center for them. He probably wouldn't be too costly and...and...and his brother used to play center. What say you, Saints?
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    Arrr matey, A month ago, things looked pretty dark and gloomy for the Panthers in 2019. The offseason was much like a leaky lifeboat rapidly taking on water, lost on rough seas and engulfed by a pitch black night. Since then, MH has managed to plug about a third of the leaks while tossing dead weight overboard in order to keep the Panthers heads above water. It appears that MH has his oars in the water and heading in the right direction with a new dawn on the horizon. In short, the situation no longer looks entirely bleak. Capt Marty has now charted his course for the busy draft lanes in hopes of an immediate rescue. Danger dead ahead, all hands on deck! Will Capt Marty discover help desperately needed for the Carolina Panthers survival or trade away his opportunities for a date with Davey Tepper's locker?
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    Peak Kalil was better, but it seems Paridas has been better recently.
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    Until we know more about Cam pretty much the same feeling as I had at the end of last. Not good
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    We've spent money that right way, and I can't believe people have a problem with that. With all due respect to a guy like CJ Mosely, you don't give a ILB 17 million a season, or 18 million for a Trey Flowers. You can find a guy in the first round that will give you 6-7 sacks and hold up well against the run from the edge. I'm glad we weren't caught up in the bidding wars.
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    I remember the day people were crying because we didn't sign at the immediate onset of "legal tampering". We got good deals. They didn't even mention resigning Reid. 3 starters
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    Downhill isn't NFC Championship and should have been NFC Championship the last two years. That said, in the second half they sure weren't firing on all cylinders. This doesn't help and having a 2nd rounder and nothing else before the 5th doesn't either, but I'm sure not crying for them. How awesome is it that we will have made our first 6 draft picks before they make their 2nd pick? We need to nail this draft and we'll be in good shape.
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    Glad Hurney jumped on Paradis. They would've done it.
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    Hey, I'm not going to complain one bit about building that OL through FA and focusing on the D in the draft. That's playing to the strengths of this draft class. Maybe there actually is something to this Hurney 2.0...
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    I’d say that too if I lost a stud for a center.
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    "Desperate times call for desperate measures." Seems like a recurring theme in Carolina.
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    https://www.huffpost.com/entry/new-zealand-shooter-steve-king-louie-gohmert-rhetoric_n_5c8bf2e4e4b0db7da9f3213c So in the interest of a more introspective immigration debate, let’s look at some of the remarkable similarities between the shooter’s writings and these lawmakers’ words. This is how the shooter begins his manifesto: And here’s something King said in August 2018 about fertility rates: Here’s the shooter on the unprecedented “invasion” of immigration: And here’s Gohmert in 2014, on the House floor, talking about how immigration is an “invasion” unseen since D-Day: The shooter also devotes an entire section to how “Diversity is weak.” And here’s a now-infamous tweet from Steve King where he says “diversity is not our strength” and links to an article praising nationalist Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban: Here’s the shooter on how “mass immigration” will dissolve nations: And here’s King on how, when we import people, we are displacing our culture: (You can also read about how “The Camp of Saints” was a seminal book for Steve Bannon as well.) Here’s the shooter on how shared identity is fundamental to a nation: And here’s Steve King, from the House floor, on how if we lose our shared culture, “America goes wobbly”: The shooter spends a considerable amount of time linking to stories about “European women” being raped by immigrants. And here’s Louie Gohmert spending some time on the floor arguing that sanctuary cities are attracting rapists: Of course, casting immigrants as rapists is something President Donald Trump did on the day he announced his campaign for the White House: On Friday, Trump called the New Zealand attack “a horrible, horrible thing.” And then he bemoaned the “crimes of all kinds coming through our southern border” and said, “People hate the word invasion, but that’s what it is.” Again, I’m not suggesting there’s a causal relationship between what the president or a couple members of Congress said on the House floor and a deranged individual attacking two mosques. It’s just that this shared language is worth pointing out. Rest assured: There are more members guilty of this rhetoric and more instances. In searching the congressional record, I was blown away by how many members talk on the House floor about “rape trees,” and I came across a floor speech from Ted Yoho where he says there’s only room in this country for “one language.” “It’s English. And you need to learn it. You need to assimilate and become Americans in our culture,” he said. But King and Gohmert stand out above the rest for their repeated similarities. It’s fair to think about why that is.
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    Moore is amazing, but let’s not forget about this WR. We’ve got two guys who can create a TD on any pass (or WR run).
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    Much mo better. We have solidified our offensive line going into an extremely heavy defensive draft. Plus a lot of teams ahead of us in draft went heavy on defense in free agency. And a couple more need a QB. Just wish Simmons was still healthy. That would have guaranteed are really strong puck at 16 for us.
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    Here you go. DE - Butler/ Qualls NT - Poe/ Hamilton DE - Short/ Obada OLB - Addison/ A. Williams  ILB - Thompson / A. Smith ILB - Kuechly OLB - Haynes / Cox. I think the Panthers have been hiding their intentions really well so far. But there is some confusing personnel issues going on. They brought in Hamilton and Qualls who are 3-4 DL guys. If we go to a full 3-4 don’t sleep on Qualls for DE. Played DE for Washington in college who runs a pure 3-4. Everyone is raving about Khalen Saunders this year. Qualls was the same kind of guy last year. He is explosive and can also do back flips. Damn, I have a hard time getting my fat ass out of a chair anymore let alone a back flip. If we go to a full 3-4 I think will be Shaqs last year with us. Not really a 3-4 ILB. I think he will get washed inside with the hog mollies. A. Smith actually fits that role better. Also in a 3-4 J Carter has no role that I can see. So I have no idea what the do with him. Would have been better off getting the Tackle Crosby in the 5th last year if that’s the case A. Williams is a really raw kid but at 6’3” 247 he would fit a OLB. But he would have to learn it. He played MLB growing up and SLB for Detroit. Decent prospect to develop but that may take a bit. Plus a lot of these guys would have to loose or gain a ton of weight Then who knows how they will play . Im still on the fence about this if it is going to be a full 3-4 transition. I think I like the hybrid idea a little better But I also agree it’s easier to get 3-4 OLB’s all over the draft unlike 4-3 de’s that you have to be in the top 10 to get a good one. Look at Zadarius Smith. The Ravens got him in the 4th at pick #122 and will turn around and get a 3rd rd comp for him after he leaves. Haynes could turn out to be really good if we run a 3-4. That’s how you retool a defense consistently.
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    They dont have a 1st thanks to the Davenport and Bradbury aint going to be around at the bottom of the 2nd Heck the #2 Center McCoy wont even be around.
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    Now Just needs to learn how to hold onto the ball. If I were Ron, id make him carry around a football all mini camp and have guys try to knock it out of his hands. Kid was great, but he single handed lost us the Redskins game with fumbles. And had a few other costly ones too later in the season
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    GOOD NEWS. They should all retire including Brees
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    Harvard graduate Rhodes Scholar Naval Intel officer deployed to Afghanistan Mayor of South Bend, Indiana Speaks 7 languages including Arabic Really interesting fella. Not sure a presidential candidate can check off more boxes than this dude.
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    dude has no chance of winning the nomination and its a shame he's attempting a run to boost his future candidacy instead of running for a HoR seat thats desperately needed in a solidly red state like Indiana.
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    Meh I’m not going to knock Elways just because we signed Paradis. Injury in the legs is a legitimate concern for big men and I’m not going to be a douche and act like I’m not worried. Elway fielded a team to beat one of the best teams of all time, the 15-1 Panthers. Not saying he’s a great GM but sure let’s do the whole but this but that bit because you guys are salty. I hope he can bounce back and be a solid player because if he can’t the Panthers really need to evaluate their ability to find a quality oline without giving out worthless contracts. Yep another real talk post that’ll get shitted from niaeve fans.
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    I have no idea. I think it’s amazing that with CMC we have 3 guys that can turn a little dump off into a TD. Unfortunately, they were taken by two different GMs and that makes a difference in some people’s minds. It’s like when you hear that the 2018 draft was our best ever and I’m thinking that just CMC, Samuel and Moton alone without Butker and Armah (maybe Corn will get it someday) was unreal but it’s a GM thing. Our last two drafts and knock on wood this year’s as well could set us up for many years.
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    And he only sniffed playing time once older, far less talented players were injured. God bless Rivera
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    competent, smart moves but nothing good enough to really make us dangerous.
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    If he always gets away with it, it may be time to admit its skill, not luck. He excels at that kind of open field broken play stuff.
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    Wow. Good thing they have a young QB.
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    BIG hit for them I remember when the traded Graham, we all laughed. Then their offense took it to the next level, Bree's was Clean. Meanwhile the Seahawks took a HUGE step back. Run game has Stalled, Wilson running for his life Glad we signed Paradis, because the way they magically open cap space every year. They wouldve gone after him
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    Who knew we had so many nutritionists on the Huddle?
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    The biggest contract ever given to a phony cuck.
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    He may not be great, but he's a much better depth option than Matt Kalil.
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    I'm just here to enjoy all the dietary bro-science.

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