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  1. Fans attempt to make D-Will angry <-> D-Will attempts to make fans angry <-> Fans attempt to make D-Will angry <-> _____________. Fill in the blank.
  2. Yeah I think it's going to come down to applying more pressure on Brees.
  3. We don't have a CB on the roster who I trust to slow him down. I'd rather the Saints not sign him. If that one game gives you confidence then congrats.
  4. We obviously don't have an answer for Michael Thomas, so I'd rather he not be locked up for the future. I've been thinking Brees would get noodle arm for the past two seasons, and while he doesn't have as much arm strength it hasn't stopped him from carving us up. I don't blame the Saints for being in win now mode. I actually wish we were in win now mode, but with Cam's shoulder it may be a moot point.
  5. Cox has to be spitting mad about the signing.
  6. I think we have a solid team that should make playoffs assuming Cam's shoulder is fine. If not, then we're going to have a losing season imo.
  7. Generally you beat the Saints with pressure, especially up the middle, or win a shootout. We're not a shootout team. The Saints did an excellent job of building an o-line to neutralize our d-line, and making KK nearly useless. RR saw this and decided to make a move to counter the Saints (aka the team we have to beat to go anywhere). RR/Hurney 2.0 made their move by adding McCoy and Burns. Luke is a great LB, but he's also limited in what he can do well. Send him on a blitz and even very small RBs can completely neutralize him. Not good. He also makes his fair share of mistakes, misfitting gaps, taking bad angles, ect. He's human and he's not the key to modern football. I'd rather we spent more on scoring, but Luke inked an incredible contract for basically tackling. Not thrilled about that, but here is to hoping he has a standout season and doesn't look like every other good LB.
  8. We're on our way to something like 6-10 or worse if Cam's shoulder isn't ok. Placing that bet is basically betting on Cam's shoulder. If his shoulder is fine then you should win the money, if not, you'll lose.
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