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  1. Tanking in the nfl is next to impossible imo Too violent of a sport. edit to say teams can and do surely “tank” mid season when players get injured and playoff hopes are dashed, but preseason tanking? Nah
  2. I don’t want to see the Panthers floundering, but I 100% hope Cam goes on to crush it and win a Super Bowl. I don’t necessarily blame the Panthers for moving on all things considered (contract, health, rebuild etc.), but I hope it turns out it be a bad move only in the sense that I hope Cam kills it whenever he ends up.
  3. I mean, Tepper can share the blame for how this was executed but Cam was healthy for about six out of 32 games since he became owner. QB1 was broken by the prior regime.
  4. If you had to pick one, it’s Ron. As head coach Ron ultimately had the final word to sit or play Cam when he was clearly injured, going all the way back to what, 2016(?), when he started Cam with virtually no shot at the playoffs when it was clear Cam’s shoulder was fugged.
  5. The Golden Calf of Bristol has a few good games too. You don’t get benched for Will Greir because you are starter material.
  6. I mean, turning a UDFA who proved he is not close to being a starting QB into a fifth round pick is impressive. Ron, you dumbass.
  7. what's something we could do to stop biden from becoming the nominee?
  8. hey, our candidate got his head bashed in by biden across the board. Can't win'em all.
  9. arguing that four more years of trump is better for the country than Biden is some p shocking privilege
  10. DOW close to the same level it was when Obama left office. maga indeed
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