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  1. I also have to wonder what Luke’s long term future is here. Is Luke still here in 4 years? He could retire and having Shaq would help ease that transition.
  2. I agree right now the Ravens look like a team to emulate. John Harbaugh honestly seems like the perfect mix of old school and analytics that Tepper is looking for. If we can get some Ravens influence in here that would be great.
  3. Ron has three division titles in a row and so do "we" the Panthers. The Panthers have three division titles in a row and were the first to do it ever in one of the most competitive divisions in football for a decade. It's a big part of the legacy of this era of this team. Every team that year was having a rough year and our coach was the only one who could rally his team to go and win the division when it was that wide open. So, I guess if you want to take that away from him then go ahead and hand the 2014 division title to the Falcons or the Saints... because... you're a smirking smartass? Because you don't take pride in the team you supposedly support? Go fug yourself guy and maybe get a clue.
  4. Tepper said 5 years because he knows he may not get it right the first time. Yeah, ideally, we land a great head coach and reboot with who we have, depending on this season maybe even land a first round QB if the coach likes him, or maybe Cam actually gets healed up. Either way, that's the least likely outcome. The most likely outcome is we get the best coach we can get out of what apparently is a weak class of head coaches, he comes in and makes changes, we have a bad year next year but we allow it, maybe some improvement in year 2, then year 3 comes around and we're missing the playoffs barely and everyone gets antsy thinking maybe we need to try again. Also, the last of our old guard here is fully gone (Luke), and we're paying CMC a fugton to be the guy but he's now been playing for 6 years at a crazy usage rate, so maybe he gets injuries sometimes. Anyway, hopefully the new GM is good at drafting. Year 4 we start again with a new head coach and maybe this time the timing is right and year 5 we see a big jump like the Eagles or Rams did.
  5. Ron clearly didn't seem as into analytics and the new processes Tepper wanted to use. He always referred to himself as an old school guy. I think of the Green Bay game going for two. Ron saying it's what the analytics said to do had a tone of irony to it. I think he put up with it in some cases but wasn't convinced.
  6. From the looks of the video and from Tepper's words it sounds like the firing was probably the saddest moment you can imagine. I believe Tepper liked and respected Rivera. I can only imagine how the players and rest of the people in the building feel. Despite what douchebags want to say, he was respected and admired. He's the only coach a lot of our guys have ever known and some, like Greg and Luke have played for him for a long time now. He's a huge part of our culture here and I'm sure it's an awful feeling to lose him.
  7. Hurney has done really well the past two years even beyond round 1. Also: Cam, Luke, DJ, and Burns. Pretty sure that’s 2 potential hall of famers, a guy who is top 5 in the league at his position in his second year, and another guy who was looking like DROTY prior to injuring his wrist. Not a bad core to build from.
  8. We don’t know anything. He’s in the process of firing all the holdovers from the previous owner after taking a season to settle in. Ron, Hurney, and apparently Cam were all going to be moved no matter what. If the team succeeded this year then great, let them run out their contracts and not renew. If they had a bad year— well there’s the reason to fire a year early. None of it is particularly ballsy. Everyone wants to pin their hopes on Tepper, but at the end of the day he’s a businessman who has never built an NFL team before. Analytics are great, but analytics don’t make a coach great. Belichick and John Harbaugh were great coaches before analytics. I can’t name a coach who became great because he used analytics. Gettleman used analytics to draft before and I’m sure Hurney does too. One of them has better social and emotional intelligence and I think it shows in their draft picks. Football is more holistic than baseball analytics. My hope is he understands that and picks people who can use both intelligences. Plenty of other owners have tried to tap into the “patriot way”. Look how that goes for them. I think the problem is it’s not the “patriot way”, it’s the “bill and Tom way”, and those guys don’t export to other teams. Everyone around them is fools gold without them. Tepper shouldn’t be foolish enough to buy into that. He needs to look at Baltimore. Tepper has traits people say are positive for the new NFL. I hope he’s also lucky. Because even the best in the NFL can be wrong quite a bit and lose/get injured/fail even when they shouldn’t.
  9. Damn that’s awful. He’s on our PS currently right?
  10. I’m sure Tepper will find us a franchise level QB who is really good but somehow doesn’t cover up problem areas on the roster with their elite play. In fact I hope all our elite talent only does enough to fill their role so that way we know who the good players are and who the bad players are. All elite players make other players look better. That’s the fuging point! In the salary cap era you can’t have quality talent at all positions so you build around the best players you have. That means making a system that works to the advantage of your players and uhhh covers up the weak points on the roster.... all offenses and defenses have weak points, it’s why you get great players to make it work despite the flaws! Cam being cam is a feature, not a flaw. We can get away with it so we can put more money to other places on the roster to make our plans work. Sick of hearing this line of thinking.
  11. Cam lovers, Kyle haters. Kyle lovers, Cam haters. It's all meaningless fodder for two sets of people who can't get over the same problem. The delusion and denial the fanbase has with this team as it currently exists. Ever since 2015, many of us- myself included- have believed we can be that team again any season. People have said it before- 2015 was the worst thing to happen to this team. It has created expectations still at work today and contributing to this board's meltdown. By all means, go back and watch Cam Newton career highlight videos on YouTube. That player will never be back here again. That player has been gone for over a year. I have confidence Cam won't retire, but he won't be a Panther again. He'll probably have some flashes of greatness with another team, and with the right team could even Peyton Manning his way into a Super Bowl win before he retires. But none of that will be happening here. So, before he goes to a new team, soak him up as best you can and be happy for the memories. He's presided over the most successful stretch of team history and deserves tons of accolades and Ring of Honor and one-day contract retirement speeches. He deserves consideration for the Hall of Fame. But that Cam isn't coming back through that door to save any of you. So, take your memories and your expectations for this team and leave them at the door, because we're back to pre-Cam Panthers world here. And we will be until whatever the new plan is begins to unfold in the next few years. You guys expect playoffs every year and that's great with a guy like Cam running this team. With a franchise QB and good talent around the roster we should expect playoffs. But this team doesn't have a franchise QB anymore. So adjust your expectations accordingly. We're back to looking for growth in young players. Tepper is going to fire Rivera and Hurney and Cam will either be traded or cut. Enjoy saying good riddance to Rivera and/or Hurney if that's what you want, but also remember that nothing is guaranteed for our future. Tepper surely has a plan, but that doesn't mean it'll ultimately pan out. Every team has some kind of plan. But Tepper has never picked his own GM and head coach, he's never provided input on picking a franchise QB. Tepper is an unknown when it comes to building a football team from scratch. Tepper has seen others do it effectively and he uses the best tech and analytics he can get-- but don't think that makes us safe. Even good GMs make mistakes, good coaches lose, and analytics are never 100%. Best case scenario this team is back in the playoffs in two years. Worst case scenario we're looking for a new QB/coach/GM again. Once something is gone, it's gone. Once the story unfolds it's over. Ron has a winning record and has overseen the greatest stretch of seasons in franchise history. He has kept a great locker room that vets and newcomers have admired. Despite what you see as his faults, those things don't grow on trees. Once Ron is gone, we have to hope the next guy can get a winning season, then the playoffs, then do it again and again, and get us to a Super Bowl. To be better than Ron, our next head coach has to win a Super Bowl. How many current head coaches can say they've even been to the Super Bowl? There are no assurances of a better future for us. Hurney has drafted great and also horrible, Hurney has been responsible for probably our first Hall of Fame inductee(s). Hurney provided the key pieces of a 15-1 team. Hurney has provided some talented new players and FAs in his second stint here. GMs draft Josh Rosens and Ryan Tannehills in the first round all the time. There's no guarantee we get a guy who can draft a Cam and a Luke (equivalents) back to back. Again, once that is gone, it's gone. Take some time to have some gratitude for the coaches, GM, QB, and other all star players we have here right now. Because for the majority of them their time with this team is almost over. And our time in uncertainty on a long highway to maybe nowhere is just about to start. If you don't believe it or aren't willing to accept it yet, that's fine. This is the direction of our future and the team and it's fans are marching forward to it regardless of how loud you cry and scream along the way. Thanks Cam. Thanks Ron. Thanks Marty.
  12. Cam won’t ever be healthy for a full season again. Cam isn’t coming back.
  13. He wasn’t sure about Cam when he bought the team and now Cam has a bum shoulder that will never fully recover and a body that is post 30. In Tepper’s mind Cam has been gone since 2018. I love Cam but that’s the reality. At best Cam could have had a good year this year and played out the contract. But he’s gone.
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