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  1. The Jets says no They wanted more than a 1st this year. Amd will have suiters for Adams now. Not a chance we could get him for a 2nd
  2. This is one helluva a head scratcher. We've all heard about the "culture" since the Rhule hire. Apple has been one of the biggest headcases in the league since he's entered. Pretty much the whole New York Giants organization turned on him. He wasnt great in New Orleans (hence all the penalties) Really confusing
  3. Cam's little brither Caylin that is.
  4. Id fugging take him in a heartbeat. The offense Brady is implementing is one that similar to the one Warford just came out of.
  5. Playoff predictor is updated with the schedule See what you think the draft order will be! https://playoffpredictors.com/
  6. https://www.si.com/nfl/panthers/gm-report/panthers-wont-partake-in-trevor-lawrence-sweepstakes
  7. Looks like Brown will be on it. Airing tonight.
  8. So they traded to jump us for a QB that theyre just going to release? Dont see them keeping 4 QBs, and if they put him on the PS we can just take him
  9. I honestly dont know if your trolling or not. Yes gets the most out of his guys. As in guys have tons of ability. But not guys like Apple. Again, how many times have you heard people here, panthers writers, and Rhule himself say he wants high character guys. Apple aint that.
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