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  1. Jeremy Igo

    Cam Newton All Star Weekend Interview

    Yeah, had terrible sales.
  2. Who do you think the breakout player of 2019 will be? Breakout defined as a non rookie that rises to the level of getting ample national attention for the first time. I'd argue it was CMC in 2018. 2019? I'm thinking Donte Jackson. Kid will be a force for years.
  3. Jeremy Igo

    Cam Newton All Star Weekend Interview

    He did. It flopped.
  4. Kaep wasn't starting material, but he was by far one of the better backups in the league. If he is willing to accept a Derek Anderson like salary, sure, sign him along with some other competition and see who wins in camp.
  5. This is amazing. What an idiot.
  6. Jeremy Igo

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    BJs are free.
  7. Happy Valentines Day! Anyone wanna fug?
  8. Jeremy Igo

    Dating Sucks!

    Overall it's been a positive experience for me. If you aren't attracting the type of people you want maybe take a honest look at yourself and ask if you are someone they would want.
  9. Jeremy Igo


    Yep, highly recommend.
  10. Jeremy Igo

    Dating Sucks!

    Happy Valentines Day!
  11. All I read is Sam Mills now has head coaching duties
  12. I submit to you that large tall receivers used to be necessary in the NFL when defenses were allowed to cover. Now that corners are at a huge disadvantage and unable to play physical, smaller faster receivers are the desired prototype.
  13. 1993 Playboy with Elle McPhereson on the cover.
  14. So we know Funchess won't be returning. If I am not mistaken the Panthers don't have a starting quality WR over 6 foot. Is a tall receiver a thing of the past for this team?