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  1. Said exactly what i was thinking. However it wont change. Only way it does is if Tepper gets on Ron or the players go to Ron. Im not looking forward to the philly game because it will be the same old mess.
  2. Wow didnt see this coming.
  3. Need to score this drive or its over.
  4. It our receivers dont drop the ball the yes we can if we have a game like the playoff game last year or the atl game earlier this year forget about it. We dont need a perfect game like the monsoon game. We just need to execute and keep the ball moving. Still early in the season and I dont think neither team has hit their stride yet.
  5. what happened to that fist half defense.
  6. oh well we just gonna suck going into halftime,
  7. steveSmokin_D

    Hurricane Florence

    My home in Bladen county has the road washed out. Mom is just stuck there and no leaving what so ever. It's expected 3 inches of rain an hour for a few more hours.
  8. steveSmokin_D

    Hurricane Florence

    My mom is over in Bladen County. Trying to get her to leave but she is stubborn. Best I can do at this point is try to get enough money together to send her to get generator so at least she will have power. It's stressful being in AZ and have to watch this from afar. Sad part is our area tend to flood a lot when hurricanes come through.
  9. not wanting tp give up but its done.