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    Ah yes, Ronald looking to ride the coat tails of superior talent for 8-9 years while simultaneously mismanaging injuries to franchise players and consistently underachieving all while blaming the players (and their subsequent more serious injuries because of your ineptitude).
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    As part of the Roaring Riot and Crusing with Cam, i was one of 50 people who met Cam tonight. I can only say that yes he was in a walking boot, yes he is coming back and he could not have been nicer and more humble to everyone there God bless him
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    If Rivera had knowledge that cam has a lisfranc injury (which he has to cuz he's the coach) and let him play anyways, it's just another reason to fire him.
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    The Panthers are 1-0 after winning their road opener against Jacksonville. You wouldn't guess it based on a random sampling of fan responses following the victory. Here is the statistical spread of blame for a marginal performance in which the offense only put up 7 total points. The flogging of Mike Shula in fan dialogue reflects a deep frustration with the performance of offenses he's coordinated, from Tampa Bay to Alabama to Carolina. A smaller contingent of fans point the finger at the receiving corps, and by extension general manager Dave Gettleman, as the personnel-based source of ineptitude. Some even blame Cam Newton. As a bartender in the Carolinas I constantly endure uninformed prattling about football from Natty Light-hucking patrons, and the Monday following the win was no exception. Some narratives refuse to die, like Cam's Gatorade towel singlehandedly stalling drives downfield. So it goes. Whatever the cause, Panthers fans are convinced they've got the worst offense in the league. Jacksonville head coach Gus Bradley certainly seemed to think so. In fact, he designed an entire gameplan around the premise that none of our receivers couldn't get open. "We're going to be aware of Greg Olsen," he told reporters last week, "but we're not gonna obsess." Riiiight. Tests concluded that this statement was a monstrous lie. Let's expose it by identifying a couple of themes in defensive plays the Jaguars ran consistently during all four quarters of the game. 1) The Jaguars bracketed Greg Olsen on every single play. Gus Bradley is such a liar. On the following play, Olsen lines up on the right side of the line. He's supposed to release between the linebacker and safety running a post upfield, a bread-and-butter play for the Panthers (and one of Cam's most consistent throws.) Look what happens next. The Jaguars drop a safety in the box, and then roll the middle linebacker, weakside linebacker, AND the safety to cover Olsen. In doing this they're willing to leave single coverage on the X receiver (looks like Cotchery) running a deep streak and the Z receiver, rookie Funchess, on the hitch route back inside. Greg Olsen got open anyway, but Cam read the coverage and went to Funchess instead. This is what effective defenses do. The Jaguars did this all afternoon. Here's another one: This time Olsen just runs in front of the linebackers and just sits down in the open space. Two linebackers converge on him and the safety freezes long enough to let Philly Brown streak right by him and the corner assigned to Ted Ginn. Of course, both these plays ended in incompletions for the Panthers, which might suggest Jacksonville was able to shut us down by removing Greg Olsen from the equation. Fortunately for us that's not the case. Let's move on to the fourth quarter, and our second defensive theme: 2) The Jaguars played with one deep safety for most of the game. Coupled with their attempts to bracket Olsen out of existence, they dropped a safety into the box to stifle the running game. In doing so they demonstrated a willingness to leave their corners on an island, confident in their ability to shut down Carolina's much-maligned stable of wide receivers. What happened? Those are only a handful of plays, but they're all important. On every play, in the clutch, each receiver was good enough to get open against Jacksonville's single coverage. Gus Bradley gambled on all those plays, hoping a single safety and single coverage from the corners was good enough to win the game, and it wasn't. In fact, his plan looked better than it actually should have; had a controversial penalty not eliminated an early Greg Olsen touchdown (capping off an absolutely brilliant drive) and Ted Ginn not dropped a walk-in touchdown, we'd be looking at a 27-9 drubbing and a fabulous offensive performance on the road. The conclusion? The conclusion is we're 1-0 and you can expect the Panthers to have a pretty good season. The loss of Kelvin Benjamin had emboldened defensive coordinators who now think Carolina has no receiving corps, but Gus Bradley served as the league's unfortunate guinea pig in testing that theory - measured, weight, and found wanting. Mike Shula is far from the best offensive coordinator in the league, and the wide receivers are far from the best position group on the team or in the NFL, but they're good enough to demand two deep safeties, to demand less attention to Greg Olsen and the running game. The wide receivers are good enough to win. I expect they'll contribute to a 2-0 start with a couple of touchdowns this Sunday.
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    These three gentlemen played their asses off and make us proud. Wish they could have gotten a dub.
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    I thought I would start to provide this breakdown on a weekly basis. Greg Cosell from NFL films is on WFNZ every week and I absolutely love his unbiased takes. He watches 75 hours of film every week during the season and has been doing it 26 years. He had a good point this week when he was talking about trying to make judgements without watching All 22 and specifically seeing all the route concepts and knowing the coverages behind them. Without knowing the coverages you are not making logical opinions. I will take some brief notes from his breakdown of last weeks film and give them to you weekly if I can. Bucs breakdown: Norv is giving Allen a really good designed read gameplan. If it’s a read he likes he will cut it loose and if not he checks it down. Good compliment to a run based offense. He said Allen is one of the best 1st down passers in the league right now. 127 QBR , 71% completions, 9.5 YPA. Also nice compliment to everyone keying on CMC. Has done well under center running conventional PA. Especially bc he sees a ton of single high Safety. Best throw of day was that 3rd down throw to Wright that he dropped. Awesome ball placement on a scissors route against a cover 4 concept. Says something about his growth. (Ellis has cool GIF on that throw.) Allen is not a super high level thrower. He is good, but nothing jumps out about how he spins the ball. But he says he really likes his accuracy. Norv needs to continue to define his reads and he will continue do well. Our defensive line did a really nice job with a multiple effect stunt game. McCoy dominated his 1 on 1 matchups. Secondary mixed man and zone really well. He raves about the cover 4 subtleties and nuances we ran. He said the zone coverage has developed over the years and it’s not as simple as a man covering an area. Liked how well we looked doing those things even with Cockrell in the lineup. (Bottom line Fewell is paying dividends and has brought another element to our coverage). Intrigued by our matchup principles in our zone concepts. Matching up certain guys on certain receivers but still playing zone. Working well. ( If you notice this year Bradberry isn’t jus to playing one side of the field) He loves how well our front 7 and secondary are meshing right now. Fun to watch on film. He stopped the interview with a little time left and ignored a question to make sure he got this point in. He said he loves how well Eric Reid played in this game and what he brings to our defense. He’s is a really good chess piece in our gameplan. He is really active at the LOS. Really good in the run game. And the good percentage of his blitzes are really effective. (These are the views I really enjoy from a guy that knows the game. I see one whiff by Reid or someone and my weekend warrior logic tells me he had a bad game. But a guy that truly knows his poo raves about him. Keeps me in check) Until next week. Cheers.
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    I thought we already figured out that taking a small trip to Atlanta isn't the same as a cross Atlantic flight to London?
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    This is no better than the forced hit pieces on Cam. If you're going to try to provide analysis at least make some attempt to put bias aside.
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    First year UDFA QB still making mistakes? Still learning to see everything? Not quite the finished product? Color me shocked!
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    It was a pleasure coaching you Luke, good luck on your next endeavors.
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    lol what? only players like eric reid can trigger shitbreathers to get mad at them for using a former team to get motivated for a game
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    https://amp.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nfl/carolina-panthers/article237619009.html Cam is great for the city of Charlotte, always doing great things for kids especially. Will be sad if this was his last year here.
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    If Cam has any chance at all to return to being the Cam we know and love and we let him walk or trade him away. It would be the single biggest mistake in this teams History. Even if you want to draft his eventual replacement this year, it would still be a massive mistake. I thought everyone watching Allen this year would remind y’all how rare of a talent Cam is when healthy. But apparently not. I wonder who saw the rollercoaster that is Allen coming this season? I wonder who said Remember Matt Moore? Don’t shoot yourself in the foot trying to get something when you already have something better on the roster. Cam when healthy is a top 10 if not too 5 QB in this league and that is rare enough that you don’t let him go when there is a chance for him to return to form. end of discussion!
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    Best healthy player should start. If Cam is healthy, that is him. If you want to sit a healthy Cam Newton because he might get hurt, then go ahead and trade him. That is ridiculous.
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    The first group has arrived
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    Has a bright future ahead of him and is in good health despite multiple severe concussions. Can't say that I blame him one bit for not wanting to start over with a rebuild. All class. Hall of Honor inductee the moment he is eligible.
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    We just rolled through London with over 1,000 total fans from 14 countries. It was truly incredible. This is what it looked like. https://theriotreport.com/photo-gallery-roaring-riot-the-london-calling/
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    I've come away with one conclusion. Hurney is the greatest 1st round drafter of all time.
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    Currently living in Albuquerque, NM and got our first snow. Had to represent the neighborhood with a Panthers snowman amongst Cowboys and Broncos trash all around!
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    The stuff people throw around on here boggles the mind. Like how could someone be so stupid. you just can’t make this up
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    Well, so far it’s been 25+ years
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    in what way is a domestic 1hr flight equivalent to spending 8hrs on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean? are you really that stupid op? Asking for a friend
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    in this madden scenario we have deleted cincy from the nfl
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    When Cam got hurt in the preseason, many of us Panther fans were worried that Cam would never be what he once was. When he came out the first 2 games and continued to look injured and play poorly we had visions of last season, and thought all hope was lost for this season. I mean, why wouldn't we think that? Cam has been that guy since day 1, the guy we could count on to carry this team. The thought of going forward without Cam was scary, and who did we have behind him? Kyle Allen, a guy who we have seen 1 regular season game where he looked good and 2 preseasons worth of bad tape, a guy who was an UDFA and was cut from the team last year. This season was sure to be lost. Then comes the Arizona game and Allen plays very well, there is hope. He continues to win 3 more games and put us in playoff contention. And what does a portion of the fan base do? Tear him down, analyze every deficiency, and try to calm any excitement others may have for him. Then he loses a game and looks bad in the process, it felt like these same people were excited about it and happy. This made no sense to me. I understand, we have all been carrying our shield for Cam and defending him since day 1, many felt like they still needed to do that now. Yes the Cam bashers came out of the woodwork and touted Kyle as Cams replacement, many said he was better. But, that is expected, that is what we have had to defend against the entire time Cam has been here. We were supposed to be better than that, we were supposed to not be like that faction of the fan base. Instead many acted just like that portion of the fan base, but towards Kyle Allen, an UDFA back up QB whose job is to win a few games while our starter gets healthy. He has done that, he has done everything that has been asked of him. He is 4-1. Is he doing everything that is expected from a backup QB? Yes. Is he better than most of us expected? Yes. Is there reason to be excited about it? Yes. Is he the future at QB for the Carolina Panthers? I don't know, but it doesn't matter. Right now I'm all in on Kyle Allen and any win he gets is a positive.
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    It would not have mattered if Tom Brady started for the Carolina Panthers yesterday. It was destined to be a butt whooping before the Panthers ever stepped foot off the plane. Thank goodness Cam did not play or the national narrative right now surrounding this team would be brutal. Better to have Kyle take a beating and have a bad game. This kind of loss as Cam's first game back would be a perfect storm of fuckatude.
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    Remember when the NFL more or less forced Jerry to sell to Tepper rather than navarro because they thought he'd be a yes man? Hahahaha
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    I have been doing to pretty extensive tape watching this season, obviously there is much more to evaluate with bowl games, combines, etc. Here are my top 5 prospects within each position. I have not watched enough tape on tight ends, interior offensive lineman, or linebackers to put out a solid opinion yet, so I will hold off on those until later. I will put an asterisk next to each one that is a potential Panthers pick, as well as a pro comparison and small summary. None of these come from my scout friend, and are exclusively my opinion (Granted we do collaborate) QB: 1. Justin Herbert, QB, ORE* Strengths: Elite arm strength, always manages to get on platform for throws, excellent outside the pocket, prototypical size, sound fundamentals, elite touch throws, excellent at reading the field, very good pocket presence, windows never close for him Weaknesses: Decision making is very questionable at times, tendency to lock on to receivers, misuse at Oregon leads to questions about coaches confidence in him, can lock onto receivers at times, misses too many deep throws, football ADHD Pro comparison: Matthew Stafford 2. Joe Burrow, QB, LSU* Strengths: Dominated elite college competition, next level accuracy, excels at leading receivers in the routes, quick release on short/mid throws, obvious dedication to the game and high football IQ, elite leadership, great touch on throws, able to go through his reads often, out of this world pocket presence Weaknesses: Just on ok arm, one year wonder?, deep balls come with a hitch in his throw, a lot of balls would be picked at the next level or sail to the outside Pro comparison: Tony Romo 3. Tua Tagovailoa, QB, ALA* Strengths: Great arm, elite leadership, consistently makes eye popping throws, great athleticism which he uses to look downfield, good at off platform throws, consistently dominated SEC, great pocket presence, ideal mechanics, true warrior that fits the definition of 'clutch', elite touch on throws Weaknesses: Health is the biggest red flag, will a south paw work in modern NFL?, tries to play hero ball on multiple occasions instead of taking the reads Pro comparison: Russel Wilson 4. Jordan Love, QB, UTST* Strengths: Arm strength rivals Eason, always looks like the best player on the field given his division, great mobility inside and outside the pocket, elite touch passes, good pocket presence, ideal size, can make crazy throws from any position Weaknesses: Why did his production fall off the map?, accuracy comes in waves, locks in on receivers often, seemingly never reads the field, often chucks the ball down the field just because he can Pro comparison: Patrick Mahomes 5. Jacob Eason, QB, WAS Strengths: Best arm in the class, makes throws very few people can, compact release that comes out like a rocket, can fit the ball into any window Weaknesses: Highly questionable decision making, mistakes come at the worst time, overconfident in his arm, serious concerns about work ethic and leadership, accuracy comes in waves, has problems layering passes, oblivious in the pocket often, extremely raw Pro comparison: Jay Cutler RB: 1. D'Andre Swift, RB, GEO: Strengths: Elite acceleration, elite burst, great vision, cuts on a dime, three down back, agility off the charts Weaknesses: Not going to run a lot of people over, never really used as a pass catcher Pro comparison: Alvin Kamara 2. Jonathan Taylor, RB, WIS Strengths: A true workhorse, dominated competition at high levels, three down back, patient, will run over anyone who gets in front of him, great cutting ability, elite vision, excellent pass blocking, Weaknesses: Not the fastest guy in the world, lots of mileage, was never really used as a pass catcher Pro comparison: Frank Gore 3. Cam Akers, RB, FLST Strengths: Elite burst off the line, runs right at people, wolverine style rb, elite one cut ability, solid receiver Weaknesses: Inconsistent in YAC, production drop, awkward running style Pro comparison: Devonta Freeman 4. Najee Harris, RB, ALA Strengths: Elite power runner, sneaky good in the passing game, true workhorse, three down back, really good athleticism for his size Weaknesses: Has trouble hitting the next gear, hesitates to run inside a lot, speed may catch up to him at the NFL level with outside runs Pro comparison: Derick Henry 5. Travis Etienne, RB, CLE Strengths: Elite burst, great second gear, reliable pass catcher, can hit the big play at any moment Weaknesses: Ball security issues, questions about pass blocking, size is a concern Pro comparison: Philip Lindsay WR: 1. Jerry Jeudy, WR, ALA Strengths: Game breaking speed, elusive route runner, elite second gear, YAC monster, elite ball tracking, high football IQ Weaknesses: Size is a question mark for a #1 Pro comparison: Steve Smith Sr. 2. Laviska Shenault, WR, COL Strengths: Elite play maker, elite catching ability, plays like a RB when he has the ball in his hand, elite quickness and second gear Weaknesses: Can he separate outside at the next level? His route running isn't fully developed Pro comparison: Larry Fitzgerald 3. CeeDee Lamb, WR, OKL Strengths: Elite and creative route runner, great hands, YAC machine, very polished, good enough speed, fits the mold at the next level Weaknesses: Is he a product of a system? Isn't going to be a burner in the NFL Pro comparison: Robert Woods 4. Justin Jefferson, WR, LSU Strengths: Elite "go and get it" ability with contested throws, great speed, great route runner, great at finding soft spots Weaknesses: Short area quickness, struggles with press coverage at times Pro comparison: Courtland Sutton 5. Jaelen Reagor, WR, TCU* Strengths: Elite speed, elite burst, great at specific routes, true vertical threat Weaknesses: Drops and contested catches are a concern, not a huge route tree Pro comparison: Desean Jackson T: 1. Andrew Thomas, T, GEO* Strengths: Prototypical size, elite pass blocker, great athleticism, elite speed/power transitions, elite hand placement, great at pulling, great at punching open holes for runner, very experienced, best anchor in the class Weaknesses: Could stand to get better as a run blocker, and sometimes leans into his stance a bit much. Pro comparison: Trent Williams 2. Austin Jackson, T, USC* Strengths: Elite athleticism, uses his athleticism to control the edge, elite pass blocker, high character, elite pulls and traps, long term left tackle in the NFL with unlimited upside. Weaknesses: Very raw, leans into blocks which allows rushers inside, sometimes overthinks what he is doing instead of using his natural ability Pro comparison: Tyron Smith 3. Tristan Wirfs, T, IOW Strengths: Elite run blocker, great size, very solid athleticism, loves to run dudes over for his RB, mean mauler, sets the edge nicely defenders have to work for a win against him Weaknesses: Probably more of a true right tackle, struggles with elite speed Pro comparison: La'el Collins 4. Mekhi Becton, T, LOU* Strengths: Huge dude who uses his size and strength to leverage off edge rushers, once he has a hold of the defender they are out of the play, can play either side Weaknesses: If beat off the edge he struggles to recover, is inconsistent at times, not really a true mauler despite his size Pro comparison 5. Jedrick Willis, T, ALA Strengths: Elite run blocker, elite strength, seemingly cannot be bull rushed, good anchor, rarely ever beat inside, good enough at the edge Weaknesses: Can be beat with speed, more of a pure right tackle, just ok athleticism Edge: 1. Chase Yong, Edge, OHST Strengths: Literally everything man he is insane on tape, elite athleticism, elite edge rush outside, elite inside push, elite transition from rush to run defense, natural at everything he does. Weaknesses: Could use more variety in pass rush moves Pro comparison: Julius Peppers 2. Yetur Gross-Matos, Edge, PEN Strengths: Freak athlete, dominated competition, high motor, always finds his way into the backfield and makes some impossible tackles, can win in multiple ways off the edge Weaknesses: Doesn't have the best pass rushing moveset, relies on natural ability too often Pro comparison: Everson Griffen 3. AJ Epenesa, Edge, IOW Strengths: Elite off the edge with immense power, frame compliments his freakish skill set, elite bend for his size, like trying to move a boulder in the run game, excellent reach/length Weaknesses: Isn't the best speed rusher in the world, can be beat on pitches and outside runs Pro comparison: Carlos Dunlap 4. K'Lavon Chaisson, OLB, LSU: Strengths: Athleticism is off the charts, versatile as a linebacker and edge rusher, sneaky good in run defense for his size, elite in the open field, edge rush is eye popping with his raw speed. Weaknesses: If a lineman gets his hands on him he struggles to break off, very raw as a pass rusher, lighter than you would like an edge guy to be. Pro comparison: Brian Burns 5. Julian Okwara, Edge, ND Strengths: Checks all the boxes in the physical check box, speed to power is elite at times, good lower bend, aggressive and explosive off the line Weaknesses: Production isn't where you would like it, still raw when it comes to his move set, moved pretty easily in the ground game. Pro comparison: Cameron Jordan Interior D-Line: 1. Derick Brown, DT/DE, AUB* Strengths: Elite strength, prototypical size, elite run stuffer, seemingly impossible to move off the ball, routinely beats double teams, walks back defenders with his bullrush and elite first step for his size Weaknesses: Has stiff feet at times, not the longest arms for his size Pro comparison: Marcel Dareus 2. Raekwon Davis, DT/DE, ALA* Strengths: Elite athleticism for his size, excellent anchor that is tough to move off the ball, rare strength to match his athleticism Weaknesses: Production is curious given his physical attributes, pretty raw in the pass rush area Pro comparison: Michael Brockers 3. Javon Kinlaw, DT, SC* Strengths: Comes at you like a missile of the ball, has enough athleticism to be a monster pass rusher off the interior, elite power to go along with his excellent raw athleticism, just manhandles blockers out of the way, can play anywhere within the interior, holds up well against the run Weaknesses: His tank runs out fast if he doesn't beat you on the initial push he seemingly accepts the loss, really needs to work on his endurance throughout the game, has some pretty bad tunnel vision at times. Pro comparison: Jurrell Casey 4. Marvin Wilson, DT/DE, FST* Strengths: Built to play interior d-line, beats 1v1s consistency, high motor player who overwhelms blockers, good at breaking off a rush and pursuing runs Weaknesses: Can be blown off the ball in runs, slow at processing run or pass and gets lost, is not explosive off the ball. Pro comparison: Grady Jarrett 5. Neville Gallimore, DT, OKL Strengths: Elite strength and great athleticism to compliment it, very quick off the ball at times, eats up blocks, able to get into the backfield early and often, a true disrupter, true workout warrior, and true pass rushing nose tackle Weaknesses: Has issues with his motor, gets tired out quickly, effectiveness dies down through the game, not the best at anchoring against the run. Pro comparison: Dontari Poe DB: 1. Grant Delpit, S, LSU* Elite versatility does everything well, can play deep free safety, cover tight ends, play in the box, great at disguising blitzes then zooming off the edge, excellent ball skills, and is refined at any position you want him to play at the next level Weaknesses: Not very many at all, could work on tackling, don't expect him to cover Julio Jones Pro comparison: Eric Berry 2. Jeffrey Okudah, CB, OHST* Strengths: Elite man coverage corner with excellent length, quick feet, able to play press very well, elite recovery speed, sticks to receivers like glue off the press, excellent range, and great athleticism Weaknesses: Struggles in zone at times, one year wonder?, still a bit raw in technique Pro comparison: Jalen Ramsey 3. Kristian Fulton, CB, LSU* Strengths: Patient, great in press, excels in man coverage, excellent short area quickness, plays the ball like a receiver Weaknesses: Can get beat from his aggressiveness, can be beat by bigger receivers off the line, not a great tackler, questionable off the field Pro comparison: Stephon Gilmore 4. Trevon Diggs, CB, ALA Strengths: Long, super athletic, versatile inside and outside, good vertical speed to prevent the deep play, great in man and press, plays the ball well Weaknesses: Can get overly aggressive leading to getting beat hard and drawing penalties, not going to take anyone head on in a tackle, injury history, can be beat by elite speed Pro comparison: Xavier Rhodes 5. CJ Henderson, CB, FLO Strengths: Terrific athlete, great recovery speed, lanky arms, can make a play for the ball at any body position, very effective blitzer Weaknesses: Struggles with tackling at times, not really a great zone player, abandons his man too often, gets caught looking in the backfield often Pro comparison: Donte Jackson
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    An account that calls out bad takes and incorrect opinions just posted this about our boy here.
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    My sister used to be a paramedic, and she was a good one. In my granted to not exactly be 100% objective opinion, she was the best that our local ambulance service had for the entire time she worked there. She also could be a colossal know-it-all. (I know what you're thinking; shut yer trap) There was a time however when I was sick that she was absolutely certain her EMT level medical knowledge was enough to diagnose what was ailing me. I reminded her that while I appreciated her input, she was not a doctor and I preferred to go see someone who was. As it turned out, she was wrong. And it's not that she was dumb or didn't know what she was talking about. She was very smart for a paramedic, just not "doctor" smart. So what does that have to do with football? Let's talk about our leadership. Ron Rivera isn't a moron. He's actually a very intelligent man and he knows his football very well. Likewise, Marty Hurney isn't completely devoid of football knowledge. He's certainly capable of making good draft picks, free agent signings, etc. The problem in both cases is not that either guy is dumb. It's just that they're not as smart as the guys who are running and coaching our opponents. Both Ron and Marty are probably "paramedic" smart, and that's certainly not bad. Unfortunately, offensive and defensive schemes over the last several years have gotten more complex. Likewise, given that fewer players hit free agency these days, it's become increasingly important the teams hit not just in the first round of the draft, but as many of them as possible. Hurney and Rivera are both guys who tend to think more of individual moves than overarching plans. It's the Checkers vs. Chess metaphor, and sadly it's very accurate. In the old days you probably could have had a decent career thinking like that. Not so much anymore. Defenders like to say they're smarter than we are as fans. And it's true, they are. But that's not enough. And if we seriously want to be Championship contenders and not guys who are just kind of there, we're going to need to get people in leadership who are capable of matching up against opposing braintrusts far better than our current group does right now. Otherwise, we're just treading water.
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    Wind power??? Useless. They need to find a way to harness the power of angst and it will fuel the facility forever.
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    Hey remember when OP said Cam would never lead the panthers to a 4th quarter comeback and then Cam proceeded to rifle off like 5 of them in one season. Good times. This fan base is pathetic
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    I get a lot of people here don't like Rivera. But can we please stop with the idea Ron Rivera forced Cam to play? It's very clear that Cam doesn't want to play unless hs is literally incapable of playing, and now he's said it's basically to the point that he hid injuries. That's on Cam, and that attitude of not wanting to let the team down is big in football. I love Cam and I hope he rests and gets healthy, and this is a big thing for him to do.
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    How convenient for you Greg, you weren't singing that tune when you and TD went crying to pappy about your contracts.
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    My question: Why are we working contracts without knowing what we'll be deploying in 2020?
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    Y’all been real disrespectful to Cam lately and that poo needs to stop.
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    He stinks at football...why cant anyone see this?
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    Let's gooooooooooo With Cam With Kyle. This team can win it all.
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    We have three new moderators to help improve this joint and keep it one of the best sports related forums on the interwebs. @Cracka McNasty , @LinvilleGorge, and @rodeo now have the ability to moderate this forum. This includes issuing warnings and banning offenders.
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    On a serious note, im fine with this. Honestly think they should just name all pro teams and not play a game.

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