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    I've literally been here for years.
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    why would you even mention this? focusing on racists and bigots (redundant) adds nothing to your life.
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    It's fake. How do I know? I had dinner with Cam last night.
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    Good lord you went on a typing tear. I'd draft: #7 - Andrew Thomas, OT, Georgia #38 - Tyler Biadasz, C, Wisconsin #69 - Leki Fotu, DT, Utah This should fix the o-line, and help with run defense.
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    This what keeps popping into my mind.
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    Even with the dead cap space from Kuechly's retirement, we have just over 30M available in cap space - with some opportunities to create more via cuts, adding a year to a current deal, restructure, etc. (Of which Matt Kalil accounts for almost half 9.8M thanks DG) Cap Space we can free up: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/carolina-panthers/cap/ (For the sake of math, these figures will be rounded) Poe - 13M - 3MD = 10M cap relief (Takes us up to 40M) Olsen - 12M - 4MD = 8M cap relief (Takes us up to 48M) Wright - 4M - 1MD = 3M cap relief (Takes us up to 51M) Mike Davis - 3M cap relief - No dead money (Takes us to 54M) Priority FA's from this past season: https://www.panthers.com/team/players-roster/ James Bradberry - 26 / Expiring Salary- 1M Tre' Boston - 27/ Expiring Salary - 3M Mario Addison (9.5 sacks) - 32 / Expiring Salary - 11M Bruce Irvin (8.5 sacks) - 32/ Expiring Salary - 4M Gerald McCoy (5 sacks) - 31/ Expiring Salary - 8M Vernon Butler (6 sacks) - 25 / Expiring Salary - 3M You'd have to figure on this list Bradberry, McCoy, and Addison are probably the primary guys for retention, potentially Boston and Irvin considering the figures they played at during the 2019 season, doubt any of them raised their price too much. Either way looking at the picture of our cap / roster with a little more clarity and detail I think we are in position to re-tool, a lot of people are down on the offense, having a guy like Cam back under center alone goes a long way if that is the avenue we choose. No matter how you feel, the OL talent was worse in 2018 (Clark (off the street at LT) / GVR / Old Kalil / Turner / Moton) I honestly believe things would have gone smoother if not for QB injury, and I think educated football fans could see that Kyle and Grier missed open guys and took / created a good portion of the sacks they were apart of. A healthier OL I think goes a long way as we have the potential to field a Franchise QB, a 1K receiver, and a 1K x 2 HB. Little / FA or Day 2 pick / Paradis / Turner / Moton -- Is still an OL I believe in and with competent play-calling insert Joe Brady, I am very interested to see what we can become. In one of his first post introductory interviews, Coach Rhule referenced turning his attention to the defensive side of the ball first and I can see why considering that is where we are likely to see the most change. Overall this is still a common sense business, you get Cam for a year with no downside (regarding his contract), and you have the opportunity to solidify the defense via FA, the draft with a respectable amount of potential free cap space, whether, we release, or restructure, or extend contracts by a year to lower the cap hits.
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    Saints fans are concerned to say the least. Most are also LSU fans. This is going to be fun.
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    He really is under appreciated because we replaced him with one of the greatest to ever do it. But people do forget how good Beason was for us
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    Agreed, but I think scheme and coaching is way more important than talent on the D and O lines. You can scheme around deficiencies on both lines. We’ve just never seen that because of our crappy coaching lately....
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    All the holes we have everywhere now is there really a bad pick we can make?
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    Sad sad day. I fear this is just the beginning of the roster turnover to come.
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    The 49ers did it right. They spent the last 3 drafts getting their lines straightened out. We should do the same. Dont draft a QB until we fix the trenches. I dont want a quick fix. I want sustained excellence
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    Our roster probably ultimately looks like this before draft and FA QB: Kyle Allen, Will Grier RB: CmC, Reggie Bonnafon FB: Alex Armah WR: DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Brandon Zylstra TE: Ian Thomas, LT: Greg Little, Dennis Daley LG: Greg Van Roten C: Matt Paradis RG: Trai Turner RT: Taylor Moton DE1: Brian Burns, Christian Miller DE2: Efe Obada, Marquis Haynes DT: Kawaan Short DT2: - ILB: Shaq Thompson OLB: Jermaine Carter SS: Eric Reid, FS: - Not exactly a world beater, I don't really see us re-signing hardly anyone.
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    Where we are now: CONFIRMED OR REPORTED: Offensive Coordinator: LSU Passing Game Coordinator Joe Brady Defensive Coordinator: Baylor Defensive Coordinator Phil Snow Assistant QB Coach: Dolphins Offensive Quality Control guy Matt Lombardi WR Coach: Baylor Receiver Coach Frisman Jackson DL Coach: Former Colts DL Coach Mike Phair Defensive Run Game Coordinator: Former Browns and Panthers LB Coach Al Holcomb Defensive Backs Coach: Baylor Cornerback Coach Evan Cooper (unclear if a separate safeties coach is coming) Strength and Conditioning Coach: Baylor S&C Coach Jeremy Scott STILL WAITING ON WORD: QB Coach: Interviewed Ben McAdoo, Mike McCoy and Scott Linehan RB Coach: No word on anyone other than Jake Peetz TE Coach: Rumored to be Ex-Lions TE Coach Kevin Gilbride Jr OL Coach: Interviewed former Giants and Dolphins OL Coach Pat Flaherty Assistant DL Coach: Reported to be Baylor DL Coach Frank Okam LB Coach: Speculated to be Baylor LB Coach Mike Siravo Special Teams Coach: Chase Blackburn expected to be retained
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    For the first time in my life, I donated to a candidate today... Bernard Sanders He's gonna win bruhs
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    Our offense with a new coaching staff has the potential to be really good. If Greg plays one more year this would be the most offensive talent Cam has had since 2013. I just think it would be incredibly stupid to give up on Cam without seeing him under new coaching. Use our first on a guy like Isaiah Simmons to replace Luke and use the rest of the draft to beef up the trenches. Use FA to fill holes in the defense to cater to who ever the new coordinator is. I just think it would be a massive mistake to not give Cam an opportunity to prove himself after everything he has done for this franchise. Unfortunately I think Luke's retirement was a major indication of the direction Tepper is choosing to go. Matt Rhule may be looking for a QB his entire time in Carolina.
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    The further away hurney is from giving out contracts the better.
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    A piece from Albert Breer in his latest MMQB talking about how Joe Brady got where he is now and analyzing how he might do. Also, one NFC executive endorses one of our quarterback coach options. MMQB: Is Joe Brady ready?
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    his specifics are to invest 70 billion in the 100 'most disadvantaged black neighborhoods.' bernie's wants to invest in every black neighborhood, not just pick 100 and leave the rest out. bloomberg's plan is just a half measure the same as buttigieg but using 'woke' language.
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    It also helps when you don’t have a moron running the show. The past two drafts have been very deep on interior OL/DL. We ended up after the 1st with Gaulden, Donte, Grier, Miller, Haynes, Thomas (liked him), Scarlett, Godwin, Little, Daley, Carter and Norton. Don’t forget we had an extra 3rd in both drafts. So, we traded up for a LT whose stock was dropping over multiple C/Gs who’ve done really well (McCoy was my guy) and a 6th round T and a 7th round DT. That’s it with 6 day 2 picks. We did nothing in deep drafts to replace Ryan Kalil and Norwell, two all-pro/pro bowl guys on OL and we did nothing to get young and cheap at DT so we’ll spend another $30M plus on DT after spending $40M this year for the worst run D. Now, all of a sudden we are interested in OL and DL. As much grief as Gettleman gets in here for making bad picks (had some doozies), he also in 5 drafts drafted Short, Star, Norwell (undrafted), Turner, Williams, Moton, Butler, Hall, Ealy and Kugbila. I know multiple guys didn’t work out at all and one guy got hurt and clearly hasn’t gotten back, but that’s at least 2 trench guys per draft and using mainly day 1 and day 2 picks. 2 1sts, 3 2nds, 2 3rds, 2 4ths and 1 UDFA. Marty on the other hand in 2 drafts has used one 2nd, 6th and 7th on trench guys. No, I don’t count OLBs who can’t stop the run as trench guys. Because of the past two drafts we now have an OL that gives up the most sacks and a DL that is the worst run D in the NFL.
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    No, they announced that he won the fan challenge a few weeks ago
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    Am I the only one who gets really annoyed with all the “we need to do this with cam,” and “we” that? I mean, it’s not like I disagree with your premise, or don’t understand where you are coming from- but the reality is that WE, the collective huddlers, fans, and critics- have absolutely no control or sway in whatever decisions the front office decides. “We” being wise will have no bearing on whether or not the team acts in the manner “we” see fit. They may dump him, they may trade him, they might keep him. Some will applaud, some will bitch and moan- no matter what the outcome is. If you want to preach about what we should do, maybe talk about how WE should brace ourselves for whatever the team decides.
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    then cut all older expensive guys, let the young guys play to see what we have, and get a top QB next year. oh yeah, and take it on the head this year as far as dead cap, so in the following years we have all the resources available to create a smart rebuild, and not be held back by past contracts
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    We're in full rebuilding mode. No need to make any crazy signings, be it free agents or bringing back our guys.
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    Take a look at McCoy's stats. He had 5 sacks, played about 2/3 of the game, and only had about 15 tackles. That is not $8m worth of production, imo. I say he is gone. Poe? Gone. KK is all we have there. Regardless of what I think, there is something I know. Marty with a wad of cash in free agency is like a drunk sailor in a whore house.
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    People still pay for that? lol
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    I won’t be updating this as much as hoping people post in here with any news and updates. I do like Walterfootball for stuff like this because they do a good job of collating draft news and visits, etc. So, even if you don’t agree with their opinions, here’s a start. https://walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Senior-Bowl-Rumors-Monday
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    yes it is. 5 people sitting at a negotiating table with 5 nazis is 10 nazis.
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    if you don't care then please go back to posting about mueller and whether he's cumming or not
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    If they "Want" him that bad They just need to make the obvious move thay should have already happen and kick Marty to the curb Hurney clearly has naked pics or something on Tepper because doesnt make no dam sense
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    Lots of speculation that Luke might take a year off then join the Panthers staff in some capacity. I could see that.
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    For all the negativity, I think we are actually in great shape for a new staff coming in. Fix the lines and let them learn the ropes of the NFL and figure out our strengths and weaknesses this season. Just get the trenches fixed. I know I’m in the minority but imo our Dline is actually the bigger priority. We have nobody at DT other than KK and no true every down 4-3 DE (though I believe Burns can turn into that) We give Cam this year with this offense and spend our picks fixing the trenches. If Cam returns to Superman form then perfect! We have our QB situation figured out and don’t need to bother wasting a high pick on someone. If Cam can’t quite get back to himself then perfect! We just spent the draft fixing the trenches and will have a high pick to select a QB in next years draft and put him behind a line that is improved with weapons all over our offense If this draft is done right and things fall in line, we could be very competitive again in just a few seasons
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    You also have to remember the...."positive side" of Luke and Cam being gone, that frees up our cap tremendously, we should be able to resign Bradberry (the only person we really should resign) and fill a lot of our holes in FA, along with whatever draft capital we get from Cam.
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    This isn't even really about Cam but the team around him.
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    Having the wealthiest owner is nice
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    Whatever Tepper wants Tepper gets
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    Chris Johnson started as a 23 year old rookie. CMC finished his 3 season at 23. Johnson was fine until ages 28-30. He still had over 3000 total yards in those 3 years. If CMC hits the wall at 28-30 the same way, the contract will still be fine and honestly, it'd be likely that he could be cut the last season or two if he falls off a lot. Based on his age, it wouldn't be a bad thing. I'll be honest, I'd much rather sign CMC than Bradberry. Funny how there are so many posts about surrounding Cam or a 1st round QB with talent, but we don't want to extend CMC?
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    I'm actually Franklin Graham.

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