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  1. Hey dude, I know you're busy and stuff. But, this local radio personality named Lauren Brownlow is basically the only Panthers fan that gets any air time here in the Triangle. Was wondering if you could get her on the website for questions or something? She's extremely knowledgeable (and unbiased) about the Panthers, and I think she would get a good listen/read. 


    Just giving a suggestion. Thanks.

  2. Yep! Nothing but a pure class individual. So glad he is the one retiring a Panthers and not Salty Williams
  3. Welcome to draft week on the Huddle. This is the busiest non-playoff weekend of the entire year here on our beloved Huddle. I have completed the server upgrade. We are prepared. Here are the rules: 1. NO SPOILERS!!! We go by the podium announcement. We enjoy the build up excitement. Climaxing too early is no fun, trust me I know. 2. A mod or admin will start a thread for each Carolina Panthers draft pick. Do not start a new thread announcing a Panthers selection. Please use the existing thread for general reaction to the pick. 3. There will be a draft thread for general banter for every other team's picks throughout the evenings. 4. All other rules will be strictly enforced. Have civil discourse and enjoy the weekend. You don't want to find yourself banned for draft weekend. Love, Management
  4. I feel like this is a non story. Newsflash: Every team is open to trading up for almost every position. The only question is what will be the cost.
  5. Yall really believe Rivera will start a rookie tackle? Think again.
  6. Finish this sentence: If the Panthers go QB in round one I will __________________.
  7. Right now the number of times someone can use it every hour is limited. Soon it won't be,.
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