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  1. all I can hear is Bernie's voice.. "I FIND IT HARD TO BELIEVE..."
  2. the quicker we can get the republican party out of power the better most obvious thing I have ever typed
  3. I have a feeling this also has to do with the upcoming Mueller hearings. He's terrified of that.
  4. Sounds good to me. Bernie could use you on his team.
  5. Getting rid of all private insurance for a Medicare for All system seems like a massive unattainable clusterfug of a project. I think the most dems pushing for access to Medicare for everyone, or a public option, see their system as eventually putting private insurance companies out of business unless they offer a better product.
  6. What’s the socialists stance on deportation? Should violent criminals be deported?
  7. The huddle’s broke Jerry Epstein checking in
  8. Curious if Obama falls into the same camp as Biden/Harris. If Obama were on the ticket would he get the same treatment? Of course he had some policies many on the left are against. Does it matter that he was crucial in making gay marriage legal nationwide?
  9. everyone posting on this board has varying amounts of privilege
  10. hmu after the collapse so I can buy you a beer or whatever they call it after the revolution!
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