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    Yeah let’s get someone like CJ Anderson and never use him
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    Exciting to see Tepper and the Panthers embracing Megan Rapinoe at an organizational level! The message they're sending is clear: this ain't Jerry Richardson's Panthers, and if you have a problem with this team's inclusivity and progressive bent you should go to some other shithole team and fix them up the way you want. You won't be missed. I'm proud to be a fan of this organization!
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    Just got back from a few days in Spartanburg and I am now getting around to putting my thoughts into what I saw. - Cam looks excellent. Great attitude. Great accuracy. Great zip on the ball. Etc. He is back. - Will Grier had a rough start to camp. Many incompletions. Held ball too long. BUT... He was dropping bombs on Monday. He has the best deep ball accuracy I have seen. In a drill where the QBs were throwing 20 yard lobs to the corner of the endzone into a net, Grier tossed his with ease. Nothing but net. Once he gets the mental part of the game, he could be something. He got noticeably better every practice I was there. - Terry Godwin is not getting enough attention. He caught everything thrown at him and looked to be the most natural when handling punts. I expect him to get a lot of preseason action. - Jarius Wright is our most consistent receiver. Curtis Samuel is our biggest playmaker. DJ Moore has the most potential. Will be fun to see these guys settle into their roles. - Brian Burns hits harder in practice than other players. Goes hard every snap and gives a pop to every ball carrier if he can. - The runningback battle is closer than many think. CMC looks outstanding. I mean... All-pro good. Jordan Scarlett is EASILY the best 3rd down back behind him. He will make the roster for sure. And he will see regular season action. The real battle is going to be between CAP and Holyfield. We know what CAP is. He is a solid, but unspectacular back. Holyfield broke many tackles in redzone drills and also showed more burst on the outside than I expected. Preseason games will determine this. - Jaydon Mickens is making plays on offense. He is really fighting to be the last receiver to make the roster. Two receivers to watch: Damion Jeanpierre - fantastic short area quickness and burst off of the line. Had to be held by Donte Jackson during 1 on 1s because he dusted him off of the line. Deandrew White - This kid was either a huge play or a concentration drop. If he can be more consistent, he has a shot at the PS. - The coaches seem to really like CB Josh Thornton. He got a lot of snaps. - Marquis Haynes is getting a lot of looks on 1st and 2nd team defense. Team really wants to know what they have in him. - The pass rush looks sick. There will be no better practice for our offensive line than the depth and talent being thrown at them right now every day. Those were the things that stood out to me. Feel free to ask me about other stuff and I'll do my best to answer.
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    The Panthers are 1-0 after winning their road opener against Jacksonville. You wouldn't guess it based on a random sampling of fan responses following the victory. Here is the statistical spread of blame for a marginal performance in which the offense only put up 7 total points. The flogging of Mike Shula in fan dialogue reflects a deep frustration with the performance of offenses he's coordinated, from Tampa Bay to Alabama to Carolina. A smaller contingent of fans point the finger at the receiving corps, and by extension general manager Dave Gettleman, as the personnel-based source of ineptitude. Some even blame Cam Newton. As a bartender in the Carolinas I constantly endure uninformed prattling about football from Natty Light-hucking patrons, and the Monday following the win was no exception. Some narratives refuse to die, like Cam's Gatorade towel singlehandedly stalling drives downfield. So it goes. Whatever the cause, Panthers fans are convinced they've got the worst offense in the league. Jacksonville head coach Gus Bradley certainly seemed to think so. In fact, he designed an entire gameplan around the premise that none of our receivers couldn't get open. "We're going to be aware of Greg Olsen," he told reporters last week, "but we're not gonna obsess." Riiiight. Tests concluded that this statement was a monstrous lie. Let's expose it by identifying a couple of themes in defensive plays the Jaguars ran consistently during all four quarters of the game. 1) The Jaguars bracketed Greg Olsen on every single play. Gus Bradley is such a liar. On the following play, Olsen lines up on the right side of the line. He's supposed to release between the linebacker and safety running a post upfield, a bread-and-butter play for the Panthers (and one of Cam's most consistent throws.) Look what happens next. The Jaguars drop a safety in the box, and then roll the middle linebacker, weakside linebacker, AND the safety to cover Olsen. In doing this they're willing to leave single coverage on the X receiver (looks like Cotchery) running a deep streak and the Z receiver, rookie Funchess, on the hitch route back inside. Greg Olsen got open anyway, but Cam read the coverage and went to Funchess instead. This is what effective defenses do. The Jaguars did this all afternoon. Here's another one: This time Olsen just runs in front of the linebackers and just sits down in the open space. Two linebackers converge on him and the safety freezes long enough to let Philly Brown streak right by him and the corner assigned to Ted Ginn. Of course, both these plays ended in incompletions for the Panthers, which might suggest Jacksonville was able to shut us down by removing Greg Olsen from the equation. Fortunately for us that's not the case. Let's move on to the fourth quarter, and our second defensive theme: 2) The Jaguars played with one deep safety for most of the game. Coupled with their attempts to bracket Olsen out of existence, they dropped a safety into the box to stifle the running game. In doing so they demonstrated a willingness to leave their corners on an island, confident in their ability to shut down Carolina's much-maligned stable of wide receivers. What happened? Those are only a handful of plays, but they're all important. On every play, in the clutch, each receiver was good enough to get open against Jacksonville's single coverage. Gus Bradley gambled on all those plays, hoping a single safety and single coverage from the corners was good enough to win the game, and it wasn't. In fact, his plan looked better than it actually should have; had a controversial penalty not eliminated an early Greg Olsen touchdown (capping off an absolutely brilliant drive) and Ted Ginn not dropped a walk-in touchdown, we'd be looking at a 27-9 drubbing and a fabulous offensive performance on the road. The conclusion? The conclusion is we're 1-0 and you can expect the Panthers to have a pretty good season. The loss of Kelvin Benjamin had emboldened defensive coordinators who now think Carolina has no receiving corps, but Gus Bradley served as the league's unfortunate guinea pig in testing that theory - measured, weight, and found wanting. Mike Shula is far from the best offensive coordinator in the league, and the wide receivers are far from the best position group on the team or in the NFL, but they're good enough to demand two deep safeties, to demand less attention to Greg Olsen and the running game. The wide receivers are good enough to win. I expect they'll contribute to a 2-0 start with a couple of touchdowns this Sunday.
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    I thought I would start to provide this breakdown on a weekly basis. Greg Cosell from NFL films is on WFNZ every week and I absolutely love his unbiased takes. He watches 75 hours of film every week during the season and has been doing it 26 years. He had a good point this week when he was talking about trying to make judgements without watching All 22 and specifically seeing all the route concepts and knowing the coverages behind them. Without knowing the coverages you are not making logical opinions. I will take some brief notes from his breakdown of last weeks film and give them to you weekly if I can. Bucs breakdown: Norv is giving Allen a really good designed read gameplan. If it’s a read he likes he will cut it loose and if not he checks it down. Good compliment to a run based offense. He said Allen is one of the best 1st down passers in the league right now. 127 QBR , 71% completions, 9.5 YPA. Also nice compliment to everyone keying on CMC. Has done well under center running conventional PA. Especially bc he sees a ton of single high Safety. Best throw of day was that 3rd down throw to Wright that he dropped. Awesome ball placement on a scissors route against a cover 4 concept. Says something about his growth. (Ellis has cool GIF on that throw.) Allen is not a super high level thrower. He is good, but nothing jumps out about how he spins the ball. But he says he really likes his accuracy. Norv needs to continue to define his reads and he will continue do well. Our defensive line did a really nice job with a multiple effect stunt game. McCoy dominated his 1 on 1 matchups. Secondary mixed man and zone really well. He raves about the cover 4 subtleties and nuances we ran. He said the zone coverage has developed over the years and it’s not as simple as a man covering an area. Liked how well we looked doing those things even with Cockrell in the lineup. (Bottom line Fewell is paying dividends and has brought another element to our coverage). Intrigued by our matchup principles in our zone concepts. Matching up certain guys on certain receivers but still playing zone. Working well. ( If you notice this year Bradberry isn’t jus to playing one side of the field) He loves how well our front 7 and secondary are meshing right now. Fun to watch on film. He stopped the interview with a little time left and ignored a question to make sure he got this point in. He said he loves how well Eric Reid played in this game and what he brings to our defense. He’s is a really good chess piece in our gameplan. He is really active at the LOS. Really good in the run game. And the good percentage of his blitzes are really effective. (These are the views I really enjoy from a guy that knows the game. I see one whiff by Reid or someone and my weekend warrior logic tells me he had a bad game. But a guy that truly knows his poo raves about him. Keeps me in check) Until next week. Cheers.
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    I thought we already figured out that taking a small trip to Atlanta isn't the same as a cross Atlantic flight to London?
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    This is no better than the forced hit pieces on Cam. If you're going to try to provide analysis at least make some attempt to put bias aside.
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    That kid is going to be special
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    I agree. they missed the opportunity to bring in a new coaching staff quite some time ago
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    As an orthopedic surgeon, gotta say that this typically results in amputation
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    We are finally not keeping players way past their prime for sentimental reasons. Thank fuging God!
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    This is exactly what I want our players focusing on after looking like complete and utter poo on the field. Sigh...
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    if you don't like it,,, LEAVE
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    lol what? only players like eric reid can trigger shitbreathers to get mad at them for using a former team to get motivated for a game
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    It’s weird a boomer who complains about how soft millennials are is complaining about an enforcer hit but then complains about how soft the league has become. Seems like there might be an agenda?
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    Best healthy player should start. If Cam is healthy, that is him. If you want to sit a healthy Cam Newton because he might get hurt, then go ahead and trade him. That is ridiculous.
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    The first group has arrived
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    We just rolled through London with over 1,000 total fans from 14 countries. It was truly incredible. This is what it looked like. https://theriotreport.com/photo-gallery-roaring-riot-the-london-calling/
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    Julio you see that? Don’t settle for anything under 105 bro
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    Dude. You’re a good poster and I really dont care if the Panthers support Megan Rapinoe or not because it doesnt affect my life in any way but how do you praise “inclusivity” then tell anyone with a different opinion to “fug off and find a new team?” Zero logic bro Liberals always wanna shove this “be open minded and inclusive” rhetoric down peoples throats but then condemn anyone who offers a different opinion. Im only 25 and im already tired of it. Just my 2 cents before this thread inevitably gets sent to the tinderbox
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    The stuff people throw around on here boggles the mind. Like how could someone be so stupid. you just can’t make this up
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    glad we have character guys on our team. the only blow tre boston does is coverage
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    in what way is a domestic 1hr flight equivalent to spending 8hrs on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean? are you really that stupid op? Asking for a friend
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    When Cam got hurt in the preseason, many of us Panther fans were worried that Cam would never be what he once was. When he came out the first 2 games and continued to look injured and play poorly we had visions of last season, and thought all hope was lost for this season. I mean, why wouldn't we think that? Cam has been that guy since day 1, the guy we could count on to carry this team. The thought of going forward without Cam was scary, and who did we have behind him? Kyle Allen, a guy who we have seen 1 regular season game where he looked good and 2 preseasons worth of bad tape, a guy who was an UDFA and was cut from the team last year. This season was sure to be lost. Then comes the Arizona game and Allen plays very well, there is hope. He continues to win 3 more games and put us in playoff contention. And what does a portion of the fan base do? Tear him down, analyze every deficiency, and try to calm any excitement others may have for him. Then he loses a game and looks bad in the process, it felt like these same people were excited about it and happy. This made no sense to me. I understand, we have all been carrying our shield for Cam and defending him since day 1, many felt like they still needed to do that now. Yes the Cam bashers came out of the woodwork and touted Kyle as Cams replacement, many said he was better. But, that is expected, that is what we have had to defend against the entire time Cam has been here. We were supposed to be better than that, we were supposed to not be like that faction of the fan base. Instead many acted just like that portion of the fan base, but towards Kyle Allen, an UDFA back up QB whose job is to win a few games while our starter gets healthy. He has done that, he has done everything that has been asked of him. He is 4-1. Is he doing everything that is expected from a backup QB? Yes. Is he better than most of us expected? Yes. Is there reason to be excited about it? Yes. Is he the future at QB for the Carolina Panthers? I don't know, but it doesn't matter. Right now I'm all in on Kyle Allen and any win he gets is a positive.
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    It would not have mattered if Tom Brady started for the Carolina Panthers yesterday. It was destined to be a butt whooping before the Panthers ever stepped foot off the plane. Thank goodness Cam did not play or the national narrative right now surrounding this team would be brutal. Better to have Kyle take a beating and have a bad game. This kind of loss as Cam's first game back would be a perfect storm of fuckatude.
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    Sapp literally listed a laundry list off pro bowlers that all played on the same defense. Brooks. Sapp. Lynch. Barber. They all played together. and yet he acts like it is a mystery why McCoy hasn’t had more team success? I think Sapp answered his own question.
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    A quick summary of what all has happened this off-season and why. Ron Rivera had doubts about Gaulden early on, alluding to his move to nickel as far back as February. But hey, why not give the kid one last chance and give him until training camp. Camp came, and he was awful. So let's see how he looks at nickel. Well, Gaulden looked like a damn football player at nickel. Looky there. That's where he belonged the whole time. Better that than be a complete bust of a third rounder. The Panthers still like Cockrell at free safety but you can't go into the season with a guy that has never played there before. So you go get Tre Boston on a one year stop gap contract. They don't want Boston. They need Boston. They were hoping to have someone average enough to not have to sign him. His last season with the Panthers he was part of the problem on defense. That must be the last impression of Boston that Rivera has. So today the defense has improved since February. The Panthers have more depth at free safety and nickel and that's a good thing.
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    He doesn't seem like a particularly compassionate person, and maybe it makes me a dick but I doubt he'd give a poo about cancer if it hadn't claimed his mom. He strikes me as one of those people who only cares about something if it happens to directly intersect with his life in some way.
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    Wind power??? Useless. They need to find a way to harness the power of angst and it will fuel the facility forever.
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    Hey remember when OP said Cam would never lead the panthers to a 4th quarter comeback and then Cam proceeded to rifle off like 5 of them in one season. Good times. This fan base is pathetic
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    That's just bad reporting. Ben Roethlisberger's two alleged sexual assaults haven't overshadowed his play. I think Reid is doing something legally and peacefully - let him do what he wants.
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    We have three new moderators to help improve this joint and keep it one of the best sports related forums on the interwebs. @Cracka McNasty , @LinvilleGorge, and @rodeo now have the ability to moderate this forum. This includes issuing warnings and banning offenders.
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    Let's gooooooooooo With Cam With Kyle. This team can win it all.
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    Huddle over reacting to preseason?? No WAY
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    "He only got MVP once in 9 seasons...." Man, DeAngelo comes off really dumb right there.....
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    You taken a look at this forum after a loss or even after a bad half of football?
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    It's actually okay if we "don't deserve a professional football team" right now. All indications are we don't have one.
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    If Rivera pulls that poo at any point in the regular season he should be fired the next day.
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    Like when the cops say if you have nothing to hide, why can’t I search your car? FOH with that mess.
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    DeAngelo is the saltiest mother fuger who has ever lived. Anytime you feel the need to preface something with "not being a hater..." just fuging stop right there. You're already admitting your bias. If you just had an honest opinion about something you wouldn't feel the need to offer that preface. You're offering it because you're already defensive about it because you're aware of the bias that went into it.
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    Feel free to discuss it or add your own. *I don't think it was because it humanized him versus the cyborg we see in pressers, but for some reason, I found myself believing in Rivera a lot more than I did before watching it. You guys know I've been one of his harshest critics, and I repeatedly cited mistakes made on game days that I've never seen before or since as to why I believe he wasn't right for the job. But it seems he really has the players' ear. Perhaps it is the way NFL Films framed it, but I don't believe so... we've saw numerous examples of the players' belief in Rivera, and seeing him lend an empathetic ear and then ripping them a new one in the next scene seems to lend itself to the idea that he is a stabilizing force. The more I watched, the more I got the feeling that so much of what went wrong was not on Ron... it seemed to be a combination of things that led up to gamedays that had very little to do with him. I got the feeling so much of it was a lack of locker room leadership and accountability between the players themselves and poor preparation on behalf of the position coaches and coordinators. My criticism of Ron's trust in his guys like Washington still stands, but it seems that was really his only fault on what unfolded. The players believe in Ron, period. *Funchess is an absolute headcase. I never was a fan and never wanted him for on-field reasons, but seeing the crap he was doing off-field was even more of a reason to not want him on this roster. From trying to fight a coach because a family member died and then using that as an excuse even 9 weeks later when your play is presented to you, to that interview he did after the Detroit game that I never saw before, dude seemed like a legit sociopath. Perhaps it's just immaturity, but I got the impression that that is just who he is - unstable, excuse-maker, and not committed to the craft. Reminded me of him skipping the workout with Cam because of another death in the family at the time... that instance alone is understandable, but when you look at it in the big scope of his tenure here, it just seemed like one excuse after another. Other guys on the team have had personal issues off the field, and you didn't get all of those excuses. Glad we moved on from him... it was overdue. *I'm a Cam guy... always have been. And I didn't think I could be any more of one, but I am. His leadership is awe-inspiring. Seeing how he actually pulled guys aside and the things he would say to get them in the moment or to get them to lock-in, was amazing. I know local media has made light of Cam's misquoted cliches in pressers, but that is all filler where he obviously is trying to say something without saying something with pre-generated responses... but, to see him actually engage guys one-on-one and how he addresses them in the huddle when it comes from the heart and he's saying what he is really thinking and feeling... man. We are really lucky to have #1. I'm hoping he's back and stronger than ever physically this season, because we need him. *Loved Tepper. He's a bit brash, but also seemingly a bit of an everyman. Very approachable and relatable, but no non-sense. I also loved his level of involvement. It was interesting to see the scene where he pulled Marty aside and told him they needed to sit Cam because the shoulder was a problem. Loved seeing him step in and make the call there, bc as we see later, he really believes in Cam and was doing it with his best interest in mind. Also, loved his commentary and reasoning on signing EReid -"Smart, calculated risks" seems to be his M.O., and I love it. Also loved his input leading up to the draft, saying the team's success began and ended with the lines, so they needed to be addressed... and then it appears he sat back and let the FO handle the evaluation and selection of players from that point on. All that being said, the timing of this was great as it has me primed and ready for our season. I was already more excited than I probably ever have been before coming into this season bc of the offseason we had, but seeing our leadership at work, behind the scenes, has me even more excited. This is going to be a great season.
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    It's funny people think athletes should have no life outside of football. The team is doing nothing today he can do what he wants.
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    They're undefeated and the game is at home. They should feel confident. If we go in and win, our bandwagon will begin to fill up rapidly
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    lol he's an 8 year vet and has played in a super bowl, came out and set arizona on fire for his rookie debut during a lockout year with like no practice other than training camp. i think he will be ok.
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    My dude Kevin makes the best edits and hype videos of anyone covering this team. They’re too dope not to share occasionally.
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    No injuries No injuries No injuries

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