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  1. Hate watching it on TV. Love going to minor league games.
  2. What self-respecting organization would even stoop to accept this incentive after they've hired a black GM or coach? What message does that send to your guy? Turn it down and it immediately legitimizes your decision.
  3. At least all of our UDFAs can carpool together since they'll all be headed up here from Baylor.
  4. We're moving back to a base 4-3 look on defense. We've divested ourselves of some of the personnel brought in to field 3-4 schemes. What will become of Miller and Burns who were specifically drafted for the 3-4? How will the current defensive coaching staff put these guys in a position to be successful and productive? Should we be looking for trade partners instead of relegating these guys to special packages? We've invested precious draft capital in these picks. We need to find a place at the table for them, or try to recoup our investment.
  5. I don't think they expect to be picking higher than number 7 next year. Which makes me wonder if they plan to take their QB of the future this year. Come on down Herbert, I guess.
  6. They have to give him a physical before they release him since he was injured. Since he passed they don't owe him an injury settlement.
  7. Need to get him back in house as some sort of rehab coordinator.
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