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  1. pantherj

    Hybrid defensive fronts.

    This is a team that can't manage timeouts, but we're going to play a hybrid defense without substituting much? Alright whatever just fix Cam's shoulder.
  2. What did they sign him for a used 10 gallon hat and half a can of skoal?
  3. Every player on the team will give it 100% and try to win. Even so, we will rack up losses without Cam, and that will allow us to have more options in drafting a QB.
  4. It's really terrible to have a losing season, and lose a QB who is loved by the majority of the fan base. I want Cam to come back and lead us to a SB victory. Anything can happen in the upcoming season, but we have to be ready to make some tough decisions if Cam's shoulder is done. I want Heinicke throwing interceptions if Cam is done. I want losses to pile up if that's it for Cam because I'm thinking about the following seasons being successful. It sucks to lose, but that's the system. The draft is designed to save bad teams. We're bad without Cam.
  5. I'm in the no new backup QB camp. Allen can play if Cam's shoulder goes to hell. Heinicke or whatever his name is got an extension as well. Trying to struggle to 8-8 with a better backup who isn't going to lead us to the SB will ruin our draft. Dropping like a stone down a draft where we'll need a new franchise QB is insane. If Cam's shoulder is shot, then I want to lose as many games a possible to draft his replacement. If Cam misses games early, middle, or late in this season due to his shoulder, then I'm done with Cam. We need to move on at that point and draft a QB at the end of the season.
  6. Mick: "Cam breaks the huddle, his arms are moist and glistening in the sun, seductively licks his fingers, stands tall showing off his ample chest, puts his hands under Kalil's firm butt..." Me: "Ok what's on the news? Any shootings?"
  7. I think we should impress social justice warriors everywhere and hire Jourdan Rodrigue to be the new announcer. She knows all about routes, and she would be perfect for reading Oikos Triple Zero yogurt ads.
  8. Ron is unforgiving when it comes to screw ups at the safety position. He will not allow our last line of defense to make mental errors for very long. Yes he will cut some slack for new guys, but eventually he will cut ties altogether. Ron favors low price be where you're supposed to be safeties. When Boston was still making mental mistakes in his 3rd season Ron said that he was worried about Boston. Sure enough Boston didn't receive a new contract. There was a time when I wanted better safeties, but not anymore. I'd rather cut costs on defense and load up the offense given that the rules heavily favor the offense over the defense.
  9. We're snapping up what we can afford at positions of need. That's all I ever asked for. Irvin only got a one year deal so that kind of proves he's on the downside of his career, but the guy can still rush the passer and play well enough to contribute.
  10. If Irvin can't make our final roster I'll be stunned.
  11. Hurney 2.0 is on top of things. He might not be done wheeling and dealing. We need to get faster on defense due to the pass happy nature of today's NFL and we're doing just that. Also we're not locked into anything if things done pan out. Even the Poe signing looked good at the time, but Poe loafed off. D-line coach needs to crack the whip. This is so exciting, but I hate that Cam's shoulder is still a looming threat to our upcoming season.
  12. Tre made too many mistakes when he was here and that's why Ron got rid of him. Very unlikely he will be brought back imo.
  13. Cam still appears to be in pain with his shoulder. Until that changes I feel pretty gloomy about the upcoming season.
  14. pantherj

    Jermon Bushrod visiting the Panthers

    Hurney 2.0 is not handing out much to that guy. Over the hill, overweight, and never that good. Take a take a cheap contract or hit the bricks. Good job Hurney, now stay off the phone with your ex-wife and we'll keep the ball rolling.
  15. If Cam's shoulder is ruined I'd like to move him to TE. He said without his shoulder he is nothing. I think not.