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  1. The stat that should stand out the most is Cam only rushed 2 times for 2 yards. Clearly Rivera has made the decision to stop Cam's rushing. We go through this like once every season. Next game Cam will probably rush for 75 yards and we'll hear all about how, "We're at our best when we let Cam be Cam." Rivera is fugging inept.
  2. Cary Kollins

    Trump: Too Busy For Arlington

    Trump doesn't have one speck of the courage those laying in Arlington have. At least he kept them from rolling over in those graves.
  3. Might deserve a LT nod after that poo show in Pittsburgh.
  4. I'm giving the ball to my Hall of Famer QB every time. Especially with hindsight seeing as how Seattle easily ran out the clock lol.
  5. Why would they 100% lose if they turned the ball over? Say they did turn it over and hold Seattle to a FG. At least they'd get the ball back with a chance to score a touchdown. Taking the ball out of your hall of fame QBs hands with under five minutes to go and one timeout is a dumb conservative decision unless you have an elite defense.
  6. the dude that just lost because he took the ball out of Aaron Rogers hand's on 4th and 2 and put the game on the shoulders of his crap defense? same dude that has squandered the prime of one of the best QBs ever? nah
  7. Cary Kollins

    Darius Slay in awe of CMC

    “"It's just like, that’s just new in our days," Slay said. "Like have you ever seen one like that? ... Me either. I mean, like, shoot. I didn’t either. He’s first. The first of a kind. That’s fire. He’s on it. Like he be shaking folks."” We gotta sign this Slay guy.
  8. I thought for sure it had to be something besides socks.
  9. Ok so dafuq is the difference?
  10. Cary Kollins

    Panthers WAIVE CJ Anderson

    Gotta make room for Matt Kalil smart move tbh
  11. putting a rookie one on one against the best WR in the game with no help was probably not ideal
  12. eh, he's probably thinking "you win some you lose some" Literally everything that could go wrong last night went wrong. Aside from basically giving them 21 points right off the bat, every single call/spot went against Carolina. The offensive line played their worst game of the season by far. The defense played their worst game of the season by far. Historically visiting teams in TNF matchups struggle. It's just usually the home team is sloppy as well, but that wasn't the case last night obviously. Throw away the game tape. It's a loss to a team likely to make it to the AFC championship at least. 6-3.
  13. Cary Kollins

    lol eric reid has been blackballed

    It'll be interesting to see what Reid's fine is. Remember Torrey Smith was fined the same amount as the guy that tried to take Cam out. If Reid is fined anything more than that Falcons player we know what's up.
  14. Ben had a perfect passer rating. Someone needs to be fired.
  15. Cary Kollins

    Leftist Lynch mob shows up outside Carlsons family home

    Spew white nationalist propaganda on national television for a living, get fun prizes.