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  1. If Gettleman ever returns as our GM I'm going to have to take a break from football until he leaves. Is it just me or is this a down year for the NFL overall. It's early but there are so many teams that look terrible and it's not always like that. Maybe the lack of practice is a major factor, and if that's the case everything could be flipped on it's head as teams find their stride. I have to imagine we'll be picking ahead of the Giants, but with Gettleman building that team you know they'll be terrible.
  2. If you have the heart of a champion your don't say "the roster is not good enough" or something like that. CMC said that right thing. He expects to win now, and he believes in his teammates. (The roster is not good enough)
  3. Or we took so long to adjust that is was too late by then.
  4. I'll turn against Snow if we have a a good defensive roster and we don't produce good results on the field. Right now we have a weak roster on defense, so I can't throw the guy under the bus. He's not making those dopey mistakes.
  5. One thing we can keep an eye on before the draft is that Marty is not shy about having long drawn out meetings with his favorite QB prospect. If we draft 3rd or lower Marty will probably tip us off as to which QB he wants.
  6. The nightmare scenario is the Jets taking Lawrence #1 overall.
  7. Not worried about the Bengals, Giants, and Dolphins. What worries me are teams that are looking to draft a QB and might have the #1 pick.
  8. The thing about Herbert is his cannon arm and decent accuracy. He allows you to threaten down field and take the top off the defense. You need explosive bombs down field if you want to aim at winning the SB. When you run into a KC, and the 4th quarter rolls around and Mahomes opens up down field, you need your QB to be able to answer. If you're playing small ball on offense then you're just waiting until you run into a team that will use a massive aerial assault to send you packing. We need a QB who has a cannon for an arm, and can also make all the throws in the route tree with decent accuracy and consistency. With TB we don't get the high velocity passes, and bombs down field that arrive at the receiver quickly. Yes Teddy can take every ounce of strength he has and push a weird pass down field, but that is not enough against the big gun QBs.
  9. But I don't think we're so bad that we have no chance of winning any of our remaining games. It's easy to pass in today's NFL, so if you have an accurate QB like TB you'll find yourself hanging around against lower tier teams. Next thing you know it's the 4th quarter and the game could go either way depending on who poops the bed or makes some big plays. The passing is so easy with players open that you have to be nightmare bad at the QB position to have little to no chance. We're so-so at QB, and even though the roster is bad we're going to be in some nail biters down the stretch imo. Especially when CMC returns.
  10. At the time I thought we were going to take Herbert and I wanted Hurney to pull the trigger. I also had a feeling that our Panther luck would result in a run on QBs before we picked. When the QBs flew of the board I wanted to trade down, and I didn't want to draft Brown. If you dig up the draft thread you'll see me clamoring for Herbert to fall, and when I wasn't big on Brown it really pissed the other fans off. Ultimately I just want a great QB, and it's damn near impossible to tell which QBs will achieve greatness, and which will flop. Still we need to shoot our shot and see what happens. We were robbed of that opportunity in the last draft because we won a few totally meaningless games that everyone has already forgotten about. We need to lose out this season, 0-16, and either draft Lawrence, or trade down for a kings ransom. Any win this season harms our future, and I could care about the feelings of what few fans remain and their wanting to win some games. No. I rooting for this team to loose from here on out.
  11. What you need to look at in the Bama game is Derick Brown versus Deonte Brown on pass rushing plays. I think Brown will be a good run defender in time. I'm not sure what has you shot out of cannon but I'm guessing caffeine or alcohol might be involved.
  12. Little's technique from what I've seen of him is extremely terrible. I'm hoping he has improved leaps and bounds. When you have an awful roster and you lose your best offensive weapon and your best offensive lineman bad things are going to happen. We're going to need to throw more, but our protection will be worse. That equates to TB throwing more INTs which means we're toast. That is unless TB can just play a magnificent game throwing a lot and not throwing a pick. My money would be on him throwing at least 2 INTs. It's just what happens when you throw a lot of short/medium passes on an offense that lacks talent. The other factor here is TB likes to hold the ball away from his body with his skinny arms when the pocket breaks down. That's open season for a man beast to swat down and pop that ball loose.
  13. This may be b.s but at the time I read that we were trying to trade down from our pick and that no other teams were interested. Brown is a run stuffer, not some sort of Kris Jenkins sack machine. Brown can't get push on big o-linemen, see the Alabama game. Couldn't move that 345 pound o-lineman an inch. Brown is here to stop the run, and it's to soon to decide if he can do that.
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