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  1. Again No arguing his play slipped Last year. But the year before, in 2017. AFTER he got his big pay day. He still performed among the top. Only really Donald and Atkins were the Only ones who outperformed him. After his pay day So freaking out off one bad year. By your logic. The only player on this team that deserves their contract should be Luke. Everyone else by your logic, including Cam, should have been cut 2 years after their extension. Trai Turner would be cut, etc etc. Its rare to stay the top 2 at your position every year. The rare Donalds are about the only one. By your logic, we shouldnt attempt to extend Bradberry next year nor anyone else coming up at the end of their contract, because they arent one of the once in a generation type guys and will maintain the top 2 at their position. And Luke's play really didnt take that far a step back if it did at all. He was the ONLY LB in the top 15 in TFL category Last year. At #3 overall
  2. Dont remember anything good reguarding Gaulden last even at this time Haynes your right though, looked like a stud until live game action. Where as a 4-3 DE you cant tell much until live action when then contact really starts
  3. I did go back and watch KK is number 99 Not #95, which was Poe, who was getting pushed around. Just like Atlanta fans warned us last offseason when we signed him. After they didn't even attempt to retain him
  4. And he did Luke wasnt #3 in the whole NFL in TFL last year with no help. He wasnt the only LB in the top 15 in that category if KK was getting washed out
  5. He still finished #3 overall in the league in TFL last year And was the only LB in the top 15 in that category last year. Still givemost of last years blame to. 1. Poe, he came into fill Stars shoes and was pushed around in single team blocks. He made Atlanta fans laugh and tell us told you so (they did warn us when we signed him) 2. Edge rushers. We were relying on Obada as our #2 edge rusher, and Addison as our #1. Addison is solid but he wouldnt be the any other teams #1 rusher. There is no coincidence that we hit this category hard and heavy this offseason with Burns, Miller, and Irvin
  6. He did? 17 receptions 171 yards and only 1 game with more than 45 yards or atleast 5 receptions over 7 weeks is starting off strong? He nwver started strong. He had plenty of drops, and struggled to get open. Thats the reason he took a beating. Because he never started, finished, or consistently played strong. He was targeted 31 times and only caught 17 balls on the season and his catch % was 54% Vs the rookie Moore who had a 67% catch % on the season
  7. This I think this needs to be stated more Everyone was ready to run Washington out of town last year. The guy just isnt a good playcaller and no where near ready to be a DC. But a Dam good DL coach. Once he went to DC and not focusing on coaching up the DL and Hoke came in. Its no coincidence how they took a Major step back
  8. Washed out? As in he still was getting into the backfield and more TFL than the Cox's who are getting paid more than him? A lot of these other guys dont have a Luke either. That is a heat seeking missle shooting through and gobbling up those TFL's which KK taking on those blockers and letting Luke get through untouched. Doesnt get the credit that is due
  9. Not really Again, it Very rare to see interior DL put up 11+ sacks on a consistent basis. KK is getting paid Less than Cox but atill put better numbers. And the other top tier (minus Donald) Interior guys that are getting paid that "elite" $$$. He is on par if not producing better than some of them.
  10. Back to back You do realize 2 season ago he was among the top interior DL in the whole league. Including More Sacks And TFL than the Fletcher Cox's People automatically think he had a bad year 2 seasons ago because his year last season and the play around him. Without going back and looking at sacks and film
  11. 1. Camp and Preseason is going to be exciting Heinicke isnt going to go down without a fight. This backup QB spot is going to be Fun to watch 2. I dont see them keeping 3 vet WRs to 2 young guys. They are in this want to get young kick. Wright will stay due his slot and 3rd down consistency. Godwin is going to bump Hogan or Smith for the final roster 3. Excited to hear about Gaulden. His biggest gripe has always been his gawd awful athletic ability. If he magically improved that, We may not be as bad off as we think. 4. The 2 young RBs take the #2 and 3 spot this year
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