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    Delete your account.
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    Could not help but notice that my week 3 picks were not included in your rundown at the start of your week 4 thread? Not like I did great but would like to see if I can get on a roll. Here is link,
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    Im trying here...just shot down Rodeo....I'll be here more once the regular season starts....Cam has the best set of receivers since he was a rookie...cant wait...
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    Don't try to play like Saca's your got damn boy. You know you're tired of his poo like everyone else.
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    I've missed you, bud. You know who this is, and s hit bruh.
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    I'm just a dick to Jeremy and Saca. Because I legit don't care for the poo they post.
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    I'm pursuing my MBA from State, so probably State. Once I graduate from there, I'll be a full Statey. So, I'll be done with UNC. Because I would sound like a complete moron rooting for UNC, but Graduating from State.
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    I was just going to say that once DeHaven sees what our team has become it's going to give him cancer all over again.
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    On your prospect meeting by position thread under CB you have listed Zack Snyder. It's Zack Sanchaz from Oklahoma.
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    Sorry to read about the job loss. Bartenders that have a loyal following are like gold to their employers. Your F&B Manager must be a dolt to fire you for an minor incident that only required a verbal counseling, if that. You should be able to land on your feet with another major hotel in the city as bartenders who are able to increase liquor sales are always in demand. If you are taking a few days off between jobs I hope you consider helping out Bernie Sanders in NC. I am sure he would appreciate your time and effort. Things are looking up now that he has won MI. Who knows, you may make a big difference.
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    You can watch the divisional game on your phone over wifi while flying to Cali. go to reddit.com/r/nflstreams during the time of the game and look for either a youtube link or vlc link.
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    hey man love your videos, Was that your voice-over at the beginning? I'm in radio, and if you like, I'd be happy to email you a mp3 with whatever script you provide me for future videos at no charge. If you decide not to use my recording, it won't hurt my feelings or anything. Just an offer if you think I could help your videos get better.
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    I have not seen you in a while. I have been on every other day just to catch up on Panthers news, but still not posting much as the topics have been very lame. Hope you have been doing good. I'm getting ready to Move to San Fran in the next few weeks. Wish it was back home in the Carolinas, but SF is where they are sending me.
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    very hot picture, im tempted to do the dirty even at work LOL
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    ah, I read in the beer thread you were in WS. good luck!!
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    I negged a bunch of people while lurking. Including saltman and killerkat. it more than bothered them. Btw. Theres a good possibility I'm moving to winston. I have a second interview with krispy next week.
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    I've been mocking it as much as I can.
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    I've just been taking part.. I saw porn might be a useful tool, but am too lazy.. so how does that forum work? I only have 3 or 4 sections available and I can't rep people.. what's the scoop on all that...
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    finally approved.. already a fan and feel like I've missed out on the last 9 years or so of my life...
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    yeah, I was going to keep an eye on that number.
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    This is apparently what the rep deal is... http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=2147483647 Look in your userCP at the rep #.
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    no swag points, that hasn't moved in a month at least.
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    So when we rep u, you're not getting more points?
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    I think that is my post count, you get a point at every 500... It has gone up 2 since the swag stopped.
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    I'm like 34 rep points from that number you put on my wall...???
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    ur neg reps arent even fair u got me in the red ill never be able to climb out
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    did you like that bro? you try so hard to love on my balls. Want some more?
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    LOL man. the fact you have to look at my profile in order to poo on posts that you dont even comment on yourself. Just poo because you are petty like that? Lame man.
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