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  1. Any thoughts about these comments about D Henry? 4/2/16: At the combine, Henry declined to run the 40-yard dash, plus had a poor showing in the field drills. Teams also weren't blown away in his interviews. Still, this is a weak tight end class and Henry remains the favorite to be the first selected. Read more at http://walterfootball.com/draft2016TE.php#qeri2LWP8bJ574Dl.99
  2. CAPantherFan

    Panthers claim OT Jonathan Martin

    I love this signing. Bring 'em on in and let them compete. To call Martin a wuss when Incognito was a complete psychopath and had the entire O line against him is BS. Knock it off....
  3. I was thinking about this game is here's how we can win - turn Cam loose. Eff it let Cam run. Forget about him being a pocket passer - we know that he can't go through his progressions and throw with his feet set. So let's go back to what he was good at - running around and making plays. You guys agree?
  4. I'm pulling for the Panthers however my expectations (as is everyone else's) is very low. I fully expect to lose and perhaps lose in a big way. What will most likely happen is well make it close and then blow it somehow towards the end thus sealing Rivera's fate...
  5. And that's how losing teams find ways to lose.
  6. This is such a statement game for Rivera. His team is playing hard. We have them on the ropes. Let's knock them out!!
  7. Seahawks starting to move the ball. Our O has to do better and keep our D off the field!
  8. So much for Garry Williams. Looks to be holding left knee.
  9. Key to the game for CAR? Simple - OLine. Got to open holes for our backs and protect Cam. If that doesn't happen it's going to be a long day for Cam and Company....