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  1. Damiere Shaw, probably WR coach. https://fordhamsports.com/staff-directory/damiere-shaw/1420 Young guy, was with Rhule at Temple and Baylor. Damiere Shaw joined the Fordham staff in February of 2019 after serving for two years at Baylor University as an offensive quality control coach for head coach Matt Rhule. After coaching the wide receivers in his first year at Rose Hill, Shaw was elevated to pass game coordinator in 2020. At Baylor, Shaw assisted with coaching the wide receivers, identifying opposing team’s coverage and personnel tendencies on game day and breaking down opposing team’s game film. Prior to his stint at Baylor, Shaw spent one season as a graduate assistant coach for Temple under Rhule in 2016, assisting with the wide receivers. He previously served as a student assistant with the Owls for three seasons from 2013-15. Shaw made the transition from player to coach following an injury as a freshman. While a student assistant, he worked with the wide receivers alongside coaches Terry Smith, Adam DiMichele, and Frisman Jackson. During the 2015 season, Shaw worked closely with former Temple and current New Orleans Saints starter Keith Kirkwood as well as New York Jets wide receiver Robby Anderson, who posted the second-most receiving yards in program history. A Chester, Pa., native, Shaw earned a bachelor's degree from Temple in 2016. He is married to the former Miah Shockley.
  2. I'm definitely pulling for KC, but damn the 49ers look good.
  3. Most likey scenerio at this point is trading Cam and moving up to get Tua.
  4. He is, and he has been. Tepper indicated as much when he didn't shut down the trade question completely.
  5. Welp, this is a period of complete and total rebuilding. Aside from CMC and Moore I really have no idea who else is safe.
  6. Has a bright future ahead of him and is in good health despite multiple severe concussions. Can't say that I blame him one bit for not wanting to start over with a rebuild. All class. Hall of Honor inductee the moment he is eligible.
  7. Saints fans are concerned to say the least. Most are also LSU fans. This is going to be fun.
  8. Bought a house. Shacked up with my gal. Forgot to pay web hosting service.
  9. Lol Man grabs his wife so she gets a silly face on during the photo op and some people are offended. They probably laughed about it together. But go ahead, live that offended life.
  10. Wait, so maybe, just maybe, I wasn't click baiting and trolling when I tried to warn you guys which way the front office winds were blowing after all? Shocking.
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