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  1. RE: Whether team had the necessary intensity The thing that we have to look at it is, how hard did we play, did we give ourselves the opportunity. Unfortunately, we turned the ball over in a bad situation. So, to sit there and attack somebody, whether he wanted to play hard or not, that’s not fair. You make mistakes. People make mistakes. That’s life. You are going to make mistakes in life. Are you living life to the fullest? Are we playing football to the fullest? Are we giving a good effort? Sure seemed like it. Just unfortunate things happened. Again, as I said, you have to give the other team credit too. Let’s not forget, there are two teams on the football field. Like WTF is he blabbering about. What I take away from that entire transcript is a man afraid to take ownership. I have faith Tepper will see this typical Rivera BS for what it is.
  2. I was worried this would happen. You don't just throw a ton of interceptions in college to the point you are benched and you leave the school and then magically get all those issues resolved on their own.
  3. Could be. Weird things can happen in division games. I think it will either be a 40+ point blowout or a closer than it should be type of game.
  4. Olsen’s comments remind me of what Cam would say when he first got here. How there was a culture of being OK with losing. Now Cam’s on IR, and here we are again. I guess someone has to say it.
  5. The Panthers were dominated in all three phases of the game at home against their biggest rival who was 2-7. Ron shouldn’t be talking about anyone’s performance besides his own.
  6. He was asked the questions. of all the things to complain about after that poo show lol
  7. I guess for once instead of things like “well we got in the red zone but then Kyle gave it away” Rivera says things like, “it starts with the coaching staff having the entire team prepared in all three phases and we didn’t live up to that today.” All he could talk about was Kyle’s mistakes. We all saw them Ron.
  8. Live on panthers radio now completely throwing Kyle Allen under the bus. fugging coward
  9. when will people wake up and realize every dem besides bernie is worse than trump smh sheeple
  10. my narrative is called “reality” good for bernie, hope he does well! He has my vote, just like he did in 2016!
  11. Ok here goes... Mike Flanagan did a fantastic job with what he had to work with on Doctor Sleep, making a subpar story by Stephen King into a must watch for fans of the Kubrick classic.
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