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  1. It’s not like Teddy has a winning record this season. The “conservative” play of Teddy is most mind-numbing when during the several potential game winning drives this year Teddy continued to throw check down after check down to the running back, letting the clock bleed down where we were left with failed 60+ yard field goal attempts.
  2. Of course not this season, but it’s not a one year deal.
  3. I think the Hornets were close to dead last in attendance last year. I imagine Jordan wants to get people in the stands by any means necessary, and he sees this as a chance to roll the dice on Hayward staying healthy and LaMelo living up to the hype. If he can stay healthy, this will be a fun to watch young playoff team with solid coaching and veteran leadership. I’m as excited to see the Hornets as I can remember, so in that sense Jordan is halfway there.
  4. What a refreshing change from the current President!
  5. These are not average people. They are piece of poo Trump supporting goons. The guy’s public Facebook page is littered with racist Obama memes dating back from 2010. As he ran for his current position in 2019 he stated his number one goal is the re-election of Donald Trump. They’re doing exactly what they want to do.
  6. The candidates I voted for won, now let’s get to work to hold them accountable!
  7. Volunteer, phone bank, community organize, run for office...there are and were plenty of opportunities to get involved.
  8. So instead of fighting for these things let’s just be mad on twitter about it, or better yet copy and paste tweets on a message board 14 hours a day because change i guess? brunch does sound p good right now. Could go for some avocado toast and a bloody mary
  9. how is Howie's campaign coming along? big policies he's going to implement?
  10. I'm not necessarily "rooting" for losing out the rest of the season, but being competitive every week while coming up just short and netting a top quarterback would be best case scenario imo.
  11. As bad as Slye missed that kick, five yards wasn’t helping. Hell teddy probably throws another check down if that offsides is called and maybe the RB doesn’t miraculously make it out of bounds to stop the clock.
  12. Haven’t read the whole thread yet but way to go Joseph Biden! Biden/Harris 2020!
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