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  1. It is pretty much a given that Teppers was ok with losing this season. But what about next? I highly doubt he will be ok with another step backwards. I feel like he has to see some improvement in the record, 8-9ish wins then a playoff run in 2022.
  2. Could more time before the snap have allowed Teddy to recognize the coverage better and find the open man and not hurry the throw? Teddy sucked yesterday. Point blank. But aside from that, the coaching was very, very bad. Even Rhule has said as much.
  3. There can be more than one problem. Coaching absolutely was one of them.
  4. Teddy was bad yesterday to be sure. The offensive coaching was equally as bad. On that particular play they broke huddle with 7 seconds left for absolutely no reason. That's on the coaches.
  5. Four Vikings had seven receptions for at least 60 yards vs. Panthers That's only the second time in NFL history that's happened.
  6. I think it could be the worst game management I have ever seen. Up until this point I was encouraged about the headiness of the coaching staff. Yesterday looked a lot more like a Mike Shula level of ineptitude. What happened?
  7. Give him one more nfl caliber corner and safety and his defense will be top 5. He is working with guys that likely would not make other squads at the moment.
  8. Panthers will start LB Jermaine Carter Jr. instead of Tahir Whitehead again. The 2018 5th Rd pick started last week and made 5 tackles.
  9. Here we go folks. Can we make it two wins in a row? Will Teddy get his revenge on the team that gave up on him? Will I ever get tired of Thanksgiving leftovers? Only time will tell.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Today is the most glorious day of the year. Hopefully everyone is staying safe and can enjoy a nice meal and some football. This is your gameday thread as well for all of today's nfl action.
  11. Let's see a couple good games in a row first. He has been terribly inconsistent
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