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  1. 25 minutes ago, TheSpecialJuan said:

    We signed a CBA with NO FORCE MAJEURE LANGUAGE!!! How is this possible?? Its literally the only thing we did right on the CBA! Who’s negotiating for us??? @NFLPA acting like an Appointed Court Lawyer, Looking like y’all still work for them!! 6PM Yall better be ready to explain! https://t.co/CF3Be5pNDE

    — Tre Boston (@TreBos10) July 24, 2020

    Serious question - can someone express to me the thought that you should be compensated for work you don’t perform? Maybe if we were talking about normal people here but what reasoning is there to pay a football player for not playing football?

    The sensible thing here appears to be what they are doing, if you opt out you don’t lose a year of your contract and that contractual amount rolls over to next year. 

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  2. Here’s the bad news. People don’t care about other people.

    heres the good news. People care about money. And people will put other people in danger to make that money (ok that’s only good news for the nfl. Not sure what that says about society)

    Too much money to be lost to not have a season. Fans in stadiums are hanging on by a lifeline but I doubt that happens. The nfl will use the nba, ufc, mlb etc. as an example and take the best of everything to make a season exist so that they can get the MASSIVE money from tv deals that ultimately drives revenues. 

    This is the one time that the argument players always use makes a lot of sense. The average player has 3-5 years to make enough to last a lifetime. Players aren’t  going to give that away. This isn’t the nba where careers are a bit longer and they are figuring it out. 

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  3. Agree with everything except the preseason game a year ago. He should have thrown the ball away. And he needed to play considering he sat out the end of the prior year and was coming back from surgery. 3rd game made sense because that’s when all starters play.

    Playing then vs week 1 is little different in the healing department so try to shake the rust off. 

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  4. It would be a little disappointing if Wegher never turns out to be more than a backup considering we wasted a spot on the roster every single game for him. With all the injuries we battled through this year I can only assume that it could have been used on someone that could have shored up a weak spot during some of our games. With that said, I can't imagine us keeping him on the actual roster and not placing him on the practice spot if we didn't see more than just a backup role for him in the future.

  5. Hardy was never expected to be here this year.  I do also believe that Alexander would have started had he stayed healthy, so you do have that point.  That said, All the DE's we've had that have developed showed some signs of life that just aren't really there with Ealy right now.  Again, I hope he turns it around and I'm scarfing down crow like it's a mcdonalds cheeseburger and I'm a fat kid, but I'm not seeing the signs of progress or flashes of good things to come from him.

    I don't know if saying there have been no signs is accurate. Sacks aren't the only benchmark for a DE. Ron Rivera has even gone as far as to praise his dirty work this year. And although he had a horrible pass rush rating, he was actually positive on run defense. I think there are positive signs there but we need to temper our expectations. One of my biggest complaints are his stupid penalties and I would hope that is an easy fix. He very well could be a bust but I'm not going to judge him until next year. Maybe having CJ out and being on the sideline to mentor him while bringing in a veteran stud like Allen can help him learn the little things that can push him to the next level.

  6. I know it's early to call him a bust, he could still pan, but man, he looks awful.  He doesn't look even like a decent second year player at the moment.  I hope he gets his poo together, we could really use another even servicable DE.

    From all of the DE's we've ever drafted, I don't think we've ever had one come into their own until year 3 (save Peppers). I look at this as an investment because I doubt it was ever Gettleman's plan to have him starting this year. Hardy and Alexander were both ahead of him on the depth chart but he was forced into action due to the circumstances. If nothing else, look at this as a learning year where he works out the kinks and comes to ball out next year. I just hope this year doesn't demoralize him too much that he can't come back from it. WAY to early to give up on him.

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  7. I'm hoping Swole Bones gets plenty of playing time and proves his worth. I can't remember a season where having an additional pass catching TE could be more important.

    Also, interested to see how Ealy plays now knowing the spot is unquestionably his. 

    Lastly, I'm still pretty interested in the CB2 spot. Wondering if Peanut has it locked up or if Bene can creep back into the starting role. I've seen a lot of good comments around Bene this year and based on his performance from last year, 'he is better suited as a nickel back' is not an acceptable reason for a demotion. He needs to be outplayed or he needs to be back starting on the outside.


    i disagree with your first few comments. Thomas Davis is a great player that can stay on the field taking on TEs. He's handled jimmy graham over the years. I'm sure you know its a passing league in this current meta. Plus you're suggesting remove shaq if the matchup is a speed slot? Nearly all teams have at least one and most teams start 3WRs now. 

    We' ll see if shaq can be this unique special base defense weapon. I'll say his role will be one giant mountain to climb. 

    But wouldn't you prefer someone that is 220 and can't be pushed aside as opposed to a cornerback? Shaq has a combo of size and speed that can't be duplicated by any nickel cornerback in the league. Further, I may be mistaken but don't we usually play zone? If so, each player is usually only responsible for a part of the field. Having a LB covering that area instead of a CB pays huge dividends when it comes to tackling and I'm sure any WR or TE is much more afraid of going over the middle on Shaq instead of a nickel. There is no doubt TD has been a TE killer but now we have one of those on both sides of the field. My hope would be the middle of the field is shut-down which allows us to have our safeties stay deep and protect the long go routes. You could be right in the end, but I have to say I understand Gettleman's thought and if it works out we have NO DOUBT the best front 7 in the league for at least 2 more years.

  9. shaq - panthers run nickle 65% of the time. No way luke or TD come off and bene is a great NB so he stays too. If this was TDs swan song it would help the reasoning picking Shaq, still overall I thought he was middle to late 2nd rounder. Wished the panthers would had picked a WR, like the very next pick is berriman or even Dorset. I just don't see where he fits on this team with these players and I don't put a high value on 4-3 OLB. Shaq playing means TD will play SLB, that's doing all the dirty work. ex. Taking on pulling OLmen so Luke/shaq/harper can make the play...

    Panthers ran nickle out of necessity due to their lack of having a player that could stay on the field and guard a fast TE. Drafting shaq now prevents us from having to take a LB off for a smaller CB. We can now run a base 4-3 defense which I believe has always been the plan. Bene can come in when we are dealing with a quick slot receiver on 3rd down but having the speed and size of Shaq available on most plays gives our defense the flexibility it has always wanted but never had.

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  10. Of the 6 potential RBs/FBs, how many can we actually keep? I don't think there is enough room for Stew, Fozzy, CAP, Todman as well as Tolbert and Ward, nor do I think we should based on the redundancy. I really like Todman's use on special teams so I think the answer becomes sending Ward to the PS (unless they like Ward so much they cut Brockel instead). However, 5 runners still seems like a lot to me. Todman has to be the odd man out, right? Stew is a lock and I've heard players give praise to Fozzy (and based on this article it doesn't seem like CAP is going anywhere). This will be a tough choice which shows how far our depth has come.

  11. Waiting for the super smart "JR is racist" crowd to chime in.

    I hate ESPN as much as the next guy but I headed over there and read some of the comments posted to the article about this and it was rather sickening. Anybody that tries to twist this as a PR move knows nothing about the Panthers organization and especially JR himself. Makes me proud to be a part of such a class organization.
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