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    I'm curious about 2 things on the DL Huntley story. 1. Was his agent Black or White? 2. Did he even have an idea what his house would be worth (aka, what are his neighbor's houses selling at)? To answer question 2, it takes just a few minutes to look at the county website or zillion/trulia. I guess he believed he didn't have 15 minutes to save himself $125k. Should have listened to the Geico commercial. A few years ago, I asked an agent to list my house. He came back and said we should list it at price X. I countered saying, I believe the house is worth X+$25k. Agent says, I don't think it will sell. My answer to him, that's the only price I'm willing to accept. House was listed at X+$25k and sold in 10 days at listed price. Was the agent Racist? You decide.
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