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  1. Good possiblity for our 3rd pick as well. Like pointed above, I was told to watch. Anyone with any sort of red flag is really going to drop due to the covid 19 and teams unable to do the vetting and bringing guys in.
  2. That was from Rodrigue on WFNZ And lockedon the draft podcast
  3. Rodrigue was confident they weren't moving him this offseason.
  4. I think any other year, he would shoot up there where Jeremiah thinks. His interviews were great, but theyve been limited. Theyve been zoom interviews, no one has been able to bring him in etc. I know guys who have been saying this draft is going to be odd. Because you're going to see guys with Medical red flags, off the field red flags, and small school guys really drop because of this covid 19 due to the limited interaction with the guys.
  5. Kid has off the field issues but would probably have ended up a 1st rounder if he hadn't. This isnt Mr Richardson's team anymore, and Tepper will be willing to give a guy a 2nd chance. Willie Gay Jr has Matt Rhule spelled all over him. Rhule likes those physical freaks at LB see Hassan Reddick at Temple now with the Cardinals.
  6. Not Verge But 11 may be the sweet spot. The Jets OL is terrible, and may try to jump Cleveland and Arizona for the top OT. Any later, some other teams may try to jump up. And 13, im not totally convinced the 49ers would pass on him. Theyve made a strong D and DL their identity, so Kinlaw replacing Buckner then using the late 1st on a WR is a Option.
  7. The Saints monsoon game to clinch the South and a 3 year run of winning the division. Prior to then as well, our fan base had the rep of being fair weather. That whole week on here, on local sports radio, news paper, etc. Called out the fans to step up depited calling for a freezing cold monsoon.
  8. If you thought Grant Delpits play fell off this year. Dont watch Robinson's
  9. His film and play recently doesnt. One of those who had a rral good season 2 years ago then fell off.
  10. Im sure he's hearig we "like him" but not necessarily have the rd right. FWIW he had Christian Miller mocked to us in the 2nd last year. And Little in the 1st to us. We did draft Miller........in the 4th And Little in the 2nd. So he was right on player interest just wromg where they went
  11. Agreed 1. I think there is some smoke for the Redskins trying to trade down and get him. Snyder and co like Young. Ron wants Simmons. 2. Also dont get wrapped so much with the Giants and OT rd 1. Theyve set them selves up to where they can wait until rd 2 for a OT. Secondly Simmons fits what that staff likes on D. Lastly while Gettleman is famous for his big uglies. He like athletic versatile players as well (see Shaq Thompson, the S,LB hybrid)
  12. Alton Robinson with the 2nd pick? . What, are we trading down into the late 3rd rd?
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