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    If you just signed up within the last 2 months, and I look at your content and it's all poo emojis and trashing Cam across various threads. You are banned. Period. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if you're not a fan of a certain player, have at it. But if your first and foremost priority is to come here and flood the forums with posts trashing one specific player and you didn't join until this recent skid, well then, you can take that opinion elsewhere. That's not a constructive, genuine take.... it's trolling, and it won't be tolerated.
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    1. Cam is not done. Cam Newton is injured. His throwing shoulder requires surgery this winter. If you weren't aware, a shoulder is pretty much everything when it comes to throwing. 2. Ron won't be fired until January. There isn't anyone to take the reins. Norv has been a head coach and doesn't want to be again. Washington would be even more of a nightmare. 3. The Panthers have a bright future. We have some of the best young playmakers at skill positions this team has ever had. A but younger and hungrier on defense and this team will be rolling again quickly under new regime. 4. We can have fun now All expectations are out the window. I plan on hoping for wins and enjoying my holiday season. You know, having a good time. Won't you join me?
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    Well at least having a 2nd kicker makes more sense than having Amini on the roster
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    Another reminder of the Butker blunder.
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    I'm hoping we just cut you. Please ban
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    The Panthers had a good run under Ron. A landscape that was already shifting towards favoring the offensive side of the ball culminated in an avalanche of new rules favoring the QB, WRs, and offensive playcallers. Ron, together with a very talented core of players, resisted change for most of his run. They even managed to come close to winning a super bowl. But much like the sand castle resisting the tide, inevitability in inevitable. In the words of the mad titan.. In 2009, the Panthers lied to themselves and believed their window was still open. They doubled down on several key players who were past their primes, completely checked out, or both. The following season was a disaster, and directly led to the 2010 season which was damn near winless. It's that time again. We're going to quickly run through this. I will start with the less controversial Skill Position on offense I'm lumping TE, WR, RB, etc into this because right now the Panthers are probably the most talented and promising they've been since 2003. What's more, they're all young. The NFL is hammer down on offense, and the Panthers have an embarrassment of riches at the positions that matter. With competent coaching they're more than fine here. All they need are depth signings here and there, but the hard part is done. the less said about devin the better. status = just fine d line woof. The Panthers are old and average across it. They're likely tied to KK for the foreseeable future due to his contract, and mario addison is a...nice player, but everyone else can go. Addison would be best served as a rotational guy, peppers needs to retire, poe is a dude, and everyone else is just fluff. There's a tendency among fans to always think their young guys are HOFers being held back by coaches, and this is not the case for Odaba. He's a dude. this is where the Panthers need to focus their draft. They don't just need starters, they need YOUNG ones. the Panthers are old as heck on defense, and offenses are just getting faster. You don't get younger by finding hungry vets. Defense in the nfl now is predicated upon disrupting the QB immediately. The days of keeping things in front of you and hoping the QB makes a bad decision are over. All the QBs are too good now, the rules too favorable. You have to be able to attack the QB up front and fast. Carolina either needs that all world DE, or that all world DT that can disrupt. Vernon Butler is just useless. So yeah. It's dire. At least 2 new starters, and that's being favorable to Addison who I don't think very highly of. status = primary focus of the draft offensive line I don't think we're in bad shape here, honestly. I think the Panthers need to get healthy. if you resign williams, you've got your tackles, you have trai, larsen has an inside track to start at center, draft another couple lineman and find a good free agent. offensive lines are very dependent on scheme, and flow, and chemistry etc. There's going to be a tearful retirement (enjoy the studio, Ryan) and a certain left tackle needs to have....an accident...but there's a lot here to like. Secondary I don't think the Panthers are as bad here as they appear. The Panthers secondary is suffering from mismatched players and an outdated scheme. However, I've seen several things that make me think the actual talent is there. I've stated in other threads that Eric Reid has shown himself to be a good player, just out of position. It's just that the Panthers have him paired with Mike Adams and Captain Munnerlyn, who are both slower than him. For the entirety of the Rivera run, he has devalued the safety position, and it's coming into glaring focus this season the game has passed this mindset by. It's too easy for offenses to take advantage of your run stopping nickel back, and it's too easy for them to go over the top against hard hitting free safeties. donte Jackson looks good, and I actually like Bradberry a lot, but arguing about him is a thread into itself so let's all just agree to disagree there. status = legit free safety, legit nickel, legit scheme. not hopeless. linebackers The Panthers have had good linebackers since time immemorial. I want to move on from Davis, but my god the guy just doesn't stop. He's still consistently the hardest hitting player out there. However, Luke is older and the new administration can't depend on him being a defensive mvp anymore. The brunt of the defense needs to shift into the line. I don't think this affects luke at all, since if we improve the D line it'll boost his game up. But what we're seeing now is how vulnerable the linebacker position is weaknesses in other parts of the defense. Unlike on the d line, where they can get to the qb no matter what, the LBs can be negated by poor d line play. The Panthers have overinvested in the LB corps over the year, and we're seeing that now. Obviously I have no qualms about Luke or Davis in this regard, but I don't feel great about shaq. He's an...okay player, just not one I think the team should commit to long term. The light has never fully come on for him. otoh, he's young and under team control. Who knows, he's a complicated player. status: you can't rebuild everything at once, and if you're going to roll the dice somewhere, you do it here. coaching I don't know how controversial this is, and I think it deserves its own thread, but I'll give an abridged version. Things change. Ron didn't. The coach that can constantly reinvent himself is rare. Belichick has had a bottom tier defense for years, but has constantly reinvented himself to stay ahead of the trend set by the league. When Bill Polian got butt sad and had the rules changed to favor his QB, belichick lost in the playoffs then put together the best offense the nfl had ever seen. Ron is not that person. If he is coach next season, he will go in to it trying to win games 24 - 20, with an offense calling plays with one second left on the playclock that vanishes in the third quarter. He'll try to run out the clock in the second half, and give up every lead he has. there's a billion reasons to fire ron, they've been stated a million times, it doesn't need to be rehashed. It's time for the pasture. The only thing protecting him to this point has been an owner stuck in the same era as him. Now though? status: promote him to a FO position, don't humiliate him, give him a bullshit title. But everyone is gone. cam i dunno guys. cam hasn't really aged the way i hope he would. I knew that the "use cam as lead runner" shula offense was short lived, and the panthers stuck with it for a year longer than they should have. but he hasn't really turned into that roethlisberger statue i was hoping for. Cam has always had his drawbacks and positive. This year was very hopeful, as he's cut down on the running and picked up the passing, but the shoulder injury is troubling. I'm not saying he's done. but it is worth considering if he's never going to fully heal. Cam right now is not an nfl QB, I'm sorry to say. The lack of deep ball makes things too easy for the defenses, and no matter how many rules the NFL is giving for the QB, you can't overcome that. 11 people guarding a space 20 yards long are going to do it. Much of this is going to depend on how Cam approaches his impending offseason surgery. If he again opts for the less invasive procedure, so he can go on his birthday trips to some tropical destination, we'll be in this same position next year; a qb with inconsistent mechanics who can't throw deep and no one wants to run anymore. Cam was never going to be a Drew Brees, but he made up for that with other attributes. But those attributes don't really mesh with the modern NFL, or with a player you want playing long term. status: eeeeeeeeesh conclusion Panthers window closed on a thursday night against Pittsburgh. But windows open pretty easily, and things can change quickly in the NFL. sean mcvay was a 31 year old joke hire until he was the hottest name in coaching. Who do you want trying to reopen that window? certainly not ron, on that we can all agree. i dunno man. I think the Panthers have more going for them than most. But the next coach will come in with cam, strengths/weaknesses/injuries included.
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    Smh It's okay to be critical of Cam, but be respectful. He put his body on the line which I think he should stop, but he does. He also put the blame on himself and gets blamed by his HC
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    he's not gonna miss 1-2 seasons lol
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    and Bucs were missing their top 3 corners last week.. looks like we're missing ours everyweek
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    It's sad when one of the linebackers is taking more responsibility for the losing streak than the head coach
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    If this post doesn’t signal that we as a fan base have hit rock bottom then nothing will
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    Reid just needed a buddy at the buffet.
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    Ron playing potential young talent? Now that’s funny.
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    I wish some of yall Mamas would just throw the breaker and cut the electricity in the basement. All these hot thread takes about Cam are just trash. Yes he has had bad games but one thing about Cam, he NEVER throws anyone under the bus and always takes personal responsibility. Our 6-2 downhill starts at the top which is COACHING, not with Cam.
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    Guess he thought he signed with KFC instead of KC.
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    If Cam's shoulder is so bad its forcing these horrible throws he shouldnt even be on the damn field.
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    Fair warning, this will be one long read. Part 1: The Core and the Cap The Panthers will go into the offseason with only 35 core players under contract for 2019 and beyond. Those players currently carry cap hits totaling just over $163.5 Million. We carry just shy of half a million in dead cap from past players, so the Panthers are sitting just over a $164 Million cap number. The projected cap for 2019 hovers around $187 million, which gives us about $23 Million in space to work with right off the bat. That is promising, but the Panthers have a few roster cuts I feel that they’ll most certainly need to make in order to clear some more room. First off, I expect Torrey Smith will be gone pretty early on. It’ll give him a chance to land elsewhere, and immediately clear $5 Million in cap space. I appreciate the veteran role he has taken this year, but we’ve needed him off the field, it seems, in order to get our younger guys onto it. The next round of cuts will come in the form of post-June 1st cuts. Teams can cut two players prior to this date and designate the move as a post-June 1st cut. I predict three players to be handled in this fashion, with two of them being cut before June 1st and getting the post June 1st designation. The names I expect to see here are: Captain Munnerlyn – A bad signing at that price, in my opinion, in the first place. He’ll cost us $1.5 Million in dead cap the next two years, but this move frees up an additional $3.5 Million for 2019. I expect this to be one of the earlier ones. Matt Kalil – A roll of the dice that didn’t pan out. He’s banged up and not that good. Without his brother here tethering him to the team, I expect that we’ll move on. Like Munnerlyn, I expect Matt to get gone sooner rather than later. It’ll cost us another $4.9 Million in dead cap in 2019 and another $9.8 Million in 2020, but open up $7.25 Million in space this year. We’ll just have to eat that near ten million next season in favor of progress. Greg Olsen – Hopefully this will end up being some sort of injury settlement rather than an outright post June 1st release, but either way it’ll add $3.4 Million in space while adding $3.7 Million in dead cap for 2019 and 2020. I hate for this to have to happen, but I don’t trust his foot anymore, and I don’t know if he does either. To close out the pink slip section, the other name I see on the chopping block is Vernon Butler. He’s under performed, had an off field incident, and was recently a healthy scratch. It’ll cost us $2,671,618 against the cap, but I see this as addition by subtraction. If you’re not following all the math at this point, here’s a summation: Core 35 players for 2019 Total Cap Hit: $164 Million Releases: Torrey Smith: Net Cap Space Gain of $5,000,000 Captain Munnerlyn: Net Cap Space Gain of $2,000,000 Matt Kall: Net Cap Space Gain of $7,250,000 Greg Olsen: Net Cap Space Gain of at least $3,400,000 Vernon Butler: Still carries Cap Hit of $2,671,618 Total Cap Hit after these five moves: Just over $146 Million, leaving 30 Core players on the roster Total Projected Cap Space after these five moves: just shy of $41 Million The next wave of current core roster decisions will be the restructuring of several current players’ contracts in order to make even more cap space available. The potential targets here, in my opinion, are another five players. Cam Newton is, and should remain, the franchise QB of the Carolina Panthers for the duration of his career. He is a once in a lifetime player, the face of the organization, and considered elite. As such, he is currently our highest paid player, with a contract not scheduled to expire until after the 2020 season. I believe this offseason, we should show him we are committed to him for a few more years, and sign him to a new deal that extends through 2024. I think this could bring his cap number from $23,200,000 this year to around $18,000,000, giving us a cap savings of $5.2 Million. The other face of our organization and once in a lifetime player currently on the Panthers’ roster is Luke Kuechly. I propose a similar treatment, extending him through 2024 as well. This could bring his cap number from $17,202,573 to around $12,000,000 for 2019. That adds another $5.2 Million in cap space, and locks up our leaders on both sides of the ball for another six years. After those two, there are three other players on the defensive side of the ball that we need to look into restructuring. First up is Mario Addison. His contract was, in my opinion, a little too wealthy for the services he provides. I know I’ll probably get slammed for this but, yes, I think he’s overpaid. The argument could be made that he is statistically our best pass rusher. I can actually agree with that. However, being the best pass rusher on one of the worst pass rushing teams isn’t saying much. We’ve already edited his contract this season in order to gain $2 Million in space, and I think this offseason we should have a long, serious talk with him about his desire to remain with the team. Next year, he carries a cap hit of $9,916,668. In my opinion, he’s worth a little more than half that until we can prove consistently that he is our solid starter on one side of the line. Both he and the Panthers would be smart to extend him until the end of his career (maybe 4 more years?) bringing his 2019 cap hit to around $5 Million. That lets us shop for some solid, consistent help alongside him on the line. If Addison is resistant to the changes, he can join the list of post-June 1st cuts for all I care. We can get a way better player for an almost $10 Million cap hit, and letting him go after June 1st will give us $7.5 Million towards that player. Next up is Addison’s fellow line-mate Dontari Poe. Yes, he was a recent addition to the Panthers’ roster (just this past offseason.) No, I don’t think he’s been a total disappointment like a lot of fellow fans do. We’re still pretty good against the run, and I think Poe is a solid contributor to that. The problem is that, between him and fellow DT Kawann Short, they’re eating up over $26 Million in cap space in 2019. This is unsustainable, especially considering our lack of pass rush, and I think Poe’s will be the easier contract to rework. If we could tack on an extra year and drop his 2019 number from $9,333,333 to something more along the lines of $7,500,000, we could free up a little more breathing room to get them help inside and out. Next up is head-scratcher Shaq Thompson. All indications are that Thomas Davis will be retiring after this season, and we find Thompson entering the final year of his rookie contract. It isn’t looking great for our future at OLB. Shaq’s 2019 number currently sits at $9,232,000. While lots of fans think he’s not worth much to keep around, I disagree. I think he’s worth more along the lines of $6,000,000 next year, with a deal that keeps him here for another 4-5 years. He’s an experienced in-the-system starter, with speed and other skills that would be an asset to keep around if it can be done at a team friendly number. To revisit the math of this section: Core 30 players (post previous cuts) Cap number for 2019: $146 Million Cap space prior to reworking current contracts: just shy of $41 Million Reworked contracts – Cap Savings for 2019: Cam Newton - $5.2 Million Luke Kuechly - $5.2 Million Mario Addison – $4.9 Million Dontari Poe - $1.6 Million Shaq Thompson - $3.2 Million Total savings for 2019: $20.1 Million Core 30 players Cap number for 2019 after contract changes: just over $125 Million Cap space post contract changes: $61 Million That closes out this initial section of 2019 roster analysis. Part 2: Bring ‘em Back! With our core of 30 players secured, and our cap space sitting at around $61 Million, it is time to review our upcoming Panthers Free Agent crop. Our UFAs, arranged in value according to Spotrac, are currently scheduled to be: Ryan Kalil, Thomas Davis, Julius Peppers, Mike Adams, Marshall Newhouse, Eric Reid, Devin Funchess, Wes Horton, Fozzy Whittaker, Colin Jones, Kyle Love, Chris Clark, Amini Silatolu, Ben Jacobs, Travaris Cadet, Kenjon Barner, Daryl Williams, Lorenzo Doss, Taylor Heinicke, David Mayo, and Cameron Artis-Payne. Our RFAs are: Chris Manhertz, Damiere Byrd, and Jared Norris ERFAs are: Bryan Cox Jr., Mose Frazier, Efe Obada, Jamaal Jones, Damien Parms, Elijah Hood, and Adam Bisnowaty Kalil, Davis, Peppers, and Adams are all candidates for retirement. Kalil and Davis have already made that claim. Peppers might still want to keep playing, and Adams is probably considering retirement. Regardless of what any of them decide, I don’t know that I would push too hard to bring any of them back. Kalil is banged up from time to time. Davis seems to still be doing okay, but you have to wonder for how long. Pep is a nostalgic want, but I don’t know that he does enough now to be worth it. Adams is okay for an old safety, but probably more valuable as a veteran tutor. I don’t care to bring Funchess back. Let another team overpay him, and let’s move on with our young, fast guys with solid hands. Fozzy, Cadet, and Barner are all pretty much gone. I could see us bring maybe one of them back, but I think we’ll go another route. For our backup RB early on, I think we’ll ink CAP to a deal somewhere along the lines of $925,000 in 2019. Other UFA guys I have no real desire to bring back are Colin Jones, Amini Silatolu, and Ben Jacobs. I feel all three of these are holdovers from older schools of thought. The first person I would get a new contract to is Eric Reid. Lock him down for 3-4 years and stick it to the man. I’d give him at least $2 Million next year alone, with escalators loaded into the middle and later parts of the contract. He could be a starter for us for the duration of this new deal and, hopefully, beyond. Next, I would bring some consistency to our Offensive Line by getting Daryl Williams, Marshall Newhouse, and Chris Clark all inked to new deals. I feel like Clark, despite what some of his resident critics say, has earned at least a chance to continue as a starter at one of the Tackle positions, and that Newhouse has shown he can be a solid backup. Williams, until we know how healthy he can be and if he can return to prime form, should be treated as a backup right now. Between the three of these guys, I am only marking down a combined cap hit of $6 Million, with Williams and Newhouse each getting $1.75 Million and Clark banking $2.5 Million. Yes, I know this will draw some ire, but Clark has been a starter since he's been here. The other UFAs I’m hoping we bring back are: Taylor Heinicke – I like what I’ve seen from him enough to bring him into camp at around $850,000. Kyle Love – Our best backup DT. $1.5 Million Wes Horton – Solid backup, good for our rotation. $1.5 Million David Mayo - He might have to start depending on the draft and free agency. I don’t want to let him get away. $1.25 Million would be a bargain Lorenzo Doss – Camp body at the very least, but a DB that’s been in our system. $450,000 The only RFA I would put a number on is Jared Norris, just due to our potential lack of depth/experience at LB. I think Byrd and Manhertz are done. $750,000 for Norris and I’m good. The two ERFAs I want to retain are Obada and Cox. Both are young and developing, and are worth $750,000 each. We’ll probably get them for less, but that’s my working number for them. If you’ve kept up with this section, I have us bringing back thirteen of our own potential free agents at a combined cap hit of around $16.725 Million. The math now reads: The Core stands at 43 players, post contract restructuring and bringing back our own free agents. Core 43 cap number for 2019: Close to $142 Million Cap space for Free Agent market and Draft picks: around $45 Million This concludes this section of my 2019 offseason preview. Part 3: Sign ‘em Up! With 43 familiar faces on the Panthers roster, we’re at a point where we need to look at who the new faces could be. We’ll need at least ten more people to field an active roster. We’ll need at least twenty more to field an active roster and a practice squad. I’m of the thought that you should fill your biggest needs and strengthen your weakest areas via known commodities. If I was a GM, this would be my mantra as well. You get better by bringing in players you know can make you better because they’ve done it already for other teams. Yes, the draft is an important tool in a team’s growth. But it is also a roll of the dice if your scouting department is off, or if a pick just doesn’t pan out. Safer bets are hedged in the Free Agent market. For the Panthers, I think our current biggest weaknesses (outside of the coaching staff) are in our secondary and pass rush on defense, and in our passing game consistency on offense. The former is where I think we’ll spend the bulk of our Free Agent money, but I’ve also got a couple guys I think we should bring in for the latter. My plan already has us bringing most of our 2018 Defensive Line back for 2019. The only notable exclusion is Julius Peppers. Vernon Butler being gone opens another spot. Hopefully, Marquis Haynes will be a factor in the future, and I hope that he can step up in 2019. If not, we need to have other options ready. “But these guys aren’t getting it done” you’re saying. “Why bring them back expecting different results?” you ask. It is because I think with some coaching and coordination changes (and a little help behind them, more on that later) I think this unit CAN make strides in the pass rushing department. At the very least, they are all familiar with each other’s’ strengths and weaknesses, and I think that has some value. That said, there are two specific guys here I want to bring in to help in getting to the quarterback. Those guys are Frank Clark (SEA) and Rodney Gunter (AZ.) Clark is a guy that has impressed me whenever I see him on tape. He’s more situational, granted, but that drives his price down a little bit too. He gets a good edge rush, and could be considered an upgrade over anyone we currently have on our roster in that department. Let’s try to talk him into a longer type deal that gives him a hit of $7.5 Million in 2019. Reports seem to indicate he wants a long term deal, so the longer the better, and the cheaper we could potentially get him in the earlier years. Gunter has emerged as one of the better inside guys in the league but just happens to be on a bad team. I’m sure the Cardinals would love to have him back, but I think we could lure him away for a longer, richer contract. $6 Million in 2019 would definitely be worth it. Lock those two linemen up, and we’ve effectively shored up our DL for at least four years. The other two defensive Free Agent targets I have in mind are Za’Darius Smith, LB out of Baltimore, and Landon Collins, S out of New York. Collins is a little banged up right now, but he’s one of the better safeties in the league. Pair him with Eric Reid, and we’ve got two young, very good safeties in the back of the secondary. He’ll demand a high price, but I’m hoping we can convince him to sign up for around $7.5 Million in 2019. Smith could come in and start opposite Shaq, and would help immensely in the pass rush department. He’s a good, fast LB who excels at getting to the ball. $5.5 Million in 2019 would be a bargain, and he’d get to play beside a future HOFer on a contender. To close out the splashes I hope we make in Free Agency, I’ll address the passing game. As I mentioned, I believe Olsen is done. Ian Thomas has shown some good things, but he’s still learning. I think we need to bring in Jesse James from Pittsburgh, who has kind of been in and out of a starting spot since the emergence of Vance McDonald. If we could lure him to the Panthers at $6 Million in 2019, he could be our starter for a long time, and a nice replacement for #88. …and my dark horse target for Free Agency 2019 is Adam Humphries. This kid has impressed me when we’ve faced him and at other times I’ve watched the Bucs play. Spartanburg’s own, he spent his college time at Clemson. Let’s bring him back home and add him to our stable of young, quick, sure handed receivers for several years. $3 Million in 2019 and I think everyone (except the Bucs) is happy. And now the Core of the roster sits at 49, with a total of $35.5 Million spent in the Free Agent market. That leaves us with nearly $10 Million in Cap Space going into the draft. We’ll need to hit on at least four of our draft picks, or bring in a few other free agents to fulfill our 53 man roster requirement. We’ll also need to establish a practice squad, so we need at least 63 players under contract. Sure, there will be other warm bodies brought in for camp and to try out. Not only in the form of smaller name free agents, but in the form of UDFAs later. Also, not everyone currently in the Core of 49 will make the team. That will free up a little money too. Then there’s the “51 rule” where only the top 51 earners will count towards our cap for a while. But, as you can see, I’ve laid out a Free Agency plan to get us to the draft with around $10 Million in our pocket. That gives us enough for rookie contracts with a little play room. Part 4: Roster Strengths and Weaknesses Heading Into the Draft So, we find ourselves at 49 players. Let’s take a look at how the depth chart is breaking down at this point. OFFENSE (19) QB – Cam Newton, Taylor Heinicke RB – Christian McCaffrey, Cameron Artis-Payne FB – Alex Armah WR – DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Jarius Wright, Adam Humphries TE – Jesse James, Ian Thomas T – Chris Clark, Taylor Moton, Daryl Williams G – Trai Turner, Greg Van Roten, Marshall Newhouse, Brendon Mahon C – Tyler Larsen DEFENSE (27) DE – Frank Clark, Mario Addison, Wes Horton, Efe Obada, Bryan Cox Jr., Marquis Haynes DT – Kawann Short, Rodney Gunter, Dontari Poe, Kyle Love OLB – Za’Darius Smith, Shaq Thompson, David Mayo, Jared Norris ILB – Luke Kuechly, Andre Smith, Jermaine Carter CB – Donte Jackson, James Bradberry, Ross Cockrell, Keyvon Seymour, Corn Elder, Lorenzo Doss S – Landon Collins, Eric Reid, Da’Norris Searcy, Rashaan Gaulden SPECIALISTS (3) Graham Gano, Michael Palardy, JJ Jansen As you can see, we are definitely deeper on Defense than Offense. If we land the targets I have mentioned in Free Agency, or at least similar positional targets, we’ll have a bit of fat to trim on that side of the ball. The bonus is that guys like Searcy and Cockrell might be expendable due to the emergence of Donte Jackson and the potential of re-signing Reid and/or landing another Safety on the market. Also, I expect Doss and maybe Seymour will be camp bodies. But, for now, almost all these players provide experience in our current systems. I think we’re eyeing the DT crop in the draft, rather than the popular DE opinion. It is also time to throw a drafted, young LB into the mix. I’d prefer ILB to learn from Luke, unless someone knows something about Smith or Carter that we don’t. I’ll get into those options later. While we don’t have the depth on Offense, I would argue that we have potentially more talent there. Our young receiving corps all fit our current system, but we could stand to add at least one more body for depth. I expect us to address that in the draft. Our QB1 and RB1 are elite, our new FA TE has the potential to be elite, and our entire OL has a year on the books together and have played pretty well for the most part. Ryan Kalil will be missed, but I fully expect us to draft one of the better Centers in the draft to groom alongside Larsen, who has played well. Other than that, I think we’ll also draft/UDFA/FA another Guard and Tackle at some point to throw into the mix. Another TE will need to be added somewhere, too, and I wouldn’t be opposed to bringing back Manhertz as a last resort as camp approaches. The last note on Offense I’ll make is that I think we’ll draft a RB this year to compete with CAP. Part 5: The Draft I won’t get too into my grading system, because it will be highly debatable. What I will say, is that based on projected depth and talent, my projection of our biggest needs in April are going to come down to RB, WR, T, G, C, LB, and DT. If you’re wanting a reason to watch certain bowl games this year, check out some of the guys that will be listed later in this section. At RB, I’m only counting on CMC and CAP right now. We’ll need someone else to take reps in practice and to develop as a potential CAP replacement. We could bring back someone like Fozzy, Cadet, or Barner, and that will be okay and fill the gap. But my line of thought here is that there are a couple guys that could be in this draft that are potential CMC style backs that could spell him well. My list of prospects here include: Trayveon Williams, Texas A&M Zack Moss, Utah Darrell Henderson, Memphis It is way too early to tell, but all three are currently considered to be mid rounders. As the time approaches, I suspect some of them may creep into the second round, which I feel like would be way to early for us. But, you never know. At WR my number one guy so far is Marquise Brown from Oklahoma. I feel like he’s really the type of guy we can add to our stable to make plays. He’s likely a second rounder at this point, but he might climb to the first round. Other options at WR include: Terry Godwin, Georgia Hunter Renfrow, Clemson Nyqwan Murray, Florida State Kelvin Harmon, NC State Riley Ridley, Georgia Antoine Wesley, Texas Tech Anthony Johnson, Buffalo Lil’Jordan Humphrey, Texas On the Offensive Line, I think the Panthers could look hard at drafting one from each position. My current favorites of the crop include: T: Greg Little, Ole Miss Trey Adams, Washington David Edwards, Wisconsin Isaiah Prince, Ohio State G: Beau Benzshawel, Wisconsin Connor McGovern, Penn State Bobby Evans, Oklahoma Ben Powers, Oklahoma C: Jesse Burkett, Stanford Connor McGovern (again), Penn State Alec Eberle, Florida State On the defensive side of the ball, I think we’re going to be in the market for another young linebacker to bring in and learn from Luke, or to even spell him in some fronts. We may also look for someone who can play on the outside as well, to help Shaq and any potential FA addition in TD’s absence. My favorite right now is Devin White, who will likely be a top 10 pick and out of our reach. But if he slides, I hope we pull the trigger. He’s a monster. Again, I think, at this point, we’ll also be looking to add another DT to the mix. There are a few guys out there I have my eye on. My list of defensive prospects right now focuses on the guys below. LB: Devin White, LSU Cameron Smith, USC Ben Banogu, TCU Charles Wright, Vanderbilt Anfernee Jennings, Alabama DT: Derrick Brown, Auburn Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame Raequan Williams, Michigan State Tyler Clark, Georgia Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina The Panthers currently have six picks in the 2019 NFL draft, in rounds 1-6. Our seventh round pick went to Buffalo alongside Kaelin Clay for Keyvon Seymour. It does, however, appear that the Panthers will get an additional third rounder as compensation for Andrew Norwell. Depending on how the rest of the season plays out, it is looking like the Panthers can pick anywhere from pick 11-32. Right now, I don’t think there will be a reason for us to make a lot of movement during the draft. It’ll likely be a somewhat boring draft for us to the casual observer. We could very well draft three offensive lineman, and spend the other four picks on the other needs I have mentioned in RB, DT, LB, and WR. We could also be in BPA mode, leaning more towards the offensive side of the ball for depth. Either way, I expect us to come out of the draft with at least 4 solid players that will make the roster, and hopefully three more that can do the same. That will push us to 56 players, only leaving room for seven more additions for our season requirement of 63. I won’t get too much into analyzing each prospect until the draft gets closer, so that will close out my thoughts on our mentality going into the 2019 draft. Part 6: Things Left Unsaid, and a Conclusion Up to this point in this preview, I haven’t mentioned much about the potential coaching staff changes. Of course, if there is a lot of that, you can expect some of the thought processes described above to change a bit too. Ron Rivera has been a roller coaster of a head coach. He’s probably the best coach we’ve ever had, but one could argue that he’s easily the most stubborn. Loyalty towards veterans, and refusal to adapt have been his biggest downfalls. If Rivera’s days are numbered, as many suspect, I am 100% on board with the sentiment that it is time to bring in an Offense minded replacement. The league has evolved into an offensive league. Long gone are the days of winning most games by holding opponents to under ten points. Today’s league is a shootout league, in which you can only hope to slow down opposing offenses. I don’t know who it will be, and haven’t had time to look into any candidates, but I feel like it is time to let our offense be our identity. We have two elite players in power positions on that side of the ball, and a stable of young weapons behind them. Let’s spread it out and make other teams play catch up. David Tepper strikes me as a guy that wants to be competitive and someone who doesn’t care what the critics say about getting us to that point. Right now, I trust him to make the right decisions when the time comes. He alone has given me a little bit of hope for our future, despite the way the past few weeks have played out for us. When discussing the future of the Panthers, Mr. Tepper is front and center the key player in it. Let’s hope the next few decades of Panthers football are better than their first 23 years as a team, and that we become synonymous with the term “great franchise.” In conclusion, I appreciate any of you that have made it this far. We’re all fans, armchair HCs and GMs, and general critics of our franchise. The good thing is that it is still our franchise, and we have a team to rally around. So, Keep Pounding. Keep your heads up, because there’s always a future. It can’t rain all the time.
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    1-5 in 2016 3-3 in 2017 1-5 in 2018 For all the things said about the game passing Ron by, nothing touches the fact that we’re the bitch of our division and are generally a free win. It’s really hard to succeed when you lose more than two-thirds of your division games.
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    We are the ones who support them financially at the end of the day. I won’t buy another ticket or merchandise until he is out.
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    Imagine how stupid these guys would feel i no one responds to the threads but people keep falling for the same things over and over posting in those threads giving each troll exactly what they want
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    I'm seriously worried that Rivera might actually be taking years off of Cam Newton's career.
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    Be careful... seems that if you say anything negative about Cam you are labeled a racist
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    Get this dude off my team

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