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    We need more Duke fans like OceanPanther. Good luck today.
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    I'm a Duke fan. I certainly wouldn't say UNC "choked" .. Jeeze Louise .. those two teams played their hearts out.. They both left it all on the floor. NO CHOKE. Roy called two plays before Reddick MISSED TWO FREE THROWS ,, yeah , One play for if he makes both, and one for if he missed one or both... And why fans seem to only see things from rose colored glasses. Duke actually was playing defense on the last play. UNC PLAYED GREAT. Lucky bounces.. how about Goldwire standing under the basket and getting a rebound and able to just lay it in. It happens every game for both teams. Duke slowed the game down in the second half and ran half court offenses. Hence less up and down the court. Duke is great in transition,, but UNC is faster and better. UNC having an off night in shooting 3's , it happens. And, every now and then, you have to say , maybe the other team was trying to prevent good open looks. Duke very well might lose to Fla St tonight.. Wouldn't surprise me at all. They have some tired legs for sure. At this point in time.. my NCAA pick to win it all , is UNC. A month ago it was Duke,, but this isn't the same Duke team from a month ago. ( They aren't the same because they've had to play a REALLY REALLY good UNC teams 3 times and they have made everyone look bad. ) NCAA tourney. Let be honest.. Even before the brackets have teams in their places.. First thing I'll hear from UNC fans is "Duke got the easiest bracket " .. stop it LOL.. Second,, there will be a final four team that their bracket got blown up early but some of the best teams losing early. Third, This is a tournament ,, not the best team in the country. Who can win 6 games in a row, and have help that their bracket gets blown up help. Best Wishes UNC Fans.. I'm not a hater.. ( I'd never say that about the Saints Falcons or Bucs lol , Go Panthers )
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    And fug context too. It’s easier to put someone in a box that way right?
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    And Elon musk and Justin roiland have been in pewdiepie videos. Are they alt right? That’s the problem with this transitive property-guilt by association labeling that people are alt right/neo nazis/WN. Google doesn’t really care about context. I mean just last week he posted a photo of Tim pool sitting at a table with I guess WN’s? And used that as evidence he was? But the context of that photo was Tim actually arguing against those people. the only thing pewdiepie has actually done with context is drop the hard R. That is inexcusable. Everything else as far as I’ve seen, especially that New York Times hit piece is purposefully leaving things out to make an argument and Google has taken the bait

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