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  1. From Walterfootball ILB 2020 FA list. Not highly rated, but played for Snow/Rhule....
  2. I think you have a guy like CMC in the playoffs you can go all the way. But the question is whether we’ll have a playoff team around him in time? Also, speaking of a CBA, do we think it’s better to get a deal done under the current CBA or wait til a new one comes? I have to think you try and do it now because the new CBA will only get more friendly to players. Plus, as we see year after year, getting deals done ahead of schedule usually makes it cheaper in the long term. The market continues to rise every year in the NFL. CMC under a deal made this year probably looks pretty good in 3 years from now. I agree CMC is the franchise player and he’s a guy you keep in your building. His attitude is rare. What sucks is he’s not the same guy at a ‘high value position’. It’s too bad, but hopefully with good team building over the next couple years and innovation on offense we can get back to the playoffs fast. Gotta wonder what the state of the NFCS is like in 3 years- no Brees, Saints rebuilding, Falcons could be crashing a year or two from now if Quinn fails and Matt Ryan will be getting up in age. Bucs are yet to be in contending mode and if Arians can get them there it’ll take another year or two. If we build right we may be hitting the sweet spot for another run of dominance in terms of team life cycle.
  3. Per Walterfootball's Senior Bowl Rumors Post: I don't think many people could argue against giving CMC a big contract here based on his play and I personally think for all the reasons mentioned in the rumor that CMC deserves a huge deal and to stay a Panther for a long time. But, for the sake of discussion, we also know RB is a wear and tear position with high injury risk and many people think the position value is low and resources should be used in other spots. I think CMC's training/rejuvenation schedule and our new sports science stuff will give him the best chance at a long career at his production level. He had an injury in college, but otherwise hasn't shown any issues with his massive workload. He's still young too. Also, he's a 1000 yard receiver, in addition to a runner, which counts for quite an additional value to his position. Add in the fact if we sign CMC this year, how it may affect keeping Bradberry or adding another good defensive player at a high value position. What does this say about our medium term priorities-- we've signed Shaq to a big deal now and it looks like CMC is right behind him. Currently our organization has targeted these two guys as the top young players/leaders on the team. These positions are old school values. What does that mean for team composition as we roll into the Rhule era? How long will the rebuild take and how many prime years will CMC have when we're ready to compete for the Super Bowl again?
  4. He wants to come here. Either Eagles will allow him to interview or he waits til May.
  5. This is our opportunity to take a franchise guy for the next decade plus. It’s the best way to start this new era.
  6. I think the problem with Wade is his personality. He gets canned regularly but keeps getting jobs because he’s talented but he’s a pain in the ass. So maybe Rhule just isn’t interested in him knowing it’s not a likely long term guy.
  7. Can’t tell which to prefer. McCoy’s most recent jobs make it look like he just ‘doesn’t have it’ anymore. At one point he was a hot name though. McAdoo aside from head coaching seems fine. I guess I should remind myself they aren’t even going to be OCs here, so it’s probably minimal risk on that front.
  8. This is so depressing. We should be looking at at least 5 more years with both. They got dinner when Luke was first drafted. I’m gonna miss these cornerstones. My selfish dream is for Cam to stay and have a super bowl run swan song with Luke on staff. Get these guys a ring.
  9. Some good names for offensive assistants with a lot of experience. Rhule saying he’s getting calls from all kinds of people about openings here seems to be true. I don’t see a direct connection between Rhule and these guys, but maybe Coughlin provided the McAdoo recommendation. Really looks like a good mix of young and old and college and NFL experience happening.
  10. Great pickup. Really liking this staff so far.
  11. Tepper's sports science facility is actually a cloning operation. We'll start cloning Luke and Cam this coming spring and hopefully they'll be ready by start of the season. They'll sign as UDFAs. I think we lose most of our FAs from this past year. Maybe one or two stays. Depending on how the rest of the staff shakes out, I bet we bring in players from prior teams. Anyone from the Colts D-line who is available and cheap. Maybe some random guy from NOLA when Brady was there. I agree with the draft, would expect some heavy o-line to lay the groundwork. Gonna have to find a young run stuffer on the D-line though. Maybe a mid - late round pick on a LSU or Baylor kid somewhere.
  12. If I can find it again I'll post it. Can't remember which tweet it was with all the Luke stuff I've been reading today.
  13. If we don't take an OT first, then shame on us. Would be great to also grab a guard in round 2. Maybe a run stuffer DT in round 3. We need to grab another starting OLB in FA if we're going back to 4-3.
  14. Scary poo. Also, was upsetting to read the tweet that he was hiding and dealing with other injuries towards the end.
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