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  1. No surprise on Funch. He's literally over three full years younger than KB. Just the biological facts alone say his upside is household name/superstar worthy.
  2. Which is why the Eric Berry situation and their cap cluster gnaws on me. We'd have to give up something (a 1st, a pick and a player, or if not a 1st or player, multiple other picks-and any of those would sting), but we'd instantly have the total package, "The Fifth Dimension", for a younger player than Norman at the same cost we wanted to pay Norman.
  3. GMan has mentioned Kyle Love in national interviews post draft with our other DTs. I too prefer him (5DTs) over Foucault (9OL). Also, we could extend KK AND Star with bigger cap hits this year, have rollover and emergency money, and still have unused "splash" money. Unless the free agent OT is truly big ticket or is a trade.
  4. Guy seems like a turd. Not surprised and actually very happy to hear.
  5. It will not be drastic or knee jerk, but KB's injury was way after the draft and we had far less money. If Alexander or Fuller are even on our board with the four you mentioned you don't think they move to the top of the board? I do. Boykin could be gone next year too. The Giants took multiple corners in the 1st in the GMan era. Amukamara, Ross, Webster, Allen, etc.
  6. As I said in another thread in as many words, he is slightly underwhelming for such praise, but at least he CAN catch, and appears on the surface at least to have good intangibles.
  7. Interesting tidbit. If it is Ogbah, he may possibly be going up against his mentor Russell Okung in his first game at some point, who is also from Nigeria, and attended the same high school and college at Okung's advice.
  8. Post for Soul Rebel above.. John Schneider had three straight fantastic drafts, but since GMan was hired in 2013 he's run circles around Schneider. Thomas is his only first round pick still on the roster. Looking at the ages, bios, stats, and now salaries of Jeremy Lane and Brandon Boykin shows who the better GM is. Exhibit A. That said, Henry is a stud IMO but they have SUCH a weak OL, interior OL in particular, that it'd be all for naught. They desperately need Ryan Kelly at Center, Leonard Floyd to replace Irvin, or Butler to replace Mebane.
  9. Sounds like Marc James saying DON'T pick Cam because NEXT YEAR'S QB class was supposed to be awesome. Nick Foles is better than Cam people! Not to mention if those dudes are REALLY that good they won't be there at 32.
  10. Exactly why our schedule is "easier" than last year. You can predict, with a reasonable degree of certainty, how chitty/bad/average/good/elite, a QB will be. And our opponent QBs this year are worse than last, pure and simple.
  11. Meh. Any Given Sunday maybe, but their ineptitude was not only clear in finishing 7 or more games back last year, but the sheer desperation shown and highlighted in their off seasons and discussed in the free agent thread. On paper with KB returning, Cam only growing closer to his prime, Brees now 37, and the Falcons highest paid defensive player now backup here, I'd say we're in good shape. PS-we have a winning record all time in New Orleans and I'm GLAD we get them both earlier on the road this year-it reduces the chances of attrition for the superior football team, i.e. Stew missing the game in ATL last year. If he plays, we win.
  12. If it was in Arrowhead maybe. No way does Captain Checkdown come to Crown Town and walk out with anything but his tail tucked between his legs.
  13. They have several games on their schedule tougher than any we have on ours. @Arizona on SNF, @Patriots on SNF, @Green Bay in December.
  14. I keep saying it but it's true, last year's schedule was tougher due to opponent QBs alone. Doesn't mean we'll be 15-1, but we obviously are better on paper and most nationally have no clue how unstoppable KB will be this year. We saw the improved KB in only a few plays last preseason but the vast majority don't know what's coming. Again I don't love the back to back west coast games, but we could play Seattle in Timbuktu, the Moon, wherever, and whip the snot out of that OL they have. The SNF environment won't be easy, but then again neither will Turner/Kalil/Norwell against their interior DL sans Mebane either. Unfortunately attrition rears its ugly head to everyone so let's just hope we're healthy late. Mission accomplished getting Denver off the bat. Goggles/blood/guts apply.
  15. They also have a huge hole on their D with the loss of Irvin who was such an X-factor against us multiple times. Don't underestimate the loss of Mebane either.
  16. In 2011, to his credit, Marty Hurney took the chance on the perceived riskier, home run pick, and that's exactly what Derrick Henry is. I think he's a home run here and not sure if there's a player in the entire draft that would strike more fear on this team if he fits in as I think he would. If we got Hunter as well I think the punting job would be the most useless, who cares position in sports.
  17. The crux of the compensation required in this would be trade is overlooking the Bucs stupidity and looking at Revis the player. Good call.
  18. Obviously we'd take a CB high. But look at the 2013 Jets, they get rid of Revis, draft a bust at CB in Milliner, and their D STILL vastly improved because they used the Revis pick on Sheldon Richardson.
  19. Exactly and why GMan needs to know just as much about the Jalen Ramsey's and Joey Bosa's as he does about the Kevin Dodd's and Derrick Henry's. I trust he does.
  20. At which case #*ll no. We're also trying to win the whole thing this year. No way I'm not having JNo OR a first rounder in our quest. Edit:perhaps you mean they sign him and give us the two firsts. Ok. But #*ll no to a trade after this draft.
  21. By the way, it's sunny and 70s in CLT this week too.
  22. It's not a long shot. Again Revis fetched #13 overall plus a conditional 3rd/4th at the same age. They'd guarantee themselves a first team All-Pro vs the "lotto" of this mediocre draft class by all accounts. Would be a win/win and I'd take it straight up.
  23. I've always said the starting point in negotiations should be the #13 overall PLUS a conditional 3rd/4th, because that's exactly what Revis fetched at the same age, not to mention the gargantuan contract. That's why Cleveland, Jax, Miami, Oakland, and San Fran come to mind. The reality is that just because we don't strike the mother lode like that doesn't mean it's a bad deal if we take slightly less. Indy/Grigson may give us their first. They appear to have some cap room and are of course dumbasses, never mind their QB is about to be richer than Scrooge McDuck. I would not take any less than a 1st however. Hard to imagine there wouldn't be a taker in that group but if not let the man play on the tag and let the chips fall where they may.
  24. On call... Cleveland, Miami, Jacksonville, Oakland, and San Francisco. Hell, he even said he liked it there last month and they have nearly $60 million in cap space BEFORE they get rid of Kaep. Maybe JNo and our 4th for #7 overall. Or, since they'll wanna keep that for their next QB, two of the three between their high 2nd, Joe Staley, and Antoine Bethea, both older than JNo. Don't F with the godfather JNo. His terms or else.
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