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  1. Did he get it on his hand?? I see a wrap there lol
  2. We werr dropping Bradberry from the line to the safety position on many snaps this season. I could easily see him and Norman being interchangeable. He'd need a new number, though..
  3. Dilly Dilly!


    I did bother but certainly did not see. lol
  4. What happened to Philly Brown? I know he couldn't stay on the field but why did he wash out? I'm sure he could have found a spot somewhere? We were fugged in the super bowl once he got flown out of bounds :(
  5. Dilly Dilly!

    Greg Olsen - Analyst

    that's probably what broke it..
  6. Save this poo for all pro, yo Seriously though, as someone with scar tissue.. It's a mother fuger.
  7. We have our issues but it's becoming clear the league is favored a bit. Maybe it's on an individual basis, idk.
  8. Dilly Dilly!

    Jackson won me over last night

    Cam played like he had half an arm but yes, everything else, yes.
  9. Dilly Dilly!

    Eric Reid on another drug test

    That is not the point, and you know it. At this point, all it's doing is proving his entire point to begin with.
  10. They'll take another cheap shot at Cam. I hope the entire defence comes out and goes longest yard on these bounty gates
  11. Dilly Dilly!

    Cam Newton Deep Ball - 2015

    I thought the same thing lol it seems like any pass 20 yards or more qualifies in this vid. I still thought it useful fodder for comparison to tonight game. Just interesting for comparison.
  12. All I heard was "this year". Didn't say poo about the off season.
  13. Dilly Dilly!

    james bradyberry a bust ?

    Well, he's a bump and run corner being told to play 10 yards off. By the time the balls in the air, he's just starting to get in contact with his man. He never looks at the ball though, so there is that..