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    Hey all With the tough times coming I just wanted to let any huddler know they aren't alone. If you have any needs, reach out and as a community we will see what we can do. You aren't alone. You are valued. This too shall pass. Feel free to reach out to me and we will do our best to help you out. JI
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    all students have been sent home ive applied for a job as an er tech but hospitals are paradoxically not hiring yet here in tennessee, instead focusing on moving around all their other staff. i just built a computer and boy howdy does doom eternal hum
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    First of all, stay safe everyone! Here in Sweden things are relatively fine. Health care is holding up with only about 100 deaths, schools up through middle school still open and restaurants are open with some restrictions like table service only. I have a job I can do from home and it is not threatened in the short term. My father is a retired doctor and has started to talk about "volunteering for service". He had open heart surgery last year and would very likely not survive if infection, so I worried about him even before this talk. So far he is still in self quarantine.
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    I am fortunate to be an essential employee, as I work in a hospital. However, I am just administrative. I have offered my services due to my medical background, and state certifications/license. However, I am not needed at this time, which IMO is a good thing for my hospital. I have family and wife who are freaking out every day, which, I am just the type to just let it roll. I am pretty much the only one who leaves the house. We make sure our gas tanks are full, extra gas jugs full, and enough food to last us a month. I wish everyone out there luck, lets hope the wave is at it crest.
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    Very fortunate to have seen minimal impact aside from working remotely and having to manage my wife's mental & physical health issues more often, but otherwise I'm still the sole breadwinner and can still perform my job (I work in cyber security for multiple entitites, two of which are currently working on a vaccine). Taking advantage of the situation tho to watch Mr Rogers Neighborhood with my 4yr old in the mornings :D
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    My drug dealer is sick cant get my weed, need to get high um for my arthritis. S O S
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    Wife is an NP in an ICU in the triangle. We have 2 small children. I am likely high risk since I take an immunomodulator that gets rid of the majority of my lymphocytes. We honestly would be completely happy and content and enjoying the extra time together as a family if she didn’t have to go to work. It’s such a complete conflict of interests: potentially risk your health and family’s health by working or let down patients, coworkers, and have to start your career over if you quit. Hospital admins continually add to the stress by ignoring risks or implementing terrible decisions. Also, my sister-in-law 100% has it (test pending) and her doctor cleared her, after her first sick visit, to go back to work at a restaurant in Florida. Now she is coughing so much that she pukes and shits and is in tears from just breathing.
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    Anyone who hasn't been following Oliver on this should make sure to watch the first two also. The three are excellent in showing how Trump managed to screw this up.
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    I see what you’re getting at but this would take a ton of prep time. Not all old people live by themselves and can take care of themselves. The deadly outbreaks in the Seattle retirement homes were started by employees and nurses bringing the virus in. Also, it’s worth noting that the U.K. was going to use a similar plan but realized the number of hospitalizations that would happen among the “non at risk group” would still overload their healthcare system. They went from “let the young work and get the virus” to “put the entire country in lockdown” in just a week or two. What should have happened was an earlier travel ban and a complete lockdown of those first few cities where the virus took hold. Unfortunately, that type of lockdown is unconstitutional at the moment. We might end up seeing the first constitutional amendment in a century when this is over.
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    This is a real serious virus. I seen on the news where a 37 year old died from it which is around my age. Spooky. I wish everyone would be alittle more smart and safe in their decisions with day to day interactions (not saying those who passed wasn’t safe). A lot of people think they are out of the clear because “elderly” and “underlying medical conditions” been thrown around a lot. For one, a lot of people don’t know if they have a condition. Two, there has been people who died that had a clean bill of health. I just say I rather be safe than sorry. Protect yourself and your family. All I can say is do the right thing!
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    Stirs DOES know this isn't just an old person disease right? Surely he does.
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    If we had only been warned and had time to prepare for this. y’all stay safe. Be wise and be rational. And most importantly hope that our “leaders” Wake the fug up.
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    Biggest concern of the moment: Significant other works in the healthcare industry. She's dedicated to doing her job despite the risks. And while she isn't directly caring for virus patients, some of her co-workers are. I trust that she knows what she's doing but I'm still worried for her.
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    I thought this was about the team; very refreshing to see that we still have bigger priorities outside of the game.
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    I was brought up believing it was a good investment. What a lie.
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    Had heard last week that the China tests were only about 60% accurate. Probably because they were in such a hurry
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    Hoping its just a flaw in the test, and not true virus behavior.
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    1971 was really the beginning of the true "credit" based economy. While we still had a central bank, inflation was still partially kept in check by the price of gold. Once that ended, inflation set in. The US is fortunate that it is the primary currency of the IMF, so we get away with printing money way more than other countries, and since the US is the largest consumer nation, other countries simply cannot afford our currency to crash.
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    My uncle is a "debt averse" person, like you said. He hates the idea of being in financial debt of any kind. My dad helped him build his house back in the 80s, and there was only a little debt he took on to build it and he hated life until it was paid off...which he did within a couple of years. That was the last debt he's ever had. Everything else he's wanted (new tractors and farm equipment, machinery for his paint shop, etc) has been cash. Also, when his parents house became available (same neighborhood), he bought it from them and rented it out. He socked that money away, and then when another house in the neighborhood became available, he bought it for cash and rented that out as well. He continued the cycle to end up where he is now...which is owning much of the block he's on, debt free, and lots of cash coming in every month. Its a beautiful thing to watch from a distance, but I don't have the discipline.
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    not gonna vote for this sundowning racist piece of poo. also not gonna vote for whoever the party handpicks to replace him if their efforts to cover up his predatory behavior fail. brb gotta bump the joe biden oppo thread
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    In the full episode he said he’d be back next week too.
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    https://governor.nc.gov/news/governor-cooper-announces-first-covid-19-unemployment-benefits-will-be-paid-week?fbclid=IwAR2q60yrTRy6fcfAyqQTfQdHRF1QjGrmkKSSGQYPSmnLVKinQgczfOnzeLY Hope this helps. The article is short. Read it!
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    Considering that China put 70 infected people in the same place for quarantine and then dropped the building on them...I wouldn’t put anything past them.
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    More like 34,000. Those are confirmed (hospital or severe symptoms) cases
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    they knew what they were doing. they want trump (or clinton to replace biden). definitely don't want bernie. he's the nightmare scenario. trump means 4 more years of easy work.
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    Ever notice how long it's been since R2D2 & C3PO have talked about Whooping Cough vaccinations?
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    Let's say you're young fit and healthy, you catch it, you most likely don't die, but whilst you're in hospital on a ventilator, whilst unpleasant you most likely don't die. However that is one less ventilator for someone else. Social distancing is done so that less people get ill at the same time so that hospitals have capacity for those that are ill. Its as simple and necessary as that.
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    If you're going to watch any one thing on the coronavirus, watch this: South Korea has handled this outbreak as well or better than any other country out there, so I'll take one of their leading expert's opinion on the matter over just about anyone else's.
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    What an idiot.
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    Holy cow! The legend I signed up on this dark little corner of the internet to read his draft breakdown. Hope you and yours are doing well.
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    I just think the lab designed virus theory is tinfoil hat stuff. This isn't the first time we've seen a novel coronavirus jump the species barrier in Chinese wet market.
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    IMO, the president and governors should come out and say bluntly that in two weeks, they will reassess the situation. Make no promises one way or the other, but tell people that they will decide to extend based on the situation then. Of course, people would read into that what they wanted to hear instead of what was actually said, but stupidity can't be helped.
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    Thank you, Jeremy. As a retired person with diabetes and an irregular heartbeat from open heart surgery, both under control as far as they can be, I fully appreciate your kind words. I have been sheltering in place since the end of February and I have too often felt a part of the forgotten people in all of this. Except for my son and daughter and their families. It's too easy to feel ghosted and that my life isn't worth considering, along with millions of others.
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    You guys are real heroes.. thanks for offering support to those that need it.. wish I could do the same but I got no check coming in anymore.
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    My wife is pregnant with our second child and she is a PA in a doctors office. Needless to say I’m worried for her and our newborn.
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    I have plenty of nudes available if anyone needs a pick me up.
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    I've been turning tricks under the Mint Street bridge for a few extra bucks.
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    here in NJ. the governor has mandated a statewide 8 pm curfew, banned all large gatherings, and forced all nonessential businesses to close indefinitely i have been WFH for the last two weeks everybody’s buying up all of the fuging toilet paper ppl are being furloughed or outright losing their jobs over this. this is one of those crises that changes the way ppl live their life. 9/11 did the same thing. that event officially marked the end of the “90s”, and in time, when we look back, we will see that this event marked the end of the 2010s and the beginning of the 2020s.
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    The pure irony of this post and the fact that the poster is oblivious to it is incredible.
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    People need to realize though. It’s not just about saving the corporations. It’s about sustaining employees and the way of life Americans are used to. Ya they aren’t perfect obviously. I mean hell delta gave all their employees a substantial raise earlier this year. I think a good way to put it, a flight of 100 people, 99 people go to costs, 1 person is profit. On average combined US carriers make 10-15 billion in profit per year. Ya a poo ton of money. But you have to think they spend between 2-5 billion dollars an airline on fuel a month, I use this example because it’s the simplest. Another example United alone spends a billion dollars a year on just pilots. 1.2+ billion on flight attendants and that’s just on plane employees. Deltas total employee cost was 11B~ last year, for example. With barely any flights happening but still having to pay all their employees, airport costs, plane costs, housing costs, airport upgrade fees, etc etc etc the list goes on. The 3-5~ billion in profit for a big airline will get eaten up in less than a month. Even if they just had 50 billion sitting in the bank a piece that’s still only 4-6 months realistically. On top of that. For the fourth year running delta has given their employees a billion dollars in bonuses. Their CEO has decided to forgo sixth months of pay since this pandemic started. A lot of other airlines followed suit. “Delta employees earned the $1.1 billion payout for their role in delivering record-breaking operational and customer satisfaction performance as well as strong financial performance.” So delta gave 1.1 out of their 4.87 profit back to employees. ——— Let me be clear, I’m not defending big businesses or their bailout. Or disagreeing with Linvilles statement. Just putting up facts of what’s happening in their world. 60 billion may seem like a lot of money. But on the flip side those airlines can keep all their employees employed with this and be able to hit the ground running when normal operations resume. Note: This is only addressing the airline industry. “The bipartisan coronavirus aid package offers $58 billion to the nation's airlines, split evenly between loans and payroll grants. The coronavirus bailout package, which aligns with requests made by US airlines, would prohibit stock buybacks and share dividends for at least a year after the loans have been repaid. It also restricts executive compensation. Airlines would be prohibited from laying off or furloughing employees through September, should the crisis for air carriers continue past then, effectively protecting "hundreds of thousands of jobs," one union official said.”
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    If you define a great job based on salary, then diversity has nothing to do with why you dont have a great job. Corporate profits have been through the roof for the last 15 years while employee compensation gains have avg 1 -3 percent gains year over year. So tell me, if your company profits are booming, but your salary remains flat, is it logical to blame diversity?
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    BBA and MBA out of state private University and 15+ years of interest. Came from a lower middle class family so couldn't get much in grants. No money to pay for it so had to borrow most of it which was (too) easy to do. I was young and financial aid department said it was a good idea (of course) and helped me get as much as possible. I worked, but I had to live off campus so most my money went to living expenses while loans took care of college. Spending several years struggling as a small business owner didn't help either. Made it hard to get ahead paying anything on it. Lots of hard lessons learned. Lots of work. Not much to show for it except a couple pieces of paper and college debt I'll never be able to pay off....but it was all what you were "supposed" to do. Zigged when I should have zagged.
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    I live and work in a small rural area where 2 of the biggest non-healthcare employers had to close up and lay nearly everyone off. In a matter of just a few days over 1200 people got laid off and there are more to come. I'm trying to avoid saying anything about my situation, but I'm in management and it's not looking good. Best case scenario is I take a demotion. Not very likely that will happen, though. I have a full-time job that is likely going to end and a part time job that is on hold and my wife was a substitute teacher. I help take care of my aged parents and pay their utilities in addition to all my own family's bills. Needless to say, a lot depends on my ability to provide. I was actually just getting ready to take a third needed job, but that's on hold as well. I have 180k left in student loans. My situation was hard before all this blew up. Now? Ugh.

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