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  1. Cary Kollins


    Seems like the perfect opportunity for a “delete thread, ban loser” action.
  2. Cary Kollins

    Armah-Geddon catches car thief!

    Did the man soil his pants?
  3. Cary Kollins

    MAGA tax return season is upon us

    I fell into the “both parents working with kid in daycare” category for the first time this year. How was it different before?
  4. Cary Kollins

    Trump in his natural state

    Looks like a mix between Roger Ailes and a Russian oligarch. Disgusting old fug.
  5. Cary Kollins

    Welcome To The Gutter

    That entire family needs a challenger space shuttle moment.
  6. Cary Kollins

    ABCB is the only rhyme scheme

    Wait is that guy blind?
  7. Cary Kollins

    The glorious socialist utopia is nigh

    *reads breitbart headline* *logs into huddle to shitpost* nice work boy
  8. “Hey OP, how do you feel about people stealing your work and money out of your pocket?” Fwiw I don’t have a MBA or business degree but I imagine Wal-Mart wouldn’t sell DVDs if it didn’t make them money.
  9. Cary Kollins

    29 security clearances rejected

    Just your run of the mill Trump scandal that would be the biggest story in any normal president’s White House but barely makes the news with Trump.
  10. Proud of my dude @PhillyB! As a movie nerd I was just pumped to follow along with this process but I can honestly say I was blown away by the finished product. I’m not surprised at all though and can’t wait to see what’s next.
  11. At least the dude’s orbital bone is still intact.
  12. Cary Kollins

    Montessori schools

    Interested in enrolling my son in a Montessori school when he turns 18 months. Toured the local Montessori school yesterday and my wife and I were blown away at how great it seemed. Anyone have experience with this type of education?
  13. Cary Kollins

    Cam says shoulder feels good

    I suffered some sort of minor shoulder injury from ripping the ball from a dude while playing basketball two years ago. Not sure if it’s a small tear or joint issue, but I can feel it even as I type this. Nagging injuries are a pain in the ass.
  14. Cary Kollins

    Intelligence chief contradicts Trump on North Korea and Iran

    All you need to know about Trump.