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  1. He knew Cam was injured. He didn’t run all week 1 and had a foot injury and was in a boot during pre season. I guess he ignored that. Some rams player said Cam is one read after they beat us. Good for him. Eagles LB who played with cousins in Washington said the same thing about him this week and ended up roasted and got mad getting questions about it after the game. It’s just poo talking and bullshit. Cam showed he couldn’t run week 1 bucs knew it. Cams foot got worse and caused his plant foot and throws to be seriously fuged up. Shitty LT play and ignoring Barrett week 2 caused too much pressure. We dropped the ball on what we were up against in that match up. Bucs lucked out Cams foot was even worse because we still almost beat them. This is just spinning context to make it seem Cam isn’t respected and Kyle is. fug off with it
  2. I’ve never seen so many excuses for why people aren’t good on this team. Ron isn’t good without Cam to save him. Kyle isn’t good without CMC and a defense. Running game isn’t good without Cam as a threat. Constant circular logic to explain why one player isn’t as good as you think. Sick of hearing it. Fact is the team is built as a team and to compliment each other. Everyone works together and all pieces are important to the whole of the team. When CMC gets 1 yard a carry you’re telling me it doesn’t matter that Kyle put together a 99 yard heavily passing drive?? When we face a tough pass rush with little time to get the ball out you mean we have to run it?? You mean to tell me that defensive take aways help the offense with momentum and scoring position?? That a top 10 pick and MVP candidate who trains his body relentlessly gets tons of snaps and touches?? why the fug we do we even play or draft anyone?? We played the games according to a plan based on our coaches evaluating match ups? When CMC has room to run we do it all day because he can’t be stopped. When CMC gets all the attention we throw the ball and make plays passing. The defense brings pressure and makes plays. Special teams does everything they can to get us the ball and put us in good position. You mean we didn’t run and pass for 500 yards and score a TD with every offensive skill player on every series? That we didn’t get a pick or strip sack or TFL on every play? Sick of hearing about how if we didn’t have our best players playing and making plays that we wouldn’t be good.
  3. We’re showing we can pass on them the WRs just need to focus on those catches.
  4. Let’s not forget we moved them like 20 yards before they could even punt
  5. Get a grip people. We are a stable team. Let the D get a handle back out there and let’s continue to roll them.
  6. We have 2 home games against the bucs basically we better roll them today. A lot of these London games are lopsided and get decided fast.
  7. The game plan has to be that they have 3 starting oline injured so our pass rush better roast Winston all day from the beginning.
  8. I think CMC has the potential to be because as a RB he’s touching the ball regardless of how well the QB throws it. Also he can catch it. In terms of touches, CMC will have the opportunity to do more than Smith could- despite his ability to make catches that shouldn’t be caught. The discussion should really heat up if he can go 1000/1000 this year
  9. There were a lot of plays where the secondary held up but the pass rush never got home and eventually his receivers got open. I blame it more on the pass rush not getting there. Also, his runs up the middle when everyone got moved aside were obnoxious.
  10. This is sad. I feel like I never hear about O line getting concussed but we’ve had two good LTs go down to them.
  11. Man, imagine locking down legit starters at Edge and LT in a single draft
  12. He needs to move up in the pocket more he’s just slow with those sacks coming up behind him. Little is losing the guy at the end of the curve and Allen is laying back too long. It’s a blind hit but he needs to tuck it faster.
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