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    So, I woke up this morning and enjoyed some coffee while reading this joint and reflecting on the loss yesterday. And you know what, I'm not even mad. The Carolina Panthers sit at 0-2, just like last season. But instead of looking out atthe deep dark yawning chasm of missed opportunities and more of the same monotonous crap year after year after year, we have something quite new. We have one of the youngest teams in the league with brand new NFL coaches including the youngest offensive coordinator in the league going toe to toe with established NFL teams. And you know what? It has been pretty damn close each week. A rocky start followed by effective adjustments (wtf are adjustments?) and comebacks making the games interesting well into the 4th quarter. The Panthers adjusted and went with primarily a three man rush while dropping OLBs in coverage and you know what? It worked. Tom Brady went just 6-of-12 in the second half for 19 yards. That in itself is pretty damn impressive. If not for Teddy's turnovers yesterday the Carolina Panthers would have won the game. If not for crucial 3rd down penalties that extended Bucs drives yesterday, the Carolina Panthers may have won the game. These things can all be fixed and are not intrinsic flaws within the team. In conclusion, these are growing pains we all expected. The good news is the Panthers are not getting blown out. They are scrapping the entire game and making it competitive. Sure, it sucks now. But I still believe, as I have said all along, that the Panthers will start winning games as the season goes on. Now back to my coffee. Love you, JI
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    i'm happy to sign the greatest QB of all time only to coach him to 2 picks on the way to a loss, as long as i don't use any damn college stuff!
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    Tank for Trevor rolls on with or without you, top dawg
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    Hurney has practiced for this moment for years. Just IR him and blame that for another bad year for a great excuse to use with ownership.
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    The more I see of Teddy the more I like him a as QB and a leader on this team. This is a great answer. Mm6Lak-MCzhCGWqV.mp4 I still believe the Panthers win some games this year. I really do.
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    Luke needs to be on a headset straight to Shaq’s helmet every game.
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    Another terrible contract by one Marty Hurney.
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    Panthers declare DT Kawann Short, DE Yetur Gross-Matos, and LG Dennis Daley OUT for Sunday's game at Tampa Bay. Daley didn't play game one. And to be fair, neither did the other two guys.
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    Arians is the only coach that Ron Rivera ever managed to out-coach....
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    Matt Rhule says CB Rasul Douglas, who was picked up off waivers last week, told coaches: "Don't baby me. Put me man-to-man, I don't care." This is the attitude we need back there. Dude just wants to compete one on one. That is confidence.
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    Trevor should probably just go ahead and start interviewing Charlotte real estate buyer's agents.
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    Give him all the time he needs.
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    Paradis whiffs on his own man then decides to try his hand at bull rushing Schofield. Poor CMC left to block a 330 pound man, and does a hell of a job at it.
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    congratulations to the kicker ron and hurney thought was worse than graham gano
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    Nobody in here is rooting for the Pats. We’re rooting for Cam, like it has been said a million times
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    The NFL has gifted us an incredible opportunity. A generational player is coming out and we are one of the leaders in the clubhouse for him. We are not very good at all. Our defense stinks and is only going to get worse. Our offense is limited with Bridgewater at qb and our star running back is now hurt. The only competition we have for the #1 spot is the Jets and I think they will luck into a few wins. So please Panthers dont get cute and try and win. Start the youngsters, take your lumps and lets get Trevor on the squad next year. Yours truly
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    I liked how the team kept fighting yesterday. I hate that personnel decisions are still our Achilles heel.
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    i want to say cam was unreal tonight but no that was just the same old cam. too bad the dumbest motherfugers in this fan base have had the loudest voice for years.
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    Stuck with it, made it somewhat of a game. Good experience for the young guys and they we will better for it. Turnovers are a killer, always will be.
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    Because they only needed a first down to win the game so it didn’t matter if they were at the 50 or the 25. It was a good call.
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    Hey guys. Every so often, we’ll be dropping some film nuggets on Twitter. Fascinated by Joe Brady‘s schematics, and it’s clear he’s learned some great lessons from the Bill Parcells/Sean Payton tree. Nothing complicated about this, but it gets you in a winning position early in the game.
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    he's in my personal hall of fame. that whole team is - including the steroids.
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    Hurney has Epstein level blackmail. It's the only explanation.
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    Put him on IR in a bullshit season
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    He's better than Kyle but he's not worth what we are paying him. It was a mistake to give him that contract
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    Just finished up watching the coach's film of NFL game pass and kept a close eye on #21 Jeremy Chinn on all the defensive snaps. I have some observations. He lined up at OLB and played a hell of a game there. His feet are constantly moving and shuffling, kid is never flat footed. He has really good closing speed and tackling is top notch. The only issue I saw at all was he was pretty easily knocked around in the power running game of the Raiders. He was still able to recover and have impact on the play, just not as much as if he wasn't initially pushed back. I suspect when this kid puts 10 pounds of muscle on he is going to be what we always hoped Shaq Thompson would be. Honestly, he was the most impressive rookie on the field Sunday.
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    They've had limited fans since the rebuild started.
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    Yeah, he definitely could prove to not be the best of the bunch in the NFL. But, I'd rather be sitting in the driver's seat to have our pick of the bunch. Honestly, if that turned out not to be Trevor, fine. But it better be a fuggin QB.
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    ...and zero wins to show for it.
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    Eagles, Giants, Cowboys, Washington Football Team is the worst division.
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    It feels like no Panthers impact player ever gets injured until he has a fresh new mega contract. And then... I hope CMC is alright and I really hope we don't run the guy into the ground playing on bad teams.
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    You Cam haters are pathetic. He still proved you wrong even in a loss.
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    Difference is that Butker actually kicked very well in preseason for us. He was better than Gano, and cheaper. The move made little sense then, and even less now.
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    if cam upsets the seahawks tonight im gonna shitpost so hard
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    I watched the condensed game 3 or 4 times while waiting for the All-22 and am excited to see if it confirms some of my current thoughts. The primary ones being that Stephen Weatherly was our best DL while Marquis Haynes was our worst. Everybody made mistakes, but everybody with the exception of Zach Kerr flashed plays (Kerr wasn't bad like Haynes, but he wasn't good either). Roy was surprising, Brown was impressive, Short was a LOT better than I initially thought, and Obada played incredibly well with his limited snaps. Burns is awesome, but two of the Raiders runs that set them up for short yardage conversions were because he ran up field and didn't contain. Yetur was damn near invisible as well, but he was constantly hustling which you like to see. I loved seeing him and Brown always being in the pile if Jacobs happened to scamper several yards downfield from the line of scrimmage. Troy Pride Jr needs a year to learn. The Ruggs completion to set up their first Jacobs TD was because Troy followed the WR in man rather than setting back in cover 3 like the call looked to be (from what I could tell). Shaq had a play or two where he was caught out of position as well, but he was able to make up for it with his closing speed. Speaking of motors, Juston Burris brings it on every play even if he's nowhere near it.
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    I loved Cam as our QB, he was the best one we have ever had. However, he is gone and is not coming back if you cam stans want to go be patriots fans that is fine. Stop talking about the dude every time someone mentions our new QB. Bridgewater has done nothing but be positive since he came here, its not his fault that Cam could not stay healthy. I am proud to have him as our QB so far even if he is only a placeholder.
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    Journalistic note. in the future that person is called
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    Well I'm glad it's not just me who thinks Whitehead is the worst linebacker in the league.
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    We'll see you next year, Christian. Practice taking handoffs from a tall guy with long blonde hair
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    So, how many points did he put up on the board?
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    Boston and Whitehead are major liabilities.
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    This week the Carolina Panthers travel to Tampa Bay to face a Buccaneers team in front of no fans, something they have done every season for a while now. But if fans were in the stadium, what would they be saying before the game? I searched far and wide for Bucs fans who have well thought out opinions. It wasn't easy but I did find a few. Here are the results. From Buc Zone Some Bucs fans are dreading what losing to the 2020 Carolina Panthers rebuild would mean. This is my main motivation this week. I want the Carolina Panthers to inflict a tremendous amount of chaos and drama within the Tampa Bay organization. Losing to the Panthers would start a panic the likes of which we have never seen since the Jon Gruden Tampa Bay days. Mass hysteria, and I would soak up every single Bucs tear and save them in a special bottle as a keepsake. Some Bucs fans are more impressed with the Carolina Panthers than Carolina Panthers fans are. I think this is a reasonable attitude for Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans. The Carolina Panthers offensive line did pretty well on Sunday. That was the biggest question mark on the offense. If they can continue to play at a high level the Panthers can put up 30+ points all season long. A couple of turnovers by the Bucs and they will likely lose. Sure, the Carolina Panthers are not a playoff team this season, but they are good enough to whip your hiney if you sleep on them for a second. Score predicitons Here is a sampling of the typical score prediction from Bucs fans along with a prediction of passing yards from teddy Bridgewater. But my favorite score prediction is right here. My god, to hear calls for the great Tom Brady to be benched in favor of Josh Rosen? My god. What an amazing period that would add to a cheater's legacy.
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    It’s very possible. Our offense showed they can put up points. Brady is old. Godwin out. Bucs are dysfunctional. Crazier things have happened
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    Banning irate fans of individual players is my new favorite past time.
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