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    Wow! Jourdan is REALLY going in on the Panthers organization. No lies detected!
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    I'm glad she said it, but let's be honest, it's not exposing anything. At least half of this board has been saying this for years. It's just confirming what everyone with at least half of a functioning brain already knew.
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    Honestly, the Panthers better hope and pray there isn’t a season this year because Cam is about to make the team look very, very stupid for releasing him.
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    100% facts. The blame for Cam's "injury history" has always sat at the feet of Ron Rivera and the front office.
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    Agree with everything she says. Panthers pissed away a generational player and don’t have a SB to show for it. Also did him dirty by waiting to release him and lying about keeping him. Team is a joke.
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    Maybe it's because this team doesn't have many players worth talking about after the purge.
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    Was this place unbearable for you when threads were made about Cam being jobless? You Cam haters were on Cloud 9 when he was gone, but now you're pissed that he not only has a job, but he's with a winning organization like the Patriots.
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    Screw it, this is the Newton Huddle, lump all Panthers related post into one thread.
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    He’s right this place is unbearable. More threads and interest over the Patriots QB than the Panthers. There has literally been zero discussion or even entertaining conversation regarding our current QB, coach and even players. And as a Panther fan, or for any Panther fan coming here for these things, should be discouraging. Just goes back to proving the point that half the people here were never fans to begin with. And for these people, it’s really not an issue (obviously).
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    2020 could be the years Panthers will go undefeated.
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    My great grandfather was a Redtail or Tuskegee Airmen. I had so much pride when I learned that. It’s funny, because my aunt just randomly dropped that on me, and I was like why didn’t I know this earlier lol. After his days of an airman, he settled in Bennetsville, SC and we have our family reunions there now.
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    I’ve been a die hard Panthers fan my entire life but you can’t objectively look at this Cam situation and think we (Panthers) aren’t total idiots. This is worse than the Smitty situation. Tepper is arrogant asshole and thinks he can do better than a healthy Cam Newton. And frankly he reeks of a guy that watches Colin Cowherd and lets it affect his decision making. The best QB we’ve ever had. The best player to make the biggest impact. The one that could bring success quickly. And we use him up and trash him because the new owner thinks he knows better. Total bullshit. Do you all realize only in this offseason we finally addressed LT? We finally signed a good free agent WR? And we let Cam walk to sign a dude who is a fraction of his potential.
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    No there's nothing else going on, and this is the biggest NFL news in months and it involves a former player of ours. So people who were butt-blasted from the minute we drafted him and always wanted him gone are pretending that they can't understand why he's with another team but everybody is still talking about him.
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    that was the best season of football ive ever watched. so many frikkin nailbiters. so many unbelievable finishes.
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    Let's start with the dude isn't on the team anymore and it has been stated to combine Cam posts into one thread and new Newton threads are starting to get locked because people are ignoring this request. Please, continue to show your unending ignorance.
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    He kept Marty Hurney. He paid out the ass for a college head coach with almost no NFL experience who hired a staff with almost no NFL experience. I mean, you need more red flags?
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    I'd be willing to address the points made in the video. First let's take that doctor's point that many of these people have other medical problems that made them more susceptible to dying after getting COVID. That's already well known. People with health conditions like diabetes and heart disease are more likely to die if they get infected with COVID than a young person with no medical problems. But people with diabetes don't just randomly develop respiratory failure that kills them. If they never got COVID, they wouldn't have died then. It's that simple. And he loses me by bringing up people dying with flu and pneumonia. Remember how people quote that up to 60,000 people die of flu in the US? How does he think those deaths get counted? The flu virus takes an axe and chops their body up? Those people also had other medical conditions. How about people who die of cancer? The cancer may not have specifically did them in but it was the primary insult. This is the convention of how deaths are counted for any disease. There's no special conspiracy to change criteria for COVID. On the death certificate you have to decide what was the principle insult. In the case of COVID, people die of respiratory failure, heart failure, blood clots, kidney failure. All these things happen due to effect of the virus on the body and those whose organs are already affected by other medical problems have less reserve to survive those effects. That's how it works. The above also applies to the woman saying we are more liberal in counting our deaths than other countries. If true (which I doubt outside of shady places like China and Russia), that's more of a poor reflection of those other countries. As I alluded to, if you get COVID and it causes your kidneys to fail and you die, you're telling me we shouldn't list that as a COVID related death? If due to the pathologic coagulation associated with COVID you get multiple blood clots into your lungs and die, we should pretend like COVID wasn't the primary underlying cause of death? If we did that, we would be misleading the public in the other direction. Again the basic point is if those people never got COVID, they wouldn't have died like that. COVID can kill you in more than one way. Attributing the cause of death as one of the ways COVID can kill you but leaving out COVID altogether would be terribly disingenuous. As far as hospitals getting paid more for COVID patients on ventilators, of course that's true. It costs a ton of money to care for them. Not only the additional nursing and respiratory therapy care but all the PPE all the team members have to utilize. Also intubation is associated with higher rates of other medical complications in COVID like kidney failure that costs much more to treat. If we didn't charge more we would go into bankruptcy even faster. You have to cover your costs. That's another stupid thing to point out. Our hospital reported losses of several hundred million dollars related to COVID. It's going to take us a long time just to break even. But sure, we are using COVID as our cash cow. The Cook county health commissioner, that one was a head scratcher so I had to investigate. Not sure when that video was taken, but here's an article from May saying the opposite: https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/coronavirus/dr-ngozi-ezike-refutes-notion-that-illinois-is-over-counting-covid-19-deaths/2270810/ Maybe she realized her error and went back to correct it, but the point is, the current data is accurate. She even brings up the point that they likely undercounted cases from February and March when they didn't know as much about the virus and weren't testing as much. And finally as far as New York counting presumed deaths, our infectious disease chief showed us data that demonstrated that New York probably still underestimated by several thousand deaths. They used a model that showed how many people would be expected to die in a normal year factoring in ages and density of medical problems like kidney disease and diabetes and the actual deaths exceeded that by around 10,000. Don't forget that there was so little testing in the beginning. People were dying left and right in nursing homes out of the blue. In a city as huge as New York, 3000 some deaths they didn't get to test is a conservative estimate. Is the system perfect? No. Could there have been some people who died, had COVID, and their death had little to do with COVID? I can say at my hospital, I haven't seen that whatsoever. And as I demonstrated above, even the one publicized report of that was later refuted. But I'm willing to concede among 130,000+ deaths, there could theoretically be a small number of those that fall through the cracks. But there are undoubtedly people in March before we had enough testing who also died and never got tested and never got added to the totals. So I doubt the true number is much different, and in fact, is just as likely, if not more, to be higher than the published number. Even if you wanted to be ultra conservative and say the numbers are a bit off, is 120,000 bona fide COVID deaths and counting something to sneeze at and assume it's all an overblown hoax? At this point what is even the point of this? Hardly anyone is advocating for shutting down again. People are just suggesting we need to wear masks and social distance when we can. Do you think that's part of some liberal agenda to control people by inserting mind control chips in everyone's masks? What does anyone else get out of people wearing masks? Just do your part and we can keep the country running.
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    lol half the people you’re talking about were on the board before Cam even became a Panther. You wanna talk about something else, post something for us to talk about. Star players get talked about, and dominate conversation. How y’all don’t know this is crazy to me. We’d be going through the same thing if Manning, Brady, Vick, Mahomes, Steve Young, etc we’re our former QBs
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    This is an extremely long offseason thanks to Covid-19. There isnt much to talk about other than our former franchise and MVP QB signing with New England. Seems the only ones who have a problem talking about him now are those who wanted him out in the first place.
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    This sounds right. If there is going to be a season, it will be based on the honor system of not going out and risking infection. In other words, this just isn't going to work.
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    Unfortunately, I think within 2-3 weeks of this weekend, it's going to be very clear that team sports aren't going to be played this fall.
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    Love it. If she only called out the officiating and the slander campaign against Cam from the media also.
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    She is the beat writer in LA now right? Happy she has the chance to air poo out how she wants to now about the Panthers lol. Wouldn’t mind hearing more of what she truly had/has to say.
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    Seems like he’s in over his head when it comes to football decision making. Cares more about MLS, money, and politics. I am about 90% sure he is going to end up being a terrible owner.
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    If you jump to the Pats because of "racist fans" you are gonna be in for a big shock....
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    Time will tell. So far, I'd say it doesn't look good but we'll just have to wait and see.
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    Cam needs to focus on a shoulder that lasts more than 8 games. At this point talk is meaningless.
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    Just wait till they cancel the season and we are still talking about it in a year lol
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    What? The possibility of TB breaking through his 14td/year ceiling doesn't get you all jazzed up?? Thats like...almost a td a game
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    Fuggin Rivera. I hope he gets embarrassed in DC
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    ron is such a turd. he literally said 'i come from a time when we didn't care about racist stuff we did that we didn't know we were doing - and it was great. i liked it better than now.'
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    Panthers Org: Force Cam to do way too much and put him at unnecessary risk more often than any other player in the NFL. Also the Panthers org after he gets injured:
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    exposes the panthers...or exposes the previous regime?
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    a new day in the Carolinas....so you know what that means. SC with a new record high in hospitalizations. Another new record high. 1404. SC also logging the highest one day death total of 38. NC also reporting and setting a new record high of hospitalizations at 994. We haven't peaked. Heck, our leaders gave up. America is basically that dumb dog meme in the house that is on fire.....as we approach fall and the up and coming flu season.
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    i mean this is exactly the kind of poo we're trying to change, but dumbfugs like OP wanna play gotcha and whatabout like some high school pseudointellectual in a teen coming of age dramedy.
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    SMH. Why didn’t we just let this guy pull a Clausen? We’d have another 2012 3rd round pick (perfect for C/G picks), $40-60M in extra cap space when we are competitive and Trevor Lawrence or whoever we want. Instead we’ve got an expensive bridge, less picks and cap space and Jesus anchoring down the left bench.
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    Yes. I'm not buying anything today; especially your bullsh!t.
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    The only ‘red flag’ you can point to is that he got rid of your favorite player. Thats not a red flag. Tepper is here for the next 20+ years. If you think he’s that bad, move on.
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    If you don’t like the content being posted or any of the new threads, create a thread yourself. The ones complaining, I haven’t seen them make a thread yet. Go bring us some news to talk about
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    I'm not sure y'all understand how internet ads work. Blame Google and your own internet history.
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    "redskin" is a slur and "indian" is a very inappropriate thing to call indigenous people, so neither of those are in the same category as chiefs or braves, which are titles and ranks lol so it's always telling when the F150s try to conflate them to paint descriptions of white hell
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    “This is of personal importance to me.” 3 days after saying he didn’t want to be political and now isn’t the time is clownish behavior from Ron.
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    "I'd like to report a grown man in a crop top..."
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    They could have done that with just the money they ALREADY spent, but they decided to give over 99% of relief funds to the super rich and huge corporations instead of our citizens.
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    I wonder how responsible he feels for wasting a generational talent at QB during his prime with Mike Shula.

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