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    I wouldn’t expect anything with a Panthers logo on it to stop anything if I were you
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    Wanted to let you guys know my wife had her hours cut and is making masks for local hospitals and anyone else who wants them. Can make them in Panthers material or pretty much anything else you want. Let me know if you’re interested. Email my wife at [email protected] with quantity and child size or adult size and address. We will then send a paypal invoice. 12 dollars each/ free shipping Here’s a picture of the finished product and the Panthers material my wife is using...
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    Being a Hurney guy is the kiss of death. Filling positions of need in weak draft classes at those positions is a terrible idea. Should have gone OG last year and OT this year. Just more of the same from a bad roster building GM. What he brings to the process is enough reason to fire him and yet here he is again and again. At this point, it's on Tepper.
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    How will Panthers fans be able to identify the curse going forward? 3 winning seasons in the last 9 years.
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    Thought I’d take a look at the nfl.com scouting reports coming out of college for our own Teddy B compared to future number one pick Joe Burrow, seeing as how they will share the offensive guru that is Joe Brady. Folks, I’m here to say, unsurprisingly the scouting reports are almost dead even. Let’s start with Teddy: STRENGTHS Extremely competitive and driven to succeed. Well-prepared and confident in his approach. Operated a pro-style, progression-read offense where he is asked to scan the whole field and set protections. Footwork is very clean and in rhythm -- throws on balance with sound mechanics, a fluid delivery and smooth stroke. Very good timing, touch and anticipation -- throws receivers open. Is patient working through his reads and will step up in the pocket. Sells play-action hard and takes what the defense gives him. Poised in the face of the blitz and often anticipates it coming. Is very mentally and physically tough -- played through a broken left wrist with a sprained ankle in what was essentially the 2012 Big East championship game, coming off the bench to captain the Cardinals to a come-from-behind victory. Is a student of the game with a very good understanding of football concepts. Plays like a coach on the field, knows the responsibilities of everyone on the field and can get teammates lined up correctly. Makes few mental errors. Consistently moves the chains and converts in critical situations. Is given a lot of autonomy to make pre-snap reads and adjustments at the line of scrimmage and understands how to exploit defenses. Meticulous in his preparation. Has a passion for the game and really works at it. Smart, determined and focused. Is only 21 years old -- incredibly mature for his age and can see the big picture. Really works at his craft and showed gradual improvement every season. Football is extremely important to him. Highly respected, unselfish team leader. WEAKNESSES Has a very lean, narrow frame with limited bulk and small hands. Does not drive the ball with velocity down the field and can be affected by cold and windy conditions (see Cincinnati). Can improve placement and touch on the deep ball. Adequate athlete. Is not an overly elusive scrambler -- struggles escaping the rush and buying a second chance with his feet vs. pressure. Passing stats are padded from operating a passing game that relies heavily on short, lateral tosses. Long-term durability could become a concern without continued strength and weight gains. DRAFT PROJECTION Round 1 BOTTOM LINE A calculated, football-smart, precision-matchup rhythm passer, Bridgewater would be best suited entering a warm-weather or dome environment such as those most common in the South divisions. Would stand to benefit heavily from operating a short, dink-and-dunk rhythm passing game. Compensates for a lack of elite arm talent and prototype measureables with the intangibles and football intelligence that could elevate the other 52 players around him. Instinctive passer with the laser-beam determination to become a Pro Bowl-caliber passer in the right system. And now let’s take a look at Joey Burrow: Overview People's champ with rags-to-riches story arc culminating in one of the greatest one-year turnarounds in sports history. He's self-assured and plays with competitive toughness that teammates will gravitate toward instantly. He's a rhythm passer who benefited from tempo and scheme, but his vision, touch and read recognition made the offense special. He buys time for himself inside the pocket, but creates explosive, off-schedule plays outside of it with his arm or legs. He throws with staggering precision and timing, but he recognizes his own arm-strength constraints and is forced to shrink the field accordingly. His 2018 tape and unremarkable physical traits could clutter his evaluation for some, but he appears to be an outlier who simply developed and blossomed beyond those evaluation concerns. He's a smart quarterback with special intangibles and could become a Pro Bowler if a team tailors its offense to his specific strengths and comfort level. Strengths Off-the-charts football IQ and intangibles Plays with brazen field presence and poise Rapid ascension to chess master who can beat up coverages thrown at him Initial field glances are often lies being told to safeties Gets through full-field progressions with unique internal clock timed to the routes Decisive from read to release with elite precision and placement Stuck it into impossible windows on several occasions Very good timing and anticipation Throws pass-catchers away from coverage and into space Throws with superb touch and trusts receivers to make the play Deep dime-dropper, completing 55 percent with 24 TDs and 2 INTs in 2019 Separates from rush with deft climbs, slides and escapes Above-average toughness in pocket and as runner Unexpected wiggle to elude when scrambling Makes explosive, off-schedule plays while on the move Can deliver back-breaking runs to move the chains Weaknesses Polar opposite seasons in 2018 and 2019 A level of scheme fit is necessary Below-average arm strength and average release quickness Tends to work into more condensed areas of the field Steep drop in accuracy on intermediate throws outside the numbers Requires top-notch timing for out-breaking throws as a pro Saw nose of ball dive on some throws field-side Spotty high/low combo throws against long boundary CBs when they play it low to high Early issues handling Clemson's disguised blitz packages Scheme created clearer reads and easier one-on-one throws Took sacks he didn't need to Bottom line, it seems like we at least have a plan to try and emulate what Brady and Co. did down at LSU last year, and if we even get close to that we should be in for a fun ride. excuse the formatting, on mobile
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    This coronavirus is making people crazy
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    all of our picks for next year, ekspecially our 1st
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    My sleeper picks (Names that are simply not getting enough attention for each round’s selection)—of course, this depends on my sources and sites---and the Huddle. But I think these guys would be nice fits and could shock some folks if taken during each respective round (the rounds are guesses, obviously). In some cases, I heard or read that we talked with them, but that means little because we talk to most of them. Gonna do this by round because I live on the edge: Round 1 CJ Henderson, CB. Most years, Henderson would be the highest-rated CB, but Okudah is special. Maybe we trade back a few spots and take him, but do not continue to overlook the fact that we have done NOTHING at CB. K'Lavon Chaisson, DE. The second-best DE in this draft (labeled an OLB—he can do both)—and like Henderson, there is no shame in coming in second to Young. Chaisson did not play football until his JR year of high school and played 2 years at LSU. He is too fast for his size—6-3, 255. Good vs. the run and lightning fast as a rusher—he is raw and has more upside than any other player in the draft. I am under the impression that Brady knows him. Pass Rushers are very coveted. He will go earlier than most think. Second Round Cesar Ruiz, C. Do not underestimate the value of center that is smart, has a low center of gravity, can pull like a guard, and never gets fooled by stunts and blitzes. His value to the offense is immeasurable. You can’t bull rush him, you can’t fool him, and he can pull and knock a new ear hole in some DT’s headgear. I want this player, frankly—he is a good value and meets a need. #51. I don’t see him getting past Gettlemen, however, in the second round. Jeremy Chinn, S. A ballhawk who times and baits the secondary to put himself in position to make plays. Had 3 picks and 5 deflections in each season at Southern Illinois. Duggar? Maybe the name we have been talking about, but give me this guy over the LR stud. He takes good angles in the run game. Just a smart, cerebral player who can QB the secondary for a decade. Get this—6’3”, 225 lbs. 4.45 40 yard dash, 41” vert, and 138” broad. He is a freak. NOTE about all the second-round CBs: I think we should draft a CB in round 2—there are many solid starting-caliber options that project to picks 33-64: Noah Igbinoghene, Trevon Diggs, AJ Terrell, Damon Arnette, Jaylon Johnson, Cameron Dantzler, Bryce Hall--- That is 7 CBs with a second-round grade who could start day 1. I am banking that one of these drops into the third round. Why? I can not find a recent draft (or any draft) that had 7 players at one position in one round. I have 4 CBs with first round grades (Okudah, Henderson, Gladney, and Fulton). So to assume that the 11th CB in the draft will not be there in round three defies odds. Wait until round 3. Third Round Davon Hamilton, NT/UT. I might have too high a grade on him based on the 5.2 yards per carry flashbacks I get at night, but he is a rotational big man with starting potential. Someone who can step in with Kerr and hold down the NT duties. Battle tested against Big Ten OL. Saahdiq Charles, OT. Big, athletic OT who needs a year or two the weight room. Tremendous upside, solid depth until then. Jonathan Greenard, DE. Reminds me of a young Charles Johnson, one of our best 3rd round picks ever. 6-3, 265, he is capable vs. the run and pass. Quick, but still learning. Fourth Round Logan Wilson, MLB. Instinctive, tough, downhill MLB with 3 years starting experience. 6-2, 242, and runs a 4.6 40. Combine that speed with instincts and intelligence, you have a poor man’s Luke Keuchly—and that is good enough for a reserve MLB/special teamer with the potential to start. If this guy is there in the fourth round, I will be screaming at the TV. https://youtu.be/98mxKjK9jQg One more player for late in the draft: Justin McMillan, QB. A run, pass threat. Reminds me of PJ Walker a bit. https://youtu.be/pIJtVie7RVk
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    Mods please delete this thread, clearly OP doesn't read the forum.
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    Talent. Too many of you are worried about the positions of the guys we draft. We aren’t going to be competitive this year and it would be stupid to draft to fill a depth chart. We are rebuilding and need talent. They can start worrying about holes in a couple seasons but to do so now would only hurt us even more.
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    Well, these early comments aged well....
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    some team is going to score a huge win by signing him. hope it is AFC except no Panthers North.
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    Lol it was around just long enough to screw the saints and help us.
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    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28981688/how-2019-nfl-second-round-draft-picks-fared-store-2020%3fplatform=amp Reading this just makes me so frustrated with Marty. He really could have drafted nearly anyone in this round and they would have filled a hole. But instead of course he traded up for a lineman who very likely would have fallen to our pick anyway. Greg Little has accomplished two things so far... two concussions. Then this year Marty traded our pro bowl LG for an old expensive lineman at the same position as Greg Little!! He somehow managed to make more holes with a draft pick he is incompetent. And don’t even get me started about the Will Grier pick, he likely won’t even be on the team in the next two years. Fire Marty or just at the minimum kick him out of the war room after round one.
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    Lol, we did? Did you know that Worley has been starting for the Raiders for the past year and a half and has been ranked higher than Donte? Smith never even signed with another team after we paid him $350,000 for each of his 17 receptions.
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    Who's willing to cut Hurney's wifi off after the 1st round?
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    My hate for hurney is unhealthy
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    On the bright side of all this my restaurant is seeing good profits through all this even with having to close down our dining rooms. We are at full employment and are feeding people who have lost their jobs for free. Figured I would spread some positive news on this thread.
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    The red Sox had the curse of the bambino. The panthers will have the curse of QB1. A horrible decision from management.
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    Okung for Trai was a great deal for the Panthers. Trai is so overrated its not funny and we get out of next years cap hit.
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    Nyah, just keep politics out of this one.There's already a corona thread in TB. This one should be about sharing information and discussing how it affects us rather than all the political BS.
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    This is exactly why the Panthers should not have signed Bridgewater. I had no problem with a rebuild. I was ready to take my lumps. So why waste cap space and delay true competitiveness at least one more year.
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    Yes! Sean Peyton's butt-hurt rule was a failure.
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    Pick 7: Derrick Brown, DT. UPDATE: Jeff Okudah, CB > Derrick Brown, DT > Isaiah Simmons, LB. At least one should be available when the Panthers pick. Can't go wrong with any of these guys. Pick 38: Denzel Mims, WR. UPDATE: Kyle Dugger, SS. After signing Robby Anderson I do not see the need to select a WR high in the draft. A secondary of Okudah, Jackson, Boston, and Dugger will be great moving forward. Looking at the NFCS, I think it is time to finally invest into the secondary. Pick 69: Malik Harrison, LB UPDATE: No Change. With the move back to a 4-3 defense I like this selection even more. A linebacker core of Whitehead - Thompson - Harrison no longer looks like a weakness on the defense. Pick 113: Cesar Ruiz, C/LG UPDATE: Leki Fotu, NT. I know he is no Star Lotulelei, but maybe having a true space eating nose tackle next to Kawann Short will allow him to actually earn some of his paycheck. Slowly the defense has gone from vomit inducing to looking like there is some potential. I originally did not make selections past this point. Here is my continuation after doing some more research on potential prospects. Pick 148: Damien Lewis, G. Very similar to Trai Turner also coming out of LSU. Should compete for the RG position. Pick 152: Amik Robertson, SLCB. 5'8 scrappy, small school (LA Tech) corner with all the tools to be a successful NFL slot corner. Could develop very similarly to Captain Munnerlyn. Pick 184: Jonathan Garvin, DE. This guy could really benefit from playing and developing under a coach like Matt Rhule. Pick 221: Rodrigo Blankenship, K. Why the hell not. This team needs an open kicker competition. I really think with this draft and maybe a few additions with post draft cuts in FA, this defense may surprise some people. If the Panthers are actually going to try and compete this season, a defensive heavy draft like this one is very much needed.
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    Our red zone offense is hot garbage but I doubt most of us would have bet on Samuel to outshine some big name WR and TE in this department.
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    The Panthers are so out of touch. They did not think Bridgewater would come so cheap...really! It still has not occurred to them that they were bidding against themselves. Bridgewater did not have much of a market because the rest of the NFL saw him for what he is - a back-up. I remember reading that the Patriots were interested around the time that the likely signing was leaked. What a load. The Patriots quickly stated that they had NO interest in Bridgewater. Rightfully so. I wish the Panthers would have said the same.
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    Hey all With the tough times coming I just wanted to let any huddler know they aren't alone. If you have any needs, reach out and as a community we will see what we can do. You aren't alone. You are valued. This too shall pass. Feel free to reach out to me and we will do our best to help you out. JI
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    Panther fans remember Cam getting screwed by the refs taking institutionalized abuse, headhunted. We knew the NFL hated Cam, it was obvious. To see QB1 strategically screwed out of work and reputation by Tepper rubbed fans the wrong way for sure. He, just like Smitty, was hated and feared by the rest of the NFL. Because they were Panthers the battle to be great was always uphill and unfair at times by design but they were our guys, and we want them to be treated with respect by US.
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    We got notified by our banker today we were approved for our Paycheck Protection Program money to keep everyone paid for a couple more months. Hopefully other small businesses will start to get theirs as well.
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    Since we are at war with the Virus. I love the smell of Clorox in the morning. Smells like victory.
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    He was clearly saying it to emphasize why it was such a difficult decision for him to make. Come on now.
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    Talk all you want about the virus. Leave the page after page of president/administration bickering in the TB. There is a virus thread for you there.
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    That is what I have been saying the entire time about Burrow. He isn't an elite QB prospect, he's a potentially elite game manager. Scheme is going to matter a lot in terms of his career success. Don't be surprised to see him be a huge bust in Cincy because they don't set him up to be successful.
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    To some people accuracy is overrated. The real question is if they can throw the ball through a wall. That's the sign of a great QB!
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    What kind of company fires someone then rehires them for the same position? McDonalds doesnt even do that.
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    I think I'd rather us sign an actual apple.
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    Apple is straight dookie. Makes Deion Sanders look like Lawrence Taylor as a tackler.
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    Sad thing is Democrats cant find someone to beat him.
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    The concept yes, and they're already working on it with the plasma from recovered patients. In terms of practical application assuming whatever is developed is proven safe and efficacious, which takes time, antibody production would then need to be scaled up. https://deadline.com/2020/04/netflix-pandemic-doctor-coronavirus-cure-anthony-fauci-response-1202898136/ I've worked in pharmaceutical development and clinical trials for almost 15 years. Nothing unusual or particularly novel about this approach, and I don't say that to disparage the claim but rather to give context to my comment. My company alone is already heavily involved in various COVID-19 development and tracking activities, some of which has been publicly-announced.
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    MNF: Panther vs Patriots, Nov 2013 I was with my buddy in some sick Club level seats. I was surrounded by Pats fans and a bunch wine and cheese old a-holes (that kept yelling at me to sit down). The game was back and fourth and ultimately came down to Brady throwing a interception, followed by throwing a temper tantrum after the game. We went to All American Pub afterwords and I danced with a bunch of chicks and got so hot that I peeled off my black DeAngelo Williams jersey that someone immediately stole when I placed it in a chair. (Thanks for that). Anyway, it was an epic night and it was so sweet watching all those sad Pats fans who paid big money to buy tickets in my section. Game summary: Carolina took an early 7-0 lead thanks to a nine-yard touchdown catch by Brandon LaFell and led 10-3 at halftime. The Patriots tied the game not five minutes into the third quarter on a touchdown by Rob Gronkowski, but Greg Olsen responded with one of his own. Carolina led 17-10 going into the final stanza, and it seemed like they had a legit chance to pull off an upset. It didn’t take long for New England to tie the game again, though. Stevan Ridley’s one-yard run made it 17-17, then the Patriots took the lead thanks to a field goal by Stephen Gostkowski. Starting from their own 17 yard line with less than six and a half minutes to go, the Panthers needed a game-winning drive from their franchise quarterback. Cam Newton responded, completing a 15-play drive with a 25-yard TD to Ted Ginn. Brady rallied and got the Patriots within striking distance, but on the critical last play he threw an end-zone interception. Some folks will tell you that Gronkowski was clearly held by Luke Kuechly on the play and pass interference should have been called, nevermind the ball being completely uncatchable anyway. A flag was thrown but after a discussion the officials picked it up and declared the game over with the Panthers winners. Naturally, Brady was livid. He got into one of the officials’ faces and screamed some obscenities on live TV.
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    Had at least 3 on the team at once and couldn't even have a winning season. That's what's really absurd
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    Essentially, you getting corona might effect ME so we have to make sure you get treated but you getting cancer doesn't matter to me... go into massive debt, die, whatever, I don't care

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