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    Some of y'all seem to have forgotten how bad we've been at OT for the past decade. We can't be getting all cocky and thinking we can let proven starting caliber OTs just walk away
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    I think it’s safe to say that Ron is safe. All of they hype has been around Kyle Allen being undefeated, but the unsung hero here has been a Ron Rivera and how he has the defense playing. We’ve been playing at a 2015 level of defense and Ron deserves a lot of credit for this. I’ve said for a long time that Cam and Ron Rivera are a bad pair. Cam needs an Andy Reid type guy who can take advantage of his unique skill set. Ron needs someone to sustain drives, takes what the defense gives him, and doesn’t take any risk in the passing game. Kyle Allen gives him that. Cam isn’t a game manager. He’s going to hold onto the ball, he’s going to look for the big play and he thrives when playing uptempo which isn’t good when you’re looking to keep your defense rested. What you’re seeing is Ron with a QB that better fits his football philosophy. I’ll always say I’d rather have Cam over Kyle, but I just don’t believe Cam and Rivera are the best fit.
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    If the Panthers were to trade Newton, the word "apocalypse" comes to mind with regard to this board.
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    Man yall just cant enjoy the moment, Cam is the starter Kyle is a very good backup...thats all thats it
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    I just hope Little can overcome these early concussion issues. He and Daley both look like future fixtures on the OL. I don't care who plays LT and who plays elsewhere. I still think the long-term plan is likely Little at LT and Daley at LG.
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    Do we have a left tackle controversy in the making?
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    Bucs are pretty banged up, too, especially on offensive line. In addition to their starting RG and RT being out, they had one of their backup Guards, get injured in practice, evidently bad enough to be placed on IR. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/11/bucs-promote-nate-trewyn-place-zack-bailey-on-ir/ Also, Shaq Barrett is also listed as questionable after practicing earlier in the well- unclear what happened. Probably still a good chance he plays, may not be at 100% which would be A-OK with me given our own offensive line issues. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/11/shaq-barrett-listed-as-questionable-for-sunday/ Bottom line, both teams are banged up, so the injury excuse is invalid. Got to find a way to win Sunday.
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    Cam really has the audacity to spend his bye week with his loved ones by taking a 1 hr flight
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    Cam should only start if he is 100% Not 80, not 90 100%, what he was before last years Steelers game. Otherwise we keep running with Allen
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    this staff is one of the most conservative in the league, ESPECIALLY when it comes to anything neuro. i mean poo donte jackson missed two weeks because he was slamming into a chick too hard this whole "patients get hurt so the trainers and doctors suck" nonsense needs to goooooo
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    Was gonna try and find one thing to make a quip about but the entire thing is just awesome. That 73 though!
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    When Cam wants to play again he’ll play. It was his decision to sit and it’ll be his decision to play. No matter what you think you have or don’t have in Kyle Allen, he’ll never reach Cam’s ceiling who I believe has never reached it himself. So you have to find out if Cam can still be Cam. Because if he can and you sit him for Kyle Allen, everyone in the building should be fired. When he tells them he can play, he’ll play otherwise he’d be on IR already.
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    This will piss people off, trade Cam for the value we could get a 1st or 2nd for him. It frees up cap space to resign the General and Shaq. Cap space for quality FA players or to build up future rollover.
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    Not gonna lie, it's nice watching a drop back passer who makes quick decisions with accuracy.
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    Slither back to the Tinderbox, dipshit.
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    Where it comes to Cam. He cannot see the field util he can participate fully in a full weeks worth of practice. Whenever that is. For the first time in his career, he has an opportunity to actually rest until he is healthy. Cannot underscore how important that is. Unless Kyle falls apart. We can wait on Cam. Not sure what you need to see out of Kyle before you can consider him a Franchise QB. But as of right now, the kid has dones everything they have asked of him. He is averaging almost 2 passing TDs a game, hasn't thrown a int yet, and did not have a TO last game. All while have a Rating of over 100. What more do you want? There is absolutely no reason to plan on Cams' demise. But hey, have at it.
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    Rons defense literally gives up free points to keep teams in the game. Still can't stand him
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    "at some point Cam just has to change his game and play from the pocket" well dude I mean he tried but then one of the Watt brothers ripped his arm off
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    I hope Butler continues to ball out the rest of the year and gives us something to make threads about...
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    He was just on WFNZ as well
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    Watch him get hurt too. I'm starting to think the football gods are trying to troll Ron Rivera into starting Taylor Moton at left tackle.
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    profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/10/13/panthers-used-gerald-mccoys-knowledge-of-jameis-winston-against-him/ The Carolina Panthers sacked Jameis Winston seven times on Sunday, and they forced him into throwing four interceptions. Former Tampa Bay defensive lineman Gerald McCoy had a major role in that. Apart from the 2.5 sacks from McCoy himself (he’d had none through five prior games), McCoy told PFT via phone from London after the 37-26 win that he knows plenty about how Winston plays, and that he spread that information to the rest of the defensive line. So what’s one specific thing that McCoy used against Winston? “He likes to step up in the pocket,” McCoy said, adding that the Panthers defensive line deliberately pushed the middle of the pocket to disrupt Winston. It worked. The defensive line has been a huge part of the turnaround in Carolina. After losing two home games only four days apart to start the season, the Panthers have won four in a row. With quarterback Cam Newton out for each of those wins, what has the defense done differently in his absence? Not a thing, McCoy said. “It doesn’t matter who’s at quarterback,” McCoy said. “We do the same thing every day. It’s not what we hope to do, it’s what we expect to do.” McCoy said that defensive coordinator Eric Washington and defensive line coach Sam Mills III have a simple message for the defensive linemen, each and every week: “We are the game plan.” Coach Ron Rivera had a different message for the team after those two losses to start the season. “I refuse to let you believe you’re not a good team,” Rivera told the Panthers, according to McCoy. McCoy said that the players took that to heart. Aware that people outside the locker room were writing them off, they believed in each other and came together. It culminated in four straight wins, capped by Sunday’s victory over the Bucs in London. McCoy said he had wanted to play the game in Tampa, but that Rivera had a different message for the Panthers at the beginning of the week regarding the inconvenience and annoyance of traveling to London instead of Tampa. “We’re playing a game this week,” Rivera wrote on the board, “and we’re playing that game in a football stadium.” That’s the attitude the Panthers have brought to each of the four different stadiums where they have won games in the past four weekends, whether it Arizona, Houston, Charlotte, or London. After the bye, the Panthers go for five wins in five cities with a trip to San Francisco.
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    Quoted to show I actually sided with the "ride with Kyle" crowd until I started digging into the numbers some more. He's done his job and the team has rallied behind him, but if Cam can even resemble his best self, it's an easy decision. The only question left is can he?
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    Not as much but yes. Moton is a franchise RT.
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    Even I have to concede that at this point unless something drastically changes, it's Kyle Allen for the remainder of the season. It really sucks from an emotional standpoint looking back at all the good memories the last several years, but that's just the reality of football and time in general. Whatever happens I wish Newton nothing but the best. And as far as these "fans" badmouthing him, they can still get fugged 7 days a week from here to eternity as far as I'm concerned.
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    3 points and running time off the clock...Bucs down 3 scores. I'm good with that.
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    I was told he was a bum and he only won any of his games ever because the team had talented players that won in spite of his incompetence... Always stood by Ron. Genuinely never jumped on the ‘moRon’ nonsense people on here go on and on about
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    Allen did well on that drive. Pushed downfield and made plays happen when Curtis and Moore got open.
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    Person says McCaffrey called it "a little sore" but believes it's no big deal. Some had speculated it was an excuse to give him a day off or that the "back injury" was a joke about him carrying the team on his back. It appears to be a legit thing, but not necessarily a major one.
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    Considering he proceeded to run all over the Jags even after that first touchdown, including juking multiple players out of their cleats, I'm gonna say it's safe to assume everything will be fine. Plus we have a bye after this game anyway
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    yet another thread where mediocre at best white men are mad they can't tell the rich black people what to do
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    Kyle is a great game manager. He’s clutch when we need him the most. Also, Kyle is extremely calm and does not let negativity get into his head. While Cam is more physically gifted and offers little extra spark with his running ability, Ryan is a field general. With CMC on the team... Kyle is a perfect complement. Allen is also only 23 and 5 years before his prime age. He need to continue to develop.
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    Already is. This Cam VS Allen thing has gotten out of hand weeks ago.
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    You're wanting to let a proven OT walk because a couple of rookies have had a couple of nice games and now one of those rookies has picked up two concussions in the space of a month. I'm not onboard with that. Not at all.
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    "Whitehead threw his body into McCaffery, the heads collided" that's an interesting way to say he lead with his head to try to take out our MVP halfback who is responsible for this victory more than any other player on the field
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    Ron actually put Williams at left tackle for the first two games.
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    Tampa Bay is going to make this scary before the game is over. Ron Rivera is the head coach of this team in case anybody forgot.
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    Scott Fowler‏Verified account @scott_fowler 1h1 hour ago More Assuming that second sack stays credited to Vernon Butler, the former Panthers' 1st-round pick just had 2 fumble-causing sacks on back-to-back plays. In 2016, '17 and '18, he never had 2 sacks in an entire season.
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    The fact that Allen can't be successful without it being a commentary on an INJURED Cam is disgustingly telling. Even more shameful is how it's allowed to continue unabated.
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    Jesus Christ, Jim Bob probably argues with himself in the mirror. Literally everything has to try to become a fight. Stop being so damn miserable, man.
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    umm, it appears that some of you guys aren't getting that's a voiceover. It's a joke.

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