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  1. 1. Whats the state of the OL? Does something change? New GM that locks Moton do we add another OL in rd 2-3? If the OL doesnt look Worse, id potentially start him later on in the season. Im not starting Day 1 but week 6-8? Maybe inject him in.
  2. You act like Person is the only one saying these things. I love you use the weather man reference. If all the local weather casters on Fox, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc are all calling for it to snow tomorrow. Are you like "ha, they know nothing, it was sunny yesterday theyre just speculating " and then then throw on a short sleeve shirt and shorts and head to work?
  3. This is very very very similar to the old 2 All-Pro threads 1. The Cam thread where people were telling @RoaringRiot that he knows nothing. And ttrying o make an educated guess 2. Or the draft threa where he told us that Marty Like Greg Little as a 1st rd target and possibly would be our 1st rd pick. Then when we picked Burns said that Marty would try to trade up for him. "Quit Speculating, etc etc etc. You know nothing."
  4. Nothing is ever "Fact" until the ink drys Technically Jets taking Trevor Lawerence with their #1 pick is speculating Technically, Alabama making the CFB playoffs is speculating These uys have sources in the building and around the league. They have a good grip on whats going on behind the scenes. Thus hwy they Hit on a lot of these "speculations" Yes, we may resign Taylor. But from whats being told to them is all signs are pointing to no.
  5. So what about everyone else. What about RR who called the Cam situation play by play 8 months prior, while everyone said he doesnt have "sources" and is "speculating" What about the guys over at Wfnz who called the Bradberry situation before it went down to a T What about RR calling out the Greg Little situation when everyone said no fugging way. All these guys are saying and claiming to have sources that are saying the same thing as Joe. Guess we need to all get together and start asking those guys what the powerball #s are going to be. These guys have their connections. I know, I dont want him to leave either. But you dont have to drown out all the noise and try to hold out hope and tell everyone theyre wrong and lnow nothing
  6. He spoke on wfnz yesterday His "speculation" was based on conversations with his sources within the team and around the leage.
  7. It amazes me how people will bury their head in the sand and try to drown out the noise to hold out some form of hope.
  8. I mean RoaringRiot broke the story Multiple WFNZ host confirmed this "rumor" Person asked around and ran a story about this. You still sitting there thinking we have a shot at signing James Bradberry?
  9. Problem is, this is a terrible LT class. This is like the 2019 crop. A bunch of solid rd 2 RT guys. The only guy worth a top 15 pick is Sewell but will be gone by pick 3
  10. I mean If we get through Free Agency and the draft. Not drafting another OT, while still not comfortable with Little, id consider him at Vet minimum Then if he's still around. But he's at the bottom of the list. Get the other guys signed and drafted then evaluate the option of bringing him back
  11. I don't think Okung is going to cost much. He hasnt been healthy in over 5 years. 2 years removed from having a injury that they thought was going to end his career. He considered retirement prior to this season, while not being able to stay on the field this year. Plus he's not a young pup. I think we could afford Moton and Okung, but nit sure id resign him and use that cap elsewhere say on Curtis Samuel
  12. We have as good a chance of landing Trevor Lawerence as we do Sewell. Not a chance he falls past 3
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