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  1. As I said during the Skins game our zone is as loose as a wizards sleeve. Wentz has no trouble throwing into tight coverage, let alone our shitshow. I'll be stunned if we beat the Eagles. Poe's ass is now the size of a small moon, and KK and Luke don't look worthy of their contracts. Part of the problem is that we had to use the draft to restock at WR and DB, rather than loading the d-line with pass rushers. Throw in a fortune to the Kalil brothers and you've got a hot mess. The positive side? The defense is more confused than bad, so as the confusion dies down the play will improve. Samuel, DJ, CMC, Cam, and Olsen will all continue to improve as the season moves along barring injury. We finally have speed on offense.
  2. The defense looks miles from being good. The Norv offense isn't working well enough. The Eagles shouldn't have any problem beating us unless we play an A+ game on all phases. I'd like to bring Chud at the OC, and our DC needs to be fired at the end of the season.
  3. Our zone is as loose as a wizards sleeve.
  4. KK has been such a disappointment.
  5. This is the worst special teams unit we've ever had in Panthers history. Fire the special teams coach at the end of the season.
  6. Tepper make this team the kind of team that can recover from 2 fumbles. Blow it up if you need to.
  7. Fireable fire-zone blitz haha.