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    Someone commented that if we had this back during the 2003 season, we probably would've won our first Super Bowl. I agree.
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    What a vast improvement in ownership. It is embarrasing how long it took us to get to this point. That is just beautiful
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    Football is a much more enjoyable experience when you don't watch any of the 943 NFL talking head shows found on TV or online. Just wait til 1:05 on Sunday afternoon, turn on your TV and watch. Trust me, what you see and hear with your own eyes and ears is far more accurate than anything some dipshit TV personality who watched 10 minutes of highlights tells you to believe.
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    As much as I don't think Heinicke is an NFL talent, I think he might deserve #2 reps this week. Allen and Grier looked like straight trash against Buffalo. Maybe Heinicke would have too had he actually played against guys who are likely to be in their roster come the regular season.
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    https://www.panthers.com/news/2019-preseason-practice-observations-breaking-in-the-bubble "--Rookie edge rusher Brian Burns fired off the snap so quickly he had to bail and slide to the turf to avoid colliding with Allen in the pocket."
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    he will be an all pro if that happens.
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    Check my post history I’ve always said pff is sh*t. I don’t think people even know the history of pff, it’s just a bunch of internet sports bloggers who came up with their own grading system. Guys like Cian Fahey are just as credible
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    I guarantee you the minute that Reid signed with Carolina David Newton became involuntarily engorged.
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    Imagine preparing for the biggest game in franchise history and being surrounded by huge buildings where anyone could look into the game plan. Yeeesh
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    Now they can unleash the secret playbook !!
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    That's a pretty good sign you don't have the mental aptitude to post on forums. They are really technical and hard. May I suggest Facebook, they have lots of tools to help stupid people post stupid things along with pretty pictures of cats belonging to girls you will never meet.
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    I’m almost positive if Ali we’re alive he’d be kneeling right along with Colin and Reid lol
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    Relax guys. Plenty of HOF QBs had poor starts in the league. NFL.com has stat lines on all of them. Brett Favre’s fist NFL game (not preseason) was worse than Grier Allen was undrafted for a reason - and has been in the system for a year. He is what he is Grier is a talented kid getting his feet under him. Give it time
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    McCown is probably better than what we have now but I don't think it would make a big enough difference to propel us to a playoff spot(if Cam got injured early) or to a Superb Owl(if Cam got injured late).
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    yup- although if bernie(or the other not-bidens) started getting some early upsets I think that would change most of the boomers I know are just going with the electability circular logic thing and will just vote for a "winner"
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    Only sissy teams need bubbles.
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    Excellent play???? I’m a living in bizarro world. Reid is not a good safety, he can’t drop back in coverage to save his life.
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    If I had to make an educated guess, I’d be pretty confident in telling you that the black vote will go toward Jim Crow Joe Biden. At least if we’re talking Black Boomers, as they are the ones that largely vote. Getting Trump out is above all for individuals like my aunts & uncles and grandparents. They’re going with who they feel is the home run.
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    he is so unique to the field. with the release of his criminal justice plan i feel comfortable writing off the other candidates. if i wanted to vote for a republican i would vote for trump. bernie is the only compromise i am willing to make.
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    I mean...there is an 8 page thread here on the front page of the Huddle:
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    https://www.wral.com/the-streets-are-a-battle-zone-durham-minister-councilman-call-for-action-on-gun-violence/18579071/ Wonder what gun violence looks like minus gang violence.
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    I have no problem with Reid ripping the NFL (objectively speaking, he's right). I also support his decision to kneel if he wants. Kneeling has always been a sign of respect until the right-wingers wanted to create a controversy. That being said, there is one thing I take issue with Reid on: his continuing to bang the drum for teams (including the Panthers and going as far to talk to Tepper) about signing Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick has been out of football for years at this point. Maybe he was blackballed some in the beginning (however Kaepernick had shown clear signs of regression and was terrible in 2016), but in the almost 3 years away from the game, he has lost his conditioning, and I truly don't believe he could come in and help a team at this point. And that's not even getting into the media circus... Right or wrong, no coach wants to deal with that all season unless the ROI in terms of wins is worth it. NFL coaches have tremendous pressure on them... and none of them are going to invite more pressure without there being a huge upside to adding a player. Reid has objectivity of the NFL situation, and he is obviously a good and true friend to Kaepernick, but because of that, he has no objectivity in understanding how Colin is actually viewed by objective observers at this point from just a pure football standpoint. The Panthers signed Reid b/c he is a good football player and can help them win games in the present. Simple as that. Kaepernick probably could've helped some teams over the past few seasons. That time is past. His NFL career is over, and he or anyone else can blame whomever, but that is the reality. I don't care if Reid is friends with him (and supporting him on social causes), but it past time now to let the idea of him being blackballed from signing with a team go. Reid has become a leader in the secondary (having them stay after to catch balls, etc.), but beyond that, his job in regards to this team is to support the players on this current team this current year.
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    Just turn off injuries then you don't need a backup quarterback.
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    Panthers now have facilities on par with Appalachian State
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    equal opportunity giffing. perfect racially inclusive non misogynist post by the red. must have taken him a while to find it
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    That is until a Patriots mindless staff member drone
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    If they’re right(which I highly doubt) then we will surely see a restructured front office and Ron will be coaching another team.
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    Money and fame also play a part too. When you know the world is watching, some people like to feed into that and I think AB is the type of guy that likes the spotlight. Saying things like quitting football forever over a helmet is easy fuel to keep that fire burning.
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    This team isn't going to the postseason without Cam Newton. Playing musical chairs with the backup QB position isn't going to change that.
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    Yeah, if Cam's shoulder fails to hold up again we need to figure out what we currently have for the future and whether or not we need to try to sign a legit FA next off-season or draft a QB in the 1st (or swing a trade). We're not making a SB run with Josh McCown.
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    They didn't have any form of control over that game for one second. What a magical season that was.
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    You know someone is trying to silence black people for speaking freely when they start tossing out imaginary skin colors
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    I swear, the huddle is like 60% stunted boomers
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    Exactly! The suave like demeanor, youthful spirit, front man attitude, a true entertainer that is just a cool mfer. And I think it’s apparent Cam has the build/facia complexion that will age super well. He’s gonna be a peppery but young looking 60 something someday.
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    Yeah, get these dudes who don’t tolerate bigotry and white nationalism (supremacy) TFOH!
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    People hate on him too much here. Name a 5th WR on a team that you expect to light it up? If Samuel or DJ goes down for a while he is great insurance for a now a reasonable price after he took the pay cut. Hogan is a great 2nd option/insurance for wright in the slot as well as special teams if needed. I say they both make the team and we carry 6 wr this year.
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    Took this start of second series
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    The starters were in for one series.
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    lol you get dumber every damn day, I love it. Grier sucked tonight (in his second preseason game with a poo OL) but because he threw a pick he deserves to be cut? FOH. Ain't responding to your trash anymore. Him and Allen both had similar numbers again and all you do is pile on Grier. News flash, nearly everyone sucked.
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    In b 4 J R bashing begins
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    Derek Anderson would be better than what we have now, and would've been last season. But the Panthers determined it was time to focus on development, likely in the Patriots model. Inexplicably, they've been able to turn back-up QB's into draft capital and the Panthers may be trying to go down that same road. The days of veteran back-ups may be behind us as teams seek to utilize more of their time spent on back-up QB's as development which can in turn be transformed into future draft picks. Source: I have no source, but I could obviously write for ESPN
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    Until Ron Rivera shows me otherwise, i will expect the same crap he does every year. 1. Has a couple of good games 2. Has some terrible games 3. Has games that are close then he craps the bucket with clock management and horrible adjustments at half time. like the saying goes. You can polish a turd, but its still a turd.
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    Wtf is wrong with this forum... get these fuging antifa fugboys out of here....
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    Will Grier is not an NFL QB, the sooner you realize it the better. You can still follow him on social media...no worries dog.
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    If Hurney has learned anything he has to keep Allen. Cutting Grier is a smart move at this point, the hell with saving face.

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