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    Problem is people have been blatantly lied to by those in power and the media. Their credibility is shot. Politicians went overboard trying to look the part of being concerned about public safety while in truth being only concerned about their political liability. Add in the media sensationalizing their reports just to get clicks instead of actually reporting what was really happening. "Reports" of overflowing US hospitals and a regular person live streaming from the same place and the parking lot was empty. Happened several times out here I saw personally. Then sick people were refused testing, hospitals were caught lying about causes of death, and most people have been sick and it could have been the flu or coronavirus, no way to know. The numbers have never been accurate or even close so there is that also. This has been botched from the beginning, especially in the US where everyone wants to be in the spotlight, truth be damned. Now the same people are screaming believe me, I wouldn't lie to you AGAIN, and this is the result. People refuse to wear masks because they don't believe what they are being told.
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    Wearing a mask isn’t a political statement it is an IQ test.
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    Yeah when some people say that everybody just needs to be safe and take responsibility they mean everybody else. If everybody else is wearing a mask then I'm protected so who cares. Kind of like how anti-vaxxers have sprung out of a world where awful things like polio and smallpox have been virtually eliminated thanks to vaccines. If everybody's vaccinated then it's safe to a certain degree for a bunch of dumbasses to spew a bunch of crap about how vaccines are poison and how smart and special they are for not vaccinating their kids.
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    Hey folk, don't let people take you off topic by arguing "what racism really is". A failed NASCAR driver said he should be drug around the track by that noose & got a lot of likes. Showing he knew it wasn't a regular slipknot noose, & a lot of people didn't have a problem with it.
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    We'd be pretty dull not to know who you are talking about, constantly, without ceasing, in every conversation about every subject. Parenthesis not needed.
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    If you live in a North Carolina, our Governor has made it mandatory to wear one. So you better do it or you are breaking the law. LAW AND ORDER !!!!
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    Plenty of lynchings in this country took place with something besides a perfectly knotted noose. Most of the fugging morons involved couldn't tie their own shoes, let alone a noose. But, just like a birthday present, the fugging gift doesn't matter- it's the thought that counts.
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    People calling him Jussie or being smug and taking digs at "the media agenda" unironically tells on themselves. Same as anyone decrying the protesters this summer after seeing video of the police. At this point you have no defense and are just living in that Sunken Place parallel universe where Trump is a good president
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    My thoughts exactly. It's ridiculous that the photo didn't get released immediately while racists attacked Bubba Wallace. Those same people are no where to be found now.
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    Except the mechanics of how wearing a mask works and how it's effective aren't complicated. Yeah if you can wear a mask and refuse to my default assumption is that you're a moron. If that hurts somebody's feelings then call your therapist because I don't give a fug. Are you going to refuse to wash your hands next because the CDC says to do it and you've been "lied to"? e: I mean "you" in the abstract, not you specifically poster above me
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    You’re a racist. fuging bitch. Figured you out a looong time ago. Not surprising you slither your way into a thread about nooses hanging in garages.
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    Bernie Sanders actually believes in making progress. Which he actually does achieve. He doesn’t achieve that by just being a dude that circle jerks with a small percentage of people. Slow progress is often a necessary reality. It isn’t a failure. A lot of progress would never occur if folks like Bernie actually headed your preferred method. Sanders did a great deal to influence every candidate in the race. He greatly influenced the winner. He likely will continue to do so if Biden wins. But no progress occurs if Trump stays.
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    oh for sure he's been helpful. he's leaving something to build on. couldn't imagine how fuged the outlook would be if he hadn't run for president
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    Yeah, I have a ton of folk in Milwaukee & this looks shady as fug. https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1275595157098893315.html?fbclid=IwAR2vDEBpO5yiIOk7z9bxHORJdduMXD1CwjeOl-bG6GKwhfNrX67aFjip6ag
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    Dude will have to be seriously put on suicide watch if Trump wins. If somehow Trump could magically come up with a vaccine tomorrow for coronavirus, this guy would find a reason to crap all over it.
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    https://medium.com/@streetlightalchemist/unheard-voices-are-police-participating-in-sex-trafficking-in-milwaukee-742880d1ac0f here’s some more clarity on the Milwaukee situation. It is completely fuged up
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    And look at that, they are implementing fines to businesses not holding their customers accountable. Im a mother fuging genius. If only this didn't take 3 months
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    The rebel flag waving racists are just bitter they can't dictate popular discourse and opinion. Plus they're wrong
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    NASCAR did a lot right with this so it is hard for me to be too critical but that image needed to be out ASAP when the FBI findings were released. Because: this is 100% right. this was 100% the right reaction and perhaps NASCAR could have chosen some words differently but if they had done nothing and it had been a real threat, who knows where this goes. the worst thing that happened is that the stupidly-large noose-loving portion of our country feels deeply offended that NASCAR thought they might use the nooses they love to fashion or some garbage. what the fug.
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    what the ever living poo WHY DIDN'T THIS GET RELEASED IMMEDIATELY. how could anyone call this an overreaction what the ever living fug.
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    "Your car broke down? You can use our tow rope!" Hint: If you're on the "garage door pull rope," "he didn't see it," "it's not a properly tied noose," or other lame fugging bandwagon excuse to blind your own racism and can't conceive how fugged up this is, it's time to log off and never come back.
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    Empowerment by calling Black People offended by the term “savages” Guess you learned nothing in your “African American studies classes” Anyways. Enough of this racist dweeb. Back on topic. Sorry folks.
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    Don't let the racists get to you, Bubba. Also, just like Don Lemon said a few minutes ago on his show, NASCAR should come out in front of a camera and defend Bubba Wallace. These racist assholes who are intentionally lying on Bubba, has gotten out of control.
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    Here is Utah the virus is exploding. 1k cases in two days, healthcare officials making the national headlines begging Utah to go back to more restrictions went shopping All around the city today today, if I’m being generous 25% of people wear masks, and it was very very busy including employees of big chain stores, mom and pop, and businesses all over dealing with mass crowds what the the holy hell is wrong with people it’s come time to accept the virus is never going away or will be under control. People don’t want government invading their liberties yet they’re too fuging stupid to responsibility do it themselves lol starting to really lose faith I mean at what point do I need to refuse to interact with anyone not wearing a mask as if that’s even possible
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    yeah uh no, tht is indeed what you said. you said the word had no power except what someone hearing it gives it, aka get the fug over it.
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    It was supposed to be a pie lol
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    @Gazi You realize this is satire, right? All but that last line anyway.
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    All fair but I’ll give Bernie credit he has opened many eyes and minds the past 4-6 years. More so than maybe any presidential candidate that I can remember.
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    I'm bathed in god's blood, so I've got that going for me. Don't need a mask, don't need to distance myself, and if/when a vaccine arrives, I won't get vaccinated. America! Land of the Free! Home of the ignorant and easily deceived!
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    Can we trade for Justin Jackson?
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    That person believes she is 100% unequivocally correct. There are millions of people in America exactly like her. We're fuged guys
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    but whaaaaaaaaaat about chicccccaaaaaaaaggggggooooooooo The Stairway to Heaven of police brutality apologia
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    igo likes the main forum and hates the tinderbox because the quality of conversation in the main forum makes him look smart
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    https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/record-number-us-police-officers-died-suicide-2019/story?id=68031484 Those are rookie numbers. We need to get them up.
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