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    you are an irredeemable retard
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    i mean people call an anti-gay segregationist war monger who wants to cut social security a "moderate" instead of "right winger"
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    I think we need a thread for some people called "democratic primary thread for republicans/people that ONLY want trump out of the whitehouse and nothing more because they feel bad they voted for him in the first place".
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    michigan exit polling next week: "It appears 80% voted the way they did because they hate NAFTA and lost their job due to it" results: biden wins landslide
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    Say dumb sh*t repeatedly, get called on it. It's not a personal attack. People are just trying to help you achieve your best in life.
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    Reading is hard 2.0 . I was talking about how fired up one was FOR the bill and the bad parts and how one voiced his reservations but wanted important things like the mentioned above to pass instead of NOT pass. So now people are flip flopping when they say Bernie can't compromise when needed as an insult but now it's an issue? I don't know why I waste time with republicans on a democrat thread TBH.
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    Today I learned the African Americans from South Carolina are a part of the "liberal elite" that screwed over Bernie.
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    “I have a number of serious problems with the crime bill, but one part of it that I vigorously support is the Violence Against Women Act. We urgently need the $1.8 billion in this bill to combat the epidemic of violence against women on the streets and in the homes of America.” you disingenuous fug
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    he wasn't ahead of his time, the rest of us were behind the times. let's catch up with him now instead of going backwards toward Biden.
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    Not talking about kids. Obviously kids learn and grow. Especially when they get outside their households they were raised in. I’m talking about adult politicians. At what point do we hold them accountable for lacking moral conviction and foresight? Politicians like Bernie should be the norm. Not the abnormal.
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    I've been travelling abroad for over 2 years now (go to a country for a month or two, then travel on to the next) and it's embarrassing to see just how bad the US is getting screwed. I've been to dirt poor 3rd world countries whose public transportation is light years ahead of the US. But the US can't do that because Koch Industries wants to make more money on oil. I've been to dirt poor 3rd world countries whose health services are superior in every way AND everyone has healthcare. In the US millions go without, millions more get price gouged to hell, all so that insurance CEOs get fat bonuses. Capitalism naturally skews power and consolidates wealth towards the top, though it can still work reasonably well if met with constant correction through government intervention/regulation/ect. But the US has so much money in politics, the super-rich basically own the government, as well as the media. Any policy that would benefit the average American, the MSM goes to work attacking it relentlessly with propaganda, fear tactics and blatant misinformation. Then the billionaire donor class props up whichever candidate they know will oppose it. In the end, the billionaire class wins and the rest of the country gets screwed. People really need to unplug from the 24-hour MSM news networks, look into good independent online sources as well as research on their own. See how bad they are getting screwed, and show up for the few politicians that are on their side. But I'm not holding my breath. Seeing so many people voting for establishment goons like Hillary, Biden and Trump is disheartening to say the least. Enjoy getting screwed everyone, I doubt I'll ever go back.
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    “As long as they get there” doesn’t work for me when you had the Reagan administration openly laughing about the “gay disease” to the media. It wasn’t until you had that white kid in the Midwest contract the virus that people actually started caring. Politicians like Biden actively ruin people’s lives. You just don’t see examples of it in your life so you say dumb poo like that. sorry ethics and morals matter.
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    my favorite was when Republicans had control of the house, senate and presidency for 2 years and did absolutely nothing except complain that everything is Democrats fault
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    This is Finley and he's awesome. I rescued him back in November from the humane society. Heart worm positive and just finished up his rest period.
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    it's terrible to make fun of someone for having a crippling social disorder like being a creep
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    I think the term is something too many of us haven’t sat down and legitimately explored. Google got me on that. Supreme Court was right about staying away from that type language.
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    Saying people aren't attacked on this board isn't a disagreement, its nonsense. The rest of what you said is just babble.
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    you should donate to bernie then. if biden is a setback then support bernie. then your team wins.
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    @Zaximus and here in lays classic CRA bullshit. you hit him with a very substantive response and what does he reply to? the very last part of your post about him being a Republican which he is. Never once admitting he was wrong at all and he will keep it moving. What a fuging pathetic loser.
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    You mean yelling at people and telling them that they are going to burn the place down isn't a good way to expand the base?
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    Bernie Sanders voted for the crime bill
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    Not really true always. He was pretty articulate when he was pushing this crime bill to get everyone locked up in the 90's, before the only voice of reason (Bernard Sanders) told him what's up. He'd get shredded by Trump.
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    joe biden is obviously not fit to be the president and anyone who would suggest otherwise is a shill
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    i've been predicting she endorses Biden, hope she proves me wrong but i have a pretty cynical read on her after finding out about her billionaire PAC
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    you can't tell me the party is serious about defeating trump if they nominate this guy. it's insane that people talk electability over policy and their example of what's electable is joe fugin biden. his brain has melted. there's nothing there. is beating trump urgent or is it not? the establishment is clearly communicating that it's not. bernie threatens them (and their donors) far more than trump
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    Bernie lived in the same time.
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    He expanded Latino support and made inroads to some African American communities. this was done by him listening and growing. All politicians should do so.
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    At what point do we start holding politicians accountable for their past and not give them a pass? Why do we not champion and prop up politicians like Bernie who have foresight on major issues? There are extremely stark differences between the two.
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    On this note, I suppose everybody saw how Anthem, United Healthcare, Cigna, and Humana stocks were all way up after Super Tuesday https://www.forbes.com/sites/sarahhansen/2020/03/04/healthcare-stocks-jump-on-bidens-super-tuesday-victories-heres-why-they-prefer-him-over-sanders/#5c08d01ef6c1 Really makes you feel great about the future
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    My poor baby RIP Hoss
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    I am genuinely happy for you. But this wasn’t meant to be even the main point of what I was getting at anyway. It’s not about you. It’s a culture of racism and bigotry/or woke politics without policy that politicians lean on to get what they want. And politicians like Biden will switch as fast as they can whenever it suits them best. They have no backbone. And they will actively fug over marginalized people whenever it benefits them. And they will never outright apologize and seem authentic. They’ll make excuses like Biden “remember everyone thought we should go to war with Iraq” no not everyone Joe. I don’t think you actually like Biden but that is why some people will not vote for him no matter what. I know you don’t agree but maybe you’ll understand why some people feel that way. They’ve been fuged over for too long and they are so disillusioned by the system they just see evil. Not lesser evils. Just all evil. Bernie is such a stark change from that it makes people feel desperate and hopeful at the same time. It’s why you see people literally crying at his rallies, holding him up as some sort of messiah and fighting so feverishly and angrily at any perceived slight. He is this generations FDR.
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    Oh, and because it might get lost in all this and I didn’t address it. No doubt. Fug those people. I’m not offering a defense of what those people did back then.
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    introduced by his very good friend jesse helms
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    biden is not nor has ever been "the left." he's a Romney style conservative republican. and saying he was anti-gay "at one point" is misleading; he was anti-gay in 2008 and laughed about having that in common with Sarah Palin on the debate stage. he didn't 'change his mind' on gay marriage until 2012. democrats attacked Bernie for accepting Joe Rogan's endorsement but guess what, Rogan embraced gay marriage before Joe Biden.
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    that’s fine. i will continue to inform voters.
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    of course i blame the saints for everything jeremy, including helping cover up pedophilia. wtf bro
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    Imagine if we would've traded him and Kemba at last years deadline. This organization just is cursed
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    Zachary Latte - the new addition. We also have another cat named Cheetos but he is a dick and nobody loves him.
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    Winston Churchill
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    "Sir Purr" My kids wanted a black kitten/cat like the panther mascot, but no shelter had one just a 3 legged cat that they wouldn't release cause he wasn't good for young kids. So we found this grey guy and kept the name, should of called him Houdini the way this F*cker can open doors and sealed containers. And that's how he sits at the counter when I'm cooking and just watches me.... WTF That's my son holding him up that long bastard

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