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  1. A nice 10-15 mph wind, and that open end stadium. Will be interesting to see if that effects anything?
  2. Theyre the best, grab a nice cafe con leche or a colada.
  3. La teresita's right down from the stadium
  4. Dont think its going to rain but its cloudy and breezy down here now.
  5. Dude was looked at higher by the league than Bradberry, then got PAID in NY and fell off the map.
  6. Honestly cant wait to see that stump Roy at NT while Brown at 3tech beside him.
  7. Still not going to keep OJ from dropping balls
  8. A lot of that is factored into quick passes we saw to the RB. Josh Jacob's was targeted 8 times and the TE 6 out of the total 28 pass attempts. Also to remember the Raiders had one of the top OL in the entire NFL last season as well.
  9. Gut is trying to tell me we pull this out. Godwin has had our number (3 100+ games and a 98 yard game in the last 6 matchups) is out. Evans isnt 100% and is dinged up. Their OL isnt good plus their bad LT Smith is dealing with a knee injury. Their run D is really good, but the pass D last week looked like a shell of itself from last year. But my head says they win. If it were any other QB than TB12 id say we pull this off. He is going to be playing pissed off from last week. 31-24 Bucs Teddy 2 passing TDs, CMC 1 rushing 1 recieving TD but under 65 yards rushing DJ Moore finally shows up with over 75 yards Gronk scores a TD against us and even though they barely squeak by us. The media hype train will be pumping "Brady+Gronk connection is back!"
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