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  1. NY State says no fans allowed to attend Bills home games. Not so much for the stadium, but worries of the tailgating outside. So the question is will the rest of the NFL follow suit.
  2. I wonder how responsible he feels for wasting a generational talent at QB during his prime with Mike Shula.
  3. I am not sure the Pats will allow him to have his own separate personal marketing team with him for practices and games. Doesn't seem like something Bill B would go along with.
  4. Tepper has made literally billions of dollars by taking in data, assessing risk, and making decisions. He has had access to all of Cam's health records along with opinions from team and other doctors. I just cannot see Tepper being short sighted. He has let go of a ton of revenue by letting Cam go and he knew that would happen. For a guy like Tepper to lose a franchise QB AND a ton of revenue it would take some pretty conclusive information regarding Cam's shoulder. But we shall see. This is definitely Tepper's team now. If Cam balls out for an entire season in NE then he will have egg on his face.
  5. You do realize that QBs with more recent injuries have signed with teams right
  6. If Cam passed his physical with flying colors he would have gotten more than a 1 year vet min. There is likely a good amount of concern over his throwing shoulder.
  7. You are one hostile fella. Hope things get better for you soon.
  8. Is that the case? I thought I read they are pretty questionable.
  9. Why are you still here? You have proclaimed your Patriots fandom. This is a Panthers fan board.
  10. He very well may be. Cam has had pretty much the same system his entire career. Will take time for him to get up to speed.
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