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  1. Bradberry - 26 Shaq - 25 McCaffrey - 23 Moore - 22 Burns - 21
  2. I watch the Panthers for entertainment purposes. Winning is entertaining. We can't seem to manage that this season. Signing Kaepernick would be entertaining whether he improved the team or not. I would keep watching just to see how things turned out. As it stands, I have a hard time forcing myself to watch this debacle unfold without some sort of seismic shift in this current incarnation of the Panthers.
  3. Do they even have a vegan menu at Bojangles?
  4. That'd be like returning to an abusive spouse.
  5. That's my time, folks! Try the veal and don't forget to tip your servers!
  6. Paradis got worked. I was so excited when we signed him.
  7. I say sign him just so we can hear some new talking points.
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