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  1. Jake was 36 coming off Tommy John (Jone). Cam just turned 30.
  2. Yeah, people don’t know that Amtrak travels on freight rails outside of the Northeast. All Amtrak trains are subject to any delays caused by the freight trains. 95% of delays are freight related.
  3. The Southern Railway built the bypass in the 50’s as far as I know. Amtrak didn’t exist in 1962.
  4. The current Amtrak station is a dump in a sketchy part of town. Hope this is a prelude to Gateway Station that they plan to build. i live in ATL so this new platform is useless to me but as a rail advocate this is awesome.
  5. What’s with the Fox gif trend lately?
  6. TNPanther

    Keto Diet

    I tried it around this time last year. It did not work so well for me. Felt fine for the first week or so. One day, I just woke up with a high fever and almost no energy. Tried to sleep it off and attribute it to the keto flu but it got worse. I ended up going to Urgent Care and a urine test revealed the electrolytes in my liver were dangerously low to the point in which I was on the verge of entering a coma. That was the end of keto for me. Proceeded to poo nothing but water for the next 2-3 days. Got very dehydrated and restless. This is just my experience/how my body reacted and I likely didn’t do it right, but nevertheless be very careful as everyone’s body reacts differently.
  7. Here now sitting here trapped in the concourse. Everyone is as sober and pissed as can be. Even before they forced 11K people off the field due to a few clouds, the lines were ridiculously long for a 2oz sample in a shitty plastic shot cup. This is a disaster on all fronts. The Fyre Fest comparisons are very accurate.
  8. Jake with his cajun accent as a color commentator would be music to my ears. Please make it happen.
  9. Can we acknowledge now that Gettleman was a shitty GM who completely ruined this team in the 2016 offseason?
  10. Speaking of deangelo... the fuger definitely threw shade at JStew on Twitter.
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