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  1. Which on that note. I know @ellis is good at digging back up and though the film, wonder what % we've reverted back to 4-3 this year than playing the 3-4 that we all saw Rivera running in camp
  2. There were much happier days like watching Shula get fired or Hurney 1.0. I actually really like Ron and especially after the all or nothing series really have respect for him. But his biggest issue has aleays been Too loyal where it gets in the way. Whether its holding onto Shula for a year or 2 too long. Or letting certain vets play over the more talented rookies until forced to bench them. Or bringing in a old buddy as a OC after firing the previous one. If he'd quit letting his heart get in the way of his head
  3. Mier speculation But after all the talk of the 3-4. How much we used it in camp etc. We've ran a whole lot of 4-3 again it seems. And that kind of points the needle back to Washington
  4. Scary to say Gettleman took a Lot of heat and deservingly so But in 4 year he gave Cam and Ron. Norwell (All-Pro), Trai Turner, Oher (solid before concussions) , drafted Moton, drafted Williams In 2 years Hurney has, given us Van roten, Big deal to Paradis, drafted Greg Little (who he apparently considered at 16 if Burns wasnt there)
  5. This is more on Norv than Matsko As it pointed out multiple times schemed to failure . Zero help after the same problem over and over and over again...the defination of insanity
  6. Allen may get Taylor Heinicked If Williams getting beat like that by the Tampa edge rusher, imagine Chandler Jones If Norv couldnt see this and not adjust like this video pointed clear as day. How is he going to do it this week?
  7. This Look Moton hasnt set the world on fire either but has looked solid despite the poor play of the OL. The clip you have of the play Cam got hurt on. The whole entire OL got blown up.............but Moton did a solid job Moton should been put at LT, Williams shouldve stayed at RT and we should've drafted Risner over Little. As Risner is a day 1 impact guy which is what we need now vs a Project. Risner is looking to as a early candidate to be a probowler as a rookie at LG and also was a stud when he played Center in college (just incase Paradis continues to struggle)
  8. Kyle Bailey the afternoon host on WFNZ said theyve had several people txt and call in swearing theyve seen Kaepernick around the stadium today. He thinks they are all trolling him but put out an reward for anyone who gets a pic evidence submitted in that he'd get tickets to a game with him
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