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  1. Cary Kollins

    KK Short not suited at practice

    Gettleman’s draft picks are looking pretty bad save for a few hits. Makes you wonder what scouts are still with the team and how much Rivera went along with what was ultimately Gettleman’s decisions. Edit: not to say Short was a bad pick. By all accounts Short has been a consistent top ten lineman who is obviously having a crap season.
  2. Cary Kollins

    We have to talk about white privilege

    Weird, for eight years I heard the solution to terrorism was simply calling it “radical Islamic terrorism”.
  3. Cary Kollins

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Trump knew he was fugged from the get go, saying an investigation into his finances would be a “red line” for Mueller to cross. This has all the makings of getting capital Ugly very soon. Not to mention Democrats gaining subpenoa power to provide a check to the authoritarian wanna-be in chief. They could spend the next ten years investigating this embarrassment, from the inauguration to the former EPA chief.
  4. Cary Kollins

    Major Hillary Clinton scandal!!

    If you were given the exercise of writing a character that was guilty of a vast number of crimes and also a raging narcissist, you’d be hard pressed to outdo Donald J. Trump.
  5. clearly Cam Jordan has a deep infatuation with Cam Newton Probably has a tub of Vaseline next to his bed so he can drift off to sleep after “game planning” for QB1.
  6. Cary Kollins

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Two years and still no proof!!!!!!! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!
  7. Cary Kollins

    Trump on the national debt

    Says the cocaine abusing unemployment check cashing conservative rapper.
  8. Cary Kollins

    Trump on the national debt

    Lol thanks Ben Burnecky
  9. Cary Kollins

    Please tell me this will be the end of Trump

    The SCOTUS majority is removable through adding more judges, which Dems should most definitely do by any means when they comeback into power. Don’t think for a second that’s not what this crop of GOPers would do if the situations were any different.
  10. Cary Kollins

    Please tell me this will be the end of Trump

    “That’s not how things work” well, in modern times we have never had a criminal with this magnitude of corruption sitting in the Oval Office. Dems will have to take a serious look at fixing the damage this criminal has done to our country through a fraudlant electoral process.
  11. Cary Kollins

    Please tell me this will be the end of Trump

    g5 and I agree on this. Trump is a criminal, gained the presidency through fraud, and everything he has done as president should be invalidated, including any and all federal appointments. Not to even mention his treasonous activities dealing without Russians trying to undermine our democracy.
  12. Cary Kollins

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Also reports that he hasn’t even reported for work this morning and has been holed up watching cable news all morning. What a miserable POS.
  13. Cary Kollins

    The Official Robert Mueller is comin! Thread

    Yeah, this DOJ “policy” needs to seriously be challenged. So we’re saying if a president murders his entire cabinet in a shooting spree, we can’t arrest him on the spot? Have to go through months of impeachment proceedings? Yeah, no. This guilty old fug absolutely deserves time. side note, anyone have the updated Mueller video meme where they’re getting locked up?
  14. Kinda bummed gay badger isn’t a thing tbh