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  1. Lol wut. The 2015 Broncos had one of the best defenses of all time.
  2. Which means I expect a lot of infuriating bull poo from Ron like “mathematically we are still in the playoff picture”. sigh
  3. Yeah meant to imply they would need to be gone too. Kind of a given at this point I think.
  4. Yeah same, free ticket last minute. Can’t imagine how more depressing it would be if I had of dropped a couple hundred for a ticket too.
  5. Slowly coming to the inevitable realization that the Jerry Richardson-led Panthers completely and utterly broke and wasted Cam Newton. What a disappointing franchise to be a fan of. At least Tepper represents a new era.
  6. There will be lots of amateur and professional pieces of poos who will relish in the downfall of a broken Cam Newton as if this is some “HAHA I TOLD YOU SO” moment. They are easy to spot. Best to ignore. You can’t reason with morons.
  7. These people and everyone that votes for them can burn in hell for real for real. Like, if I had one wish it would be for that magical place of hell to be real so they could go.
  8. gonna go ahead and tell you gk5 response: well maybe that poor person should have bought health insurance instead of all those scratch offs, then maybe she wouldn't have died because she couldn't afford blood pressure medication
  9. Ron ain't going to outcoach anyone, ever. He may motivate his guys to play their guts out and never quit, but when it comes to the top tier coaches like McVay, they are going to run circles around him in-game.
  10. lol like you give a poo about a "tax on the poor" Those poor pearl clutching GOPers who don't want gambling but laugh their way to tax cuts as poor people die because they don't have access to healthcare.
  11. I'm sure that's it and it's not yet another desperate power grab from the party of old racist white men on the brink of dying out.
  12. shocking, republicans held a vote with only half the members there, democrats saying they were told a vote wouldn't take place GOP acting like scum again? weird
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