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  1. I think Teddy can be really good here. He has the supporting cast here to do everything we need to do. I am excited for him and wouldn’t feel bad at all to see him flourish here and roll into a longer contract.
  2. this draft process lends itself to our ability to evaluate players on tape, other knowledge about prospects, and willingness to use alternative means of learning about the players. Certainly Rhule and staff will know college prospects better, and hopefully are good at watching tape. I gotta think Tepper is willing to spend anything on any tech we can use to be in contact with prospective players and communicate/learn as much as possible within the current NFL rules. I feel good about us going into the draft, honestly especially in the later rounds. If we can get a Hurney ceritified 1st rounder, I believe in Rhule and his staff to pick the diamonds out of the rest of the rounds based on the above. Rhule and staff will know where to look.
  3. Offense looks good on paper. I just don’t see the same heart and soul on this roster.
  4. They did Cam wrong. I don't respect Tepper or Rhule. I can't wait til they have to get in front of a microphone again so they can get pelted with questions about how Cam was handled the past few months. I'll continue to support the players who wear black and blue and who represent our city and states. But coaches come and go and we've seen owners can go too and neither of those leave it all out on the field for us as fans. So we'll see.
  5. Nice move! Hopefully we can get a pick for Cam too.
  6. We roll with Teddy and have PJ and a new rookie this year or next to compete for long term starting job
  7. So they didn’t like the commitment video from Cam but they use it as the centerpiece of their reality show and set Rhule up to look like he’s responding to it. All the while his response is well crafted bullshit and according to this source the team said right then they’d trade him yet still let Rhule make those statements and play up the keeping Cam facade. Great
  8. Without a strong DT I think Simmons gets wasted here. Right now we have to go Brown, if he’s gone Okudah, if both gone Tua. If Tua and them are gone maybe a OT. We might be looking at Kinlaw potential at 7 after all.
  9. I agree, it’s weird to see everyone I’ve watched play football for the past decade be gone. Unfortunately we didn’t win it all when we had the chance. We could have been better for longer. The younger part of our core (Cam and Luke) took some major injuries in their prime and sadly both of their productive careers have been cut short or derailed. Had they not taken as bad of hits maybe they’d still be here. It’s a mix of not having the right talent to capitalize and bad luck. I love those guys so much and am sad to see them gone. I support the Panthers, but it’s hard to like Tepper right now. I don’t care about Hurney, he’s going to be gone soon. Rhule, I want to like but also don’t have a lot of trust in right now as a guy who tells it straight. He might be a great football mind and program builder but I’m not sure I trust him as a man. We’ll have to see. Right now we’ve got Teddy, CMC, DJ and Shaq as maybe our true core. Shaq has been to the Super Bowl and will carry the LB torch. CMC has been to the playoffs and will fight for the team. Teddy has been on winning teams and to the playoffs and he’s hungry to lead a team. We still have a small flame of the past on this team, it’s up to the coaches to rekindle it and get it blazing again.
  10. We have the right guys for Teddy to get the ball out fast and let them make plays in space. He’s smart and accurate. I’m excited to see how he does in this offense.
  11. Amazing how bad this org is fumbling this. He is “allowed to seek a trade” this morning and like 5 hours later we’ve effectively released him.
  12. And also the team has gotten nothing of value out of this so far. They fooled no one, only made themselves look bad
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