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  1. This is not a blowout only because the Redskins suck. Let's see if there is any urgency in the 2nd half.
  2. Ron Rivera loves playing scared football. Riverboat Ron is dead. Wish he wasn't. Hopefully Tepper is taking note of how anemic the Panthers look compared to other teams with similar talent.
  3. This. He threw it to a spot(low and slightly behind) so he can catch and get down right away for the 1st down.
  4. Can't have drops like that in thirs down.
  5. Bend but don't break defense. Ball control offense. New season same old tricks.
  6. Brady picking this zone apart.
  7. On your prospect meeting by position thread under CB you have listed Zack Snyder.  It's Zack Sanchaz from Oklahoma.

  8. BPA is based on the TEAM's big board. Nothing else. A team's big board is designed with Need in mind with certain positions taking priority over others. Other teams do a better job at thise that others obviously. So if 2 players grade out similar, the one in the greater need will be higher. I don't get why people say it's not BPA when that would probably be a QB. Thats would not be true because a QB would not be anywhere on our board expect for the late rounds. As for a pick at 30, I totally disagree it will definitely be offense. I don't see a Henry x2 being the pick unless all the 1st round edge guys are gone, which I think is unlikely.
  9. Future is at the game(for those that care about that stuff)
  10. This team looks real loose! Follow them on snapchat if you have it. Feeling hype just watching.
  11. One of the worst playoff QB performances ever. Wow.
  12. Our Tackles are having problems with ATL speed rush.
  13. I swear many of you guys in this thread are more up and down than a teenage girl on her period. lol