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  1. Building momentum for 2024? or is it 2028? But, got to help trump win first. Kanye 2020 !!!
  2. Any white person that wants to be taken seriously, when discussing the military or national anthem MUST prove that they have educated themselves about what happened to Black men who served in WW2, WW1 or other American wars, when they returned to the Jim Crow segregated USA. Unfortunately, many white Americans are completely ignorant about the history of their own country. Black history is American history. But, just like trump, many of his supporters can barely read or write, have most likely been homeschooled and don't believe in science.
  3. Cam, Jameis, CK7: Jobless at the same time. Herbert, Burrow, Tua: In Will Cam sit out 2020?
  4. You don't do politics without candidates. All those yelling on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter ... thinking they are doing politics ... lol See you in 2024?
  5. How has #ADOS help fix this problem? All they do is tell you about problems !!! People want F^&%$ solutions.
  6. @Matthias It's Jay fault ... lol I thought YC & TT was going to save them all ... from their YouTube 200k subscribers and superchats money.
  7. If they didn't give that 401k to Jay, who would they give it to? To Fidelity? Vanguard? The White man's company? Is that what you asking them to do? Then the same people (like yourself) will complain about White Supremacy ... Brother, which one is it? This is why #ADOS is so messed up.
  8. That's a Blanket lie. Or maybe you making random statements without actually what you are saying. Which is what YC & AM have been doing.
  9. IRA, 401K, Self Directed IRA information is free on the internet. Stop repeating lies.
  10. Brother, I don't know if it is just a lie, misinformation, ignorance, confusion, ... or whatever it is. 1. You, YC & AM state that Jay stole money. So, these people must have had money in the first place. 2. If they had money (which they claimed they did) ... anyone can open an I.R.A. It is free. You don't even need a job. 3. With your IRA (You can do Roth or Traditional), you basically saying that you won't touch that money until retirement age (unless you willing to pay penalties). 4. Use the money (that's supposed to be there until retirement) and give it to Jay for investment. Jay mentioned it several times during his campaigns ... "Don't invest your Lunch money with the Tulsa fund". I heard him say that tons of time. I don't know what you do for a living, but I want to believe that your company offers a retirement plan as well. Most companies I know (Starbucks, Target, Amazon, UPS, ...etc) do have retirement plans. I have friends who work there and they have them.
  11. Statements like these are the ones that make me shake my head. Why? Because we live in the same country. We have access to the same resources. But when it comes time to make decisions, some people keep making the wrong decisions. Then turn around and blame others. So, let me repeat one more time: You don't invest in a vehicle like this with your "day to day money". Instead, you use a retirement account (i.e.: self directed IRA to invest). Because technically you aren't supposed to need/touch that money before you hit retirement 65. So, if you 30 years old, why do you need the money? When YC & AM discuss these issues, it is very clear they have no idea what they are saying. They continue to mislead a whole generation of people. Which makes me very sad !!!! And you just repeat it verbatim. Brother, Information is free ...
  12. He raised $12 millions and spent less than that so far (as far as I know). Yes, he is sitting on cash. What's wrong with that? Would you spend your money in today's economy? Warren Buffet sold his airlines shares and is sitting on his cash. Yes, he lost money. Every investor/entrepreneur loses money at some point. Only naive people who didn't care to read the prospectus are complaining he lost money. EVERY INVESTMENT IS A RISK. The SEC document stated that clearly. Why is it so hard to understand? I'm still trying to understand why people keep acting like Jay guaranteed them returns. The SEC would put him in Jail, if he did that. If you want guaranteed returns, use a Savings Account. Trump just dropped the rates to 0%. Is the English Language so difficult to understand?
  13. I don't know his intentions. If you see value in a product, you buy it. If you don't, you don't buy it. Simple as that.
  14. I never said that YC & TT were pushing the lies about Coronavirus. I said that the people commenting on things they don't even understand are most likely the same who were also trying to tell us how Black people and their Melanin can't catch the virus. Jay is advertising to you like any other business. If you see value in his product, you sign up for it. If you don't, just stay away from it. Who is forcing you? Bro ... in this age of the internet and YouTube, knowledge is free. You just need to go read a book or watch a clip on YouTube. But still the statements by certain people makes me shake my head !!! How do they come to these conclusions? HOW !!!
  15. Jay Morrison announced he is closing the Tulsa Real Estate Fund to new investors on April 29th. Tonetalks and Yvette already concluded that he stole #ADOS money. Maybe they should first research what it means to close a fund to new investor. It doesn't necessarily mean that it is bankrupt. There are tons of Closed Funds out there ... Why are these two people so focused on seeing #ADOS fail? This is why the #ADOS movement is a joke. These are two miserable people. 99% people commenting on those videos are even more completely misinformed. The comments are more sad than actually ignorant. It shows that 99% of the people are incapable of doing basic research online. How can people be so misinformed, when information is free on the internet? Just baffling !!! Probably the same people who were telling us that Black people don't catch Coronavirus !!! So much sadness !!!
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