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    "Cam is our guy. We are committed to him and will build around him." Or perhaps... "Cam is the starting QB of the Carolina Panthers, period." These were the sentiments of the past 8 off seasons. There has never been a single hint of waivering on Cam, until now. The latest statement of "Yes we prefer a healthy Cam Newton to start but remains open to trade offers" falls well short of the statements above. It is the first time in Cam's career that it has ever been said. Cam hasn't been fully healthy at the start of the season in quite a while, yet he has always been the unquestioned starter, point blank. Like it or not, what we are hearing now is a deviation from what has been the norm in the franchise's stance on Cam, historically. These nuances in language are significant. A "healthy" qualifier. Open to trade? That's new. Will Cam be a Panther in 2020? Possibly Will he be traded? Possibly Could he fail a physical? Possibly Could he hold out? Possibly This is the entire point. Cam's circumstances in Carolina are a complete unknown for the first time in his entire career. There are so many variables at play that absolutely nothing would surprise me. To pretend otherwise is just wishful thinking.
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    Hate to state the obvious.. but too many people on here are reacting to yesterday's game like the team was supposed to look better after Tepper fired Rivera. That was never my expectation, and I'm sure it wasn't for Tepper. Rivera deserved to be fired for years of mediocrity and incompetence, but the timing was related to the following: 1. Gives Tepper the freedom to openly search for a new head coach. 2. Opportunity to evaluate the remaining coaching staff and "interview" potential internal candidates. (Fewell is auditioning for the HC job). 3. Tank so we can draft a potential franchise QB or at least a high impact player in the 2020 draft. Rivera would have kept trying to win to save his job which is counterproductive if you know you're going to fire him at the end of the season.
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    He does a ton for children whether it be in NC/SC or GA and I'm happy he is finally getting this kind of recognition. I doubt he wins it because of the ridiculous narrative that has been promulgated about him over the years. But any clear-minded person will celebrate his work in the community and be humbled by his efforts.
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    If we gave up 2 firsts, poo even 1 first for Mike tomlin that maybe a wrap on me watching the nfl
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    No one is irreplaceable. But Cam has been a good qb for us, and anyone who thinks we will be able to draft a QB like Tua or Burrows and that qb will automatically be as good as Cam has another thing coming.
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    This is probably a good place to point out that there's a reason why people say you should never judge a draft or draft picks within the first year.
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    Maybe it's just me, but it's hard to listen to somebody say something like that and not hear "I don't really want to work that hard". To be fair, that's not necessarily what he means but...
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    L O L Gotta try and figure out why Cam is nominated even with all the things he does for kids and the community huh? Well deserved for Cam with all he does
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    Maybe Hurney is staying until the Steelers gm’s contract is up after the draft. Maybe Shaq is a 25 year old LB who fits in both a 3-4 and 4-3 that never has to leave the field, and is someone we want to build around.
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    This OP? Rational for the most part. Which is a hard left turn from the previous drivel that was speculating Cam was gone and passing it off as “insider info”. No one is going to argue that anything is possible, it’s possible he’s gone, it’s possible he stays. No one knows. The majority of posts around here have been inane speculation that he’s gone based on the words of morons like Joe Person at best and no one at all in many cases. That bullshit is what has gotten blowback and grief. Not saying it’s possible Cam will be gone. Saying he will be gone.
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    I’m not so concerned about what he thinks he should pursue. And I’m not trying to sound like an ass, but he is under contract with the Carolina Panthers. What he can fetch from another team doesn’t mean much to me. I’m looking at what the Panthers can fetch in return for him. And if Tepper is not convinced that he’s well enough physically to be renewed, I would imagine most teams out there would be keenly aware of that reluctance. Which, at least in my view, would drive Cam’s trade value down.
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    Precisely why the Thompson contract isn’t bad and people acting like it is are being ridiculous. The cap is gonna go up so much over the next couple of years, especially after the new CBA
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    You can't do that anyway. The NFL banned that. The fact the writer doesn't know that makes me question what exactly he does know at all. EDIT: Scroll down. Trading for head coaches is NOT prohibited under the NFL Anti-Tampering Policy.
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    Some of y’all may want to get comfy with the probability that Luke ain’t gonna be here after two years. And Shaq is the future and whoever else we draft here in the next couple of years to replace Luke. I don’t feel like this was just a straight up Hurney move. Tepper obviously signed off on it and you have to know they have started discussions about who the young core is going to be going forward.
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    https://www.thescore.com/nfl/news/1898897/no-nfl-teams-do-not-need-to-establish-the-run-to-win P.S. Analytics.
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    just cause yall are butthurt about cam doesnt mean you need to try to degrade another great player to try and make it even embrace lamar
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    I think a lot of the media leaks are the result of posturing and public relations from both sides. I know Ian Rapoport is in contact with Cam's agent Bus Cook because I've seen him break news releases from Gus in the past. Agents are usually one of the "anonymous sources" that break news leaks. Ultimately it comes down to what will be the best situation for both sides. And I don't think that can be answered in 3 months. That's why I think the Panthers sign Cam to a 1 year extension as a compromise. That way they can have extra time to evaluate and he won't have to assume all of the risk of playing on a lame duck deal with no guaranteed money. Tepper has stressed patience so I expect him to be patient in deciding who he wants his QB to be for the next 3-5 years.
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    I think, for me at least, I'm not completely shooting down the idea of Cam getting traded in order to protect myself from the shock and disappointment of it all? Kind of like how I approach every season of the Panthers: If I have low expectations, I can't get upset only be pleasantly surprised.
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    Hurney has done a great job of finding guys who are great at fumbling
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    And we’re all wondering why you are obsessed with this take and flaming a message board with it, even though you claim you don’t even watch football. go away forever
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    Not only that but Tepper was part of the minority group that wanted to ax tomlin. I’m just speaking as if that were possible. I would stop watching.
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    Nope. Win your division, get a home game.
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    That’s Peppers, and he’s right. You don’t let Cam go.
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    Umm are you joking? This was all or nothing, the Steelers game, how do you of all people not know this?
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    I can't wait until we've got another name to mix into the conversation. So tired of hearing about both. Both had some good moments. Both had massive moments of suck. Time to move on. Seriously, why do we keep talking about Gettleman? Dude is ancient history here and about to be ancient history in NY and for good reason. He sucks. Hurney is here and hopefully in a much more contained role. I'd rather he was gone but it is what it is. Tepper for some reason is under the impression he's good at something. Maybe he is. I just know we're getting ready to have a new HC and someone else brought in to help with football decisions and lord knows we need help there because hurney can't be trusted with as much as he's been trusted with for too many years.
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    Can we fire Hurney before we use those two second rounders?!
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28276535/ranking-best-worst-potential-nfl-head-coaching-openings-2019 This is by Barnwell. Who is probably one of the few ESPN Staff Writers where I actually value their opinion and seems to make an honest effort to be up to date with more than just the big market teams. For people that don't want to click: 9. Redskins 8. Giants 7. Jets 6. Jaguars 5. Browns 4. Lions 3. Falcons 2. Panthers 1. Cowboys
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    I'm not sure how you say that David Tepper's role in the Panthers might be "concerning", then turn around and name the Cowboys as the most desirable coaching job
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    Dealing with a QB1 thats injured, so the Panthers would totally be on board with drafting an injured college QB. Makes sense.
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    Graham's development has been absurd. I never saw this coming at this clip. PJ has been phenomenal and will only get better Miles has been up and down. He has shown real flashes this year. Monk is boom or bust depending on the game. IF we can ever get him to be consistent he can be a real good player. We are missing a young Center or another scoring two way SG while we are waiting for Monk to decide whether he is the player we were hoping when we drafted him. Overall, Mitch has done a great job and deserves some credit.
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    Btw guys, they're not going to take away their SB wins and award them to the loser. The best they can do is just add an asterisk on each win, which is fine by me. What I would also really like to see for the long term, is a lifetime ban from the HOF for Brady and Belicheat. For short term, take away their first round picks for at least the next 2-3 years.
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    I've said all along Brady shouldn't be considered GOAT with cheating circling around his head. fug em.
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    Lol op is clueless If the panthers are willing to trade Newton that means he’s broken. Teams know that are not gonna trade a high pick for him.
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    need to know how it breaks down first 16 mil signing bonus 28 guaranteed are the only things that matter really It's less than Dion Jones and way better than Bobby Wagner. It's honestly a better deal than Lavonte David's. Of course I'm not really sure where to compare him to after this season. Obviously his natural position is WLB, so I compared him to other ILB and OLB who aren't edge rushers. I think this looks like a pretty good deal tbh you can fug around on spotrac if you wanna see the numbers. Remember, all that really matters is the signing bonus and the guaranteed money.
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    Well the Greg Roman hype train is abound yet again and I have to say, I think there's an interesting guy on that Ravens staff that looks legit, possibly helping Roman more than people know. Their QB coach who has worked with John Harbaugh and came from an NFL coaching tree long prior: James Urban Why am I so interested in this guy? Well let's look at his resume: 15 years of experience coaching Coached one of Donavan McNabb's best seasons in the league. Made him look good enough for the Skins to give him that crazy late career contract. Then turned the next season and Mike Vick suddenly looked like a legit QB. Who could forget the 35 point 1st quarter against the Skins on Monday night? It was Vick's best season by far. https://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-james-urban-ravens-quarterback-coach-20180703-story.html THEN! He had a decent stay in Cinci from 2011-2017 as their WR coach. Interesting thing is how dynamite they were after the Cinco-TJ in the passing game even though Marvin/Dalton couldn't win games. Now go ahead and look at how they've nosedived the last 2 seasons at WR after he went to tutor Lamar Jackson. They fell off of course as a team but AJ, Dalton, people who were there have taken dives. (AJ is more injury but there's a clear elevation he has brought to his respective clubs) Now, we're watching what he's doing with Lamar, back with Harbaugh again. This guy is young, I think has a ton of potential and just looks like an interesting candidate. Seems like he could be EXCELLENT for Cam. https://www.pennlive.com/baltimore-ravens/2019/08/able-to-teach-ravens-james-urban-draws-on-unique-journey-from-mechanicsburg-to-coach-lamar-jackson.html
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    Offended people suck. Should have never been released for that.
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    I honestly don't extend him until he proves he can stay healthy. Said the same thing about Davis back in the day.
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    Well, that’s the thing. Everybody wants to say it’s a business, part of the business is examining what’s best for the organization. The player does assume the risk. And you would hate to see something bad happen under a one-year deal. But, it would be the most beneficial way to go from the team’s perspective. So, there’s a whole lot of dynamics involved. It pretty much comes down to this: if the extension happens, then we pretty much know there’s some confidence about his ability to play at a high-level again. If the extension does not happen, that’s a pretty good indicator that the team, through their research, sees too much risk and a low margin of potential success. Boy, if that stupid foot injury never happened, we’d have a clearer picture on things. That damn New England turf.
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    left position: people should be forced to marry animals right position: people shouldn't be forced to marry animals centrist position (mine): i'm just trying to grill for crap's sake
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    It makes complete sense. Cheating is something you do because you fundamentally don’t respect the idea of fair play and winning is more important to you than integrity. Normal people will often succumb to the temptation to cheat when they perceive the risk to be slight and they have a lot on the line. Habitual cheaters (and it’s not up for debate that Bellicheck is one) cheat out of habit. Their cheating is a form of sneering disdain for their competitors and they don’t do it because they think they need to to succeed but because in their arrogance they see themselves as above the rules and accountability and they don’t think anyone is smart enough to catch them. Thus they cheat out of habit against an opponent they don’t need to to defeat but because it’s their own private eff you to everyone else, whom they view as beneath them. This is Bellicheat, and this is why despite all his brilliance I have zero respect for him as a human being. He’s an asshole who should be banned for life, end of story.
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    What a lot of people don’t realize is that hedge fund managers are, by nature, risk-averse. Now that doesn’t mean that they won’t (or don’t) take risks, but they’ll hedge the risky with plenty of risk-averse “safe”. They would rather make $30M on a lower-risk investment than take a major risk to make $300M. And that’s OK. That’s the financial sector where you’re playing with other people’s (big) money. But now, as the owner of the Carolina Panthers, every dime at this point is his OWN money, but he’s still displaying those risk-averse “50-50” instincts. Fire Rivera. Retain “great talent evaluator” (lol) Hurney. Still playing the hedge fund investment game. But this ain’t a hedge fund. “Risk averse” half-measures are only going to guarantee continued mediocrity (or worse).
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    If he is healthy, Cam is a beast. He hasnt been healthy for 2 years and there is no guarantee he ever will be again. We cant be tied to the past.

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