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  1. Can't last in this league if you can't hold on to the ball.
  2. fug Clete Blakeman with a cactus. One of these days a player is going to flat out physically harm one of these refs.
  3. Lol at this board. Panthers to London has about as high of a probability of happening as Tennessee winning the Natty this year in football.
  4. Bucket Shop in ATL which opened 2 hours early for the ATL Riot
  5. I’ll be there. Section 540. Hoping for a win after witnessing the Vols getting dismantled last night.
  6. Pantherclaw - more like whiteclaw this AM
  7. I like how every thread about Cam can’t go without turning into a shitpost fest.
  8. I can’t say I really blame him...these fugs are pressing him for a clickbait quote to stir up more poo.
  9. NFCS looking to be a pile of poo this year. No excuse for Ron and co.
  10. What baffled me more than the playcall itself.... was that after the double TO, we gave them THE EXACT SAME GODDAMN LOOK AND FORMATION as we were initially going to run on the 4th and 1.5. I embarrassed myself in front of the ATL Riot folks when I bolted out of my chair and screamed at the TV.
  11. Great article with lots of detail and credible sources. Would read again.
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