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  1. Fug it I will say it. "IT WAS D-WILLS FAULT!!!" If you are playing a tight game and your team has a chance to pull off a score and you put the d_m ball on the ground we will not nor did not win the d_m game. Simple!
  2. Well said Z, Shula need to stop listing to ESPN and their complaint that Cam was the highest rusher last season. Who gives a fug? When Cam played like Cam the offense found themselves ahead by double digits before the half of many games last season. This mature, pocket passer bs can suck all my nu_s! Cam played with no emotion yesterday. Forgive my language but I'm pissed.
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  4. This is my treasure! My son holds the rest cards, footballs, and jerseys; however, this belongs to me. :-) 2003 full sized hologramed SS 89 :-)