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  1. Be ready for certain players to opt out of the season due to having family members who are at risk. The next thing would be players, coaches, refs, and other employees catching the virus and spreading it through the team like wildfire. I can't believe the NFL is trying to pull this off. They have to cancel the season.
  2. A million times no. No. We're making our move for Lawrence. We have a terrible roster right now. We're clearing out our dead cap. Noooooooooooooooooo. Plus we can't so I'm not worried.
  3. I think we'll be in the same order as the last draft but maybe a lottery to allow for a little movement up or down based on luck.
  4. Older teams built to win now are screwed for 2020. Good thing we're built to lose now and we won't even have to play. Winning.
  5. Washington Kneelers.
  6. Washington Cisgender and LGBTQ Club.
  7. Washington Head Trauma Victims.
  8. I'm a Panthers fan partly because some people can't even find NC on a map, and the Panthers represent my home state. But if I were a Canadian looking to choose a team to pull for the Panthers would be near the bottom of my list. The Panthers have made so many horrific blunders that it's a wonder how we haven't been at the bottom of the league for our entire franchise history. Running Cam Newton, the only real hope this franchise has ever had, into the ground was so stupid that it's embarrassing. Remember when Nate Chandler was protecting Cam? Remember Gettlegutts bringing in Matt Kalil for a fortune when every football fan in American knew he was terrible? This is just a stupid franchise that really belongs at the bottom on the league. Now we have a gutted roster and a coach who is going to try and learn on the fly. Welp. Here we go. The good news is that we purged out a lot of second rate decision makers, so maybe that will be enough to turn this around in the long run. Hope springs eternal.
  9. CMC is going to be taking a lot of hard hits (just kidding we're not having a season)
  10. I don't think there will be a season, but let's say there is one. I basically want to see our top draft picks, QB, and best returning players and prospects playing at a high level. That way I at least know we have a core group of players to build around for the future. If guys like Brown and Yetur don't do much then we're looking at an even longer rebuilding process. I have have no expectations of a winning season or making the playoffs. Another nice sign of success would be our coaching staff winning the x's and o's chess match that takes place throughout every game. Adjustments were never our strong suit under RR. If plan A didn't work, then we typically lost the game.
  11. We could have reached 60% infection rate in the U.S by the end of the year had we not gone forward with social distancing.
  12. Classes will be online, but how the draft is going to work is beyond me.
  13. I never thought there would be a season to start with. But how does this effect next years NFL draft? Do we all pick in the same spot as the last draft, or is there a lottery?
  14. Rhule is extremely boring and bland. He is an uninteresting person and gives away nothing in terms of strategy or plans. No point in listening to these interviews. Wasted my time.
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