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  1. If Biden wins and Dems take senate, they will have the ability to add seats to SCOTUS, as well as add DC and Puerto Rico as states. If they don’t win, you’re looking at extreme right wing courts for at least the next 40 years. No progressive president will be able to get anything done unless they also have the senate and congress. So the question isn’t irrelevant, what is the plan for you guys do get anything progressive passed that won’t be overturned by an extreme right wing dominated scotus?
  2. I’m curious how the Never Biden folks think any progressive policies at all will be implemented in the next 40 years if/when the Supreme Court is 6-3 to the far right.
  3. not sure if this has been posted yet but PFF had us Number 1 in the Lawrence sweepstakes BEFORE yesterdays game and of course before CMC's injury 1. CAROLINA PANTHERS Carolina came in 29th in our preseason offensive rankings and 32nd in our preseason defensive rankings. In Week 1, however, the Panthers looked better than anticipated to start, thanks in large part to Joe Brady's offense and a little bit of luck. Despite Teddy Bridgewater being the sixth-lowest-graded quarterback of the week, Carolina managed to rank 19th in the percentage of passes that generated positive EPA. It still isn't great, but it's better than expected. The defense, on the other hand, looked like one of the three worst units in the NFL. No team missed more tackles against the run (10), no pass-rush produced fewer pressures (4) and no coverage unit gave up a higher rate of positive EPA (65.6%). And PFF's simulations suggest that this mediocre play isn't likely to maintain — it's going to get worse. Teddy lucked out with two clear turnover-worthy throws that the defense couldn't capitalize on, and he finished sixth-to-last in accurate passes thrown 10-plus yards downfield. The Panthers' offense still comes in at 28th in our Massey ranking, and they have one of the toughest schedules to face this season, according to our metrics. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-teams-most-likely-to-get-trevor-lawrence-in-the-2021-nfl-draft
  4. Didn’t watch the game but Schelreth or however you spell his dumb name is and always has been a fuggin tool.
  5. I thought Rhule should have definitely called a timeout around the 40 second mark as the half winded down. That was Rivera-esque and took me by surprise. By the time the next play was run there was around 20 seconds left. Nice to have three timeouts at the end of the half but they don’t roll over.
  6. Robby Anderson is my new favorite player after the "what's that bear doing?" line. pls to make it into a shirt
  7. CMC didn’t fair any better in important short yardage plays last year from what I remember.
  8. For the “voting for the dem candidate will just give us Tom Cotton running in four years” crowd. Trump just released a shortlist of potential SCOTUS nominees, which includes your boy Tom Cotton. Bernie or busters might be the best weapon against leftists policies tbh :/
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