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  1. Yep just toss the ball right over them for a touchdown. It would be more effective if those defenders transformed on the field into the physical money we're paying them because no QB in the league could throw over a pile of money that high!
  2. Someone on twitter said that his facebook friend sent him a message saying he saw Kaepernick on Mint Street begging for spare change. The first part is true.
  3. Let's say Cam's career is pretty much over. When we rebuild the o-line has to be the top priority other than QB. This is passing league and the NFL wants the ball in the air and touchdowns. The rules and incompetent refs know scoring sells and you want to have an excited audience enjoying an aerial bombardment. Ratings to sell beer and trucks. Check. Refs on our side for the first time. Check. Back to back winning seasons. Well let's not get crazy.
  4. A lot of games boil down to putting the ball in the air in the 4th quarter. Build your team around being able to air it out in the 4th effectively. Your premier players need to be the QB, TD makers, and pass protectors. The Panthers go lame o-line, young unproven WRs, grandpa TE, very expensive d-line, very expensive LBs, budget safeties, and wonder why we are losing? Take all of that FOCKING money you wasted on d-line and LB and put in into the O-LINE and WR! Sorry got angry.
  5. I wanted to buy or draft a LT high but man fans went after me for suggesting that. Now looking at the situation I really wish Panthers had done something about LT.
  6. You mean he won't want to ride the pine through our entire 0-16 season?
  7. Allen just looks like a guy who isn't really fully processing what is happening when he's in the pocket, but I like some of his throws. If he could just play quicker he'd be pretty good.
  8. "Cam needs to take that scarf off his head and make it a tourniquet on his foot." - ESPN host.
  9. Well the try to tank part might come if a team already a lock for the playoffs pulls their starters. We need to respond by pulling our starters to ensure very high picks.
  10. If you're not on a diet I prefer Sam Adams Boston Lager.
  11. I'm more offensive minded in building a roster, so I wanted a major upgrade of the o-line in the offseason. You get more bang for your buck stacking the offense imo due to the rules, you can draw a lot of PI ect, and we knew Cam was no longer a youthful battering ram. But we have what we have now, and we'll have to find ways to protect Cam and get him to get rid of the ball quicker.
  12. I feel more sorry for Oher than Newton collapsing and our franchise imploding.
  13. I just hope fans don't give him any poo.
  14. I'm not going after Oher the poor guy has brain damage.
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