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  1. Please please please hire the Clapper. Do it Dave!
  2. Not sure which is funnier, his name or his inexperience.
  3. The Tigerdroppings (LSU) board is even funnier than StainsReport. Enjoy the lulz. https://www.tigerdroppings.com/rant/new-orleans-saints/
  4. What will the Aints fans whine about after this one?
  5. I sense there is a growing sense of contempt within the locker room towards the current, outgoing staff and the FO. Not a good sign.
  6. IMO the main issue with this year’s D is gap control. I don’t think we have the personnel to run the 3-4. I feel like a change back to the 4-3 is in order. I wonder if Burns can play 4-3 edge rusher. Not sure if he has the frame. Either way, we can’t stop the run because we have nobody to plug the line of scrimmage. This allows blockers to get to the second level and block the LBs out of the play. It’s why we’ve seen Luke on his ass so much this year. I hope that whichever coach comes in brings a good 4-3 oriented defensive coordinator and we get our poo together on that side of the ball. We have too much talent to be ranked 29th in run D.
  7. If we’re truly tanking then why not keep him?
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