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  1. TNPanther

    Lol Cam and CmC trolling on IG

    Lol Ingram and Jackson? Calling them a top 15 QB-RB duo is a huge stretch.
  2. The biggest contract ever given to a phony cuck.
  3. TNPanther

    Eric Berry Released

    Shiiiiitt EB is one of my top 5 favorite Vols of all time. Bring him in even if he has to play in a wheelchair.
  4. TNPanther

    Around the league FA moves

    Anything to make the Taints weaker.
  5. Big Dick Dave with a big middle finger to the league.
  6. As a Tennessee alum, I wish the Haslams would stay the fug away from football. They are 90% of the reason why the Vols are in the shape they’ve been in for the past decade. Their booster $$$ gave them the power to pull the strings and hire puppets until Bev Davenport put a stop to that by firing John Currie and hiring Fulmer as AD. Back last year it was rumored that Jimmy Haslam was personal friends with Greg Schiano and had hand-picked him to replace Botch Jones, and was hell-bent on making that happen. When Currie (Haslam’s puppet) announced the university was moving to hire Schiano, our fan base and other boosters went ape poo. Thank god Bev didn’t sign the contract and ultimately fired Currie. Now that Fulmer is in charge and doesn’t listen to Haslam, Jimmy boy has gotten Bev ousted as chancellor and helped to expedite the resignation of Joe DePetrio, university president, to instill his own puppets. He is so hungry for power that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to regain control of the football program. I really hope Jeremy Pruitt works out otherwise it could lead to Fulmer being ousted and Haslam puppet pulling the strings again. TLDR: fug Jimmy Haslam for ruining Tennessee football.
  7. Commence the melt from the Aints fans
  8. Hell no to Crossman. Wasn't Castillo the Eagles' DC once?
  9. TNPanther

    4 QBs...3 Weeks

    I said the same thing. Every QB who plays behind this line is getting beaten to a pulp.
  10. TNPanther

    Post game presser

    Ron is trolling us.
  11. I had a really bad day yesterday and the conclusion of last night’s heartbreaker tipped me over the edge. For the record, I don’t think Cam needs to be fired. Contrary to most on this board, I actually don’t think Rivera needs to be fired either. Our man is clearly injured, but his competitive spirit will not allow him to bow out of games simply because his arm hurts. He will fight Ron tooth and nail to avoid the IR. Ultimately, though, it is best that the team places him on IR, lets him get his shoulder repaired by a specialist, and lets Heinicke finish out the season. This isn’t a Jake Delhomme situation in which our guy is 34, clearly washed up, and coming off the worst game of his career after having Tommy John surgery that has never been successful for a quarterback. Cam is still on the right side of 30 and stays in tip-top shape throughout the year. It’s been a nightmare stretch for the whole team. Let our franchise guy rest, retool in the offseason, and watch us go 13-3 next year with a top 5 defense and top 10 offense like we’re accustomed to seeing from a Rivera team. Keep pounding fellas.
  12. Shut the fug up dude Please ban this fuging troll