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  1. We throw this phrase around a lot, but Samuel truly is our X factor this year. DJ proved in limited time last year his has the ability to be a #1. Samuel has the chance to be something we haven't had since Mushin Muhammad, a true, #2 playmaker on the outside, something that Devin Funchess was supposed to be and failed miserably at (let alone his go at #1 WR). When Samuel is on the field, he makes plays. He can be special. He needs to prove he can play 16 games first, though.
  2. I’d rather pay him 9M this year to see if he can play when he’s THE guy then go ahead and give him a 5 year extension with guaranteed money to save a few million this year. If he turns out to not be able to make it we cut him no strings attached after this year. This was the right thing to do
  3. We won’t know that until the end of this season. He’s a TD replacement and have been playing out of position his entire career because of this. Hurney didn’t draft the guy mind you.
  4. I vote Evander beats the keep pounding drum with his fist.
  5. That's what the two potential all-pros on the right are for
  6. Ferrill has a much higher floor than Burns. I take Jonah Williams over Burns in a heartbeat. Ferrill v Williams is a toss-up to me. I also like Dillard.
  7. A solid LT will be a bigger need for us in one year than a DE. BPA at either position. Trust the process.
  8. Everything changes if we win a super bowl with him. Then 35M becomes the expectation.
  9. Is it bad when half of your safest picks are busts?
  10. Brian Burns has a higher ceiling. Clelin Ferrell is the safer pick. I'd go with Burns based on who he would become. But Ferrell seems more like a panthers pick. Unless that whole 3-4 defense isn't a lie.
  11. We do not have a starting right tackle in 1 year. If Moton moves back to RT then we do not have a starting left tackle in 1 year. Grooming someone to come in would be much better than signing Matt Kalil next summer for $60M.
  12. We drafted a project in the third last year. That is completely different than drafting someone that can start the position day 1.
  13. The good news = Matt Kalil is not the answer. And for that, I am thankful. Would anyone else still be opposed to taking the best OT available at 16 if we believe he is a long-term solution at LT? 1 year of grooming and prepared to start next to Moton for the next 5+ years after that seems like a pretty good way to make Cam $100M+.
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