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  1. Curb used to be one of my favorite shows but I haven't kept up since season five or so. Caught the season premiere and was surprised at how unfunny it was. Larry has always been a lovable jerk, but now the character seems like an asshole for the sake of being an asshole. Just lazy writing imo.
  2. *Medicaid expansion God bless those gerrymandered districts keeping these GOP hardliners around.
  3. If this team was a contender next year I don’t think Kuechly hangs it up now. Hell, maybe in the grand scheme of things this team sucking might be the reason Luke has a long and healthy life.
  4. Student-athlete was a term invented by the NCAA so they could avoid claims by athletes for worker’s compensation. The NCAA is a gigantic scam.
  5. If it something doesn’t happen on social media did it ever really happen?
  6. And we have no idea what goes on in his normal day to day life away from the game. Every tackle I held my breath hoping he would get up OK. Long term I’m just happy for him. This sucks and I’m sure is gut wrenching for him but seems like the right call. Bring on coach Luke.
  7. Rhule was the top college candidate available. Just like "winning the offseason", it doesn't mean squat at this point but it sure as poo is better than not getting the guy you want.
  8. fwiw I guarantee financial gurus were saying similar stuff around the time Tepper was going against the grain in the stock market before he made his billions
  9. I've a weird feeling Tepper is either about to build the next great NFL dynasty or it's going to fail spectacularly. Either way I'm all here for it.
  10. seriously just stfu with your negative asses these people have got to be the worst at parties
  11. Fwiw I was browsing Baylor message boards discussing Snow leaving, and they are pissed. They were hoping Snow would be promoted to HC. Seems those fans felt a big part of their success was due to Snow. Coach Rhule obviously feels the same.
  12. Most of those things are completely wrong so I don’t know what to tell ya but enjoy the ride!
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