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    I don't think Richardson could have named anyone outside of the popular starters on the team. Tepper on the other hand sounds like a very informed fan talking
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    The most obvious reasons are that Mr. Tepper isn’t a racist, womanizing dipshit who is knee deep in hush money and NDAs. Love Mr T!
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    conspiracy implies that things were suppose to be kept a secret this just feels like the rich/powerful doing things in plain sight and saying "yeah so what, nothing you can do about it"
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    I have seen a couple of posters mentioning practice squad for some of our draft picks. I m here to say now. All 7 will be on the roster. Obviously Burns, Little and Grier are no brainers. Miller IMO is also a no brainer but I have seen where some posters think he needs to be on the practice squad. He'll be gone in a moment if we waive him and try and stash him on PS. Too much upside. We might not have room for Scarlett but same as Miller we'll lose him. I think he has shown he can be a valuable sub for CMC on game day. I think the battle for the power back is between Holyfield and CAP. Daly, is valuable and needed for depth. Might clear waivers but it will be extremely risky. Goodwin, after his performance Thursday he'll be another that never clears waivers. So IMO we have these 7 players already on the team. If we waive any of them they won't be on our PS.
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    Butler should not see the field at all in real game situations so the cap hit should be a moot point. If he isn't going to see the field and will likely be inactive much of the time, he's a glorified practice dummy. That cap # is burned cash. Might as well move on and let someone have that spot who gives a poo and can get poo done.
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    https://www.insider.com/donald-trump-jeffrey-epstein-flight-logs-unsealed-2019-8 a day after unsealed documents reveal that Trump flew on the lolita express after all
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    Honestly, in terms of technique he's pretty much a mess. He's a leaner and reacher with his upper body and everything about his kick slide and footwork appears very choppy and labored. He lacks the fluidity and smoothness that top LTs have. I think he needs a redshirt year. Hopefully he works out.
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    one thing makes sense right now and it’s definitely not the story the jail is putting out
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    Exactly correct. I would be pretty shocked if he doesn’t make the team. He’s not going to live up to his draft position but he’s fine rotationally. Ive just asked our film guy to break down his week one performance since everyone thinks it was such garbage.
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    Has Butler really been as bad as everyone thinks? I’m not totally sure. He’s the guy the fans are piling up on now so I think more people are going with that narrative because someone else said it. He was inconsistent on Thursday but he had some really nice push on a few plays.
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    Geez, if we are going to bash former players all the time could we at least get things right. We paid Kalil $25M, not $55M. Unless he was an all pro he was never seeing the backend of that deal. It amazes me the hoops people jump through to make people seem worse or maybe you don’t get how NFL contracts work.
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    I’m sure Bill Barr is eager to smuggly close the door on all this. No point investigating his daddy’s friend any further. Justice served. The most predictable movie one has seen
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    Some low level employee guard will lose his or her job over this and quietly retire to Costa Rica or someplace.
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    Further, I don't see any reason Little shouldn't get the vast majority of snaps this preseason. Experience for him and rest for Darryl
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    We nearly had two takeaways last night. The other being when Gaulden (I think it was Gaulden) nearly caused a QB fumble and a scoop and score ( but it was ruled an incomplete pass) Very exciting to see more plays on the ball!
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    That’s what I thought of immediately upon opening the thread. It was pretty apparent that he was never back to his usual arm strength that obviously was still there in the 2015. That game 1 vs Denver that the refs allowed the broncos to treat him like a piñata is where it all started to me...then wasn’t that the season he tried to make a tackle off an interception and landed all awkward? I know it’s early but his arm strength is looking great, mix that with norv, working on mechanics with Scott and all. I feel really good about it. Of course anything could happen but he’s obviously done everything possible to get back to 100%, shown great leadership etc. However this goes that’s all you can ask for from him. I hope he’s able to remind the league who the fug he is because he’s worked as hard as anyone possibly could.. cheers
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    Player Offensive Snaps Special Teams Snaps Brandon Greene 65 (100%) 5 (17%) Taylor Hearn 64 (98%) 5 (17%) Dennis Daley 48 (74%) 5 (17%) Greg Little 48 (74%) 4 (14%) Terry Godwin 40 (62%) 5 (17%) DeAndrew White 34 (52%) 7 (24%) Tyler Larsen 34 (52%) 2 (7%) Andre Levrone 31 (48%) 8 (28%) Kitt O'Brien 31 (48%) 5 (17%) Jaydon Mickens 28 (43%) 7 (24%) Will Grier 27 (42%) Jason Vander Laan 26 (40%) 11 (38%) Temarrick Hemingway 25 (38%) 5 (17%) Reggie Bonnafon 23 (35%) 9 (31%) Elijah Holyfield 23 (35%) 6 (21%) Kyle Allen 21 (32%) Ian Thomas 19 (29%) Aldrick Robinson 19 (29%) Norman Price 17 (26%) 3 (10%) Kofi Amichia 17 (26%) 1 (3%) Taylor Heinicke 17 (26%) Cameron Artis-Payne 16 (25%) 1 (3%) Chris Manhertz 13 (20%) 3 (10%) Alex Armah 13 (20%) Damion Jeanpiere 9 (14%) 6 (21%) Rashad Ross 5 (8%) 8 (28%) Cole Hunt 1 (2%) 6 (21%) Rishard Cook 1 (2%) Defense Player Defensive Snaps Special Teams Snaps Christian Miller 44 (73%) 9 (31%) Marquis Haynes 41 (68%) 9 (31%) Josh Thornton 39 (65%) 14 (48%) Ryan Pulley 39 (65%) 13 (45%) Efe Obada 38 (63%) 3 (10%) Andre Smith 36 (60%) 11 (38%) Jared Norris 36 (60%) 10 (34%) Woodrow Hamilton 36 (60%) 4 (14%) Quin Blanding 31 (52%) 9 (31%) Bijhon Jackson 28 (47%) 2 (7%) Antwione Williams 24 (40%) 6 (21%) Bryan Cox Jr. 22 (37%) 6 (21%) Tre Boston 22 (37%) 3 (10%) Cole Luke 22 (37%) 3 (10%) Rashaan Gaulden 21 (35%) 7 (24%) Corn Elder 21 (35%) 5 (17%) Lorenzo Doss 21 (35%) 4 (14%) Sione Teuhema 20 (33%) 7 (24%) Javien Elliott 18 (30%) 1 (3%) Jordan Kunaszyk 17 (28%) 18 (62%) Corrion Ballard 17 (28%) 11 (38%) Damian Parms 15 (25%) 9 (31%) Vernon Butler 14 (23%) Brian Burns 10 (17%) Jermaine Carter 7 (12%) 1 (3%) Colin Jones 7 (12%) Kyle Love 7 (12%) Ross Cockrell 7 (12%) Observations: Christian Miller played the most snaps but did not show up on the stat sheet. Brian Burns gets a sack on 20% of his opportunities. Andre Smith played a lot and had the most tackles. Little and Daly played a good amount on the left side. Daly started at left guard and could provide some good depth there this season. Rashad Ross didn't play much and didn't look great on special teams. Could be lights out.
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    It’s not Quest, that’s Harambe...
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    He provides options for Rivera as a big nickel. Can play up on the slot or TE or drop off in a two deep look. Can also blitz off the edge or up the middle. If he picks up the position well, he would make a decent rover.
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    oh what the actual fug https://www.newsweek.com/fbi-leak-black-identity-extremist-threat-1453362?utm_source=fark&utm_medium=website&utm_content=link&ICID=ref_fark
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    Just watched this 5 minutes ago. Love me some Tep daddi
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    Those two words in bold.....let's see if they WILL. I couldn't give two shits how many people from Hollywood, DC, NY, etc....go down, as long as they get every last one of them. Narrator: They won't.
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    Oh definitely, I hated the pick last year and don’t think I didn’t see that play. It was identical to preseason last year. Teams aren’t game planning to beat Haynes in the preseason but he’s got a glaring weakness. If you block down on the 3-4 DE and pull the G or have a great blocking TE, then you run right at him. I know people have posted that he just needs better technique or didn’t see the G, but that play was identical to the handful of 15-20+ yard runs over him last preseason. He’s the edge and Montgomery wasn’t touched until he was in the end zone. The 3-4 is so much better for him but I’m 100% picking on him as an OC if he’s out there as a 3 down OLB until he shows that he can stop the run.
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    what a take from one of the few “marxists” allowed a platform in american media
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    He showed flashes and then at times he looked terrible. Hopefully he doesn’t have to start this year and can concentrate on his fundamentals and maybe getting a mean streak. If anyone can turn him into a really good tackle it’s Matsko.
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    This is what you'd expect some third world dictator to do. Won't be long before documents and evidence related to this investigation end up being misplaced/lost.
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    Kid has been putting in work but noone is talking about him (Also looks like he's hit the gym to and gotten stronger/bigger)
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    Do you ever contribute anything other than being an utterly condescending blind Homer of everything Panthers? Why don't you just make this your signature: "You know nothing and the Panthers are, always have been, and always will be completely flawless in all of their decision making." That way you never actually have to type anything.
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    It's not the running that's the problem. The worst hits he's had are the one's in the pocket. A bad oline has absolutely exacerbated the issue.
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    KB, love your analysis as always but DJ isn’t a good example. Different offense and different routes and I love Moore and Samuel and would rather have both of them. DJ Moore averaged 14.3 ypr but led the league with 7.6 yac. He ran short routes. KB wasn’t in DJ’s zip code on yac but his ypr in his career with us including 60% of that being post ACL, was 14.4. We threw much deeper passes to KB due to our buddy Shula, so of course his catch % would be lower. Norv improves Cam’s completion percentage by almost 10 points with a bum shoulder. Also, in the catch % side, Steve Smith’s our best WR of all time. Rookie year catch rate 50% (KB 50%). 2nd and 3rd year, 55% and 62% (KB 53% and 62%). Career ypr 14.6 (KB 14.4). Of course, people will interpret that as saying I think KB is as good as Smith. That’s not my point, my point is trying to just look at a guy’s rookie year as if he won’t improve or comparing a slot guy’s stats to an outside WR’s catch rate isn’t apples to apples. OK, feel free to bash away again. I just get tired of it and acting like KB was Armanti Edwards.
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    I’ll remain hopeful about Little for like 2 years. If we don’t have a guy who is a solid starter by then, we’ll know he’s done. Ideally he’ll be making a push by the end of the season or next. Best case scenario he makes a big leap after preseason.
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    I re-watched the game yesterday and focused on Greg. He did better than I thought Thursday night. Don't see him beating out Daryl though. Most likely he's in for a red-shirt season.
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    Butler costs us 2.6 million this season whether he makes the team or not.
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    I suspect that Butler's size augers in his favor in terms of him making the team. Having said that, his play in the remaining preseason games are likely to be important. His play was not completely horrible in the recent game. However, it was very inconsistent with a couple of really low lows.
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    Dont let this be memory holed... We really are a country run by pedophiles aren't we?
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    holy poo. holy poo. this stinks to high heaven
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    He looked better than Matt Kalil. No joke.
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    If I were the Dem candidate, I would show this exact same video, with the exact same music, but overlaid with a picture of every person killed with an approximate time stamp.
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    Personally I cannot see why Mick Mixon can possibly keep his job calling Evander Holyfield’s son Holly Field. I’m mean seriously. How out of touch can u be?
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    Noticing a lot of minor changes going on with these: The blue doesn't have the same shine and luster as before. It's much more flat now like the socks. The black outlines around the blue stripes are much thinner, maybe half the thickness now. The blue stripes on the shoulders look a little thinner. Shoulder numbers are a lot smaller on some of these guys. Collar is much thicker but that's the Nike Vapor look. Panthers logo is now a patch and has a sizable black outline around it. No Panthers logo on the pants. Finally. I'm sure there's other things I'm missing but this is probably the biggest uniform "change" we've possibly ever had. When the NFL switched from Reebok to Nike the Panthers stuck with the Reebok fabric and cut.
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    It has already been accounted for the 2019 season. Torry Smith is guaranteed the 2 million, so it is consider a "cash spend" and not a "cap hit." The Panthers would get cash back into their spending pool for 2019, but it would not carry into the cap for 2020. If we were to cut Smith, it would actually give us a 1mil dead money hit to our cap. The "89% rule" set by the last NFLPA agreement, has a lot to do with this.
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    Haynes was very impressive for sure. Burns is just on another level. Can’t wait to see the starting Dline with him in it. Teams will give Burns a lot of attention which will open up holes for Haynes and others.
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    what about directors and writers of bad movies? I mean really you should suck on Jordan Peele for a Twilight Zone show.
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    You are no fan of the Panthers with that pessimism and no optimism showing he will be the best owner this organization has for years to come.

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