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  1. ncfan

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    Now the issue After seeing the air quality in last nights game, whats it going to be down in LA where it is a closer to the fires where the air quality will be worse
  2. This is why I dont see Rivera going anywhere Tepper like thats Steeler build with not many coaching changes, wouod take a Lot to fire Hurney on the other hand was brought initially in as a stop gap after Jerry's beef with Gettleman. Im sure Tepper sees the history where Hurney was ran out after becoming the league worst GM and in since he's been back as a stop gap he hasnt set fire. He is easily expendable and could easily see Tepper bring his guy in there and overhaul some of the scouting dept
  3. ncfan

    There's dumb, then there's Le'veon Bell....

    Thanks Bell, letting them bring up this nightmare that we buried away
  4. ncfan

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    I still remember Dan Morgan shattering his leg here on that pooshow of a field Jerry had vs Greenbay https://www.goupstate.com/news/20011001/state-of-ericsson39s-turf-39embarrassing39-several-players-say-ericsson-field-conditions-worst-ever-seen Could you imagine Gurley or Mahomes going down with a major leg injury there. Talk about a black eye on the NFL
  5. ncfan

    Monday night's game in Mexico City

    This is a big game too Look at The Prime Time Monday night games thus far SF vs NY- both teams will be drafting in the top 4 this year Dallas vs Tennessee Bills vs Patriots Giants vs Falcons SF vs GB Saints vs the Redskins Chiefs vs Broncos- was a good matchup Steelers vs Bucs Seahawks vs the Bears Jets vs Lions Raiders vs Rams Zero games featuring 2 playoff caliber Teams Now you get 2 out of the best 3 teams in the league matching up and the players threatening to not play due to the field conditions
  6. Not Panther related But Im sure the NFL is really loving this right now Guess the field conditions down in Mexico city pretty bad NFL finally get a good monday night game after some terrible matchups this year.........and in another country which you know they have a huge boner for. Then this happens
  7. Just doesnt make sense when there are 2-3 teams fighting for a playoff spot that have a huge need at RB as mentioned Philly above, who were even rumored to trying to even go big after Mccoy or Bell. There is no possible way a team isnt bring to part with a 6th-7th round pick for a guy who puts them back in the driver seat for a playoff spot
  8. Losing him isnt as big a deal for as I think CAP is good enough to be a compliment guy My issue is why wait a week. You literally sit on your hands let the trade deadline pass then cut him the following week. Anyone with half a brain couldve told you that you could get a 5th-6th for him. Heck a 7th is better than nothing. Philly is Really hurting for a RB and after the Ajai loss they are falling out if the playoff race. They dont look like they will win the division and are falling behind us and Chicago for the wildcard. We easily couldve got a late pick for him and we didnt try. You cant convince me that we tried
  9. So we bring him in just to get info on the saints?