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  1. Can we fire Hurney before we use those two second rounders?!
  2. They both had had 1 exceptional year. Lamar did it year 2. Cam did it year 4. But Lamar has such a better cast all around him. Conclusion: impossible to say.
  3. 2 procedures, arm completely fell off a year ago and he himself said his shoulder was sore for game 2. All this after months of rest and relatively light workload in camp and preseason. That ain't a 30 year olds shoulder., unfortunately.
  4. It's really weird. If only there were any really good causes to give spare money too this time of year that would make an actual difference in someone's life.
  5. Jeremy Igo

    Hot Yoga

    Closer to this. qZD5An4zkLd1Ou3v.mp4
  6. I don't typically keep up with Panthers players once they leave. Doesn't interest me. I hope he comes back and retires a Panther and gets a blue jacket for the hall of Honor for sure
  7. Hurney is good when he listens to his scouts. Hurney is dog poo when he goes with his gut. It's that easy. The scouts hated Gaulden, but Hurndog had a good feeling about him. Rinse, repeat.
  8. Jeremy Igo

    Hot Yoga

    I go with my gal. She is crazy good at it and I get to stare at her rear the entire class. Win/Win.
  9. Jeremy Igo

    Hot Yoga

    80% women in yoga pants and sports bras. What dudes there are are in knit shorts and t-shirts.
  10. Jeremy Igo

    Hot Yoga

    They keep the room at 100 degrees. Basically yoga at spartanville training camp
  11. I always look forward to Saclx posts. Need more. Also, really want to see knives out
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