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  1. NFCS looking to be a pile of poo this year. No excuse for Ron and co.
  2. What baffled me more than the playcall itself.... was that after the double TO, we gave them THE EXACT SAME GODDAMN LOOK AND FORMATION as we were initially going to run on the 4th and 1.5. I embarrassed myself in front of the ATL Riot folks when I bolted out of my chair and screamed at the TV.
  3. Great article with lots of detail and credible sources. Would read again.
  4. You and me both man. Sad times in Knoxville. I think the team looked fine. It’s the NFL. We beat a bad Bucs team on Thursday and get back to business.
  5. Maybe because we’re already stacked at the DL and run a 3-4 in which he’s not a fit? That’s my guess.
  6. Word on the street is that his agent was in talks with them before being cut, but he doesn't want to play with Funchess.
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