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  1. if anything showed tonight is that we have a very capable defense. We just need someone that can call the correct plays. As far as offense Cam needs to sit. Heinike may have had a better chance to win the game. Get a quality tight end and offensive linemen in free agency and draft safety, nickle, Dlinemen and LB. We can compete next year.
  2. This is a game of overcoming yourself.
  3. steveSmokin_D

    Soooo.... Your wounds licked yet?

    We for whatever reason play good at home and do the complete opposite on the road. I told my co-work (unfortunately a saints fan) that I didnt have a good feeling about the game because of how we played on the road. Well sure enough we dropped one of the biggest eggs in how many years. For whatever reason we are a beast at home and suck on the road. Sounds like coaching to me but maybe there are other elements (mental and possibly refs) involved. There shouldn't be that much drop off on where you play. Wounds heal with wins and this team desperately needs to win the next 4 games or playing in January wont happen. This team needs to be road warriors not turnstile like Thursday. The Panthers have the potential to win it all but can they overcome themselves on the road and continue to win at home. With any luck ATL and/or Nola loses today.
  4. well the rest of the league knows how to beat us.
  5. every team knows how to beat us now.
  6. well we cant handle nola so that is the season.
  7. embarrassment. After that first drive we screwed ourselves. no philly comeback.
  8. Dat Karma is like a bill collector when the bill is do its coming for you.
  9. Im hoping for an Obada sighting today.
  10. steveSmokin_D

    Raptors vs Hornets Game Day Thread

    This hot outta hand quick
  11. steveSmokin_D

    Raptors vs Hornets Game Day Thread

    We still in it
  12. Who ya got? What are your expectations?