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  1. Can this happen? Wife says no, but we have been Sunday night drinking. I say yes. edit: We may not not win, but we will be there. Next Year definitely.
  2. Wrong!!! Let’s’ hope the Panthers win a Super Bowl. Who are you rooting for? I loved Cam as a Panther, but he is no longer a Panther.
  3. Exactly! He will extend his career as a very good slot receiver. I don’t think Rhule & Brady will run him to the ground like Rivera tried doing last year. This still does not mean he want be on the field 95% of the time. I think Brady will use him, to create mismatches.
  4. I am liking what I have seen so far as well. Giving lots of hungry young guys a chance to compete. if Rivera was still here I guarantee we would have resigned Williams & over paid for Bradberry. I am glad the panthers are moving on from aging veterans.
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