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  1. Yeah I don't think he'll continue to be this bad. If his shoulder were still messed up then he should be listed on the injury report, or put on IR with the possibility to return. I think his shoulder is ok, but he is not in sync with the offense. Seeing things late when a team is selling out to pressure you to make a quick decision is a bad situation. I'm sure he's making every effort to be ready to make quick decisions when AZ brings the blitz.
  2. Ron has stated that Cam's health had nothing to do with his performance. I don't think his shoulder is still messed up, but only Cam can answer that.
  3. Let's say Cam's last performance was a 4 out of 10. Cam needs to come up to 6 out of 10 and we win the NFCS imo. It's not too much to ask.
  4. Our WRs are young and still learning, CMC is a beast, and Greg should be feeling better. The o-line is gelling and learning on the fly. Expect a better performance. Every player is now feeling HEAT from RR who is on the hot seat, and sure RR is not going to cook all alone. Ron is smart even if some of his players don't play that way. He's reading the riot act, and Ron gets blunt and swears when the camera is off.
  5. Just use your gut for moment. Do you really think Cam is going to come out clueless and throwing dead ducks again? He has more pride than that. I think he'll he's camping out in that film room like Luke in the old days when he wanted a fat contract.
  6. Cam hates losing, his pride is on the line, not mention his career. And frankly he's not as bad as he's looked lately. If he doesn't educate himself in the film room and start hitting the open receiver then we'll finish the season 0-16. I just can't believe that Cam would allow that to happen.
  7. Hard to imagine Cam plays as poorly as he did Thursday. I'm expecting him to bounce back with a better performance.
  8. Better to deal with the present. We've already hashed out the problems of the past.
  9. It's not over yet. All he has to do is work hard in the film room and find the open receiver. Brees is done. It's wide open now.
  10. Yeah it's one thing when you look at your teams roster and the talent isn't there and you're losing, but we have plenty of talent and look hopeless.
  11. Guess the Rams will go into prevent.
  12. Hill in the game now. This should be funny.
  13. The might as well throw themselves into the swamp because Taysom is as awful as his ridiculous name.
  14. Yeah feel bad when I see that. Better start practicing with the left hand or it's over.
  15. TOUCHDOWN! Saints are finished! That defense is a joke HAHAHAHA!
  16. Did you see that pass into double coverage?!
  17. HAHAHA! Saints fans have to be on suicide watch at this point. Bridgewater is a fuging moron! HAHAHAHAHA! Yes!
  18. The injury bug could bite the Bucs and Falcons as well. Just need Cam to throw like an average QB.
  19. Blowout incoming. The Saints are finished without Brees. Get in the film room Cam.
  20. Of all the seasons for Brees to go down.
  21. This game is a bloodbath. Peat down now.
  22. Have we just witnessed the end of the Cam and Brees eras by week 2?
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