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  1. This might be the worst off season since Pickles.
  2. pantherj

    Stat that makes me puke

    Zone defense doesn't work if the front 4 are not very good. If you have Kris Jenkins and prime Peppers up front, then you can have Bradberry and Jackson at CB no problem. If you have gandpa Peppers and payday KK up front then you need Dion Sanders and clone of Dion Sanders at the CB spots to do well.
  3. I don't have a problem with Cam sitting out 2019 for his health. Sometimes the best way to predict the future is to look at the recent past. If Cam's shoulder only partially recovers by the start of next season then I think we'll see the short passing offense we saw last season with Cam starting. Best case: Cam 100%. Worst Case: Allen has to start and we tank 2019. Wild Card: Allen lights it up in 2019 and we don't need a QB. So high draft picks or healthy Cam. 2020 draft should have much better QBs than 2019, so if we're in the top 5-10 I like our chances.
  4. pantherj

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    The problem is that people who are looking for attention on this forum have seen that "source" threads receive tons of views and replies. We're going to see a lot more "source" threads until there is some type of punishment for making them.
  5. He will finish the season and if the results are poor then we won't be back.
  6. pantherj

    PFF gives Moton props

    Yes no reaching. The Panthers may see a LT they like at 16, or maybe not.
  7. pantherj

    PFF gives Moton props

    People have been saying DL is deep, but I think they mean DL is deep for teams that run a 3-4 and can use smaller DEs that we can't. Ultimately I want the BPA at a position of need taken in each round. I'd prioritize o-line because if Cam re-injures his shoulder it won't matter who is on our d-line. Season is over. If we don't have a have a good pass rush, but Cam has time with weapons all around him, then we're going to be ok. In the end BPA.
  8. pantherj

    PFF gives Moton props

    I don't think we should ever reach. If the Panthers are not high on a LT at 16th, then they can trade down or select a different position. Ideally I'd like a LT in round 1, and a center in r2, but who knows if the value will be there or not? We have no idea who might fall or perform better than expected leading up to the draft.
  9. pantherj

    PFF gives Moton props

    Moton doesn't come out of his stance and kick step quick enough for my tastes. He's a little too lumbering. Opposing defenses will see that. DEs will look to get a quick jump and go around him. That problem will show up especially when you go deep. I want the o-line upgraded for premium pass protection.
  10. pantherj

    PFF gives Moton props

    The way you word that of course it's not smart. You're throwing "top tackle" around but I don't think of him that way. Please don't reference PFF I don't think they're always right.
  11. pantherj

    PFF gives Moton props

    If we're going to avoid the deep ball like last season then I'm comfortable with Moton at either tackle spot. If we want to throw the deep ball then I want a better LT than what we have on the roster. I think DEs will go wide around Moton if we try to go deep. I don't think anyone is going through Moton though. That's one mauling son of a bitch.
  12. pantherj

    PFF gives Moton props

    I think Moton will be moved to LG and we'll draft a LT. That would be the smart move imo. We'll need to actually have linemen who can hold up when we go back to throwing the deep ball. Everyone looks great when the ball is coming out fast.