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  1. This is true But watching Olsen the last few seasons keeps me a little nervous with Paradis
  2. Said this from the beginning when people treid to use the arguent "we can pay him more" Him going to a contender, in a big market. He iasgoing to pick up Plenty in endorsements to make up for that supermax
  3. Dudes is at a stall with contract extensions already because he wants to get PAID 2. The dude is going for his 2nd contract (1st one off the rookie one). Nobody is taking a "hometown discount" in that sotuation. "Hometown discounts" come later on in a career after a guy has gotten his shot at the big $$
  4. Our 6 highest paid players this upcoming season combine salary of 104.7 Million What does that get us? Their combined stats last year? 49.6 ppg. 29.7 rpg. all that for 104.7 mil.
  5. Im going to look over some Painful moves that have us where we are then show the results if they were different. Im starting off in 2012 Yes we missed on the Chance of AD losing the lottery. But when #2 roles around we drafted a athletic raw prospect with a god awful shot/technique. Alternate move: Bradley Beal- Beal was a scoring Machine coming out of Florida. And teaming him with Kemba wouldve made a helluva backcourt Moving onto 2014 2 mistakes were made. First the Noah Vonley. Vonley already on his 5th NBA team and spent time in the G-League just never panned out Alternate pick: Zach Lavine- Lavine, the eventual Dunk contest winner becomes a good future bargain trade chip The possible bigger mistake. As a part of the trade for Tyrus Thomas, they gave up what became the 16th pick. Alternate Pick: with that 16th pick the get the guu who ended up going 16th. Jusuf Nurkic- Nurkic has had a solid career and been big in Portland 2015: when you think things couldn't get any worse. The Boston Celtics at the time offered FOUR First round picks for the right of Frank Kaminsky. Instead of receiving the 15th and 16th pick in 2015, a future unprotected 1st from the nets, and another future 1st. We decided to hold onto Frank who just never got going https://www.sbnation.com/nba/2015/7/28/9058035/charlotte-hornets-frank-kaminsky-trade-celtics Alternate: we make that trade and run before they change their minds. With the 15th and 16th pick (Terry Rozier went with that 16th pick). We package those 2 picks together and move up 2 spots to 13 for............Devin Booker- Booker becomes the eventual backup while Lavine gets traded with his stock high. 2016: they dont get that unprotected 1st from the Nets as the Celtics hold it as its top 3. 2017: while it appears they are set at SG. I will go with the Celtics style of drafting bpa and have drafted heavily on guards and wings. Hornets drafted Monk who hasnt panned out. Alternate pick: Donvan Mitchell 2018: by this point we arent drafting Bridges. Alternate: BUT lets not forget about that unprotected Nets pick acquired from Kaminsky. That pick eventually ended up being the #8 pick. With That pick. They get a kid they Really liked coming out of the draft. Kevin Knox. Outside of that one Zion Highlight ripping the ball from him. Knox has been o e of the top players in Summer league including blocking Zion twice and knocking down a 3 right over the top of him. So to recap. A few things went different ways. Ways that some people at the time thought could happen. That Hornets roster most likely looking like. Kemba One of Bradley Beal or Devin Booker (other traded away for a good haul). Mitchell backing up the SG (Lavine traded away, was traded year 3 in Minnesota along with draft pick for all-star Jimmy Butler and a later pick) Kevin Knox at SF Nurkic and Zeller at Center At that point im Certain Kemba would want to resign, and MJ would buyout Batum to fit Kemba's contract.
  6. Kind of wish my original Prediction was right. That kid has been on a tear in summer league. Last 2 games 31min. 26pts. 3-7 from 3. 5reb. 6assist 27min. 23pts. 3-6 from 3. 2reb. 8assist vs Chicago
  7. Another of one of my favorites in the draft that we passed on
  8. Bacon is a fugging steal Really hope he holds off from exploding this year and pulls us out of tank range. But if we could add a young elite stud like Cole Anthony in next draft to pair with him. We could be starting to cook something
  9. By your thinking, we shouldve just found the best available UCONN player because every other players we've drafted in general have "worked out so well in Charlotte"
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