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  1. Last year Allen didn't make the team and got cut from the practice squad before being brought back. Nothing he did last preseason inspired any confidence. Then, after learning all offseason last year and being on the practice squad, he was able to come in at the end last year and look convincing with the starters. He looks much better overall this offseason. I expect to see Grier make that same progress. For now, who really gives a poo? He'll either pan out or he won't and if not, we'll just draft another one in a few years. Assuming Cam stays healthy, we have some time. If Cam is completely done, we're tanking for one season at minimum to draft a franchise guy and even more likely we'll be hitting the reset button, so I doubt we'll be expecting to go anywhere without Cam anyway. Starting Grier or Allen beyond a game or two means the season is likely lost. Grier is just an investment. Reading into how much Hurney or someone loved him and drafted him "high" means nothing.
  2. Bills beat us in preseason last year too and it didn’t seem to matter once the season started. Who cares? And last year all the starters even played some!
  3. I’ll remain hopeful about Little for like 2 years. If we don’t have a guy who is a solid starter by then, we’ll know he’s done. Ideally he’ll be making a push by the end of the season or next. Best case scenario he makes a big leap after preseason.
  4. I would love to see his helmet that he painted to look like a Raiders helmet so he could sneak it on the field. Imagine him doing that then as a coach/staff see him get caught, take the helmet, and him go on as if nothing happened... I'd be disturbed.
  5. He bounced back well. You can see he fights hard and is a good guy to have around. I think he ends up on PS. I didn't see anything else exceptional about him. That may change as preseason goes, but once Scarlett gets back we'll have a better place to compare. I don't believe in the vet vs rookie idea. They bring in competition every year for CAP, but none of them have ever been much better to make it worth the change. Scarlett might have the best chance so far to replace CAP. But, we'll see how the injury goes.
  6. None of these guys icing up seems like a big deal. Camp is just progressing and guys are playing physical and taking hits. Just need to manage them into the season. I’m sensing the staff is being more cautious with more guys this year because of last seasons issues. It’s also good because for the most part we know what we have with a lot of guys and we’ll get a better look at what the young and fringe players can do. Little needs all the reps and practice he can get. It’s like Armstead for the saints. It’s gonna take a year or so of seasoning but the tools are there. I remember Greg hardy working him now he’s a quality LT. I believe with time and support Little will turn into the pro we want.
  7. Great! Now let the moving in day pics roll in
  8. one more day right? will he practice or actually have to be held out of camp?
  9. I think he’s gonna be alright. It sounds like the criticisms were about the same stuff each time and I can understand his frustration at hearing the same poo from everyone— he knows what the issues are. Even if they are valid, it can still feel condescending. But also, he’s still making those mistakes. All I can say is I think those types of fixes aren’t always an on and off thing and time will show whether he applies fixes to his known issues or if he just keeps saying “I know”. In those times you’ve gotta move past the fact you “know” and take the discipline to actually address and fix the issues by ironing them out. Gotta get over not trying to appear dumb to others or being defensive and just solve your own problems. That’s a mental hurdle that requires maturity to actualize. I believe in him getting there this year and going forward.
  10. Let's not ignore the fact you have to reach back to 2014 men's world cup stats because the US men's team wasn't even good enough to make the 2018 world cup. Meanwhile, the women's team is the dominate force in the women's world cup. The US women's team presents a better image and role model for soccer in the US than the men's team. Who on the men's team inspires anyone? The US women's team wins. The US women's team plays like the 2015 carolina panthers. For those reasons the players deserve to be paid more. Men's soccer, like all men's sports, has more viewers because its older and the 'traditional' league. The infrastructure around the world is much bigger. The US men's team rides that as a way to have more 'viewers'. Based on actual production though, they don't show they deserve more money than the US women's team.
  11. I love this team! I’m sad that I’ll probably finish this by tomorrow morning, but luckily camp is coming up. Just love our guys!
  12. Based on the article on panthers.com from the nfl films guy, it sounds like this season is gonna be inspiring and a tearjerker. It’s gonna show the world how tight knit this team is and how many great people we have in the locker room and in the management. That article stopped me from feeling avoidant about watching the meltdown. We’re gonna see the team up close fighting til the end and not breaking or melting down. Hopefully it just inspires more confidence in this coming season.
  13. The plan appears to be-- we can't *afford* to tank and can't afford to really build a roster. So, we're gonna try and keep it status quo for 2 years then spend again in FA, trades, and hope a draft pick works out. If that all fails after that... Probably will be back in cap hell and waiting to squeak through that.
  14. I could see Carolina United following his theme and tying in with the new facility being built. Plus if their pitch is filling a gap from Atlanta to DC, they’ll prob wanna focus on broader appeal.
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