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  1. Rivera remarked a while ago that now days, a qb has no certain spot for pressure to come from and that's what makes VMiller so bad ads is that he lines up anywhere, mostly on that side.
  2. This guy must be a football rat, like #59. That's good for us.
  3. The previous sweep and time off did not seem to help the Islanders. I'd be weary of rest. Hopefully Riverboat doesn't give them any preparation tips for their time off.
  4. If the Cards don't draft Murray and he's there at 16.. do you..?
  5. The ocean is fuged. Too much trash and parasites.
  6. We undoubtedly pissed away a generational talent over nothing. Not to say both teams weren't trying to not win the game. We just got beat at losing.
  7. Is this the guy who was trained his entire life to be a center?
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