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  1. Is your gut a certain unverified source on Twitter?
  2. If we trade back it needs to be for Henderson or an OT we are sure can start (not a Greg little project). if we aren’t sure we can net one of those two then we stay put and take a more proven player between brown, Simmons or okudah.
  3. Would love if we took him in the second round. If the team truly believes he can be an above average starter in the league, then moving up 7 spots to get back in the first round would also probably be worth it.
  4. Just vague enough to leave people wanting more
  5. OP changes the thread title. Original title said he signed and was assuming that he signed back with the patriots because of the title ‘forever a patriot’. he wanted to be first to post and didn’t bother actually reading what brady said.
  6. If Hill shows enough to make this team I will undoubtedly anoint him the next Randy Moss and assume he will have 2,000 yards receiving and 16 TDs. Just want to go ahead and get that out of the way. With his speed and size, knowing he would be, at best, our 4th option, makes me reallyyyyy intrigued by him showing even the slightest progress.
  7. I think we keep Garrett as a 6th WR while cutting Marcus Ball knowing that, if the injury bug hits, we can have Cash as a emergency backup at safety.
  8. It would be a little disappointing if Wegher never turns out to be more than a backup considering we wasted a spot on the roster every single game for him. With all the injuries we battled through this year I can only assume that it could have been used on someone that could have shored up a weak spot during some of our games. With that said, I can't imagine us keeping him on the actual roster and not placing him on the practice spot if we didn't see more than just a backup role for him in the future.
  9. I don't know if saying there have been no signs is accurate. Sacks aren't the only benchmark for a DE. Ron Rivera has even gone as far as to praise his dirty work this year. And although he had a horrible pass rush rating, he was actually positive on run defense. I think there are positive signs there but we need to temper our expectations. One of my biggest complaints are his stupid penalties and I would hope that is an easy fix. He very well could be a bust but I'm not going to judge him until next year. Maybe having CJ out and being on the sideline to mentor him while bringing in a veteran stud like Allen can help him learn the little things that can push him to the next level.
  10. From all of the DE's we've ever drafted, I don't think we've ever had one come into their own until year 3 (save Peppers). I look at this as an investment because I doubt it was ever Gettleman's plan to have him starting this year. Hardy and Alexander were both ahead of him on the depth chart but he was forced into action due to the circumstances. If nothing else, look at this as a learning year where he works out the kinks and comes to ball out next year. I just hope this year doesn't demoralize him too much that he can't come back from it. WAY to early to give up on him.
  11. Anyone else thinking we already know who is on thia team and our only goal is to run the clock out and not get injured? Nothing to see or read into here...
  12. Corey brown should play ever snap against Pittsburgh. And his job should depend on it. And I'm one that says the preseason means nothing. But this guy has the yips and I'm 100% sure there is someone better out there at this point. He needs to prove his worth. These last 2 games have been horrible
  13. I'm hoping Swole Bones gets plenty of playing time and proves his worth. I can't remember a season where having an additional pass catching TE could be more important. Also, interested to see how Ealy plays now knowing the spot is unquestionably his. Lastly, I'm still pretty interested in the CB2 spot. Wondering if Peanut has it locked up or if Bene can creep back into the starting role. I've seen a lot of good comments around Bene this year and based on his performance from last year, 'he is better suited as a nickel back' is not an acceptable reason for a demotion. He needs to be outplayed or he needs to be back starting on the outside.
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