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  1. There will be a DC opening in Carolina right around the same time he gets fired after this season so all is well!
  2. Torrey Smith is a waste of an active player every Sunday
  3. Would butker make a 30 yarder in New Orleans to score points on the first drive of our playoff matchup? We’ll never know. Glad he made it today but the smart move would have still been to take the cheap contract and spend the cap space elsewhere. Who knows what that would have meant for today
  4. Can someone explain to me how the Seahawks are idiots here?? They didn’t give a bunch of guaranteed money to a diva who is aging quickly who then got hurt for the season. Now, instead of being locked into a huge guarantee for a deal they didn’t want to give, they can part ways. I don’t blame bell for what he’s doing and and I don’t blame the Steelers. How many times does the cliche ‘this is a business first’ have to be said to actually make people understand that? Oh and screw all the grammar police on an internet board. You’re not nearly as important as you think you are.
  5. Adb6368


    I’m not saying Moore won’t be good. I’m saying ridley IS good. And that’s a problem right now for us. Let’s hope the whole ‘higher ceiling’ pans out. Because it looks like the immediate impact that would help us win a super bowl this year is currently on the Falcons.
  6. Can someone explain to me what the timeline of this lawsuit even is? Or will it just hang out over the NFL like a grey cloud for eternity?
  7. Cutting Butker and giving a load of money to Gano is a fairly big screw-up and prevented us from a few decent FA signings (albeit bottom of the barrel). Other than that, he has been fairly solid.
  8. He flew in last night... they reached out to his agent Tuesday
  9. Riverboat ron with a little gamesmanship. Don't want to put your current players down in the event it doesn't work out but the wheels are turning in the background. Perfect timing - should be ready to start week 5.
  10. Adb6368

    Curtis Samuel

    Yea that sturdy frame really would have helped with his irregular heartbeat...
  11. Adb6368

    Panthers hire female as lead internist

    what the hell is an internist?
  12. Adb6368

    I see you DJ

    My fantasy football team agrees with this assessment