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  1. so what's the plan to do away with elections so we can get out of this terrible cycle?
  2. haven't been here in a while, we still trying to get trump elected again to stick it to the libs?
  3. There was a physical I believe with Panthers personnel back in March, but yeah the Pats haven't been able to get their own hands on him and that has indeed contributed greatly to the delay in Cam getting signed.
  4. well this thread is like the end-all-be-all for posters showing their ass
  5. Told y’all. Fug it, if the Panthers don’t win the SB I want Cam to in a close second
  6. yes and dear god I somehow just remembered we had Mike Shula here year after year. JFCCCC
  7. The Panthers statement about “public safety” sounds like lawyer speak to cover them in case of a lawsuit. love it
  8. This is fugging awesome plus it’s on the heels of cutting ties with CPI. good poo Panthers
  9. Belichick rode with a serial killer (Hernandez), complete nutjob (Antonio Brown), WWE caricature (Gronk) and took on Randy Moss at a time when he was viewed as a locker room killer. Don't tell me Belichick wouldn't take a healthy Newton because of "locker room" concerns. It's absurd. It's money and health.
  10. It was probably going to get out one way or another, so what better time to release it than a Friday afternoon when major cities across the country are burning. Further proof the GOP and their propaganda machine are utterly full of poo and their supporters are some of the dumbest people on the planet.
  11. Congrats on the new alt. Must feel like a real winner having to register these over and over.
  12. Same. Until all the attendees get the kneeling treatment, burn it down.
  13. Because of course Donald Trump is quoting a racist police chief from 1967
  14. Has anyone said Eli Crapple yet? no? Im going back to bed
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