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  1. Apparently her dying wish was for her replacement not to be made until after the election
  2. I use tiktok and all I get are fishing and cooking videos. I like it for sitting on the toilet.
  3. Wow. What an eloquent speech. Listening to his new album all weekend
  4. Panthers declare DT Kawann Short, DE Yetur Gross-Matos, and LG Dennis Daley OUT for Sunday's game at Tampa Bay. Daley didn't play game one. And to be fair, neither did the other two guys.
  5. LOL Still salty after the tiktok kids ruined his Tulsa rally. That is all that this is about.
  6. If the Bucs have 2+ turnovers they lose. If not, they win.
  7. It isn't about who they think will win. It is about what they think people will bet at and how they can make the most $$. It is more a reflection of public perception than anything.
  8. Panthers did not record a sack or QB hit the entire game. Good news is the Bucs OL is no where near as good as the Raiders.
  9. I really don't know much about either. Both have accomplished a whole lot on their own career paths. I'll go with impossible to say.
  10. I have zero disdain for Cam, that is a made up narrative. I was one of Cams biggest defenders while he was here. I do have disdain for those people who insist on shitting up every single thread in the main forum by trash talking the Panthers. They had all offseason to do that and I allowed it. Now it is time for those of us who are still Panthers fans to get to know this new team.
  11. Time to sound off. What are your predictions for the game? Who wins? Score? Notable Stats? I'll say... Bucs 37 Panthers 27 Teddy throws 1 TD, Rushes 1 TD. CMC 1 TD. Slye misses a field goal early.
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