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  1. Find the franchise QB first, then build up the lines. We have the 7th pick and no franchise QB. Easy choice.
  2. Draft Tua. Draft Herbert. Pick the QB you like best and roll the dice now. Now, not when TB is old. Not when the XFL guy has his chance and it doesn't pan out. Now. And if he is a bust, then go draft another one. Keep drafting QBs until you have a star.
  3. I want TB to do as well as he can fro our team. His ceiling is decent game manager. I want a QB whose ceiling is terrific franchise QB because that will get us to a SB win. Otherwise how are we going to win the SB with Teddy? Build a monstrous dominate defense and great o-line with offensive weapons? SF just tried that, and a great QB sent them home. And SF can't keep all of that talent. They're going to go downhill because you can't keep a team with all that talent for long. You can keep a great QB for 20+ years. That path is obvious.
  4. If we don't draft a QB then the coaching staff is fine with mediocrity. Otherwise they would take immediate action to bring in a potential franchise QB. We could have just kept going with Ron if we're going for the middle of the pack. Why fire Ron to have a team led by TB? We need to improve to become a dominant team, and that comes from the QB is this passing league. Passing is everything and a great can't be stopped more often than not. Just look at the SB game. SF had a near pro bowl defense, but once KC decided to air it out SF was finished. Win through the air, and that's not TB. Who the hell wants to spend 7 years building a SF type team just to lose to a team led by a great QB. Not me. Go get a QB.
  5. I want a QB better than backup level TB so hell yes I want Tua or any potential star. I don't want the 3rd best QB from the Saints as our starter. No thank you. We need to do better and build for a SB.
  6. Build through the draft and undrafted free agents. Let's go young and stay young and cheap on defense. Load up the offense and draft a QB and air it the fug out. Start winning and dominating for once.
  7. I see a trade down coming. Rhule seems to be interested in grabbing as many guys who can fit his system as possible. With the 7th pick there will be a major prospect available and that will have teams on the phone to us.
  8. I don't feel like looking up QB draft positions for you.
  9. Do you think Hurney is going to draft a great QB later in the draft?
  10. When you're drafting lower you have to rely on other teams making an error in their evaluation of the QBs in that class, AND that your scouts have made the correct evaluation. When you draft at the top you only have to hope your scouts made the correct evaluation of the QB class. When we drafted #1 overall we selected Cam Newton. In later rounds we have drafted QBs like Pickles, Will Grier, Randy Fasani, Tony Pike, and Stefan LeFors. Sometimes you can snag a gem later in the draft, like Tom Brady. Who the fock wants to count on that? Not me. But yes sometimes QB slips through the cracks, and it's not unreasonable to expect that the Panthers can find a great QB later in the draft.
  11. Tepper appears to like Rhule on a personal level, like they are kindred spirits with their dumpy outfits and pork bellies.
  12. I'm tired of waiting for a truly great QB. There is nothing stopping us from trying to draft a great QB except for our current coaching staff trying to race to the middle so they keep their jobs. I want coaches who want a great QB and want to win the SB, not coaches who are aiming for the middle of the pack. Bringing in TB is a clear statement from the coaches that we're are headed for average. We're going to beat up on terrible teams who want to lose so they can draft a superstar QB. Oh lucky us!
  13. The worst thing you can be in the NFL is an 8-8ish team. It's football limbo. We could be 8-8 for the next 7 years. It pushes you down the draft and prevents you from ever having an elite QB. You just end up with a "good enough" QB until the coaching staff is let go due to lack of progress.
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