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  1. So when I posted my pro bowl thread many people brought up Moton. Probably deserves its own thread. Do you think Moton belongs in the pro bowl? If he does, that may be one of the best drafts in Panthers history. CMC, Samuel, Moton, Armah, and Corn is still developing.
  2. Jeremy Igo

    Darius Slay in awe of CMC

    Welp, imma go ahead and lock this up. Nothing good will come from this thread from here on out.
  3. This week I visited the Detroit Lions forum and for fug sake I needed to take a shower immediately after. That place is more down on their team than anything I have ever seen including this joint in 2010. Here are a few poo nuggets that sum up the entire Lions fan base and what they are feeling at the moment. About the upcoming game I mean, I am optimistic about this game but no where near this confident. Are the Lions this bad? Some fans blame the players... Reminds me of when Shula was OC here and people kept blaming the players for the awful offense. Some are wanting it just to be done with... Reminds me a bit of what Buffalo is trying to do with a Carolina experiment. But most of all Lions fans have just checked out... Face it, if you have been a long time Carolina Panthers fan you have felt this way a time or two. Detroit is just not in a good way right now.
  4. Jeremy Igo

    Thursday Night Packers vs Seahawks

    Seeing Russel Wilson run 20 yards past the LOS then get flagged for throwing an illegal forward pass was the highlight of my evening.
  5. Yeap Don't like them, never have. One of the softest fan bases in the NFL.
  6. Don't you complain a lot about no quality content on the huddle yet that was your first reply in a quality thread? Does that encourage more quality content? Just something to think about.
  7. Calling the defense out here. The Lions are below average in all aspects of offense. You have had 10 days to rest and prepare. I need a statement game on Sunday. Allowing under 17 points would somewhat restore faith. Allowing under 10 and I'm not only on the playoff train, I am the MF'ing conductor.
  8. Solid thread. Need this every week please.
  9. This thread is now open. What would you like to discuss?
  10. At 8:00 we will have a live Q&A with Nick and Kelcy. These two do a great job and really know their stuff. Please have your questions at the ready. I will open this thread a bit early to start the discussion.
  11. It is encouraging that this is being discussed outside of Panthers fans.