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  1. It’s almost like we’ve spent our last 2 (top 15) first round picks on these very issues.
  2. For what it’s worth this is 100% a game we’d lose in years past. Riding some momentum and have a chance to go on the road and finish a division rivals seasons. we’d come out flat and never recover. Let’s see what a 7 year mega contract for coaching does for a team.
  3. Or maybe the team was never actually in a rebuild to begin with and the whole world was missing the writing on the wall?
  4. Tahir whitehead snaps going in the right direction. Down.
  5. Well see it next year when he comes out of retirement now that he sees the potential of the team and has rested up.
  6. I started the year assuming we had enough talent to be 8-8. After the first game I moved my goals to a full tank and a 3-13 year. After last week I’m back to thinking we win between 6 and 8 games because the team will definitely improve. overall I’m fine with trying to compete to be average this year or be a full tank. However my worst fear is we win a few games we shouldn’t and we don’t improve enough talent wise to move the needle. im still undecided on whether this team has enough talent to compete without high round draft picks.
  7. Kind of a glaring hole that maybe should have identified before week 1? The fact that a waiver wire pickup can come in and be a leader is a HUGE detriment to Thompson, Boston and short, right? They appear to be completely incompetent at being leaders on this team.
  8. Might as well title the thread ‘The Panthers never started a season 0-3 with cam newton on the team’
  9. All I’ve learned from this is results don’t matter and we have the best defense of all time.
  10. Low expectations equals low interest. On top of that, a lot of the population has bigger worries going on right now. I also don’t want this topic to get political but a certain faction of the population has stopped watching based on internal beliefs (whether misled or not). All this sums up to a quiet start to a era of Carolina Panthers football. I promise, if we start winning Consistently it will go right back to where it was in 2015.
  11. This is the play Jackson got hurt on so I assume you’re talking about tre Boston. He was horrible today. But he’s outspoken so he’s a ‘team leader’. He’s never been anything more than trash.
  12. With the dead cap we are taking on this year and the state of our division, I don’t see any reason we shouldn’t be competing for a playoff birth next year and a super bowl the following year. it shouldn’t take 5 years to rebuild. And it doesn’t take a #1 draft pick. It actually takes a bit of luck and good coaching.
  13. Not that this is important at all to the discussion but Dak is coming off as a hero and is going to probably be the highest paid players in the nfl in less than 365 days. Character matters. He appears to have it. DISCLAIMER: this has NOTHING to do with any comparison to a certain former panther player that rhymes with dam mewton. So please don’t go there.
  14. This is always what I will remember Kurt Coleman for: https://www.espn.com/blog/nflnation/post/_/id/256494/panthers-marvel-at-kurt-colemans-consoling-of-julio-jones-after-drop in a world that’s as upside down as possible we could use more people like him
  15. My worry would be that the competition was between 2 players that should not be rostered in the nfl. If Grier beat PJ and looked like an NFL player doing it, than that’s great news.
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