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  1. Very exciting. Wish I had a degree in big data/analytics!
  2. I’m sad it’s not gonna be this year. So many more interesting players and what could happen with all the changes. Aside from the losses. We’re just gonna see a bunch of guys who we cut or retired. Not very interesting for the future of the team.
  3. I think you keep Kemba and focus on removing the bad contracts on the other guys while swinging for the fences on young guys to develop. Having one star and looking for another somewhere is easier than having no one and hoping someone becomes one to then build up the steps from there.
  4. Not gonna argue there. If he goes I’d hope he doesn’t go to a team run by a gm who seems pretty shady, a weak ownership, and subject to the whims of whatever Lebron wants throughout the season. Maybe the West has cleared out a bit due to injuries and whatever, but the above just doesn’t sound appealing.
  5. Choosing to join a Lebron team now is a losing bet. Lakers franchise leadership sucks too. The way the NBA runs is so annoying though. I don’t get why the league thinks this type of draft/FA process is *good*.
  6. Star played with effort and was a professional here. Idk why he seemed to regress statistically here, but I don't think it was a lack of effort. Just the way it went. Maybe injuries to an extent. But Star didn't seem to care about being here, which kinda sucked more than whether he was good or not. For a guy we were all so hyped on, he didn't leave a mark here at all, which is weird for someone of his talent. He doesn't make me mad, just makes me feel blank. I'm not gonna expect much of Poe. Not sure if he can play at noticeably high level here anymore or not, but we just need a body who won't get pushed around. We've gotta hope McCoy brings some fire and KK gets back to producing.
  7. If you pay him at all, you pay him now. Otherwise, it's just more expensive.
  8. I think he's gonna look better this season. Playing press and with a better pass rush, I think he's gonna be top 10 (a reasonable jump from 14). I'd rather lock him up before the season at a reasonable rate than wait til the season plays out and have to pay him a premium/market competitive rate and then have to worry about Donte coming up behind him and improving. Bradberry is either gonna be a stud CB1 or a high level CB2 after this year. I think that's worth locking up for sure. I knew I loved Bradberry when he had Mike Thomas throwing a fit one game last year. The dude couldn't handle not getting a catch on him for most of the game and tried to push him after he finally got one.
  9. I think if we had a better O-line last year, Heinike would be thought of better here. He took some brutal hits. You’re not gonna find many guys who can withstand what Cam does physically, Heinike showed the heart to hang in there which is just as important. I also really like Allen. We’re gonna have a good competition this year because I think all 3 guys are pretty good and equally matched. Again, if the O-line is improved, the back ups will look pretty good.
  10. Just seems like he’s liked the Panthers from the outside for a while. Really cool to have him with us now and hopefully we have a great defense this year. Lots of talent and leadership.
  11. Haha just saw this on Instagram. fug yeah! You know he gets hyped in the locker room and behind closed doors with the team. my favorite quote about him was from Steve Smith in like 2012. He said something along the lines of coach Rivera has a gun and he’s running down a hill and we’ve all got guns too and we’re running down hill too. It was a perfect yelling in a locker room quote and it always stuck with me. He gives the team emotion.
  12. I'd be happy with moving up for Thornhill.
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