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  1. Bill says stop obsessing over Cam vs Kyle and just enjoy the ride. https://www.panthers.com/news/grill-bill-a-choice-incoming-at-quarterback However, it is interesting that "Cam is the starter period" hard line is not being taken. I expected it would be.
  2. It will never happen. But, what kind of cruel irony would it be for Cam to play in Denver?
  3. I've seen this brought up here and there. Are they as good as their 5-0 record shows?
  4. I think it may be reaching. Take a look at the stats of the leagues best QBs over the first 3 games. All have QBRs over 110 usually.
  5. For some people, sure. I don't think it's the majority though. I don't think not liking Cam's outfits or making fun of them makes one a racist. A douche, sure. Not a racist necessarily.
  6. I've banned countless racists from this joint and will continue to do so. Stop throwing tantrums.
  7. Yeah that lady was clearly racist. What does that have to do with my post?
  8. Honestly, if you told Cam this it would piss him off. If he is healthy he will want to go out there against the best in the league. Imagine telling Cam no no, they are way too good. Lets let you start against a bad team.
  9. Best healthy player should start. If Cam is healthy, that is him. If you want to sit a healthy Cam Newton because he might get hurt, then go ahead and trade him. That is ridiculous.
  10. Yeah, but Tom Brady has been able to stay healthy for a long ass time.
  11. You can't trade a promising young QB in this league, especially when your starter hasn't been able to stay on the field. You just can't.
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