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  1. My theory is that Scarlett is in the doghouse. He was a headcase at UF and could still be that way now. Bonnafon is a scrappy guy but really doesn't bring much to the table. Mike Davis? There's a skillset that compliments CMC. Thunder to the lightening. The thing is... we had that exact guy in CJA last year. Granted, there were rumors that his attitude was pretty piss poor, hence why he currently finds himself unemployed.
  2. Maybe Tepper was tired of seeing CMC run into the ground.
  3. Luke sadly has looked pretty bad this year. I wonder if the game has taken a toll on him physically and mentally. After watching last night, I unfortunately have to think that it's more than just the scheme.
  4. Stop with this crap. This board is emo. Jesus. We aren’t winning the super bowl this year but we damn well are better than the Cons.
  5. Can't last in this league if you can't hold on to the ball.
  6. fug Clete Blakeman with a cactus. One of these days a player is going to flat out physically harm one of these refs.
  7. Lol at this board. Panthers to London has about as high of a probability of happening as Tennessee winning the Natty this year in football.
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