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  1. This is all that’s being talked about in approximately 3 other threads
  2. Keenum got $18m a year last year and he had 1 good year. There are no options out there to improve our team without completing eating up our limited cap space. Bridgewater will be overpaid on hype alone. Bradford will destroy some franchise. Bortles will get $15+ just like keenum. Unless you are sure cam can’t play we need to hope and pray and use our cap space on the plethora of other holes we have.
  3. The Bible was written in a shorter timeframe than your post
  4. Adb6368

    Draft Kyler Murray

    If you wouldn’t consider drafting him in the second you’re not being realistic. Worst case we have jimmy garrapolo. Best case we have our starter if cam doesn’t recover.
  5. Adb6368

    CMC & CAM forced coaches hands

    How do you release someone not under contract?
  6. Maybe tepper is more of an influencer than anyone thinks
  7. He’s a figurehead now. You can’t go out and hire an elite DC Then tell them they have no play calling duties and will only be partly involved in the defensive game plan each week.
  8. Adb6368

    2019 Starting Offensive Lineup

    This Armah fellow. I haven’t heard you talk about him.
  9. Adb6368

    NFL/PA deny targeting Eric Reid

    Not a good look for a guy currently suing the league... I wonder what he would say if he found out the league was making public statements that were knowingly false
  10. Adb6368

    NFL/PA deny targeting Eric Reid

    The NFLPA, whose job is to protect the players, determined there was nothing here. Case closed. Time to move on.
  11. Adb6368

    I miss John Fox

    Jack del rio?
  12. https://twitter.com/torreysmithwr/status/1082017133956132864?s=12 If you’ve been following twitter today you’ve seen Greg Olsen be very analytical and outspoken over what’s been going on in the games. I’ve noticed he’s played a lot down the middle... just like a commentator would. Practicing for the short term future or for a year down the road? Torrey Smith thinks he’s ready now.
  13. Adb6368

    Last Year’s Draft

    http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/6634/danorris-searcy its hard to predict someone who had never missed more than 2 games will randomly get a concussion every time he steps on the field. Hard to judge Hurney one way or the other for that one.
  14. If you sit him you have no choice but to sign him to another 4-5 year extension so you think of it as sitting him for a fifth of his time left, minimum. If that’s not in your plans then drafting a quarterback becomes priority one.
  15. Adb6368

    Players we should draft

    Is that a guarantee?