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  1. I can appreciate he had a terrible knee injury and it is a risk for him for the rest of his career. He had a backup role since the injury so no, he didn’t throw in a live game until recently but he has done the work in practice over the last few years and I haven’t heard anything about his knee hindering him. My point is just a guy with a bum knee could be a statue and play QB, but if he can’t throw past 10 yards you won’t be a QB anymore. I think they’re different injuries because Cam’s seems to degrade his ability the more he plays regardless of a hit. I wanted us to stick with him one more year to see how it pans out for him. I have little doubt he’ll be able to throw pretty well the first part of the season and we won’t know until he lasts a full year. Yes, Saints O-Line is better. But, I think ours has improved this offseason and think we’ll be average which is fine most of the time. With the different coaches, I think the offense will operate differently and should be more successful. I know it’s Cam v Teddy for the fans and Teddy v a potential rookie. It’s not totally productive but it is what it is. I hope Cam is successful but I won’t be cheering for him specifically anymore. I want Teddy to succeed and be the franchise QB. If he fails I’ll be rooting for the rookie.
  2. It's not really an argument about Teddy vs Cam, I'm just talking about Cam. But to your point-- all QBs have to throw the ball and Teddy doesn't have to run to play QB. The nature of their recoveries are also different.
  3. I hate to say it, but Cam is a walking target for defensive players. If you don’t think DEs are gonna aim for that shoulder, you’re mistaken. Even if the hit doesn’t do damage, it will mentally affect him. Pats O-Line coach (the greatest all time) retired didn’t he? Don’t count on the same protection Brady got either. I have no hard feelings on Cam. Wish we kept him. But now he’s on another team and is an enemy. I do hope he does well. My expectations for a full season are low right now though.
  4. He can’t put it all together. He has concentration issues and drops balls. Not someone we want
  5. Man... imagine Luke as GM in like 5 years. I’d love to see the team he constructs
  6. I am really excited for the offense. I think it'll be very different than what we've been used to seeing and we really do have a lot of skill talent. I'm not afraid of our O-line. I think it will be solid, probably middle of the pack and I think that's fine. Would it be great to have a top 5 O-line? Yes. But we have a group who will allow us to compete every week. Again, the magic is going to be our skill guys. Defense, it really is just the CB position that is a glaring problem. I think the D-line has the potential to be a top group and very nasty. Brown will dominate the middle and Short will be back to where he thrives-- less double teams and a lot of good talent around him. I'm excited to see where Burns is at. Assuming he's gained weight and has continued to practice technique, I think he has a special season. For Gross-Matos, my expectations are going to remain low. I think we see him being solid in run D with a couple of nice sacks. I could see him being a pressure guy who is just missing getting home. I do think he can grow into a big time DE though. I agree on Weatherly. He looks like our best gem FA signing--- grew up behind some major DE talent in Minn. and is ready to shine elsewhere. He sounds like a great person and I'm hoping we see him turn into a guy who earns starter level reps. LB, I'm not so worried about. Luke was an all-time talent, but LB is not the position it once was. I think Shaq can man the defense and the leader for the team and I think we hold up. Whitehead, as long as he continues to contribute, I'm good there. We still played well without Luke when he was injured. He's good to have but the floor for production is high at this spot. I think the new run defense on the D-line helps this group a lot. Safety, we have big potential here with Chinn. If Chinn is a Kam Chancellor type guy-- watch out. It won't matter what you think about the LB group, because if Chinn can succeed here, he will make the middle of the field a dangerous place to be. I like Boston being able to play the FS spot and bring momentum changing plays-- I think he thrives at that role. I admit I'm hanging a lot on Chinn, but I think he's a big key for the defense. Our other rookie and Burris could also be good in the mix on certain downs. My expectations are lower there, but the fun thing with a new staff and new players is anything can happen-- careers are going to be made here in the next 3 years. CB-- I like Jackson if he can grow up some. I think he's just immature and isn't disciplined enough. He's like a Josh Norman. The talent is there, but we need him buckled in to realize it. I don't think he ever holds down a Julio or Evans, but I think he has great potential as a solid outside CB. A lot of pressure is going to be on Troy Pride. He's penciled in as the starter on Evans and Julio right now. I am very worried that he's not up to it yet and hope we don't ruin him. He'll need lots of support-- I can see him and the FS bracketing these WR1s all year. He's going to need training wheels. Hopefully if we don't break him he can turn into somebody. He seems to have a lot of tools to be a starter CB, but it's going to be delicate. I think we see a lot of Pride, Jackson, Boston, Chinn, and Burris in the backfield this season with just Shaq and Whitehead in the middle.
  7. Honestly assuming the staff really believes in someone and Teddy hasn’t surprised to the extent he should be the franchise, I won’t be surprised if we trade up to get the QB we want.
  8. Tre can lead and be a ballhawk. Robinson is a 5th rounder? Unlikely he jumps into a starters role immediately. He’ll need some work first and then ease in. As for 3 safeties, I think it’s doable with Chinn because he can be that LB type while the other two roam.
  9. I think the athletic is great. It’s not really a breaking news platform. I think that model is not as valuable anymore with social media making leaks almost automatic. The athletic is great for deeper stories or other background. The Saints/Panthers draft issue was a great example of this. It was pretty interesting to read and unfortunately for us potentially brought rule breaking to the league’s attention. I read sports articles daily now instead of basically never or one or two a month. The free sources to me are just too superficial or lazy to be worth reading or the best writing talent focuses on the biggest teams to hit the lowest common denominator. Plus, lots of great numbers coverage. The Hornets articles and NBA I in general has great stat info and breakdowns. This year for the NFL draft they gave access to like a thousand page document breaking down every prospect. It was insane and cool to have access to. I stan the athletic and hope it sticks around.
  10. Arizona takes a lot of these positionless players and they generally fail to use them correctly.
  11. Hurney and Rhule might be a good pairing. Rhule seems like a more freewheeling, all doors remain open kind of guy and while that may be good, he's green in the NFL draft. Hurney has steady experience to know when to stay tight, especially in Round 1. I think Rhule has a plan and he just needs help making that happen. I think Hurney can deliver for him but both need to stay in their lanes.
  12. Teddy is interesting. Can't say I was much of a fan of Minnesota's offensive personnel when he was there. Obviously AP took the load but the O-line was never that great, not much on skill players, Norv didn't seem to fit there and none of the other OCs did much. Leaned on the defense. New Orleans had the right system, but in my opinion the Brees style of that system focuses more on the O-line than skill players. With Brees, NO can get away with Thomas and an RB committee. Kamara and Thomas are good, but they are still just two guys. Brees' talent with a strong O-line is the magic. Teddy isn't Brees and while he operated well in the system, he doesn't turn the lesser skill position talent into playmakers when necessary. They've also had a good defense. Here, Teddy is getting the NO system, but in the LSU style-- which focuses more on a full host of talented akill players. Teddy is going to have 4 fast, talented guys flying around and all he has to do is operate. They will make the plays. The O-line isn't elite, but it will be average. I think because of Teddy's physical talent level, this is the way to go in making the offense successful. So, my opinion is Teddy this year is going to have a Burrow-lite kind of season and will be considered above average. I think by the end of this season he'll have the edge over all the aging guys who are getting propped up on reputation more than ability and will probably shown better results than the young guys and rookies who are getting the benefit of the doubt because of future expectations. It remains to be seen how masterful Teddy will become in this system here. There's a chance this setup is his sweet spot and he can make a run of it here for a while. Or, maybe he can't maintain a consistent hold on it for a year plus. We'll see.
  13. Haha well I’d be on the lookout for us to pick him up if he gets cut
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if he stays another year. With the way this year and season will likely go, I think we hold course for another year. Also, who are we replacing him with? In his interview yesterday Rhule said he'd rather have Hurney than look for a new GM. The GM process should be a grooming process here.
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