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  1. Am I wrong in thinking there are usually leaks that come out if things go very well? Usually a tweet saying ‘the team was enamored with the candidate and he blew them away in the analytics’ if things went well? am I mistaken or have we not heard a word about mccarthys time with the team?
  2. Need comparable analysis to make a conclusion... i know we are better than the browns.
  3. Hypothetical here... if we made the playoffs, where would CMC have finished in MVP voting? It’s sad that such a historic season went to waste. The THIRD player in the history of the NFL to accomplish what he did. i think if we made the playoffs he would have deserved MVP. Unfortunately due to the position bias realistically I think he finishes second behind lamar regardless.
  4. If you didn’t see the difference then you are blind. Ron was good enough to make us average. Without him we are a train wreck. This had to be teppers plan. Take away the one person that could possibly make us average to ensure we have time to evaluate the entire team top to bottom. At the end of the season we will bring in a new staff and a high draft pick and know what is worth keeping.
  5. Does anybody consider him not firing Ron last year a mistake? Could we be one year ahead right now with a plan in place ?
  6. The fact we needed an onside kick recovery and a two point conversion just to send it to OT is bad enough
  7. Will he be crazy enough to go after the college football scene? Harbaugh, Riley, the guy from Baylor ? All will be popular candidates
  8. Imagine having the all time leading yds from scrimmage player and not making The playoffs. I’d be embarrassed if I was a coach and had that at our disposal and still couldn’t make it to the playoffs.
  9. Ask Dwayne Haskins what happens when a rookie tries to give offensive lineman’s dvice
  10. This will do nothing but strengthen both sides arguments. What a waste of time on a decisive subject. No one will change their opinion based on this event.
  11. ANybody see what the rams score was? How about the saints? if you want us to tank then kindly go play with yourself. We are in the thick of it with good wins over the Texans and titans who just beat the chiefs. If you would rather us go for moral victories then spend your time doing something else each Sunday. Dumb
  12. If he is 26th best kicker is he paid as the 26th best. That is the question. Gano was paid as a top tier kicker and an argument could be made that we had a better one on a rookie deal (butker). Don’t compare Butker to gano straight up. Compare their production and salary combined. If you ask me, that is a toss up and you may want to side with th cheaper deal with some upside.
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