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  1. Technically Luke does with his down of Eli in the 1st half.
  2. TheCrackasaur

    Ex-Panther Fans?

  3. TheCrackasaur

    Game Grades

    Glad you didn't grade my college papers.
  4. They played College together, prob friends.
  5. Ryan Kalil looked 80 years old on that run play. fuging geriatric up in here.
  6. TheCrackasaur

    Hold on Ryan TD - Refs - Tepper

    This is definitely what happened today. Also, the world is flat and Assa Abloy is a front for the Illuminati.
  7. Byrd out with knee.
  8. TheCrackasaur

    Frazier, Allen among 10 signed to PS

    Apparently Doss is on the active roster now. Seems like waiving/releasing him was a tactical Hurney 2.0 move.
  9. TheCrackasaur

    2018 Huddle FFL league getting late start

    if there is any room left [email protected]
  10. Legit sighting of Speedbump McGee.
  11. TheCrackasaur

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Eric Norwood played in the CFL this year. Scoop him too.