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  1. Let us talk the Saints game. MNF in Charlotte. It's a beautiful thing. Would LOVE to see the Panthers win this one after dropping three to them last season. Note: this topic is for upcoming game discussion. Please keep fire Rivera comments into those 1265 threads. Thank you.
  2. Haven't missed a game in years, won't start now
  3. Jeremy Igo

    Couple observations

    Beason is no longer with the team and free to say what he really thinks. Guys on the team just can't do that. Surely you understand this?
  4. Jeremy Igo

    Couple observations

    There is a difference between what players think and what they will say publicly to the media. Most times they aren't the same.
  5. This is a long Chubb run. Cox Jr owned by a TE, allows both DT's to be double teams. Mike Adams awful again. Shaq Thompson is bear hugged by a lineman.
  6. Watch Munnerlyn on the bottom. Pretty much stops playing until he realizes oh snap I could have made a play there and starts sprinting. Too late. DE Cox Jr keeping up with TD and Panthers secondary in pursuit. That ain't great. Eric Reid slipped on the turf, Mike Adams with just terrible effort. Bottom line: This defense needs to get younger and faster in a hurry. Starting this weekend. Give the youth some experience. Bench anyone over 30 and lets see what the younger guys have.
  7. Jeremy Igo

    Beason on Rivera

    Jon is a smart dude and still very tight with TD and Luke. He is as tuned in with the team as anyone.
  8. That is what they were particularly interested in Andre Smith for in training camp.
  9. The Carolina Panthers have two rookie linebackers that made the final roster. Andre Smith and Jermaine Carter. Should the Panthers now play these guys in the game and give them some much needed experience going into next season? Carter in particular has shown great aptitude.
  10. 1. Cam is not done. Cam Newton is injured. His throwing shoulder requires surgery this winter. If you weren't aware, a shoulder is pretty much everything when it comes to throwing. 2. Ron won't be fired until January. There isn't anyone to take the reins. Norv has been a head coach and doesn't want to be again. Washington would be even more of a nightmare. 3. The Panthers have a bright future. We have some of the best young playmakers at skill positions this team has ever had. A but younger and hungrier on defense and this team will be rolling again quickly under new regime. 4. We can have fun now All expectations are out the window. I plan on hoping for wins and enjoying my holiday season. You know, having a good time. Won't you join me?
  11. That holding call was complete BS. Should have been a TD
  12. Jeremy Igo

    Devin Funchess

    Go away Charles
  13. Jeremy Igo

    Devin Funchess

    Does he even get picked up by a text.next season?