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  1. We’ve always done well to have a guy like Kerr in the rotation from Dwan to Love to Kerr
  2. This defense needs to be built around Burns. He's our guy going forward
  3. Boston makes the move because they get a S&T exception for trading us Hayward.
  4. DJ isn’t called out for being lazy. Smith wants him to be a fighter and assertive on the field like he was but DJ is generally more reserved.
  5. Carey lost 30 lbs. we haven’t seen his NBA game yet. He wasn’t an old school center in high school. He became one for Duke. People are going to be surprised about what he looks like in the pros.
  6. Greg will retire here. It was a great career. Wish the 2016 on years would have been better for him here, but one of the all time Panthers.
  7. Yeah we won the head coaching search last offseason easily. NY will probably have nightmares about that plane ride for a long time.
  8. If it’s the case good for him I wouldn’t want to go to a toxic franchise either. If I was a fan of the Jets I’d hate him the way I was mad about Luck at the time. But sometimes there’s a silver lining- we got Cam. Everyone ended up happy. If that happened maybe the Jets would take a look at themselves and change something.
  9. I don’t want to make Chinn an LB. I don’t get the obsession with converting him to a full time LB when he does good work in his role so far. He can play OLB sometimes and that’s fine but we don’t need him to be our “next great LB”. Just let him be what he is and find another actual LB to be that guy. Don’t limit him
  10. Beasley sucks. all the edge rushers highly drafted from that year turned out to be busts. Fowler has crawled back into having a career but he’s on his 3rd team now and isn’t 3rd overall worthy. Wild to see so much failure from the class. Glad we’ve got Burns
  11. I’d argue we lost the fire after the 49ers playoff game. Either Ron decided he was getting our guys too worked up or someone told him he was and we never did it again.
  12. Uh, early Rivera teams had plenty of fights to defend our guys. It was great. Last one we had was Torrey Smith getting into it after Cam took a headshot
  13. Snow being legit so far is great news for us. He’s the kind of guy who could be our coordinator for years.
  14. I think even if Rhule is the actual decision maker, we should and will have another guy as a GM. BOB on his own is the perfect example of getting stuck in your own echo chamber. You need people to bounce ideas off of and bring new ideas to the table, even if you don’t ultimately follow them every time.
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