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    In 2012 with our kids and their friends. Well over a hundred degrees this day when we did a commercial shoot for Pepsi. He showed up with all his gear and pretty much passed out walking into the stadium, he had just changed out of all that stuff here and we were trying to get as much water into him as we could. Had a lot of fun times with Greg. Ah there he was trying to get up the ramp god it was miserable that day lol
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    As real as the millions of old guys who are going to be nursing senior coffees and talking about this story for three hours in Hardee's this morning
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    RIP Catman. Hope you’re watching from above in February when we take the Lombardi.
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    I expect even more. 19-0. Baby. Here we come Miami.....
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    How did this thread get taken so seriously?
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    Meanwhile DeAngelo Williams is using his death as a way to take a swipe at the team. Dude needs to take his salty ass on already and get over it. Totally disrespectful of him to use this fans death to try and attack and put down the team that Catman loved the most. Hell he didn't even give them time to do anything.
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    Tony Siragusa Can Go To Hell #grudgesdiehard
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    We will be the worst 16-0 team in history
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    Slow time Panther crumb: https://247sports.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/Article/All-or-Nothing-2018-Carolina-Panthers-Christian-McCaffrey-joke-133404619/
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    The post was Williams calling out the Panthers for not posting anything on Instagram about Catman passing away. He says the panthers don’t care about their fans and used the comparison of the Jets having a super fan hall of fame to justify his position. Hey Deangelo, the guy just pasted away a few days ago. How about having some respect for his family instead of using the death of someone to start poo on social media you piece of poo.
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    I do not get the hate for this guy. He was a solid player. The talent has now improved at the receiver position. He did his job when he was here....IMO.
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    Ultra talented back that didn’t live up to his potential and would rather blame others than himself. CMC is gonna leave you in the dust DWill
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    Bacon is a fugging steal Really hope he holds off from exploding this year and pulls us out of tank range. But if we could add a young elite stud like Cole Anthony in next draft to pair with him. We could be starting to cook something
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    Agreed. Just a really fun movie. I was a bit concerned anout the MCU post Endgame, but after this, it’s in good hands.
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    Jake Tapper/CNN: Antifa regularly attacks journalists; it’s reprehensible
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    I loved DW’s contributions on the field—particularly that 1500y/20td behemoth of a 2008 campaign. Haven’t really enjoyed some of his pettiness since his release. I’m sure it stung like hell and I know there were other things behind the scenes at play, but goddamn man, sure would be nice to lay it down at some point.
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    So the pattern seems to be: antifa sees everyone who disagrees with their behavior as neonazis. They like to physically attack neonazis. So they attack journalists...and wonder why the journalists don't give them good press. The mentality is hilarious.
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    Antifa has been caught sucker punching people, bear macing people, throwing rocks and shooting marbles with slingshots at people, and destroying property. Gets supported by people who think use of force by cops against resisting criminals is bad. Also, if you think that calling antifa, a bunch of nerds who think they're somehow "fighting the good fight", a violent group is somehow stating support for the alt-right, you may be stupid. See a doctor for help.
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    What is actually stopping Bacon to be a Oladipo type player?? Victor is a more explosive athlete but Bacon has better handles and a better jump shot and 3 pointer.. And Bacon game is very smooth like a Joe Johnson... Just Faster
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    Ethel May Potter, we never forgot her.
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    I still say whoever created this belongs in Canton.
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    Didn't he post on here as " Cat Man for real " ? One of the only people I can remember who dressed up for the games that the tv camera crews would always zero in on.
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    This is their refusal to play the hot hand. Bridges is playing better than Batum so maybe your 1st round draft pick who is showing he CAN be that guy should play. Bacon is also showing he can be that guy, he needs starter minutes. It's a young man's game and you MUST play your high draft picks when they show you they can play. That's how you get a young team that grows together and through growing pains and experience, learns where each other's shots are, where that guy is going to be. This team has a lot of first round talent. They should be focusing on their draft investments instead of questionable, expensive and time consuming journeymen.
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    Believe it was diabetes related and he didn't treat it correctly
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    all the white people get in here, CMC has a dad joke
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    he was a very unhealthy individual
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    Very unfortunate. May he rest in peace.
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    We should start coming up with betting pools on how long it'll take him to revert back.
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    Hell its an odd number year. So anything is possible. If it was an even year I would be laughing so hard I would piss myself.
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    Man Imaging having this take before the 2015 season, you'd been feeling like a wizard for 3 months.
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    Don't forget 2003 season opener against Jax. Down 17-0 at the half. 4th down 17 seconds left in the 4th. Need 12 yards for a 1st down. Jake > Ricky > corner of endzone > TD > victory
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    Legs and feet are where the technology has really knocked it out of the park. The human hand is so complicated and sensitive its damn near impossible to recreate. Im 18 years without my right hand and haven't found a prosthetic that's worth a damn yet.
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    Delhomme to Rosario as time expired in the season opener in San Diego in 2008 was up there too for regular season games.
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    Talk about revisionist history. From 1992 until they moved (2002), they never had a losing record, and made the playoffs 7 times. Winning 4 playoff series. I'd gladly take more "horrible teams" like that. Shinn probably still wins "worst owner" for moving the team, but it wasn't like they were putting a crap product on the floor.
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    Agreed. Shinn blew them all out if the water as far as how not to run a team. He ran it like a drunk 12 year old kid managing a fantasy basketball team. You get one good player with some value, trade him for three with no value and then expected people to fill the arena with a horrible team and no chance of winning and then moved the team to New Orleans because the city wouldn't give him an even bigger and emptier arena for him to march a horrible team into? Winner of the worst owner award right there. Johnson had no clue what he was doing. Good guy and very smart, but clueless when it came to running a pro sports team. Jordan seems like he's throwing darts at a dartboard blindfolded, and JR....ugh. Miserable human who tried to bully the world around him to fit some arcane paradigm where the world revolves around him and people like him (rich white boss MAN) and as we found out, that became more important to him than running a successful team. None of those three could produce consistent winners, but none were the weasel shinn was. JR was slimy, but at least he kept the team here. Johnson was incompetent, but he brought a team back. Jordan is ???? but he brought the hornets back. Shinn would have traded his mom away if he thought he could have gotten 2 baby sitters and a bag of pretzels for her. Tepper seems like a very decent human, something only Johnson could claim among the other owners, but he also seems committed to building and winning and has the smarts to pull it off.
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    Why do you even bother posting? If all you're going to do is wait to hear how Fox News spins something, you might as well not bother. We hear the right wing talking points the same time you do, so in practice we're hearing your thoughts before you attempt to pass them off as your own. So there's really no point to you.
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    Fishhook theory y'all. Of course the cop sees antifa as bad and gets immediately supported by the literal fascists in this thread.
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    biden leads in the primary polls and the head to head with trump. tearing down biden in the primary is a display of privilege. don’t take your ball and go home just because you’re not getting what you want. don’t try to burn everything down just because biden is beating your preferred candidate. end the debates, end the primary and fight fascism. biden 2020

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