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  1. Considering there is no game planning I think this defense has shown to be much improved over last season. Guys are swarming to the ball again.
  2. Just got back from the final hoorah of summer with my lady friend and all of our kids (5 of em). Gotta say Universal Studios Orlando did not disappoint. I enjoyed it so much more than Disney. Marvel, Harry Potter, Transformers, Simpsons, all the stuff I like. Highly recommend.
  3. Hurney and Rivera are fuggin fired if this season isn't a good one. I would not put it past them.
  4. I was thinking Manhertz thought it was a run play it was so bad.
  5. FYI, Pats could have ended the Panthers season here with a shoulder hit. Be extremely thankful he went for his waist with a clean sack.
  6. We just cannot have that kind of fug up this season.
  7. The only preseason game worth a dern happens tonight. What do you want to see?
  8. Better not. If this is not a winning season the house will be cleaned.
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