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  1. The ocean is fuged. Too much trash and parasites.
  2. Dilly Dilly!

    Week 17 of last season...

    We undoubtedly pissed away a generational talent over nothing. Not to say both teams weren't trying to not win the game. We just got beat at losing.
  3. Is this the guy who was trained his entire life to be a center?
  4. Dilly Dilly!

    Russell Wilson wants out of SEA

    He wants New York so he can play both sports.
  5. Got damn dk, lay off the roids, brah
  6. Dilly Dilly!

    Tepper wants a roof on BOA.

    Why couldn't we just listen to John Lennon?..
  7. Dilly Dilly!

    Devin tweeting about Miami next season

    Fun had a back issue most of 2018, iirc
  8. Dilly Dilly!

    AAF thread... Anyone watching?

    Where can we watch said expierement?
  9. Dilly Dilly!

    Anyone have an extra $27k lying around?

    I'm not sure if I would hold on to a participation trophy, either
  10. Dilly Dilly!

    Do you watch the pro bowl?

    tell me, how have the saints players done this week?
  11. eh still quite a bit of fans with whistles. Fug them and Sean Payton's vicodins.
  12. You're wrong. He's definitely a legend: Myth vs Legend
  13. Did he get it on his hand?? I see a wrap there lol