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  1. I hate the saints but Drew Brees has been nothing but a model citizen. Apart from when everyone wants to try and manufacture a story.
  2. Your only an mvp if you’re on a winning team and you’re only a winning team if you have multiple weapons. We should have multiple weapons
  3. Chicks dig the long ball and we must be conscientious of them...
  4. Houston isn't nearly as good as people are making them out to be. They are a good team but that is certainly a winnable game.
  5. Tom Brady has made a living over the past 5 years not throwing downfield... There's a reason we drafted DJ Moore and Curtis Samuel and it is not to throw go routes the entire game.
  6. How many people truthfully circled this as a W on their calendar? I have us right where we need to be and still on track to make it to the playoffs. No injuries and getting comfortable with our scheme this year. We'll be fine.
  7. Unfortunately the difference in the game was the Rams had the best kicker in the league. I haven't posted my thoughts yet but I'm actually way more optimistic after yesterday's performance. New players all over the field with a new scheme and we progressively got better. Iron out the wrinkles and we are in good shape.
  8. Post what you think is applicable. Worst case is a bunch of internet warriors come in and flex their keyboard muscles. In the end they don’t matter. I’d rather have a bad post panthers related than continue to see random BS about general nfl that gets a rise out of people.
  9. Well you see the owners name was bob Johnson and he was such a selfish self-absorbed a hole he decided to name the team after himself. Thus the bobcats were born. Oh sorry. Wrong thread.
  10. I didn’t read through the thread so sorry if someone else has said this already... what has happened to this place? When did this turn from a Carolina panthers forum to a general nfl discussion thread? Our season begins tomorrow and we are talking about AB, the patriots, Julio Jones and drew brees. Is there really nothing better to talk about that would interest our own fans? i thought during the season non panther topics were banned? Bring that back
  11. After preseason, I’m more excited for burns than I was for mccafrey, Butler, Moore and Shaq. And that’s just off the top of my head. Obviously I was wrong about McCaffrey but the point is he’s already made a statement. Hope it translates because he’s the first one I’ve seen true pro bowl talent in in quite some time.
  12. He has an hour every Wednesday morning with the crew. I agreed with everyone else posting that he was a complete clown back when he had his show in the afternoons that came off as a pompous prick. I was surprised how humble he sounded this morning. As long as he keeps his opinions and thoughts to football knowledge and experience, and stops with the constant arrogance, he may actually work out.
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