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  1. Chiefs will play down to the competition. We still lose.
  2. Hurney will be retained on a 4 year extension with Tepper again citing his evaluation of this year's college talent. We will end up going something like 2-14 in 2020 and get the number one pick. Hurney will do the opposite of his historical track record and trade back his first round pick. We miss on Trevor Lawrence and take our multiple draft pick haul. Unfortunately for us, Hurney traded the #1 overall pick for a plethora of 2nd round picks through the 2020 decade. We all know what happens from here. This is part of the dark timeline we exist in were Matt Moore is a superb owl QB.
  3. You think Chris Gamble can still play? I bet we could use him.
  4. Is it considered a fumble if the ball never touches the ground?
  5. I will be there, not often do I get Panthers games 40 mins from my house.
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