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  1. I think Fromm could surprise a lot of people. Jacob Eason on the other hand I’m not impressed with.
  2. Damn, Trent Williams hit the jackpot. Goes from perennial dumpster fire to Super Bowl runner up.
  3. I'm not one to go after other posters like a lot of others on here. But you're fuging pissing me off dude. fug off.
  4. Hilarious...just last week they were hoping to clean house, fire Dan Quinn, and lose out for draft position. Now after beating the juggernaut Jaguars they think they can make some noise. I tell you - and I've ascertained this from living here for 6 months - Atlanta sports fans are by far the most fair-weather bunch in the world.
  5. in that situation you chuck it downfield in the direction of your receiver. boneheaded play by Teddy.
  6. Sprinkling some delicious crow on my pizza. Keep pounding my man.
  7. Stew concerns me whenever he gets up slowly. We have got to spell him with Wegher occasionally
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